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Dorenda B. Nolte

1-860-491-2355 She lists a mailing address and probably prefers you send any mail there: P.O. Box 174 ; Goshen CT 06756-0174

19 June 2013: Dorenda B. Nolte was born 28 June 1952 and registered to vote, giving her address as 100 Sandy Beach Road in Goshen, Connecticut 06756-1415. She is registered as Republican. Voter status code: Off. Reason: Canvass – Moved Out.
Voter ID number 000017435

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Data date: 19 June 2013
Voter ID number:  000017435
Last Name:  Nolte
First Name:  Dorenda
Middle Name:  B
Prefix:  Mrs
Status:  O
Special Status:  
Reason:  O
Voter District:  002
Voter Precinct:  00
Congressional District:  005
State Senate:  030
State Assembly:  063
Poll Place:  Camp Cochipianee
Local Voter District:  
Local Voter Precinct:  
Special Voter District:  
Special Voter Precinct:  
Voter Address Number:  100
Voter Address Unit:  
Voter Street:  Sandy Beach Road
Voter Locality:  Goshen
Voter State:  CT
Voter Zip Codee:  06756
Voter Zip 4:  1415
Voter Carrier:  R003
Mail Number:  
Mail Unit:  
Mail Street 1:  P.O. Box 174
Mail Street 2:  
Mail City:  Goshen
Mail State:  CT
Mail City:  Goshen
Mail State:  CT
Mail country:  
Mail Zip Code:  06756-0174
Mail Carrier:  
Date of Birth:  06/28/1952
Telephone:  8604912355
Party:  R
Party Unqualified:  
Sex:  F
Accepted:  07/25/2004

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