Connecticut, U.S.A. reverse telephone look-up 1-860-952-****

Based on the telephone numbers they voluntarily chose to disclose and make public when they registered to vote.
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        Name: Gonzalez, Carlos R.
    Voter ID: 003783559
     Address: 100 William Shorty Campbell Street, Hartford, CT 06106-3401
         Sex: M
        Born: 27 October 1989
        Visit the detail page of Carlos R. Gonzalez


        Name: Meara, Karen P.
    Voter ID: 004513728
     Address: 689 Squaw Rock Road, Moosup, CT 06354-1746
         Sex: F
        Born: 7 December 1960
        Visit the detail page of Karen P. Meara


        Name: Rios, Rosa
    Voter ID: 003574633
     Address: 44 Grafton Street B6, Hartford, CT 06106-3822
         Sex: F
        Born: 30 August 1966
        Visit the detail page of Rosa Rios


        Name: Cadwallader, Lindsay Nichole
    Voter ID: 004379643
     Address: 193 Langford Lane, East Hartford, CT 06118-2372
         Sex: F
        Born: 11 September 1995
        Visit the detail page of Lindsay Nichole Cadwallader


        Name: Marotto, Donna Lynn
    Voter ID: 003087215
     Address: 36 Glenwood Road, South Windsor, CT 06074-3026
         Sex: F
        Born: 2 July 1975
        Visit the detail page of Donna Lynn Marotto


        Name: Chmielecki, Barbara
    Voter ID: 004381650
     Address: 85 Sefton Drive, New Britain, CT 06053-2548
         Sex: F
        Born: 28 August 1953
        Visit the detail page of Barbara Chmielecki


        Name: Coffey, Courtney E.
    Voter ID: 004285268
     Address: 129 North Mountain Road, Canton, CT 06019-2152
         Sex: U
        Born: 31 March 1990
        Visit the detail page of Courtney E. Coffey


        Name: Greco, Melissa E.
    Voter ID: 002615539
     Address: 15 Redwood Court, Cromwell, CT 06416-1784
         Sex: F
        Born: 20 March 1980
        Visit the detail page of Melissa E. Greco


        Name: Boutwell, Aldora C.
    Voter ID: 000872326
     Address: 74 South Road 4, Bolton, CT 06043-7418
         Sex: F
        Born: 5 June 1928
        Visit the detail page of Aldora C. Boutwell


        Name: Delo, Piper Elizabeth
    Voter ID: 004502297
     Address: 5 Meadow Brook Road, Simsbury, CT 06070-1706
         Sex: F
        Born: 3 August 1997
        Visit the detail page of Piper Elizabeth Delo


        Name: Crooms, William Randall Jr
    Voter ID: 001869412
     Address: 10 Johnson Street, Middletown, CT 06457-2225
         Sex: M
        Born: 10 June 1981
        Visit the detail page of William Randall Crooms Jr


        Name: Pelletier, Jessica J.
    Voter ID: 004464892
     Address: 35 Aloha Drive, Enfield, CT 06082-2647
         Sex: F
        Born: 20 January 1990
        Visit the detail page of Jessica J. Pelletier


        Name: Straub, Matthew S.
    Voter ID: 004447473
     Address: 153 Whitney Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2268
         Sex: M
        Born: 16 April 1987
        Visit the detail page of Matthew S. Straub


        Name: Ticehurst, Jeffrey M.
    Voter ID: 003714252
     Address: 6 Elizabeth Lane, Vernon, CT 06066-5056
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 June 1987
        Visit the detail page of Jeffrey M. Ticehurst


        Name: Beaudoin, Paul Michael
    Voter ID: 004193971
     Address: 122 New State Road C, Manchester, CT 06042-7939
         Sex: M
        Born: 7 March 1956
        Visit the detail page of Paul Michael Beaudoin


        Name: Velazco, Orlando A.
    Voter ID: 001863472
     Address: 67 Imlay Street A, Hartford, CT 06105-3609
         Sex: M
        Born: 5 May 1976
        Visit the detail page of Orlando A. Velazco


        Name: Anderson, Sherry Christine
    Voter ID: 003343948
     Address: 67 Beechwood Drive, New Britain, CT 06053-3404
         Sex: F
        Born: 21 February 1963
        Visit the detail page of Sherry Christine Anderson


        Name: Ziegler, Kaila N.
    Voter ID: 004387361
     Address: 64 Sea Breeze Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475-2775
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 July 1993
        Visit the detail page of Kaila N. Ziegler


        Name: Picard, Micheael Edward
    Voter ID: 004242560
     Address: 270 Mohegan Avenue 4489, New London, CT 06320-4125
         Sex: M
        Born: 27 March 1993
        Visit the detail page of Micheael Edward Picard


        Name: Albaugh, Victor John II
    Voter ID: 004236531
     Address: 120 Maple Street, Somers, CT 06071-1808
         Sex: M
        Born: 4 February 1993
        Visit the detail page of Victor John Albaugh II


        Name: Gee, Shanoah Nicole
    Voter ID: 001861693
     Address: 14 Barry Circle, Bloomfield, CT 06002-1966
         Sex: F
        Born: 7 May 1975
        Visit the detail page of Shanoah Nicole Gee


        Name: Basila, Erma L.
    Voter ID: 003259963
     Address: 43 South Road 11A, Groton, CT 06340-4647
         Sex: F
        Born: 1 December 1983
        Visit the detail page of Erma L. Basila


        Name: Wolfe, Emily
    Voter ID: 000102227
     Address: 32 Vine Street 202, Hartford, CT 06112-0000
         Sex: F
        Born: 26 April 1958
        Visit the detail page of Emily Wolfe


        Name: Do, Minh
    Voter ID: 004005105
     Address: 371 West Preston Street, Hartford, CT 06114-2339
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 February 1975
        Visit the detail page of Minh Do


        Name: Langlais, Jason M.
    Voter ID: 004406119
     Address: 13J Darling Street, Southington, CT 06489-2612
         Sex: M
        Born: 27 November 1984
        Visit the detail page of Jason M. Langlais


        Name: Worlund, Turid R.
    Voter ID: 001904678
     Address: 190 Poole Road, Suffield, CT 06078-2016
         Sex: F
        Born: 29 January 1949
        Visit the detail page of Turid R. Worlund


        Name: McConnell, Michele M.
    Voter ID: 000592795
     Address: 6 Shepard Drive, Manchester, CT 06042-2246
         Sex: F
        Born: 18 July 1962
        Visit the detail page of Michele M. McConnell


        Name: Jones, Brian L.
    Voter ID: 004316211
     Address: 104 Flagg Road, West Hartford, CT 06117-2324
         Sex: M
        Born: 23 June 1969
        Visit the detail page of Brian L. Jones


        Name: Boucher, Solomon Luke
    Voter ID: 004136974
     Address: 27 Grandview Street, Tolland, CT 06084-3805
         Sex: M
        Born: 1 July 1993
        Visit the detail page of Solomon Luke Boucher