Connecticut, U.S.A. reverse telephone look-up 1-860-812-****

Based on the telephone numbers they voluntarily chose to disclose and make public when they registered to vote.
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        Name: Lagrange, Brandon K.
    Voter ID: 000784459
     Address: 4 Brittany Lane, Vernon, CT 06066-5462
         Sex: M
        Born: 16 May 1976
        Visit the detail page of Brandon K. Lagrange

        Name: Lagrange, Rebecca A.
    Voter ID: 000737690
     Address: 4 Brittany Lane, Vernon, CT 06066-5462
         Sex: F
        Born: 6 May 1980
        Visit the detail page of Rebecca A. Lagrange


        Name: Carlson, Richard David
    Voter ID: 003041167
     Address: 155 Windermere Avenue 2702, Ellington, CT 06029-5800
         Sex: M
        Born: 1 June 1945
        Visit the detail page of Richard David Carlson


        Name: Mohammed, Rihab S.
    Voter ID: 004326193
     Address: 83 Rachel Road H, Manchester, CT 06042-2164
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 June 1970
        Visit the detail page of Rihab S. Mohammed

        Name: Yasin, Thoban Taha
    Voter ID: 004327803
     Address: 83 Rachel Road, Manchester, CT 06042-2164
         Sex: M
        Born: 1 January 1966
        Visit the detail page of Thoban Taha Yasin


        Name: Albert, Leslie Ann
    Voter ID: 003519646
     Address: 4 Fairfield Street, Manchester, CT 06040-5709
         Sex: F
        Born: 3 July 1981
        Visit the detail page of Leslie Ann Albert


        Name: Scully, Dunstan William
    Voter ID: 004112519
     Address: 29 Notch Road, Simsbury, CT 06092-2710
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 June 1992
        Visit the detail page of Dunstan William Scully


        Name: Lampkin, Andrew Scott
    Voter ID: 004393914
     Address: 103 Bissell Street, Manchester, CT 06040-5354
         Sex: M
        Born: 18 March 1983
        Visit the detail page of Andrew Scott Lampkin


        Name: Lakotta, Dylan Thomas
    Voter ID: 003385417
     Address: 140 Hilliard Street 9, Manchester, CT 06042-3073
         Sex: M
        Born: 3 January 1986
        Visit the detail page of Dylan Thomas Lakotta


        Name: Wojteczko, Denise A.
    Voter ID: 004449087
     Address: 433 North Main Street, Manchester, CT 06042-1959
         Sex: F
        Born: 25 September 1952
        Visit the detail page of Denise A. Wojteczko


        Name: Schultz, Philip Eugene Bob Jr
    Voter ID: 004260959
     Address: 8 Church Street, Manchester, CT 06040-5115
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 August 1991
        Visit the detail page of Philip Eugene Bob Schultz Jr


        Name: West, Steven G.
    Voter ID: 003684617
     Address: 41 Quality Avenue, Somers, CT 06071-1801
         Sex: M
        Born: 23 February 1964
        Visit the detail page of Steven G. West


        Name: Noriega, Madelyn
    Voter ID: 003108695
     Address: 89 Sycamore Lane B, Manchester, CT 06040-6259
         Sex: F
        Born: 13 July 1963
        Visit the detail page of Madelyn Noriega


        Name: Lafontaine, Samantha A.
    Voter ID: 004519207
     Address: 1101 Twin Circle Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074-2621
         Sex: F
        Born: 30 August 1996
        Visit the detail page of Samantha A. Lafontaine


        Name: Osborne, Jemell R. Jr
    Voter ID: 004478920
     Address: 91 Union Street 2, Vernon, CT 06066-3130
         Sex: M
        Born: 16 October 1996
        Visit the detail page of Jemell R. Osborne Jr


        Name: Wilson, Brian D. Sr
    Voter ID: 004213962
     Address: 4 Loveland Hill Road 1, Vernon, CT 06066-2304
         Sex: M
        Born: 29 December 1962
        Visit the detail page of Brian D. Wilson Sr


        Name: Monaccio, Alexander J.
    Voter ID: 004424113
     Address: 12 Battista Road, Manchester, CT 06040-6202
         Sex: M
        Born: 5 June 1993
        Visit the detail page of Alexander J. Monaccio


        Name: Wyman, Matthew Thomas
    Voter ID: 004492172
     Address: 756 North Main Street, Manchester, CT 06042-1989
         Sex: M
        Born: 9 October 1992
        Visit the detail page of Matthew Thomas Wyman


        Name: De La Espriella, Elisa
    Voter ID: 004486603
     Address: 36 Lenox Street, Manchester, CT 06040-4322
         Sex: F
        Born: 13 November 1991
        Visit the detail page of Elisa De La Espriella


        Name: Afriyie, Nana Akyia
    Voter ID: 004407779
     Address: 233 Blue Ridge Drive, Manchester, CT 06040-6817
         Sex: F
        Born: 21 December 1989
        Visit the detail page of Nana Akyia Afriyie


        Name: Restrepo, Jazzmyn Marie
    Voter ID: 004484400
     Address: 674 New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106-4035
         Sex: F
        Born: 1 August 1992
        Visit the detail page of Jazzmyn Marie Restrepo


        Name: Nilson, James Dylan
    Voter ID: 004380161
     Address: 83 Pleasant Street, Manchester, CT 06040-5833
         Sex: M
        Born: 12 January 1995
        Visit the detail page of James Dylan Nilson


        Name: Barnard, Christopher
    Voter ID: 004430951
     Address: 401 Talcottville Road 5, Vernon, CT 06066-4031
         Sex: M
        Born: 29 March 1991
        Visit the detail page of Christopher Barnard


        Name: Rosas, Monica
    Voter ID: 004450681
     Address: 360 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT 06040-5724
         Sex: F
        Born: 19 October 1972
        Visit the detail page of Monica Rosas


        Name: Maldonado, Lizbeth Yamaira
    Voter ID: 003836160
     Address: 40 Channing Drive B, Manchester, CT 06040-8157
         Sex: F
        Born: 1 August 1990
        Visit the detail page of Lizbeth Yamaira Maldonado


        Name: Baker, Jennifer Lynn
    Voter ID: 004477156
     Address: 195 Maple Street, Manchester, CT 06040-6105
         Sex: F
        Born: 24 October 1975
        Visit the detail page of Jennifer Lynn Baker


        Name: Mezrioui, Rosana I.
    Voter ID: 004340888
     Address: 8 Oak Street 2, Vernon, CT 06066-3114
         Sex: F
        Born: 30 January 1988
        Visit the detail page of Rosana I. Mezrioui


        Name: Baskerville, Thometrice J.
    Voter ID: 004071866
     Address: 37 Spruce Street, Manchester, CT 06040-5313
         Sex: F
        Born: 25 July 1988
        Visit the detail page of Thometrice J. Baskerville


        Name: Boucher, Amber E.
    Voter ID: 004316710
     Address: 17 Regan Street 71, Vernon, CT 06066-2946
         Sex: F
        Born: 29 September 1995
        Visit the detail page of Amber E. Boucher


        Name: Vargas, Evelysse
    Voter ID: 004453429
     Address: 200 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459-3201
         Sex: F
        Born: 9 July 1995
        Visit the detail page of Evelysse Vargas


        Name: Orenzo, Eric
    Voter ID: 004417687
     Address: 205 Norwich Avenue, Taftville, CT 06380-1260
         Sex: M
        Born: 28 November 1986
        Visit the detail page of Eric Orenzo


        Name: Jasiukiewicz, Jake A.
    Voter ID: 004518865
     Address: 37 Main Street B, South Windsor, CT 06074-3907
         Sex: M
        Born: 28 May 1991
        Visit the detail page of Jake A. Jasiukiewicz


        Name: Lee, Robert M.
    Voter ID: 004417115
     Address: 114 Fog Plain Road, Waterford, CT 06385-2029
         Sex: M
        Born: 13 August 1955
        Visit the detail page of Robert M. Lee


        Name: Burgos, Alexander Angel
    Voter ID: 004520263
     Address: 16 Vernon Avenue 31, Vernon, CT 06066-3691
         Sex: M
        Born: 18 April 1990
        Visit the detail page of Alexander Angel Burgos


        Name: Merrill, Ian James
    Voter ID: 003404718
     Address: 50 Elwood Road, Manchester, CT 06040-4512
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 December 1971
        Visit the detail page of Ian James Merrill


        Name: Serwaa-Koomson, Vivian Akosua
    Voter ID: 003992463
     Address: 203 Ellington Road, East Hartford, CT 06108-1150
         Sex: F
        Born: 5 August 1974
        Visit the detail page of Vivian Akosua Serwaa-Koomson


        Name: Gennaro, Peter M.
    Voter ID: 004504402
     Address: 80 Walnut Street, Ivoryton, CT 06442-1206
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 September 1950
        Visit the detail page of Peter M. Gennaro