Connecticut, U.S.A. reverse telephone look-up 1-475-298-****

Based on the telephone numbers they voluntarily chose to disclose and make public when they registered to vote.
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        Name: Joyce, Rachael Breann
    Voter ID: 004498900
     Address: 49 Skyview Drive, Trumbull, CT 06611-4033
         Sex: F
        Born: 15 July 1997
        Visit the detail page of Rachael Breann Joyce


        Name: Vilanova, Juan Ismael
    Voter ID: 004328225
     Address: 15 Marietta Avenue, Milford, CT 06460-5527
         Sex: M
        Born: 13 October 1976
        Visit the detail page of Juan Ismael Vilanova


        Name: Fernandez, Jason
    Voter ID: 003755944
     Address: 1117 Reservoir Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606-2925
         Sex: M
        Born: 6 June 1983
        Visit the detail page of Jason Fernandez


        Name: Cristobal, Isabel
    Voter ID: 001356805
     Address: 255 Charles Street A6, Bridgeport, CT 06606-5650
         Sex: F
        Born: 19 November 1942
        Visit the detail page of Isabel Cristobal


        Name: Mellinger, Matthew Corbin
    Voter ID: 004275257
     Address: 145 Sycamore Lane, Fairfield, CT 06824-4971
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 September 1988
        Visit the detail page of Matthew Corbin Mellinger


        Name: Smith, David L.
    Voter ID: 004464688
     Address: 19 Fourth Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484-4409
         Sex: M
        Born: 29 May 1963
        Visit the detail page of David L. Smith


        Name: Middleton, Shashahona Leandra
    Voter ID: 004460048
     Address: 313 Clermont Avenue 3A, Bridgeport, CT 06610-2942
         Sex: F
        Born: 4 September 1992
        Visit the detail page of Shashahona Leandra Middleton


        Name: Torres, Tekenyia N.
    Voter ID: 004507628
     Address: 395 Birdseye Street, Stratford, CT 06615-6906
         Sex: F
        Born: 18 July 1968
        Visit the detail page of Tekenyia N. Torres


        Name: Williams, Loreann M.
    Voter ID: 003965843
     Address: 220 Dewey Street, Bridgeport, CT 06605-2142
         Sex: F
        Born: 5 February 1986
        Visit the detail page of Loreann M. Williams


        Name: Wilson, Shydaia M.
    Voter ID: 004331369
     Address: 32 Prospect Street 6G, Norwalk, CT 06850-3736
         Sex: F
        Born: 27 December 1988
        Visit the detail page of Shydaia M. Wilson


        Name: Cephas, Johnnetta
    Voter ID: 002618903
     Address: 32 Prospect Street 6G, Norwalk, CT 06850-3736
         Sex: F
        Born: 6 January 1979
        Visit the detail page of Johnnetta Cephas


        Name: Irizarry, Ramon A. Jr
    Voter ID: 001343741
     Address: 202 Wells Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606-5425
         Sex: M
        Born: 8 July 1973
        Visit the detail page of Ramon A. Irizarry Jr


        Name: Thomason, Theresa L.
    Voter ID: 004241923
     Address: 44 Oak Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484-3028
         Sex: F
        Born: 16 August 1963
        Visit the detail page of Theresa L. Thomason


        Name: Moores, Agatha May
    Voter ID: 004528489
     Address: 1080 New Haven Avenue 83, Milford, CT 06460-6946
         Sex: F
        Born: 8 October 1992
        Visit the detail page of Agatha May Moores


        Name: Bolton, Eugenia F.
    Voter ID: 002840764
     Address: 125 Indian Well Road, Shelton, CT 06484-1729
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 March 1964
        Visit the detail page of Eugenia F. Bolton


        Name: Rushing, Jateia
    Voter ID: 004513068
     Address: 130 Holly Street, Bridgeport, CT 06607-1035
         Sex: F
        Born: 15 August 1993
        Visit the detail page of Jateia Rushing


        Name: Rivas, Alexander
    Voter ID: 003850951
     Address: 210 Cleveland Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606-5288
         Sex: M
        Born: 23 October 1989
        Visit the detail page of Alexander Rivas


        Name: Da Cruz, Taylor N.
    Voter ID: 004365666
     Address: 231 Seaver Circle, Bridgeport, CT 00000-0000
         Sex: F
        Born: 1 March 1995
        Visit the detail page of Taylor N. Da Cruz


        Name: Rucker, Najee
    Voter ID: 004474370
     Address: 1780 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604-2226
         Sex: M
        Born: 29 March 1996
        Visit the detail page of Najee Rucker


        Name: Geyer, Jon
    Voter ID: 004065743
     Address: 1630 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06607-0000
         Sex: M
        Born: 24 April 1984
        Visit the detail page of Jon Geyer


        Name: Perry, Bernadette
    Voter ID: 004243770
     Address: 170 Beechwood Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604-2416
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 November 1958
        Visit the detail page of Bernadette Perry


        Name: Irby, Pennie D.
    Voter ID: 001345973
     Address: 425 Gregory Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604-5324
         Sex: F
        Born: 6 August 1974
        Visit the detail page of Pennie D. Irby

        Name: Irby, Pennie L.
    Voter ID: 001304902
     Address: 455 Bird Street B3A107, Bridgeport, CT 06605-4404
         Sex: F
        Born: 24 April 1945
        Visit the detail page of Pennie L. Irby


        Name: Finney, Kimberly Nakil
    Voter ID: 001344766
     Address: 41 Horace Street, Bridgeport, CT 06610-2019
         Sex: F
        Born: 22 April 1975
        Visit the detail page of Kimberly Nakil Finney


        Name: McNeill, Trevina J.
    Voter ID: 004466876
     Address: 84 Beecher Street, Bridgeport, CT 06608-1102
         Sex: F
        Born: 10 June 1986
        Visit the detail page of Trevina J. McNeill


        Name: Milord, Lisa
    Voter ID: 004318949
     Address: 783 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06608-1504
         Sex: F
        Born: 8 January 1991
        Visit the detail page of Lisa Milord


        Name: Hart, Kimberly A.
    Voter ID: 003163855
     Address: 564 Kossuth Street, Bridgeport, CT 06608-2268
         Sex: F
        Born: 7 January 1983
        Visit the detail page of Kimberly A. Hart


        Name: Worthington, Ernest
    Voter ID: 004306020
     Address: 324 Pearl Harbor Street, Bridgeport, CT 06610-2321
         Sex: M
        Born: 27 February 1947
        Visit the detail page of Ernest Worthington


        Name: Rivera, Manuel A.
    Voter ID: 004465720
     Address: 426 Bishop Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610-3027
         Sex: M
        Born: 14 February 1997
        Visit the detail page of Manuel A. Rivera


        Name: Rivera, Manuel
    Voter ID: 003126917
     Address: 426 Bishop Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610-3027
         Sex: M
        Born: 21 November 1967
        Visit the detail page of Manuel Rivera


        Name: Dunn, Nicole R.
    Voter ID: 003687245
     Address: 46 Spring Street, Stratford, CT 06614-4737
         Sex: F
        Born: 23 February 1987
        Visit the detail page of Nicole R. Dunn


        Name: Lopez, Edwin
    Voter ID: 003126366
     Address: 1422 Seaview Avenue 1, Bridgeport, CT 06607-1041
         Sex: M
        Born: 14 January 1960
        Visit the detail page of Edwin Lopez


        Name: Voight, Stephanie R.
    Voter ID: 003890165
     Address: 45 Pearl Harbor Place, Bridgeport, CT 06610-0000
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 August 1990
        Visit the detail page of Stephanie R. Voight


        Name: Rotunda, Audrey R.
    Voter ID: 004528506
     Address: 6 Greenview Lane, Milford, CT 06461-2364
         Sex: F
        Born: 3 July 1998
        Visit the detail page of Audrey R. Rotunda


        Name: Borrero, Juan G.
    Voter ID: 004522951
     Address: 636 Columbus Avenue, Stratford, CT 06615-7205
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 August 1980
        Visit the detail page of Juan G. Borrero


        Name: Rodriguez, Christopher
    Voter ID: 004444401
     Address: 1703 North Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604-2637
         Sex: M
        Born: 1 September 1994
        Visit the detail page of Christopher Rodriguez


        Name: Rivas, Jocelyn E.
    Voter ID: 004337376
     Address: 144 Bullard Street, Fairfield, CT 06825-3717
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 February 1991
        Visit the detail page of Jocelyn E. Rivas


        Name: Tariq, Sahara
    Voter ID: 004506601
     Address: 115 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604-5621
         Sex: F
        Born: 18 January 1994
        Visit the detail page of Sahara Tariq


        Name: Wright, Anthony M.
    Voter ID: 001368123
     Address: 894 Noble Avenue 2FL, Bridgeport, CT 06608-1019
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 July 1980
        Visit the detail page of Anthony M. Wright