Connecticut, U.S.A. reverse telephone look-up 1-203-646-****

Based on the telephone numbers they voluntarily chose to disclose and make public when they registered to vote.
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        Name: Wollnik, Lorraine R.
    Voter ID: 001153597
     Address: 877B Heritage Condo 22, Southbury, CT 06488-
         Sex: F
        Born: 12 March 1919
        Visit the detail page of Lorraine R. Wollnik


        Name: Jones, Demetrius
    Voter ID: 003882858
     Address: 71 Waterman Street, Bridgeport, CT 06607-1531
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 September 1989
        Visit the detail page of Demetrius Jones


        Name: Streater, Ryan
    Voter ID: 004505315
     Address: 540 West Jackson Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604-1610
         Sex: M
        Born: 31 July 1979
        Visit the detail page of Ryan Streater


        Name: Reyes, Angelo
    Voter ID: 003753364
     Address: 160 Rose Street, Bridgeport, CT 06610-1750
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 September 1960
        Visit the detail page of Angelo Reyes


        Name: Mejias, Yaly M.
    Voter ID: 004395288
     Address: 1023 Old Colony Road B2, Meriden, CT 06451-6363
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 June 1996
        Visit the detail page of Yaly M. Mejias


        Name: Zimmerman, Lauren H.
    Voter ID: 004373054
     Address: 12 Crimmins Road, Darien, CT 06820-5325
         Sex: F
        Born: 1 November 1980
        Visit the detail page of Lauren H. Zimmerman


        Name: Pascale, John J.
    Voter ID: 004508392
     Address: 114 Sportsmans Hill Road, Madison, CT 06443-2450
         Sex: M
        Born: 3 October 1996
        Visit the detail page of John J. Pascale


        Name: Ibanez, Brian Andrew
    Voter ID: 004285485
     Address: 102 Bruce Park Avenue A, Greenwich, CT 06830-6312
         Sex: M
        Born: 2 December 1986
        Visit the detail page of Brian Andrew Ibanez


        Name: Ruotolo, Kristin B.
    Voter ID: 003446190
     Address: 53 Broad Street 2E, Guilford, CT 06437-2675
         Sex: F
        Born: 2 May 1986
        Visit the detail page of Kristin B. Ruotolo


        Name: Via, Sequita A.
    Voter ID: 004161984
     Address: 54 Kensington Street 2, New Haven, CT 06511-4410
         Sex: F
        Born: 20 December 1973
        Visit the detail page of Sequita A. Via


        Name: Corchado, Jose Raymond
    Voter ID: 004477134
     Address: 26 Pearl Street, Meriden, CT 06450-4507
         Sex: M
        Born: 15 September 1997
        Visit the detail page of Jose Raymond Corchado


        Name: Prulletti, Iris E L
    Voter ID: 004409687
     Address: 215 West Avenue, Milford, CT 06461-3038
         Sex: F
        Born: 10 January 1996
        Visit the detail page of Iris E L Prulletti


        Name: Dillon, Robert
    Voter ID: 004397401
     Address: 263 Spring Water Lane, New Canaan, CT 06840-6526
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 May 1981
        Visit the detail page of Robert Dillon


        Name: Grenet, Michele
    Voter ID: 002114825
     Address: 743 Robert Frost Drive, Branford, CT 06405-5856
         Sex: F
        Born: 6 July 1967
        Visit the detail page of Michele Grenet


        Name: Diwik, Mark Joseph
    Voter ID: 001137407
     Address: 223 Austin Ryer Lane, Branford, CT 06405-2676
         Sex: M
        Born: 8 September 1960
        Visit the detail page of Mark Joseph Diwik


        Name: Pearce, Dawn Jeannine
    Voter ID: 003508839
     Address: 16 Pine Orchard Road 10, Branford, CT 06405-3928
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 March 1968
        Visit the detail page of Dawn Jeannine Pearce


        Name: Lamoutte, Joselle M.
    Voter ID: 004365622
     Address: 190 Old Kings Highway North, Darien, CT 00000-0000
         Sex: F
        Born: 11 April 1979
        Visit the detail page of Joselle M. Lamoutte


        Name: Shaw, Whitney N.
    Voter ID: 004247661
     Address: 150 Church Street 2, Willimantic, CT 06226-2614
         Sex: F
        Born: 30 October 1987
        Visit the detail page of Whitney N. Shaw


        Name: Montalvo, Danielle N.
    Voter ID: 004280342
     Address: 11 Louis Street 2, North Haven, CT 06473-3611
         Sex: F
        Born: 12 April 1984
        Visit the detail page of Danielle N. Montalvo


        Name: Kaline, Jason M.
    Voter ID: 004330405
     Address: Church Street, Branford, CT 06405-0000
         Sex: M
        Born: 16 June 1988
        Visit the detail page of Jason M. Kaline


        Name: McGuigan, Alexander J.
    Voter ID: 004445328
     Address: 43 Hummingbird Drive, Northford, CT 06472-1226
         Sex: M
        Born: 5 May 1995
        Visit the detail page of Alexander J. McGuigan


        Name: Karsmarski, Michele A.
    Voter ID: 003789940
     Address: 674 Forest Road, Northford, CT 06472-1412
         Sex: F
        Born: 21 November 1989
        Visit the detail page of Michele A. Karsmarski


        Name: Avila, Rafael
    Voter ID: 004290301
     Address: 1739 Foxon Road K4, North Branford, CT 06471-1564
         Sex: M
        Born: 1 April 1970
        Visit the detail page of Rafael Avila


        Name: Keggi, Ellen Graham
    Voter ID: 004126633
     Address: 3 Business Park Drive, Branford, CT 06405-2925
         Sex: F
        Born: 18 December 1959
        Visit the detail page of Ellen Graham Keggi


        Name: Remillard, Stephen R.
    Voter ID: 004222874
     Address: 29 South Main Street 112, Branford, CT 06405-3867
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 November 1991
        Visit the detail page of Stephen R. Remillard


        Name: Lombardo, Robert
    Voter ID: 004490066
     Address: 164 Leete Street, West Haven, CT 06516-5340
         Sex: M
        Born: 28 September 1955
        Visit the detail page of Robert Lombardo


        Name: Adams, Andrea
    Voter ID: 001594168
     Address: 90 Gerrish Avenue 80, East Haven, CT 06512-2732
         Sex: F
        Born: 24 January 1969
        Visit the detail page of Andrea Adams


        Name: Bellonio, Kristen M.
    Voter ID: 001127615
     Address: 117 Lloyd Street 1, New Haven, CT 06513-4229
         Sex: F
        Born: 28 July 1980
        Visit the detail page of Kristen M. Bellonio


        Name: Turek, Patricia A.
    Voter ID: 004250129
     Address: 105 Beers Street, New Haven, CT 06511-4170
         Sex: F
        Born: 14 July 1959
        Visit the detail page of Patricia A. Turek


        Name: Hirst, Pamela J.
    Voter ID: 003103083
     Address: 85 Rogers Street A1, Branford, CT 06405-3674
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 October 1959
        Visit the detail page of Pamela J. Hirst


        Name: Laureano, Miguel A.
    Voter ID: 004448450
     Address: 645 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511-5011
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 October 1957
        Visit the detail page of Miguel A. Laureano