Connecticut, U.S.A. reverse telephone look-up 1-203-352-****

Based on the telephone numbers they voluntarily chose to disclose and make public when they registered to vote.
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        Name: Quiles, Ricardo
    Voter ID: 002580703
     Address: 3130 East Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06610-1142
         Sex: M
        Born: 23 June 1973
        Visit the detail page of Ricardo Quiles


        Name: Judue, Elizabeth
    Voter ID: 004525225
     Address: 299 Valley Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606-3756
         Sex: F
        Born: 24 December 1947
        Visit the detail page of Elizabeth Judue


        Name: Hines, Lyndora
    Voter ID: 003881283
     Address: 25 Chapel Street D2, Norwalk, CT 06850-4103
         Sex: F
        Born: 12 November 1958
        Visit the detail page of Lyndora Hines


        Name: Garaffa, Maryann B.
    Voter ID: 002547723
     Address: 145 Governor Trumbull Way, Trumbull, CT 06611-5606
         Sex: F
        Born: 8 June 1936
        Visit the detail page of Maryann B. Garaffa


        Name: Salyer, Stephen S.
    Voter ID: 004267620
     Address: 18 Dingletown Road, Greenwich, CT 06830-3537
         Sex: M
        Born: 20 May 1980
        Visit the detail page of Stephen S. Salyer


        Name: Cheveleva-Dickinson, Dana
    Voter ID: 004449612
     Address: 66 Cherry Street, Cheshire, CT 06410-2734
         Sex: F
        Born: 17 May 1972
        Visit the detail page of Dana Cheveleva-Dickinson


        Name: Garcia, Jorge L.
    Voter ID: 999982502
     Address: 5 Hunt Street, Norwalk, CT 06853-1013
         Sex: M
        Born: 19 July 1964
        Visit the detail page of Jorge L. Garcia


        Name: Stephenson, Jacob A.
    Voter ID: 004466978
     Address: 21 Third Street, Norwalk, CT 06855-2407
         Sex: M
        Born: 3 September 1997
        Visit the detail page of Jacob A. Stephenson