Jason A. Kostura
Connecticut voter ID number 004591357

     3 February 2017: Jason A. Kostura was born on 21 October 1991, and on 4 May 2016 he registered to vote. He is (or was) living at 77 Sunset Terrace, Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.A. 06085-1145. He is (or was) registered as a Democratic voter.
Voter ID number 004591357

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Voter Detail
Voter List: 20170203
Town: 052
Voter ID number: 004591357
Last Name: Kostura
First Name: Jason
Middle Name: A
Status: A
Special Status:
Off Reason:
Voter District: 002
Voter Precinct: 07
Congressional District: 005
State Senate District: 005
State Assembly District: 021
Poll Place: Municipal Buildngs - FHS Library Town Ha
Local Voter District: 002
Local Voter Precinct: 07
Special Voter District: 002
Special Voter Precinct: 99
Voter Address Number: 77
Voter Address Unit:
Name of Street: Sunset Terrace
Town Name: Farmington
State: CT
ZIP Code: 06085
ZIP+4 Extension: 1145
Carrier: C005
Mailing Address Number: 77
Mailing Address Unit:
Mailing Address Street One: Sunset Terrace
Mailing Address Street Two:
Mailing Address City: Unionville
Mailing Address State: CT
Mailing Address Country: United States
Mailing Address ZIP Code: 06085-1145
Mailing Address Carrier: C005
Birth Date: 10/21/1991
Phone: 4406655282
Party: D
Unqualified Party:
Sex: M
Registration Accepted: 05/04/2016
Voting History

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/08/2016.

• He voted in person in a primary election on 04/26/2016.

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