Michael Jeffrey Wunder
Connecticut voter ID number 003232344

     19 June 2013: Michael Jeffrey Wunder was born on 21 January 1970, and on 14 June 2001 he registered to vote. He is (or was) living at 15 Manwaring Road, Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A. 06353-6507. He is (or was) registered as a Republican voter. He was dropped from the voter list because he was four years on INACTIVE status.
Voter ID number 003232344

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Voter Detail
Voter List: 20130619
Town: 104
Voter ID number: 003232344
Last Name: Wunder
First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Jeffrey
Status: O
Special Status:
Off Reason: B
Voter District: 004
Voter Precinct: 00
Congressional District: 002
State Senate District: 019
State Assembly District: 046
Poll Place: John B Stanton Elementary School
Local Voter District:
Local Voter Precinct:
Special Voter District:
Special Voter Precinct:
Voter Address Number: 15
Voter Address Unit:
Name of Street: Manwaring Road
Town Name: Norwich
State: CT
ZIP Code: 06353
ZIP+4 Extension: 6507
Carrier: C014
Mailing Address Number:
Mailing Address Unit:
Mailing Address Street One:
Mailing Address Street Two:
Mailing Address City:
Mailing Address State:
Mailing Address Country:
Mailing Address ZIP Code:
Mailing Address Carrier:
Birth Date: 01/21/1970
Phone: 8608878073
Party: R
Unqualified Party:
Sex: M
Registration Accepted: 06/14/2001
Voting History

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/07/2006.

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/08/2005.

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/02/2004.

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/04/2003.

• He voted in person in a general election on 11/05/2002.

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