Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Yaacoby, Elimeleca R Yaffe, Benjamin M

Yaffe, Chana Yambo, Jaydelise

Yambo, Luis G Yang, Lillian M

Yang, Lily Lijuan Yantosca, Kelsey D

Yantosca, Kelsey Dugan Yarosis, Verena I

Yaroush, Josephine Yatrousis, Mary Elizabeth

Yatrousis, Maureen K Yeates, Celeste B

Yeates, Christopher C Yeo, Devan

Yeo, Eric Yeung-Lopes, Helen

Yeung Ng, Hung M Yoder, Carol Sue

Yoder, Carrie L Yopp, Skylar M

Yopp, Stephen M Yorski, Sarah K

Yorski, Susan R Young, Ann M

Young, Annmarie R Young, Diane

Young, Diane F Young, Jessica Frances

Young, Jessica I Young, Margaret C

Young, Margaret C Young, Robyn Marie

Young, Robyn N Young, Zebedee

Young, Zinyatta S Ypochiu, Yhpelqim

Ypoung, Clement Yukash, Mykola S

Yukash, Stefan Yusof, Mahanis

Yusov, Miriam Yzaguirre, Ismael Farias