Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Yaacoby, Elimeleca R Yackeyonny, Theresa A

Yackley, Carol Lee Yakemore, Andrew M

Yakemore, Michael L Yancik, Matthew R

Yanco, Gareth Thomas Yankowski, Barbara A

Yankowski, Christine J Yard, Deborah E

Yard, Debra A Yass, Kara Anne

Yass, Robert K Ybarra, Anna T

Ybarra, David Yekta-Fard, Mohsen

Yekta-Fard, Mohsen Yerkes, Madalyn L

Yerkes, Madalyn L Yin, Stewart E

Yin, Ting-Ting Yon, Lashayla

Yon, Leon B York, Jeannette

York, Jeffrey Youance, Nancy

Youbert, Anthony Xavier Young, Charles D

Young, Charles F Young, Genevieve R

Young, Genevieve R Young, Kelly I

Young, Kelly N Young, Natalie Joelle

Young, Natasha D Young, Steven Paul

Young, Steven R Young-Rodney, Diane Patricia

Young-Ruud, Carmen E. Yu, Wenxi

Yu, Wing C Yurcak, Joseph J

Yurcak, Lorraine M Yzaguirre, Ismael Farias