Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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W, Alyssa A Waddell, Robert Walter

Waddell, Robert William Wadecki, Thomas J

Wadecki, Whitney A Wagher, Christopher W

Wagher, Diane A Wagner, Kevin W

Wagner, Kevin William Wahl, Elizabeth S

Wahl, Erica Waite, Krista B

Waite, Laura Walauskas, Kathryn H

Walauskas, Peter F Walder, Jason S.

Walder, Kevin Roy Walelo, Danny Francis

Walelo, Francis Gadwin Walker, Azia Sherie

Walker, Barbara Walker, Edwina M

Walker, Edwin E Walker, Joseph F

Walker, Joseph H.V. Walker, Michelle Lynn

Walker, Michelle Nicole Walker, Taz L

Walker, Teneal C Wall, Gregory J

Wall, Gregory R Wallace, Deral M

Wallace, Derek R Wallace, Maurice G

Wallace, Maurice L Wallen, David S

Wallen, Deaci-Ann L Walliso, Tami Lyn

Wallisoin, Francis Anthony Walsh, Brian R

Walsh, Brian Robert Walsh, Harrison Webster

Walsh, Harrison Webster Walsh, Lauren Marie

Walsh, Lauren S Walsh, Robert E

Walsh, Robert E Walston, Richard S

Walston, Rose A Walters, Janie Brown

Walters, Jaqhan Osono Walton, David L

Walton, David Paul Walworth, Katherine

Walworth, Kirk S Wang, Christina L

Wang, Christine Anne Wanico, Michael Zachary

Wanico, Michelle Renee Ward, Brenda

Ward, Brenda Ward, Jennifer L

Ward, Jennifer L Ward, Patricia R

Ward, Patricia R Wardlaw, Travis

Wardlaw, Vera S Wargo, Joseph G

Wargo, Joseph J Warner, Christopher B

Warner, Christopher Brian Warner, Peter C

Warner, Peter G Warren, Dylan J

Warren, Dylan J Warren, Thompson

Warren, Tiaca A Wasel, June D

Wasel, Karen Lynn Washington, Jacquelin I

Washington, Jacquelyn Wasil, Christine A

Wasil, Christopher Wasserman, Eleanor

Wasserman, Eleanor L Waterhouse, Richard Earl

Waterhouse, Richard F Waters, Raymond C

Waters, Rebecca A Watkins, Richard Lee

Watkins, Richele Lin Watson, Ashley

Watson, Ashley E Watson, Jordan Andre

Watson, Joseph Watson, Steven C

Watson, Steven C Watts, Benjamin William

Watts, Bennie Wawrzaszek, Stanley A

Wawrzaszek, Stanley A Waz, Anna G

Waz, Anthony J Weaver, Hannah C

Weaver, Hannah Catherine Webb, Cristina

Webb, Crystal Webb, Warren C

Webb, Warren S Weber, Jeff

Weber, Jeff Brian Webster, Caroline B

Webster, Carol R Wedderburn, Sharmine

Wedderburn, Sherice N Weeks, Katherine I

Weeks, Kelty B Weibel, Kaitlin Elizabeth

Weibel, Michael K Weil, Steven E

Weil, Susan G Weiner, Elizabeth Sara

Weiner, Elvira L Weinstein, Helen B

Weinstein, Howard L Weis, Bernard E

Weis, Bernard E Weiss, Camber E

Weiss, Camber E Weiss, Scott H

Weiss, Scott Heath Welch, Ann R

Welch, April Marie Welch, Nicholas

Welch, Nicole Welks, January

Welky, Veronica Wells, Albert T

Wells, Alesha Wells, Leland H

Wells, Leonard C Welsh, Denise

Welsh, Dennis P Wendell, Marla

Wendell, Mary R Wentworth, Carolyn J

Wentworth, Catherine P Werkhoven, Theunis

Werkhoven, Wilhelmina J Wert, Donald G

Wert, Emily J Wessel, Nora K

Wessel, Paul West, Joel F

West, John Westberg, Morgan Ann

Westberg, Robert O Westgate, Eileen Marie

Westgate, Elizabeth M Westrate, Valerie K

Westray, Edwin T Weverbergh, Mary Ann

Wevers, Kara L Whalen, Joseph T

Whalen, Joshua Wheatley, William B

Wheatley Boyhen, Teaka Wheeler, Jonathan Clark

Wheeler, Jonathan Clark Wheelock, Michael S.

Wheelock, Mitchell E Whippie, Catherine Elizabeth

Whippie, Constance L Whitby, Jean D

Whitby, Kathleen S White, Brian J

White, Brian L White, Debra A

White, Debra Ann White, Henry N

White, Henry S White, Judy A

White, Judy J White, Margareta

White, Margareta White, Phillip

White, Phillip C White, Steven Thomas

White, Stewart A Whitehead, David E

Whitehead, David G Whiteman, Nolan S

Whiteman, Nolan Scott Whitley, Tammy R

Whitley, Tania Jane Whitney, April V

Whitney, Ashley Whittaker, John I

Whittaker, John I Whitty, Mark D

Whitty, Michael Wichowski, Larry J

Wichowski, Leianna K Widlansky, Scott Jeffrey

Widlansky, Stacey Jill Wieland, Elizabeth B

Wieland, Elizabeth C Wiesbrock, John W

Wiese, Amy E Wiggins, Rene L

Wiggins, Renell L Wilbert, Kathrina M

Wilbert, Keith A Wilcox, Emily C

Wilcox, Emily Rose Wilcoxon, Gregory

Wilcoxon, Inza M Wildgoose, Jennifer

Wildgoose, Jeremy A Wilford, Noel E

Wilford, Richard Kevin Wilkes, Bette

Wilkes, Blaine Lynn Wilkinson, Christa M

Wilkinson, Christian C. Will, Oscar D

Will, Patricia D Willett, Randee Maria

Willett, Raymond Williams, Amanda Leigh

Williams, Amanda Louise Williams, Brandon J

Williams, Brandon J Williams, Cheryl L.

Williams, Cheryl Lynn Williams, David A

Williams, David A Williams, Ebony S

Williams, Eddie Williams, Gary L

Williams, Gary M Williams, James Londonn

Williams, James Louis Williams, John E

Williams, John E Williams, Kenneth G

Williams, Kenneth G Williams, Lisa C

Williams, Lisa C Williams, Matthew G

Williams, Matthew H Williams, Nikayah M

Williams, Nikeya D Williams, Richard Shane

Williams, Richard T Williams, Sean

Williams, Sean Williams, Tara L

Williams, Tara R Williams, Victoria C

Williams, Victoria C Williamson, Gail P

Williamson, Gary A Willingston, Paulette Alvarita

Willink, John G Willis, Troy D

Willis, Troy T. Wilmer, Andrew

Wilmer, Andrew P Wilson, Audrey F

Wilson, Audrey H Wilson, Dallas

Wilson, Dalton Lloyd Wilson, Errol D

Wilson, Errol George Wilson, Jeffrey John

Wilson, Jeffrey K Wilson, Kenneth

Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Maryann

Wilson, Maryann Wilson, Raquima

Wilson, Raquima K Wilson, Steven Michael

Wilson, Steven R Wilson-Stroud, Lorrine S

Wilson-Taylor, Angela Winchcombe, Nicholas J

Winchell, Amy Macmillan Winfrey, Aliecia M

Winfrey, Charles G Winkelman, Marielle S

Winkelman, Marielle Suarez Winns, Azure Kinshasa

Winns, Azure Kinshasa Winston, Steven A

Winston, Steven Andrew Winters, Matthew James

Winters, Matthew S Wirz, William D

Wirzbicki, John C Wislo, Krystyna

Wislo, Krystyna W Wiszniak, Richard A

Wiszniak, Ryan P Witkins, Halie Elizabeth

Witkins, Helen A Witthoefft, Lisa

Witthoefft, Tina Rao Wnuck, Kristen Michelle

Wnuck, Kristen Michelle Woina, Gary W

Woina, Gary William Wojnowski, Audra Maria

Wojnowski, Brandon James Wolczek, Raymond S

Wold, Andrew Wolf, Thomas K

Wolf, Thomas S Wolff, Armand E

Wolff, Armand John Wolk, Susan D

Wolk, Walter A Woltersdorf, Denise M

Woltersdorf, Frederick A Wong, Mai-Ling

Wong, Malia K Wood, Christina Faith

Wood, Christina M Wood, Joseph L

Wood, Joseph L Wood, Robert M

Wood, Robert M Woodbury, Lisa

Woodbury, Lisa A Woodman, David M

Woodman, Deborah Coderre Woods, Ellen C

Woods, Ellen Caitlin Woods, Wallace W

Woods, Wallace Wayne Woodward, Tivia Janece

Woodward, Todd A Woolsey, Bryan M

Woolsey, Caitlin R Works, Gabrielle Alexa

Works, Gerald F Worth, Dolores A

Worth, Dominique A Woytik, Claudia S

Woytik, Claudia S Wrentz, Miya Sage

Wrentz, Scott E Wright, Curtis T

Wright, Cynthia A Wright`, James G

Wright, James G.E. Wright, Marcus

Wright, Marcus Wright, Samuel R

Wright, Sandra Wrigley, William H

Wrigt, Jonathan C Wu, Amy C

Wu, Amy Szeto-Hing Wulle, Vernon Gerard

Wullen, Julia A Wyckoff, Emily Veronica

Wyckoff, Emma Jane Wynkoop, Angela M

Wynkoop, Bernard Wyskiel, Brittany A

Wyskiel, Carrie L Wziontko, William Paul