Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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W, Alyssa A Wabrek, Jesse C

Wabrek, John E Wade, Danielle

Wade, Danielle M Wadman, Karyn E

Wadman, Katheryn Wagner, Christopher R

Wagner, Christopher R Wagner, Patricia A

Wagner, Patricia A Waiculonis, Christina L

Waiculonis, Gene E Wajdowicz, Edward H

Wajdowicz, James Walczak, Esperanza M

Walczak, Frances H Waldo, Millicent E

Waldo, Nicole Renee Walewski, Judith

Walewski, Kathleen M. Walker, Celestine

Walker, Celina L Walker, Gregory D

Walker, Gregory J Walker, Kimberly Marie

Walker, Kim C Walker, Raven Elyn

Walker, Raven J Walker, William J

Walker, William M Wall, Robin J.

Wall, Rocco A Wallace, Jamie M

Wallace, Jamison L Wallace, Ronna

Wallace, Rosalie L Waller, Jeremiah A

Waller, Joan Walmsley, Christine K

Walmsley, Colin J Walsh, Courtney E

Walsh, Courtney H Walsh, Joan E

Walsh, Joan F Walsh, Mary J

Walsh, Mary J Walsh, Stacy M

Walsh, Stacy Smith Walter, Laurie A

Walter, Lawrence Alex Walters, Norman

Walters, Norman Walton, Laura Elise

Walton, Lauren Alexis Wampler, Shawnna E

Wampler, Stephen Wang, Kaijie J

Wang, Kaixi Wanzer, Jonathan L

Wanzer, Kara Heidi Watson Ward, David M

Ward, David M Ward, Kelley Marie

Ward, Kelly A. Ward, Shawn Michael

Ward, Shawn N Ware, Deborah I

Ware, Deborah Joyce Warinsky, Taylor W

Warinsky, Taylor William Warner, Jaime Cooper

Warner, James Warner, Victoria Leigh

Warner, Victoria Lyndsay Warren, Julie A

Warren, Julie A Warshavsky, Sanford C

Warshavsky, Steven R Washburn, Natanya E

Washburn, Natanya E Washington, Nichole

Washington, Nicole Ashley Wasiolek, Bartholomew F

Wasiolek, Bartholomew F Wassung, Bruce E.

Wassung, David Paul Waterman, Scott Thomas

Waterman, Sharon A Watkins, Adam D

Watkins, Adam F Watras, Korin E

Watras, Laura B Watson, David J

Watson, David John Watson, Mark D

Watson, Mark D Watson-Sperling, Cynthia L

Watson Stokland, Sharon Watts, Lisa A

Watts, Lisa A Way, Donna J

Way, Donna L Weatherby, Edwin Forrest

Weatherby, Gail Weaver, Michael Joseph

Weaver, Michael Keith Webb, Johnese

Webb, John James Webber, Tracy Lynn

Webber, Tyler W Weber, Maxwell Roy

Weber, Meaghan Anne Webster, Kelly J

Webster, Kelly J Weed, Jeffrey Leroy

Weed, Jeffrey Leroy Wegener, Steve Bering

Wegener, Susan E Weidner, Michelle C

Weidner, Nancy G Wein, Kenneth S

Wein, Kyra Weiner-Trapness, Carolyn K R

Weinfeld, Jonathan J Weinstock, Kimberly Fessenden

Weinstock, Laura H Weisel, Joseph E

Weisel, Joseph J Weiss, Jeremy W

Weiss, Jerica Weissman, Donna L

Weissman, Eian Thomas Welch, Georgette

Welch, George William Welch, William C

Welch, William C Welles, Elizabeth H

Welles, Elizabeth H Wells, David K

Wells, David M Wells, Ricky A.

Wells, Ricky A Welter, Dawn Marie

Welter, Eileen Weng, Ze Wei

Wengart, Erik W Wenz, Harvey T

Wenz, Helen Werner, Denise

Werner, Denise F Wesche, Ryan Christopher

Wesche, Ryan Christopher West, Bryan A

West, Bryan Daniel West, Michele

West, Michelle L Wester, Brian M

Wester, Christopher Weston, Brittnie

Weston, Bruce A Wethje, Ted F

Wethly, Giuseppina Weyman, David J

Weyman, Drew Whaley, Darlene

Whaley, Debra L Wheeler, Carla J

Wheeler, Carla Jean Wheeler, Nicole E

Wheeler, Nicole E Whelan, Peggy A

Whelan, Rachel Whiston, Patrick T

Whiston, Ryan C White, Alyse A.

White, Alyssa K White, Christina M

White, Christina Marie White, Elizabeth

White, Elizabeth White, Jean

White, Jean White, Keyona

White, Kiajah Tia Zhane White, Merianne Funk

White, Merrill A White, Ronald Allen

White, Ronald D White, Tommie L

White, Tonetta Annette Whitehill, Keith N

Whitehill, Lesley J Whitford, B Emily

Whitford, Beverly P Whitman, Jennifer L

Whitman, Jennifer L Whitney, Lauren Blair

Whitney, Laurence R Whitten, Theodore B

Whitten, Thomas C Whyte, Natasha K

Whyte, Nicardo K Wickhom, Michelle J

Wicki, Astre R Wieckowski, Ryszard

Wieckowski, Thomas Joseph Wiencko, Thomas R

Wiencko, Virginia S Wiggens, Oneka

Wiggens, Rochene Wiglesworth, Kristin

Wigley, John Stephen Wilchek, Matthew Ryan

Wilchek, Michael B Wilcox, Linda F

Wilcox, Linda J Wilde, Ciera E

Wilde, Colette W Wile, Leslie

Wile, Lynn C Wilion, Samuel A

Wilis, Andrea Wilkins, Avis Laura

Wilkins, Barbara Wilkinson, Michael F

Wilkinson, Michael Francis Willard, Wesley J

Willard, William J William, Eric M

William, Gabrielle H Williams, Antoine J

Williams, Antoinette Williams, Carlene

Williams, Carlene Lori Williams, Corey

Williams, Corey Williams, Dennis Scott

Williams, Dennis T Williams, Eric Gregory

Williams, Eric J Williams, Heath D

Williams, Heather A Williams, Jeffrey E

Williams, Jeffrey E Williams, Julia T

Williams, Julia Thurston Williams, Latasha K

Williams, Latasha L Williams, Margaret B

Williams, Margaret B Williams, Michelle

Williams, Michelle Williams, Philip H

Williams, Philip H Williams, Ronda A

Williams, Ronda Ann Williams, Shyretta

Williams, Shytasia Charmaine Williams, Timothy J

Williams, Timothy J Williams-Akyer, Dahlia

Williams-Allen, Valcina Williamson, Robert

Williamson, Robert Willis, Jeannette L

Willis, Jean S Willoughby, Valerie A

Willoughby, Vanessa Wilson, Aaron S

Wilson, Aaron S Wilson, Caroline E.

Wilson, Caroline J Wilson, Dolores A

Wilson, Dolores M Wilson, Heather M

Wilson, Heather M Wilson, Jonathan David

Wilson, Jonathan E Wilson, Linda J

Wilson, Linda J Wilson, Myasha Marie

Wilson, Myla J Wilson, Ryan P

Wilson, Ryan R Wilson, Tyiere R

Wilson, Tyjuan J Wimer, David P

Wimer, Emily Renee Windham, Erin J

Windham, Jennifer Wingo, Elizabeth J

Wingo, Erin E Winley, Anthony

Winley, Camerone E Winslow, Lisa Marie

Winslow, Lori E Winter, Scott A

Winter, Scott A Wippermann, Kenneth D

Wippermann, Kristen A Wise, Susan D

Wise, Tamara Wisniewski, Karen S

Wisniewski, Katie M Withers, Holly J

Withers, Holly Joyce Witt, Alea

Witt, Amy K Wivagg, Erica Katherine

Wivagg, Janice Woertz, Denise G

Woertz, Lisa M Wojcik, Linda D

Wojcik, Linda D Wojtusik, Vincent J

Wojtusik, Vincent W Wolf, Janice M

Wolf, Janice N Wolfe, Kevin F

Wolfe, Kevin Scott Wolfinger, Briana

Wolfinger, Carole Wollschleager, Edward R

Wollschleager, Edward R Won, Youngjoo

Wona, Ivan Woo, Janet

Woo, Jine Wood, Frances M

Wood, Francis C Wood, Marcia B

Wood, Marcia G Woodall, Ashley R

Woodall, Celestina F Woodhouse, Dale L

Woodhouse, Daniel G Woodruff, Victoria M

Woodruff, Vivian P Woods, Marlene

Woods, Marquese D Woodward, Christopher Joseph

Woodward, Colleen Emily Wooldridge, Mark H

Wooldridge, Michael E Worby-Selim, Sharoda E

Worcester, Anne P Woronick, Linda A

Woronick, Lisa M Wortmann, Jonathan T

Wortmann, Margaret E Wragg, Loretta

Wragg, Paul S Wright, Bobby R

Wright, Bobby Ray Wright, Erdley L

Wright, Erica Wright, Karen O

Wright, Karen R Wright, Pamela

Wright, Pamela Wright, Tyhema E

Wright, Tyleatha L Wroblewski, Ralph Edward

Wroblewski, Robin V Wu, Yong-Jin

Wu, Yue Fang Wutsch, Walter Allan

Wutson, Gregory B Wylie, Michael R

Wylie, Michelle A. Wynne, Roy T

Wynne, Ryan F. Wyszynski, Elizabeth

Wyszynski, Gary V Wziontko, William Paul