Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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1v, John C Vaccaro, Dolores L.

Vaccaro, Domenic F Vagt, Howard T

Vagt, Judith R Vaillant, Aldrige A

Vaillant, Angela Valdes, Edward Lawrence

Valdes, Efrain Valencia, Nilda

Valencia, Olga Valenti, Michelle D

Valenti, Nancy B Valentin, Mariluz

Valentin, Marilyn Valentine, Megan Elizabeth

Valentine, Megan K Valeri, John

Valeri, Joyce E Valla, Robert Anthony

Valla, Rose G Valle-Morales, Stephanie

Vallen, Kathleen F. Valmond, Virol Herod

Valmont, Daniel Vanalphen, Justin P

Van Alst, Amie G Vance, Katherine S

Vance, Kathleen Vanderburgh-Wertz, Darrow

Vanderbush, Bette L Vandeusen, Elizabeth D

Vandeusen, Evan W Van Elswyk, Christina J

Van Elswyk, Jennifer Lynn Vanhouten, John Emerson

Van Houten, Joshua N Van Ness, John M

Van Ness, Keith S Vanscoy, Maria T

Van Scoy, Nancy Vanwattum, Linda

Van Wattum, Pieter J Varela, Margarita

Varela, Maria F Vargas, Filomena

Vargas, Florencio Vargas, Perpetuo M

Vargas, Phillip A. Varlack, Nitayja S

Varlack, Nitayja S Varrone, Matthew Thomas

Varrone, Melissa A Vasile, Barbara T

Vasile, Carol B Vasquez, Irvin

Vasquez, Isabel Vassallo, Mary A

Vassallo, Mary C Vaughan, Mary B

Vaughan, Mary E Vayda, Dianne E

Vayda, John Vazquez, Domingo

Vazquez, Dominica L Vazquez, Liduvina

Vazquez, Ligia A Vazquez, Taina B.

Vazquez, Talia Vecchio, Linda A

Vecchio, Linda L Vega, Christina L

Vega, Christine A Vega, Luisa I

Vega, Luis Alberto Vegas, Anibal L

Vegas, Evelyn Veintidos, Noemi

Veintidos, Raul Velasquez, Logan X

Velasquez, Lorien M Velazquez, Maria

Velazquez, Maria Velez, Catherine

Velez, Catherine Velez, Karen Michelle

Velez, Karen S Velez, Stephanie A

Velez, Stephanie M Vellucci, Eugene F

Vellucci, Eugene F Venditti, Shelley A

Venditti, Sherri F Vennable, Josie Y

Vennari, Helen M Ventura, Catherine F

Ventura, Catherine F Veras, Yasmin A

Veras, Yasmin A Vereen, Jamaal A

Vereen, Jasmine A Vermaak, Allyson J

Vermain, Naftaire N. Vernon, Robert

Vernon, Roberta C Verrilli, Danielle A

Verrilli, Daniel M Veschi, Julianne M

Vesci, Anthony J Vey, Christopher W

Vey, James W Vicente, Lucas

Vicente, Luis A Victoria, Renaldo

Victoria, Renaldo Vieira, Anthony

Vieira, Anthony C Viera, Jamaira

Viera, Janice M Vigilante, Nicholas

Vigilante, Raymond Viksnes, Roger S.

Vikstrom, Carl E Villada, Mark J.

Villada Florez, Carlos A Villanova, Brandie Nicole

Villanova, Carmen Villeda, Elmer E

Villeda, Jaqueline G Vincent, Barbara F

Vincent, Barnard Ross Vincenzi, Justin B

Vincenzi, Kimberly Viniconis, Florence Kros

Viniconis, Francis Norman Violette, Catherine

Violette, Catherine M Virgo, Michelle Dawne

Virgo, Norma J Viscuso, Michael J

Viscuso, Raffaela Vitale, Ashley N

Vitale, Audrey H Vitelli, Alessandro Domenic

Vitelli, Alyssa A Vitti, Christopher

Vitti, Christopher A Vizcaino, Michael P

Vizcaino, Michael P. Voccola, Kelly

Voccola, Kenneth J Vogl, Anthony Brian

Vogl, Charles H Voitans, Roger J

Voitkevich, Tatiana B. Vollinger, John A

Vollinger, Kathryn R. Volpicella, Vincent J

Volpicella, Vincent Joseph Von Heyn, William A

Von Hirschberg, Athene Vora, Setu Kaushik

Vora, Shekhar Mahetabbhai Votto, John David

Votto, John F Vreeland, Jaime Elizabeth

Vreeland, James R Vyas, Jay

Vyas, Jaydatt Vznarski, William A