Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Ta, Anh Thi Tabin, Virginia Estero

Tablah, Isaac K Taddei, Vincent M

Taddei, Yolanda R Taggart-Ratcliffe, Millee

Taggavt, Christopher Tajmajer-Gouthro, Rosanne F

Tajti, Valeria Talbot, Alexander Raymond

Talbot, Alfred J Tallardy, Robin S

Tallardy, Sherrie A Taman, Harpreet

Tamang, Bikash Tamotsu, Steven F

Tamourides, Helen Cheryl Tang, Lara

Tang, Leeann Tannenbaum, Barry

Tannenbaum, Carole S Tantimonico, Diane E

Tantimonico, Gary Paul Tarafdar, Shamima

Tarafdar, Sharlen Tarbox, Harris A

Tarbox, Harris A Taricani, Richard Vito

Taricani, Rose V Tarsi, Nathan

Tarsi, Nicholas L Tasco, William A

Tasco, William A Tate, Dionnica L

Tate, Dionnica Lakeisha Tatum, Megan Gerace

Tatum, Meghan Voris Tavarez, Roberto J

Tavarez, Rosemary D Taylor, Alpha O

Taylor, Alreta R Taylor, Cheryl A

Taylor, Cheryl A Taylor, Eleanor F

Taylor, Eleanor Goddu Taylor, Jean M

Taylor, Jeanne Taylor, Kipp G

Taylor, Kira A Taylor, Michael J

Taylor, Michael J Taylor, Ronald C

Taylor, Ronald C Taylor, Tylon Clifford

Taylor, Tyrell A Teal, Darren C

Teal, Darren C Tedesco, Frank T

Tedesco, Frank T Teesdale, Winston

Teeson, Douglas Hunter Teixeira, Lisa M

Teixeira, Lisa Marie Teles-Rosario, Tianna Ivette

Telesz, Lauren Elaine Temme, Carl D

Temme, George H Tenerowicz, Genevieve K

Tenerowicz, Gloria Tep, Peter Y

Tep, Rasmei D Terilli, Michael R

Terilli, Sara L Terrell, Dina D

Terrell, Donald William Terry, Kelly S

Terry, Kenneth A Teske, Paul N E

Teske, Paul Normand Testa, Larry L

Testa, Laura Tetradis, Georgia N

Tetrault, Alan J Tew, Mary S

Tew, Matthew C Thaller, Shawn W

Thaller, Sherry Ann Thayer, Linda L

Thayer, Lisa Beth Theophile, Joan J

Theophile, Marike L Theroux, Edwena

Theroux, Elizabeth A Thibault, Florence K

Thibault, Frederick E Thibodeau, Eric S

Thibodeau, Erin A Thienel, Hannah K

Thienel, Joseph P Thom, Colin N

Thom, Cynthia Thomas, Carla M

Thomas, Carla M Thomas, Douglas E

Thomas, Douglas F Thomas, Jannel R

Thomas, Japan Thomas, Kristine Marie

Thomas, Kristin M Thomas, Murray Samuel

Thomas, Muttathethu J Thomas, Scott M

Thomas, Scott Matthew Thomas, William Thierfelder

Thomas, Willie C Thompson, Ann R

Thompson, Ann W Thompson, Cynthia Elaine

Thompson, Cynthia J. Thompson, Gerald C

Thompson, Gerald D. Thompson, Judith S

Thompson, Judith S Thompson, Malcolm B

Thompson, Malene Thompson, Randolph Martin

Thompson, Randy W Thompson, Tamara Andrea

Thompson, Tamara I Thomson, Christine M

Thomson, Christopher Thornbloom, Karen E

Thornbloom, Mark D Thornton, Nelson C

Thornton, Nelson C Thrall, E-Mason

Thrall, E-Mason Thurman, Tiana R

Thurman, Tommy Tibbles, Darell W

Tibbling, Robert R Tieman, Maximilian M

Tieman, William P Tietze, Lauren Orlowski

Tieu, Cam Tilley, David R

Tilley, Donald G Timbrell, Jean E

Timbrell, John H Timpano, Scott

Timpano, Virginia E Tinkham, Christopher M

Tinkham, Cynthia D Tirado, Janet

Tirado, Jasmine L Tischbein, Maeve

Tischbein, Megan Sue Tittman, Sarah M

Tittmann, Harold H Tobia, Ann T

Tobia, Diana Marie Tobon Correa, Jorge Alonso

Toboulidis, Haroula Todd, Patrick Dwayne

Todd, Patrick S Tokarz, Mary B

Tokarz, Mary B Tolkachev, Ivan P

Tolkachev, Pavel B Tomaino-Patera, Michael

Tomaino-Patera, Michael A Tomasik, Alicja

Tomasik, Naomi E Tomczyk, Anthony T.

Tomczyk, Carissa L Tomlinson, Rebekah Rose

Tomlinson, Richard Dale Ton, Khanh Van

Ton, Khoi Tontimonico, Paula

Tontini, Beverly A Toop, Randall J

Toop, Randall J Tora, Harold H

Tora, Millie F Torino, Margaret E

Torino, Mary Ellen Torpey, Bonnie Miller

Torpey, Brandon Joseph Torres, Alexis

Torres, Alexis Torres, Carolyn

Torres, Carolyn M Torres, Ernesto R

Torres, Ernesto Rene Torres, Janet

Torres, Janet M. Torres, Juan M.

Torres, Juan M Torres, Maria A

Torres, Maria A Torres, Nitza I

Torres, Nivardo Torres, Stephanie M

Torres, Stephanie M Torres-Onisto, Alicia Therese

Torres-Onisto, Daniel J Tortorelli, Diane R

Tortorelli, Heather B Toth, Cassandra L

Toth, Cassandra L Totten, William J

Totten, William R Tourville, Todd R

Tourville, Walter Francis Towne, Amanda Elizabeth

Towne, Amanda J. Townsend, William A

Townsend, William C Tracey, William C

Tracey, William F Tracy, Thomas J

Tracy, Thomas R Trainor, James M

Trainor, James M Tran, Kim T

Tran, Kim T Tranzillo, Tyler G

Tranzillo, Tyler G Travaglini, Caren L

Travaglini, Christine R Trayer, Karen

Trayer, Samantha L Trefry, Paul R

Trefry, Paul R Tremblay, Henry

Tremblay, Henry E Trepp, Jeffry

Trepp, Judith Elaine Tribie, Gladys

Tribie, Peggy B Trimble, Theodora Andrea

Trimble, Tishaun D Tripoli, Alicia

Tripoli, Alicia L Trocchi, Rolando

Trocchi, Sabrina Trolan, Charles A

Trolan, Donald A Tross, Judy

Tross, Karen F Trovarelli, Barbara A

Trovarelli, Christine N Truax, Sarah M

Truax, Sarah Melinda Trueheart, Jette A

Trueheart, Jokari Y Truong, Dung D

Truong, Duong Trzaskos, Matthew R

Trzaskos, Shiloh Kay Elaine Tsiakiris, Theodoros C

Tsialas, Chrisitine S Tubis, Jessica R

Tubis, John T Tucker, Brittany L

Tucker, Burton E Tucker, Mildred R

Tucker, Mildred R Tugie, William Taylor

Tugman, Brad Christopher Tully, Robert J

Tully, Ryan Christopher Tuozzola, Rosanne Lucia

Tuozzola, Salvatore J Turcotte, Barbara W

Turcotte, Bertha M Turgeon, Paul

Turgeon, Paul E Turnage, Patricia A

Turnage, Rasaan L Turner, Elizabeth

Turner, Elizabeth Turner, Lynn A

Turner, Lynn B Turner, Victoria

Turner, Victoria Lynn Turyoz, George

Turza, Joseph W Tuttle, Kelsey Anne

Tuttle, Kelsey L Twerdy, Claire C

Twerdy, Dawn Tye, Sara Marie

Tye, Susan C Tyler, Sylvia M

Tyler, Tabitha L Tyropolis, Despena M

Tyropolis, Ioannis V Tyszka, Daniel Christopher

Tyszka, David R Tzunum, Miguel A