Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Ta, Anh Thi Tabor, Janelle Crandall

Tabor, Jennifer L Tadiello, Barbara J

Tadiello, Donald E Tagliamonte, Linda

Tagliamonte, Rose Takacs, Martha B

Takacs, Mary E Talbot, Francis M

Talbot, Gail G Talley, Angela Susan

Talley, Anna C Tamayo, Marcelo

Tamayo, Marcelo G Tamulis, Stefanie

Tamulis, Tara Elizabeth Tangari, Jean E

Tangari, Jeffrey Alan Tanner, Eloise

Tanner, Elwyn J Tanyu, Samson U

Tanyuk, Kathryn M Tarantelli-Peruccio, Jillane C

Tarantello, Alice C Tarca, Sharon M

Tarca, Stephen Michael Tariq, Shahraz A

Tariq, Shahzad Tartaglia, Edward Joseph

Tartaglia, Elsie M Tasillo, Andrew Phillip

Tasillo, Carolyn M Tate, Marisa V

Tate, Marisa V Taubl, John Richard

Taubl, Michael J Tavella, Shailyn M

Tavella, Sinthia Taylor, Anita Louise

Taylor, Anita M Taylor, Claire P

Taylor, Clair Grace Taylor, Erin B

Taylor, Erin B Taylor, Jessica L

Taylor, Jessica Leigh Taylor, Laurie A

Taylor, Laurie A Taylor, Nancy E

Taylor, Nancy E Taylor, Sandra

Taylor, Sandra A Taylor, Whitney R.

Taylor, Whitney S Tearne, Robert E

Tears, Arlene M. Tedesco, Nancy B

Tedesco, Nancy M Tefft, Matthew J

Tefft, Melissa Ann Teixeira, Prudencia A

Teixeira, Rachael Ann Telgarsky, Joseph C

Telgheder, Gerald J Temple, Cricket Science

Temple, Crystal M Tenjay, Luis A

Tenk, Ashlee A Tepp, Joanne B

Tepper, Akiva A Terlizzi, Bryan A

Terlizzi, Charles A Terreri, Austin A

Terreri, Austin Alfred Terry, Patricia M

Terry, Patricia M Tessarzik, Dawn M

Tessarzik, Kenneth B Testa, Robert E

Testa, Robert F Tetreault, Brian E

Tetreault, Brian J Texeira, Christopher S

Texeira, Ferdinand Jr Thampi, Elizabeth

Thampi, Jacob Theaman, Collin A

Theaman, Joshua Theriaque, Richard M

Theriaque, Richard Z Therriault, Howard J

Therriault, Jacqueline J Thibault, Patricia L

Thibault, Paul Thibodeau, Kimberly Anne

Thibodeau, Kimberly E Thiessen, Aud

Thiessen, Diederik G. Thomann, Patricia A

Thomann, Robert C Thomas, Cherice

Thomas, Cheriyan B Thomas, Elton Lourell

Thomas, Elton Lourell Thomas, Jessica Nicole

Thomas, Jessica R Thomas, Leona

Thomas, Leona D Thomas, Pamela F

Thomas, Pamela J Thomas, Shevan A

Thomas, Shevan A Thomas-Melly, Peter

Thomas-Melly, Peter R Thompson, Beledria Lashelle

Thompson, Belinda Thompson, David W

Thompson, David W Thompson, Herman E

Thompson, Herman E Thompson, Kayla

Thompson, Kayla Elizabeth Thompson, Mary

Thompson, Mary Thompson, Robert J

Thompson, Robert J Thompson, Timothy H

Thompson, Timothy J Thomson, Katie W

Thomson, Kayla M Thorne, Lorraine E

Thorne, Louis Daniel Thornton-Thompson, Sherell

Thornton-Waters, Gailene Threlfall, Nora

Threlfall, Rachel Gabrielle Thurston, Janine C

Thurston, Jaqueline Tiburcio, Yahaira M

Tiburcio, Yahaira Marie Tierney, Aaron J

Tierney, Adrienne L Tift, Matthew J

Tift, Michael A Tillinghast, Roy G

Tillinghast, Ryan S Timko, John

Timko, Jonathan T Tindal, Shanice Ann

Tindal, Tanasha Tino, Gloria F

Tino, Gregory Lawrence Tirado, Olivia R

Tirado, Orlando Tiscia, Patrick L

Tiscia, Rebecca E Titus, Maro V

Titus, Martin E Tobiason, Peter J

Tobiason, Peter John Toce, Margaret N

Toce, Maria Todisco, Joseph L.

Todisco, Katherine A Tolbert, Charles D

Tolbert, Christian J Tolles, Terry H

Tolles, Tracy Tomanelli, Nicholas Joseph

Tomanelli, Ross J Tomasky, Philip P

Tomasky, Walter F Tomer, Petula Ellen

Tomer, Richard Kevin Tomms, Theresa Marie

Tomo, Aniceta L Toner, Amanda A

Toner, Amie Toohey, Jeffrey

Toohey, Jeffrey C Topalian, Andrew

Topalian, Elizabeth Torcia, Thomas C

Torcia, Thomas C Tornatore, Diane C

Tornatore, Evelyn A Torre, Andrea Michele

Torre, Andrew R. Torres, Angel

Torres, Angel Torres, Daisy

Torres, Daisy Torres, Fred J

Torres, Frenando J Torres, Jessica

Torres, Jessica Torres, Kevin I

Torres, Kevin James Torres, Marisol Altagracia

Torres, Marissa June Torres, Pedro L

Torres, Pedro L Torres, Victor

Torres, Victor Torrey, Corina R

Torrey, Daniel T Tosado, Jose M

Tosado, Jose M Toth, Julia I

Toth, Julianna B Toudle, Gahns

Toudle, Otelia Toussaint, Myrloune

Toussaint, Nancy J Townley, Lauren P

Townley, Lorraine Tozzi, Paolo P

Tozzi, Paolo Pejman Tracy, Conor N

Tracy, Constance Trafford, Wiley H

Traficante, Charles Tralongo, Ettore Annibale

Tralongo, Joseph Tran, Tammy L

Tran, Tammy L Trapp, Joseph

Trapp, Judith Ann Travers, Brendan E

Travers, Brendan Emmett Trazinski, Eric D

Trazinski, Michael J Treibt, Kevin

Treibt, Travis Tremblay, Sarah A

Tremblay, Sarah Marie Trethaway, Thomas B

Tretheway, Darlene A Trichka, Estelle W

Trichka, Estelle W Trinh, Hieu

Trinh, Ho Tripp, Kathryn B

Tripp, Keith M Trocolla, Allan

Trocolla, Casey J Trombino, Adele

Trombino, Aldo Rosario Trotman, Tracey

Trotman, Tracey Marie Trowbridge, Kathleen E

Trowbridge, Kevin M Trudeau, Gregory E

Trudeau, Guy E Truglio, Susan S

Truglio, Thomas M Truscinski, Loretta B

Truscinski, Marie L Tsahiridis, Anastasia

Tsahiridis, Christos Tsiropoulos, Simela

Tsirovasiles, Charles Walter Tucci, Michael John

Tucci, Michael M Tucker, Dorothy E

Tucker, Dorothy L. Tucker, Sheila M

Tucker, Shelton A Tulin, Brianna Hope

Tulin, Carleen Tummala, Sheela

Tummala, Vasundara Tupper, Thomas Harlan

Tupper, Tracy M Turcotte, Stephan M

Turcotte, Stephan M Turinski, Joel

Turisco, Ann Marie Turner, Allison A

Turner, Allison Susan Turner, Hope G

Turner, Hope P Turner, Morgan

Turner, Morgan E. Turning, Monica H

Turning, Monica H Tustin, Margaret R

Tustin, Margaret R Tutunjian, Harry M

Tutunjian, Mae Twiss, Virginia C

Twiss, William F Tyler, Craig W

Tyler, Craig W Tymkiv, Miroslava Ivanivna

Tymkiv, Nataliya I Tyrrell, Sharon J

Tyrrell, Sheldon C Tzirikidis, Alexia L.

Tzirikidis, Dimitra Tzunum, Miguel A