Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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S, Goomrigian Saam, Gregory M

Saam, Janice E Sabella, Annika

Sabella, Anthony T Sablah, Eugene Y

Sablak, Helen A Saccary, Mary E

Saccary, Mose A Sachs, Alec B

Sachs, Alexander Robert Saddler, Janet M

Saddler, Janet M Sadowski, Alyssa M

Sadowski, Amy Saffo, John R

Saffo, Jon Saggese, Nicholas A

Saggese, Paul J Said, Syafril

Said, Syafril Saja, Margaret

Saja, Nancy H Salabarria, Patricia Ann

Salabarrias, Jose Salas, Carmita Th

Salas, Carolina Salcedo, John

Salcedo, John A Salemi, Susan M.

Salemi, Suzanne J Salfarlie, Celia J

Salfarlie, Leonard E Salisbury, David E

Salisbury, David Francis Salmon, Anthony Lloyd

Salmon, Atarian T Salperto, Rocco S

Salperto, Rocco S Salvador, Nicholas Armando

Salvador, Nicholas Giovanni Salvatore, Pascal F

Salvatore, Pasquale Salzman, Gil Z

Salzman, Jeanne Camina Samela, Allison M

Samela, Amy Lynn Sampel, Danny

Sampel, James E Sams, Hilary K

Sams, Holly M Samuels, Holness

Samuels, Hugh A San Angelo, Shirley A

San Angelo, Thomas R Sanchez, Brenda Liz

Sanchez, Brenda Liz Sanchez, Gloria E

Sanchez, Gloria E Sanchez, Lesvia

Sanchez, Leushonda T Sanchez, Pablo

Sanchez, Pablo Sanchez-Hoyt, Milagros

Sanchez-Jacobs, Rosa Y. Sander, James R

Sander, Janetha J Sanders, Ora

Sanders, Ordro Sandiford, Shaunda Renee

Sandiford, Sherri L Sandoval, Timothy M

Sandoval, Tony Osmin Sanford, Clara V

Sanford, Clara V.E Sangster, Susan H

Sangster, Tracey V Sansing, Victoria B

Sansing, Victoria D Santacruz, Angelica M

Santacruz, Benedicta Santana, Eric Joel

Santana, Erin M Santana, Yosaira

Santana, Zenaida Santelises, Corrie L

Santelises, Jose R Santiago, Ari D

Santiago, Ariel Ashley Santiago, Elvin

Santiago, Elvin Santiago, John A

Santiago, John J Santiago, Margarita

Santiago, Maria Santiago, Rebecca R

Santiago, Reina C Santiago Ortiz, Monserrate

Santiago Pacheco, Tilda Santolini, Timothy K

Santolini, Timothy K Santoro, Brian K

Santoro, Brian Robert Santos, Angelica

Santos, Angelica Denise Santos, Jamie

Santos, Jane M Santos, Mayara M

Santos, Mayline Santos-Filho, Joao Pereira

Santos-Frias, Gregory Rafael Sanzone, Patricia

Sanzone, Patricia A Saqab, Sadia

Saqab, Shahida Sarcia, Jill C

Sarcia, Joseph Sargent, Joshua Daniel

Sargent, Jovan E Sarmiento, Teresa L.

Sarmiento, Tiffany M Sarro, Michelle A

Sarro, Nettie L. Sassano, Antonio T

Sassano, Bianca Satinover, Jenny

Satinover, Marina A Saucier, Constance J

Saucier, Coralyn L Saulnier, Roger W

Saulnier, Sean J Saunders, Lashay S

Saunders, Lashay S Sautter, Charles E

Sautter, Charles E Savage, Ryan

Savage, Ryan Jeffery Savery, Kelly L

Savery, Kelly L Savitt, Alexandra L

Savitt, Charles M Savransky, Ariel C

Savransky, Eli Sawyer, Andrew J

Sawyer, Andrew M Saxon, Andrea A

Saxon, Arthur H Sayner, Susan

Saynganthone, April Scala, Brian Michael

Scala, Caitlin F Scall, Brian C

Scall, William O Scanlan, Linda B

Scanlan, Marcia G Scaplen, Kelly Lynn

Scaplen, Kimberly Scarnati, Christine C

Scarnati, Christine C Scates, Geneva R

Scates, Glena L Schachte, Jane A

Schachte, Jane A Schaefer, William

Schaefer, William Albert Schafter, Amy Leigh

Schafter, Janet T. Scharf, Donald F

Scharf, Elliott Schechtman, Calli J

Schechtman, Calli Joy Scheinerman, Karen C

Scheinerman, Mathew Schepitsky, Katherine

Schepker, Anita L Scheyder, Susan Jane

Scheyer, Camille Rose Schier, Logan

Schier, Maria K Schilli, Benjamin Robert

Schilli, Cecelia D Schiraldi, Michael B

Schiraldi, Michael V Schleidt, Jean J

Schleidt, Jeffrey Wayne Schlosser, Dana James

Schlosser, Debra A Schmid, Gary S

Schmid, George W Schmidt, Katherine

Schmidt, Katherine Elizabeth Schmitt, Daniel F

Schmitt, Danielle Schneeberger, Laura

Schneeberger, Laura Schneider, Kristina Ardith

Schneider, Kurt A Schnidman, Howard

Schnidman, Jennifer Lauren Schoenen, Marc R

Schoener, Diane Schollin, Jennifer L

Scholling, John Bruce Schorer, Jeffrey David

Schorer, Marianne T Schreck, Anne M.

Schreck, Carl F Schroder, Eric L

Schroder, Ethan S. Schroth, Rachel Ann

Schroth, Richard Schulefand, Jared B

Schulefand, Sarah Schultz, Christina M

Schultz, Christine Schultz, W Andrew

Schultz, Wayne A Schuman, Janice

Schuman, Jeff L Schuttler, Diana M

Schuttler, Joanna G Schwartz, Andrea M

Schwartz, Andreas Schwartz, Lori J

Schwartz, Lori Kim Schwarz, Jeremy

Schwarz, Jessica L Schwenker-Mayer, Gail C

Schwenkner, Dale R Sciarroni, Beth A

Sciarroni, Suecarol B Sciortino, Marilyn M

Sciortino, Marilyn Maria Scognamiglio, Martha H

Scognamiglio, Mary J Scott, Anthony J

Scott, Anthony Joseph Scott, Eric G

Scott, Eric Hawkinson Scott, Kirsten Lee

Scott, Kishori Scott, Roger W

Scott, Roger W Scotto, Frank M

Scotto, Jaclyn M Scribner, Robert J

Scribner, Robert W Scully, Clare Sweeney

Scully, Constance Evelyn Seabrook, Jessica

Seabrook, Jessica Seaman, William J

Seaman, William W Sears, Susan C

Sears, Susann A Sebben, Paul G

Sebben, Peter J Sedano Zelada, Catherin S

Sedano Zelada, Catherin S Seefeldt, Charles J

Seefeldt, Charles J Sefcsik, Paul A

Sefedini, Jennifer A Seger, Robert J

Seger, Ronald E Seibert, Nancy E

Seibert, Nancy J Seiler, Peter M

Seiler, Richard A Selander, Daniel R

Selander, Daniel Richard Selko, Amber Marie

Selko, Ronni J Selnes, Dawn Renae

Selness, Anne Semenza, Deborah Marie

Semenza, Gregory M Senadipathige, Gabriel Charles

Senah, Dominique Assion Senftleben, Nancy H

Senftleben, Richard A Senteio, Caitano A

Senteio, Charlene F Sequeira, Julio S

Sequeira, Kattia V. Serer, Christine I

Serer, Damian A Serna, Olga

Serna, Paula A Serrano, Fidelina

Serrano, Flor E Serrano, Yenitza D

Serrano, Yesenia Sessa, John J

Sessa, John L Setti, Marco A

Setti, Paul Frank Sevigny, Lauren C

Sevigny, Lori L Seyal, Waqas A

Seyal, Younas Shazhad Sfreddo, Valerie Mae

Sftetahi, Setayesh Shackleton, Loretta

Shackleton, Mary E Shafiee, Jason R

Shafiee, Kacy T Shah, Rajnikant S

Shah, Raj P Shail, John H

Shail, Kevin Shambreskis, Denise M

Shambreskis, Helen Shank, Daniel R

Shank, Darlene M Shannon, Karen Anne

Shannon, Karen L Shapiro, Julia

Shapiro, Julia Louise Sharkevich, Joanne G

Sharkevich, Kristi Marie Sharp, Griffin Kingsbury

Sharp, Griffin Kingsbury Shasha, Richard Allen

Shasha, Thomas B. Shaw, Beverly Best

Shaw, Beverly Best Shaw, John

Shaw, John Shaw, Sheri L

Shaw, Sherri A Shea, Carol Lynne H

Shea, Carolyn Shea, Kelley L

Shea, Kelley Patricia Shea, Teresa

Shea, Teresa A Shedrawy, Mark

Shedrawy, Robert J Sheehan, Marilyn A

Sheehan, Marion A Sheets, Karen H

Sheets, Kathryn L Shekleton, Jessica R

Shekleton, Joanne Shelley, Palmer Mitchell

Shelley, Patrick J Shen, Sandra

Shen, Shida Shepard, Patricia M

Shepard, Paula Katherine Sheppard, Jo Ann

Sheppard, Joanne E Sheridan, Jennifer A

Sheridan, Jennifer A Sherman, Debra M

Sherman, Dennis Sherman, Sari-Lee

Sherman, Scott Sherwood, Alex D

Sherwood, Alexis A Shewbrooks, Steven Scott

Shewchak, Rose M Shiers, Rejin

Shiferaw, Kidest Shin, Christopher S

Shin, Chung K Shippee, Alexander M

Shippee, Alexandria H Shkreli, Fonda

Shkreli, Fonda Sholtis, Stephen B

Sholtis, Stephen B Short, Angela L

Short, Anita L Shouvlin, Kyle Alexander

Shouvlin, Kyle Alexander Shu, Mei Di

Shu, Rai Da Shuler, Mark

Shuler, Mark F Shupenis, Michael Vincent

Shupenis, Michelle K Sianez, David M

Sianez, David M Sicignano, Joseph D

Sicignano, Kathy G Sideleau, Robert J

Sideleau, Sarah A Sieckhaus, Danielle T

Sieckhaus, John F Siegler, Ashley Rae

Siegler, Barbara C Siepser, Craig M

Sieputowski, David J Siew, Cheng Chia

Siew, Cynthia P Signorino, Irene

Signorino, James Jarvis Sikoski, Michael S

Sikoski, Robert A Silis, Paul

Silizar, Rebekah L Silva, Brittini M

Silva, Brooke L Silva, Katherine R

Silva, Katherine R Silva, Sergio A

Silva, Sergio Andrew Silver, Samantha L

Silver, Samuel Silversmith, Paul M

Silversmith, Paul M Silvia, Joshua Michael

Silvia, Judith P Simeone, Anthony C

Simeone, Anthony C Simmonds, Safiya L

Simmonds, Sandra Simmons, Judy E

Simmons, Julia Simmons, Toshubi F

Simmons, Tracey Lynne Simon, Frantz A

Simon, Fred C Simonds, Kendra

Simonds, Kenneth W Simoni, Luisa

Simoni, Maria Simpkins, Russell S

Simpkins, Sabrina Simpson, Kelly Lynn

Simpson, Kelly Lynn Sims, Bryan B

Sims, Carol B Sinay, Joyce A

Sinay, Majbritt Singer, Cora Chateauneuf

Singer, Cynthia L Singh, Labedia

Singh, Lakhvinder Singleton, Ronald M

Singleton, Ronald M Sinopoli, Lisa

Sinopoli, Lisa J Sirianni, Louis

Sirianni, Louis Sirois, Samantha P

Sirois, Sandra G Sisson, Matthew J

Sisson, Megan J Sivells, Tammy

Sivels, Robert G Skaparas, Laura A

Skapczynski, Eugenie Skelly, Thomas F

Skelly, Twila D Skilton, Richard P

Skilton, Sarah Beth Sklar, Erica

Sklar, Faye W Skorek, Karina E

Skorenki, Ardell Skrzypek, Robert John

Skrzypek, Stanislow Slade, Sandra K

Slade, Sarah Mackay Slater, Kristen A

Slater, Kristen Ann Slavin, Katherine Elaine

Slavin, Kathleen Grace Slevin, Kathleen V

Slevin, Kathleen V Sloan, Kashon D

Sloan, Katherine M Slonski, Nicole Ruth

Slonski, Richard Slyman, Lawrence

Slyman, Lori M Small, Paulette E

Small, Paul G Smarrelli, Paul M

Smarrelli, Paul M Smeraglino, Alyssa Marie

Smeraglino, Anthony Smilowicz, Joan F

Smilowicz, Victor F. Smith, Amy B

Smith, Amy B Smith, Barbara Ann

Smith, Barbara Ann Smith, Bruce Brye

Smith, Bruce C Smith, Cheryl B

Smith, Cheryl C Smith, Cynthia B

Smith, Cynthia C Smith, Deborah A

Smith, Deborah A Smith, Dorothy Lee

Smith, Dorothy Loretta Smith, Enrique

Smith, Enrique R Smith, George E

Smith, George E Smith, Hope Elizabeth

Smith, Hoskins Smith, Jared A

Smith, Jared Alexander Smith, J Nicholas G

Smith, Joan Smith, Julie G

Smith, Julie Gs Smith, Kenneth

Smith, Kenneth Smith, Laura L

Smith, Laura L Smith, Louise W

Smith, Louis J Smith, Mary D

Smith, Mary E Smith, Michael John

Smith, Michael John Smith, Norma Lee

Smith, Norman Smith, Rachel L

Smith, Rachel L Smith, Robert J

Smith, Robert J Smith, Sandra M

Smith, Sandra Marano Smith, Silvia A

Smith, Simone E Smith, Tara Meghan

Smith, Tara Rose Smith, Troy D

Smith, Troy D Smith, Willie Mae

Smith, Willie W Smola, Kathleen Marie

Smola, Lisa A Smyack, Donald L

Smyers, Barbara L Sneed, Sean Robert

Sneed, Sheila M Snipes, Patricia R

Snipes, Paul V Snow, Zernona N

Snow, Zernona N Snyder, Martha A

Snyder, Martha Perry Soares, Tony J

Soares, Trenna R Sobolewski, Eric P.

Sobolewski, Erin M Socorro, Lisabel

Socorro, Rafael Softleigh, Lisa R

Softleish, Dennis Sokoloski, Cora

Sokoloski, Dale M Solari, Jean E

Solari, Jenna J Solid, Larry E

Soliday, Dean H Sollima, Roberto A

Sollima, Shetal Solomons, Jake Everett

Solomons, Jake Everett Sombito-Polick, Selah E

Sombric, Abbie W Sommers, Dale W

Sommers, Darrick D Soni, Brijesh L

Soni, Chirag Devendrakumar Sopczneski, Sophia

Sopczneski, Suzanne M Sorensen, Dale A

Sorensen, Daniel J Soroka, James M

Soroka, Jamie M Sosa, Maria J

Sosa, Maria L Soto, Angel

Soto, Angel Soto, Jesyka Michelle

Soto, Jeymar Soto, Robin A

Soto, Rocio R. Soucie, Roy A

Soucie, Russell G Soukup, Jerry L

Soukup, Jessica Jean Sousa, Jonathan Michael

Sousa, Jonathan P Soutter, Alexis Mietz

Soutter, Alicia V Sowinsky, Steven J

Sowisch, Hans F Spadone, John C

Spadone, Kirstina Spallacci, Nello

Spallacci, Nicole M Sparer-Morales, Catherine E

Sparf, Birgitta Madeleine Spatta, George K

Spatta, George K Spearman, Irma M

Spearman, Isaac Speer, Barbara S

Speer, Bedell H Spellman, Shea D

Spellman, Stephen Spencer, Deronta R

Spencer, Derrick I Spencer, Ruby V

Spencer, Ruth Alice Spero, Bruce M

Spero, Bryan V Spicker, Katrina B

Spicker, Lorraine Spilka, Nathaniel Hugo

Spilka, Paul V Spinelli, Michele Dianne

Spinelli, Michelle Spisto, Robert D

Spisto, Robert D Spone, Leslie A

Sponenbery, Jason D Sprague, Bryan James

Sprague, Caitlin McGahan Spring, Paul M

Spring, Peter G Spruill, Corey X

Spruill, Courtney D Squire, Doris J

Squire, Doris J Ssali, Emmanuel C

Ssapa, Nuru Stack, Carol C

Stack, Carol T Stadnick, Theresa J

Stadnick, Viola J Stagg, Helen A

Stagg, Heli K Stairs, Stella M

Stairs, Stephen Matthew St Amand, Shari L.

St Amand, Sharon S Stancavage, Patricia J

Stancek, Concetta Staneslow, Lillian E

Staneslow, Lillian E Stanish, Jennifer B

Stanish, John E Stanley, Debora A

Stanley, Deborah Stannard, Nan C

Stannard, Nancy L Stanziale, Benjamin J

Stanziale, Bernice Stark, Daniel E

Stark, Daniel Otto Starnault, Clifford Fernand

St Arnault, Michelle R Staruch, Janice A

Starvaggi, Haley A Statler, Sylvia Louise

Statler, William W. Stavnezer, Bria Rachel

Stavnezer, Debborah L Steadman, Kathryn

Steadman, Kathryn M Steben, Pauline R

Steben, Peter T Steele, Christina Alexa

Steele, Christine Steenrod, Johanna

Steensma, Brenda L Stefanovicz, Kurt G

Stefanovicz, Melanie Steiger, Jordan

Steiger, June G Stein, Ryan C

Stein, Samantha D. Steiner, Kathleen M

Steiner, Kathryn M Steinmetz, Samantha R

Steinmetz, Samuel F Stelzer, Lenore

Stelzer, Linda Stepak, Krystyna S

Stepakoff, Jonah Stephens, Kelsey Gamble

Stephens, Kelsey Gamble Steponaitis, Mark M

Steponaitis, Mary Lou Stern, Howard

Stern, Howard D Stetson, Maryann P

Stetson, Marybeth P Stevens, Doreen L

Stevens, Doreen L Stevens, Lucia D

Stevens, Lucia D Stevens, Veronica H

Stevens, Veronica J Stevenson, Nicholas C.

Stevenson, Nicholas Matthew Stewart, Caroline M

Stewart, Caroline R Stewart, Janelle L

Stewart, Janelle Louise Stewart, Mollina L

Stewart, Molly E Stewart, William Michael

Stewart, William Michael St Hilaire, Susan A

St Hilaire, Susan E Stigliano, Dennis L

Stigliano, James Stimson, Mallory Ann

Stimson, Marion A St Jacques, Robert C

St.Jacques, Robert Gaylord St. John, Robert A.

St John, Robert A Stock, Alexander

Stock, Alexander Robert Stockwell, Kirstin L

Stockwell, Laurie Stohr, Georganne

Stohr, George M Stolfi, Andrew

Stolfi, Andrew J Stone, Aaron G

Stone, Aaron J Stone, Jeffrey T

Stone, Jemel T Stone, Sally M

Stone, Samantha Stonier, Benjamin David

Stonier, Carolyn M Storms, Erica P

Storms, Eric Brian Stout, Brooke Elizabeth

Stout, Bruce C Stoyanovich, Peter Anthony

Stoyanovich, Robin L Strachan, Jane B

Strachan, Janet F. Strand, William K

Strand, William L Stratton, Jennifer

Stratton, Jennifer C Strayer, Eric Richard

Strayer, Julia M Streeto, Joseph L.

Streeto, Joseph M Strickland, Elise M

Strickland, Elizabeth Stringer, Laura C

Stringer, Laura T Strole, Arthur K

Strole, Arthur K Strong, Rebecca Stephanie

Strong, Richard K Strubbe, Yvette

Strubbe, Yvette St Surin, Belvely J

St Surin, Eve A Stuckey, Jane M

Stuckey, Kathlene Stunkel, Brian W.

Stunkel, Bruce W Sturtz, Brian T

Sturtz, Jonathan Stuart Suarez, Isaiah

Suarez, Ivelisse L Suchecki, Edwin J

Suchecki, Evan Michael Suero-Lora, Paola

Suero-Pimentel, Laura E Suiter, Lisa Lee

Suiter, Lois F Sullivan, Amy Elizabeth

Sullivan, Amy Elizabeth Sullivan, Clarice Ellen

Sullivan, Clarita A Sullivan, Eugene F

Sullivan, Eugene F Sullivan, John E

Sullivan, John E Sullivan, Kristina Liz

Sullivan, Kristina M Sullivan, M Elizabeth

Sullivan, Meredith G Sullivan, Robert T

Sullivan, Robert T Sullivan, Timothy J

Sullivan, Timothy J Sumislaski, Lewis F

Sumislaski, Mary S Sumner, Jennifer L

Sumner, Jessica Marion Sunderland, Zachary A

Sunderland-Haggett, Gwen M Supple, Jo Ann Z

Supple, Joseph F Surita, Miriam

Suriyakham, Linda W Susi, Peter A

Susi, Peter V Sutherland, Cynthia K

Sutherland, Cyrus S Sutton, Dawn Marie

Sutton, Deborah Suzon, Trevor D

Suzor, Cynthia J Swain, Jeannette Marie

Swain, Jeffery Swaney, David A

Swaney, Donald A Swanson, Katherine M

Swanson, Katherine M Swartout, Joseph Earl

Swartout, Katherine L Sweeney, Deborah L

Sweeney, Deborah Taylor Sweeney, Rita V

Sweeney, Robert A Sweeters, Bettina

Sweeters, Christopher J. Swets, Joanne S

Swets, John E Swift, James D

Swift, James Dale Swiridowsky, Brenden M

Swiridowsky, Colleen Marchese Sydney, Jamie S

Sydney, Lisa P Sylvester, Heidi L

Sylvester, Helen F Syme, John Peter

Syme, Kathy Syrett, Robert O

Syrett, Ruth B Szall, Joseph L

Szall, Justin Szeibert, Nora Zsofia

Szeifert, Jeanne M Szkudlarek, Emily Maja

Szkudlarek, Jacek Szura, Kathryn E

Szura, Michael Brandon Szymonik, Peter T

Szymonik, Sebastian F Szyziel, Matthew M