Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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S, Goomrigian Saavedra, Julian M

Saavedra, Kenneth Sabet, Ahmed Zaki

Sabet, Ahmed Zaki Sabo, Doris M

Sabo, Dorothy Sacchinelli, Diana E

Sacchinelli, Domenico A Sachs, Martin W

Sachs, Marvin Sadick, Kelly C

Sadick, Matthew Sadowski, Nathan A

Sadowski, Nicole A Safir, Kerry P

Safi Ramos, Denise Saglio, Christopher John

Saglio, Clara B Sailer, Ivy

Sailer, Ivy Sajkowicz, James K

Sajkowicz, James K Salafia, James J

Salafia, James Robert Salas, Pablo

Salas, Patricia Salcito, Anthony S

Salcito, Arianne J Salenek, Charles J

Salenik, Ann Salgado, Jorge L

Salgado, Jorge M Salisbury, Sean E

Salisbury, Sean P Salmon, L

Salmon, Lacy L Saltarelli, Anthony Marc

Saltarelli, Carol A Salvas, Elizabeth A

Salvas, Ernest G Salvatore, William J

Salvatoriello, Nikolai Sam, Ndeye A

Sam, Nicholas W Samele, Kenneth P

Samele, Kim R Sampiere, John E

Sampiere, Kimberly Susan Samson, Berta G

Samson, Bianca C Samuels, Orville

Samuels, Patricia Sanborn, Ileana M

Sanborn, Ileana M Sanchez, Carmen Zenaida

Sanchez, Carol Anne Sanchez, Irene M

Sanchez, Iris Sanchez, Luis A

Sanchez, Luis A Sanchez, Rene A

Sanchez, Reynaldo Alexis Sanchez-Valencia, Larken Jade

Sanchezvalencia, Larken Jade Sanders, Anthony A

Sanders, Anthony L Sanders, Sheila Keating

Sanders, Shelly W Sandler, Jean

Sandler, Jeffrey Craig Sandrowski, Hannah

Sandrowski, Heidi Sutton Sanford, Heather Alyce

Sanford, Heather J San Jose, Danilo A

San Jose, Jennifer H Sansone, Debra L V

Sansone, Denise B Santagata, Marguerite

Santagata, Marguerite Marie Santana, Jacqueline

Santana, Jacqueline Santanella, Paul E

Santanella, Peter John Santelli, James A

Santelli, Laura E Santiago, Camille D

Santiago, Camilo Deleslie Santiago, Evelyn

Santiago, Evelyn Santiago, Jose A

Santiago, Jose A Santiago, Mariangeli

Santiago, Marianie Santiago, Rosa M

Santiago, Rosa M Santigo, Luis Antonio

Santigo, Zoraida Santoni, Jennifer M

Santoni, Jessica Lynn Santoro, Francis J

Santoro, Frank Santos, Belkis A

Santos, Belky Blanco Santos, John

Santos, John Santos, Myrtha

Santos, Naida Santostefano, Jesse M

Santostefano, John Mark Sapere, Alyssa Gayle

Sapere, Barbara A Saracen, Lu Ann

Saracen, Marie S Sardi, Henriette A

Sardi, Justin D Sargent, Richard F

Sargent, Richard R Sarnese, Elizabeth R

Sarnese, Elizabeth R Sartirana, Anthony F

Sartirana, Anthony F. Sassi, Robert P

Sassi, Thomas P Satmary, Alexander M

Satmary, Alyssa Lynn Saucier, Justin Alan

Saucier, Justin Allen Saunders, Albert R

Saunders, Albert W Saunders, Mattie L H

Saunders, Maureen Sauveur, Ivel

Sauveur, Myrlande Savage-Deemer, Rebecca E

Savage-Dunham, Mary F Savicki, Kassandra Lydia

Savicki, Michael Savo, Dominic J

Savo, Dominic J Savvoulides, Efstathios

Savvoulides, Elenie Sawyer, Direes D

Sawyer, Donald C Saxton, Michael T

Saxton, Michelle Sayyusenh, Jenny P

Sazama, Andrew T Scala, Susan Pfeifer

Scala, Terry L Scalo, Phillip Andrew

Scalo, Ralph Scanlon, Corrine A

Scanlon, Craig S Scaramozza, David A

Scaramozza, James M Scarpa, Jennifer Lynn

Scarpa, Jennifer Sandra Scavetta, Frances A

Scavetta, Frank S. Schack, Valerie

Schack, W Thomas Schaeffer, Ralph H

Schaeffer, Randi L Schalker, Colette L

Schalkham, Bradford John Scharn, Milton J

Scharn, Philip J Schectman, Barbara J

Schectman, Bart T Schelky, Steven

Schell, Andrea Marie Scherb, June M

Scherb, Kristen Nicole Schiappacasse, M

Schiappacasse, Michael S Schiess-Menzies, Jean

Schietinger, Donna L Schilling, Kenneth J

Schilling, Kenneth M Schirmer, Jennifer N

Schirmer, John D Schlemmer, Anthony L

Schlemmer, Bernice Schloth, William E

Schloth, William Edward Schmidlapp, Victoria B

Schmidle, Mae S Schmidt, Lisa B

Schmidt, Lisa F Schmitt, Jessica

Schmitt, Jessica D Schneider, Amanda Elizabeth

Schneider, Amanda M Schneider, Mark H

Schneider, Mark L Schnitzler, Kristin A

Schnitzler, Kyle J Schoenhardt, Josephine M

Schoenhardt, Keara E Scholz, John F

Scholz, John J Schortman, Jean E

Schortman, Karen Schreiber, Andrea S

Schreiber, Andrew K Schroeder, Anna K

Schroeder, Anna Katherine Schub, David Louis

Schub, Erica M Schuler, Michelle W

Schuler, Morgan Schultz, Edward F

Schultz, Edward F Schulz, Carolyn R

Schulz, Carolyn R Schumann, Josiah A

Schumann, Joyce Schutz, Yaakov

Schutze, Jodi H. Schwartz, Brigitta

Schwartz, Brittany Elisabeth Schwartz, Mel

Schwartz, Melanie J Schwarz, Ralph

Schwarz, Ralph G Schwertley, Leo B

Schwertley, Taylor J Scibelli, Kevin L

Scibelli, Kevin L Scipioni, Eileen E

Scipioni, Linda Scollan, Patricia E.

Scollan, Patricia Eilish Scott, Bernard

Scott, Bernard C Scott, Garon C

Scott, Garth Wesley Scott, Liam G

Scott, Libby A Scott, Sandra N.

Scott, Sandra S Scott-Yeager, Heather Lynn

Scougall, Alexander David Scrimmager, Leah A

Scrimmager, Leann Scully, Harold F

Scully, Harrison J Seaburgh, Brenda

Seaburgh, Maureen T Seamour, Josephine A

Seamour, Judith A Sease, Sonta Y

Sease, Trosha Sebestyen, William A

Sebestyn, Melissa K Sedelmaier, Maya F

Sedelnick, David Seeger, Mel

Seeger, Melanie Sefransky, George A

Sefransky, Joel T Segevick, Theresa

Segger, Rachel M Seid, Christine Henrici

Seid, Joseph Seinfeld, Nicholas Michael

Seing, Sikkim Selander, Thomas E

Selander, William Sell, Ruth T

Sell, Scott A Selter, Emily Leah

Selter, Jared Gideon Semeraro, Maureen W

Semeraro, Michael D Senatore, Karen

Senatore, Mary . Senger, Mari K

Senger, Marilyn M Senter, Joann Marie

Senter, Julie Ann Sequenzia, Salvatore G

Sequenzia, Sandra M Seretna, Margaret A

Seretna, Thomas J Serock, Michelle R

Serock, Shirley M Serrano, Hector Roberto

Serrano, Helen Serrano-Vazquez, Rickey

Serrano-Velazquez, Jaileen Sessa, William C

Sessamen, Gene H Settle, Michelle W

Settle, Myles C Sevilimedu, Kendra Janelle

Sevilimedu, Ramesh V Seyfried, Susan

Seyfried, Timothy A Sgammato, Daniel V

Sgammato, Frank J Shaddinger, Dawn E.

Shaddock, George W. Shafnacker, William Michael

Shafner, Ari Y Shah, Rushi D

Shah, Rushi D Shain, Lynne

Shain, Margaret L Shami, Marlow D.J.

Shami, Miri Shankar, Maya U

Shankar, Meera S Shannon, Liam Paul

Shannon, Linda Shapiro, Lawrence C

Shapiro, Lawrence E Sharkey, Daniel J

Sharkey, Daniel Joseph Sharp, Jillian M

Sharp, Johnathan James Shaskin, Patricia A

Shaskin, Rebecca Anne Shaw, Brittany M

Shaw, Bruce E Shaw, Judeen S

Shaw, Judith H Shaw, Steven G

Shaw, Steven G Shea, Christopher B

Shea, Christopher D. Shea, Kevin P

Shea, Kevin P Shea, Thomas N

Shea, Thomas N Shee, Thoo Mweh

Sheed, Nancy McKay Sheehan, Matthew B

Sheehan, Matthew F Sheetz, Lucia G

Sheetz, Meryl S Shelansky, Jennifer Leigh

Shelansky, Linda Jean Shellhammer, Kenneth C

Shellhorne, Lois Emilia Shenas, Robert G

Shenas, Sandra R Shepard, Robyn N

Shepard, Ronald D Sheppard, Lisa E

Sheppard, Lynn Barnes Sheridan, Kara E

Sheridan, Karen Sherman, Dwayne E

Sherman, Dywatie Lynn Sherman, Stephen G

Sherman, Stephen J. Sherwood, Brenda S

Sherwood, Brian W Shewokis, Michael J

Shewokis, Nina D Shiffer, Zatasha

Shiffler, Allan J Shin, Jennifer

Shin, Jennifer Youngmi Shippee, Frances I

Shippee, Genevieve Shlapak, Izabella

Shlapak, Jack E Shomsky, Carly Ellena

Shomsky, Cathleen W Short, David W

Short, Dawn A Shove, Anne M

Shove, Benjamin J Shub, Robert Edward

Shubat, Danielle M Shuler-Mc Knight, Deapria

Shule-Sejdaras, Benjola Shur, Leonard

Shur, Marc David Siano, Dominic

Siano, Francesca Sicila, Joseph

Sicilia, Carmen J Sidell, Dylan Scott

Sidell, Lainey Ray Siedel, Karol J

Siedel, Michael T Siegman, Jeffrey D

Siegman, Julia W Sierakowski, David Ryan

Sierakowski, Dayna Lynn Siewertsen, Hans-Erik Lorenz

Siewertsen, H William Sigona, Virginia

Sigona-Bisciglia, Stacie Siksay, John J

Siksay, Jonathan L Silk, Claudia C

Silk, Daniel F Silva, Carlos

Silva, Carlos Silva, Kenneth F

Silva, Kenneth James Silva, Sonia L

Silva, Sonia L Silver, Shira A.

Silver, Shirley S Silverstein, Carrie D

Silverstein, Charles H. Silvia, Laurie L

Silvia, Leonard A Simeone, Christine C

Simeone, Christopher Simmone, Maria M

Simmone, Marybeth Simmons, Karen B

Simmons, Karen Elizabeth Simmons, Tyrone T

Simmons, Tyrone T. Simon, Georgia

Simon, Gloria Simonds, Luther L

Simonds, Lynne S Simoni, Robert J

Simoni, Robert J Simpkins, Williemae

Simpkinson, Anne Simpson, Kevin Edward

Simpson, Kevin George Sims, Charles L

Sims, Charles M Sinay, Zoe Jing

Sinbandith, Jamie Singer, David

Singer, David Singh, Lilowtie Shereen

Singh, Linann Mercedes Singleton, Sean B

Singleton, Selma V Sinopoli, Minda Dawn

Sinopoli, Nicholas Sirianni, Scott G

Sirianni, Susan M Sirois, Sheri L

Sirois, Solange R Sisson, Michele Elise

Sisson, Monique Louise Siver, Peter A

Siver, Roger T Skapczynski, Ronald M

Skapczynski, Tina R Skelly-Dorn, Selena

Skelps, Adam M Skindrud, Sonia

Skindrud, Sonia K Sklar, Harry Arnold

Sklar, Hyla Cohen Skorenki-Sforza, Donna L

Skorik, Christian M Skrzypiec, Catherine H

Skrzypiec, Douglas E Slade, Shymar M

Slade, Sierra Lorraine Slater, Lauren Beth

Slater, Lauren J Slavin, Kelly Jo

Slavin, Kevin Neil Slevin-Koczak, Noreen P

Slevinsky, Adam E Sloan, Kathleen M

Sloan, Kathleen T Slonski, Stanley Joseph

Slonski, Stephanie Slyne, David Robert

Slyne, Deborah M Small, Peter H

Small, Peter M Smart, Alisha L

Smart, Allene D Smeraglino, Joanne Kristen

Smeraglino, Joseph Dominic Smilowitz, Richard S

Smilowitz, Talya M Smith, Amy E

Smith, Amy E Smith, Barbara B

Smith, Barbara B Smith, Bruce E

Smith, Bruce E Smith, Cheryl C

Smith, Cheryl Christine Smith, Cynthia B

Smith, Cynthia B Smith, Deborah A

Smith, Deborah A Smith, Dorothy K

Smith, Dorothy L Smith, Ena

Smith, Enid M. Smith, George E

Smith, George E Smith, Hope D

Smith, Hope D Smith, Jared A

Smith, Jared A Smith, Jimmy

Smith, Jimmy W A Smith, Julie Ann

Smith, Julie Ann Smith, Kendra Schank

Smith, Kendra Schank Smith, Laura J

Smith, Laura J Smith, Louise M

Smith, Louise S Smith, Mary C

Smith, Mary C Smith, Michael James

Smith, Michael James Smith, Norfa Caracas

Smith, Norma Smith, Rachel Brenna

Smith, Rachel C. Smith, Robert J

Smith, Robert J. Smith, Sandra L

Smith, Sandra Lee Smith, Shironda Shevonne

Smith, Shonda Smith, Tara

Smith, Tara A Smith, Tricia A

Smith, Tricia A Smith, William W

Smith, William W Smola, Dennis P

Smola, Diane C Smutnick, Paul John

Smutnick, Sandra Sneed, Michael R

Sneed, Michael William Snipes, Lesley J

Snipes, Lila M Snow, Tynesha S

Snow, Valerie D Snyder, Mark E

Snyder, Mark G Soares, Stacey Ann Natrisha

Soares, Stephanie M Sobolewski, Anne H

Sobolewski, Brian J Socolosky, Joseph S.

Socolosky, Kathleen A Sofronas, Elias

Sofronas, John Sokoloff, Richard P

Sokoloff, Ronald Solari, Anne

Solari, Benjamin Gabriel Soliani, Lisa M

Soliani, Marie E Sollima, Anthony D

Sollima, Antonio C Solomon-Irving, Kimberly A

Solomon-Irving, Kimberly A Somaya, Jijin Laxmandas

Somaya, Jitin Laxmandas Sommers, Alison Rosemary Carvet

Sommers, Alix Frances Song-Yang, Joanna Wanmin

Song-Yang, Johanna Wanmin Sopchak, Nicholas G

Sopchak, Patricia A Sorensen, Carsten

Sorensen, Catherine C Sorochan, Serafima

Sorochin, Nancy A. Sosa, Kathleen Ann

Sosa, Kathy Ann Soto, Anais

Soto, Anais Soto, Jennifer M

Soto, Jennifer S Soto, Ricardo Luis

Soto, Rich Soucie, Marcia Diane

Soucie, Marcia Diane Souksengchanh, Sheina

Soukthideth, Bounpheng Sousa, Jo-Ann M

Sousa, Joann M Southworth, Thomas E

Southworth, Thomas E Sowers-Cianciola, Brenda

Sowik, Jason Spadola, David J

Spadola, Ettore J Spalla, Elise

Spalla, Elise K Sparapani, Anne M

Sparapani, Janet M Spatola, Bernice M C

Spatola, Caroline C Spearing, Ieshia S

Spearing, Michael A Speedling, Angela L

Speedwell, Bianca E Spellman, Nicole Elizabeth

Spellman, Nikia C Spencer, David E

Spencer, David Edward Spencer, Robert L

Spencer, Robert L Sperling, Kerry Ann

Sperling, Kristen Renee Spicer, Renee Nicole

Spicer, Rhonda Lee Spikin-Leyton, Leslie Brooke

Spikol, David E Spinelli, Lisa Ann

Spinelli, Lisa M Spisak, Kristine

Spisak, Linda Stephanie Spoldi, Franco

Spoldi, Laura J Sprague, Adam C

Sprague, Alexander R Spring, Kimberly A

Spring, Kurt Sprueill, William E

Spruel, Carolyn R Squillante, Eileen Patricia

Squillante, Elizabeth H Srokowski, Michael C

Srolis, Elise H Stachurski, Christopher David

Stachurski, Dariusz Robert Stadler, Margaret

Stadler, Marguerite A Stager, Eloise Ribisi

Stager, Francis W Stair, Robert D.

Stair, Robert G St Amand, Michelle

St Amand, Michelle A Stanberry, Claude

Stanberry, Edward A. Stanek, Ryan

Stanek, Sharon M Stanis, Mary V

Stanis, Michael A Stanley, Christian Eric

Stanley, Christine Stannard, Irving J

Stannard, Ivan Stanwix, Kenneth Allen

Stanwix, Teri L Stark, Armida

Stark, Arthur D Starling, Raymond D

Starling, Sabrina D Startz, Glynis L

Startz, James H Statkevich, Cecile M

Statkevich, John Staves, William A

Staveski, Edward F Steadman, Barbara U

Steadman, Barbara Urban Stebbins, Thomas J

Stebbins, Timothy R Steele, Beth A

Steele, Betty C Steen Beck, Michelle D

Steenbergen, Gregory R Stefano, Tracy A

Stefano, Veronica A Steigauf, Edward John

Steigbigel, Christine A Stein, Richard A

Stein, Richard A Steiner, Jeanne G

Steiner, Jeanne L Steinmetz, Lorraine J

Steinmetz, Margaret W Stelmat, Audrey V

Stelmat, Benjamin L Stenton, Eric R

Stenton, Harold F Stephens, John A.

Stephens, John E Stepniewski, Jan

Stepniewski, Natalie S Stern, Elizabeth Ann

Stern, Elizabeth Anne Stetson, Jamie Lynne

Stetson, Jane-Ann Stevens, Debra S

Stevens, Dee Carol Stevens, Linda M

Stevens, Linda M Stevens, Todd A

Stevens, Todd F Stevenson, Megan

Stevenson, Megan Stewart, Bryana A

Stewart, Bryan James Stewart, James Gordon

Stewart, James H Stewart, Michael

Stewart, Michael Stewart, Vivette S

Stewart, Vivian M St. Hilaire, Julie A.

St.Hilaire, Justin F Stiger, Jonah Dylan

Stiger, Lawrence C Stimpson, Rachael M

Stimpson, Rebecca Stiwinter, Robert R

Stiwinter, Theresa Ann St John, Meghan

St. John, Meghan Elizabeth Stoccatore, Albert J

Stoccatore, Himali James Stockwell, Beatrice C

Stockwell, Benjamin W Stogel, Scott

Stogel, Susan D Stolarz, Erica L

Stolarz, Henry Arthur Stommel, Hubert A

Stommel, Mary Ann Stone, James S

Stone, James T Stone, Rob S

Stone, Robyn J St Onge, Steven J

St Onge, Steven M Storm, Lawrence M

Storm, Lesley A Stoughton, Ruth W

Stoughton, Sara K Stowell-Alonso, William M

Stowe-Longchamp, Joyce L Straborny, Maria A

Straborny, Stephen Joseph Strand, Jennie A

Strand, John E Stratton, Daniel Gerard

Stratton, Daniel L Strawbridge, Jessica

Strawbridge, John Streeter, Lori A

Streeter, Lynne Strickland, Chambriell S

Strickland, Chambriell Sade Stringer, Ashley

Stringer, Barbara L Stroili, Thomas O

Stroili, Tom O Strong, Maria T

Strong, Marie Strout, Stephanie S

Strout, Stephen P Strzelecki, Allison M

Strzelecki, Anne Marie Stublic, Ivan

Stublic, Joseph J Stumpf, Matthew H

Stumpf, Megan E Sturni, Gary K

Sturridge, Vilma O. Suarez, Derek Anthony

Suarez, Devon E Sucato, Daniel F

Sucato, Jenna A Sudusky, Richard E

Sudusky, Richard J Suhre, Craig R

Suhre, Dorothy S Sullivan, Adam

Sullivan, Adam J Sullivan, Christa E

Sullivan, Christain J P Sullivan, Ellen M

Sullivan, Ellen M. Sullivan, J Kristine

Sullivan, Joan Sullivan, Kevin J

Sullivan, Kevin J Sullivan, Maud A

Sullivan, Maura A Sullivan, Richard M.

Sullivan, Richard Munro Sullivan, Thomas L

Sullivan, Thomas L Sulzman, Lara Beth

Sulzycki, Alexander A Summerville, Walter

Summerville-Simpson, Lani Anne Sundell, Colleen J

Sundell, Daniel Reid Suppa, Angela Antonios

Suppa, Anthony J. Surh, Won S

Suri, John Susco, Frank M

Susco, Jacqueline Rose Sutera, Scott A

Sutera, Stephanie Danielle Sutton, April Lynn

Sutton, Arthur C Suydam, Emily Ann

Suydam, George E. Swain, Amanda J

Swain, Amanda L Swan, Sarah Irene

Swan, Sarah R Swanson, Janice B

Swanson, Janine E Swarm, Raymond

Swarn, Melvin B Sweeney, Beverly A

Sweeney, Blake A Sweeney, Michael R

Sweeney, Michael Raymond Sweet, Patricia A

Sweet, Patricia A. Swenton, Elizabeth M

Swenton, Elizabeth M Swift, Andretta Ross

Swift, Andrew Swint, Edie M

Swint, Frederick L Sybert, William H

Sybert, William K Sylvester, Anthony M

Sylvester, April Dawn Sylvia, Paul A

Sylvia, Paul Joseph Sypher, Timothy

Sypher, Timothy L Szakacs, Gail M

Szakacs, Jennifer Nycole Szczygiel, Matthew James

Szczygiel, Patricia Szilagyi, Peter

Szilagyi, Petra A Szuch, Colin P

Szuch, Evan J Szymaszek, Molly Susan

Szymaszek, Nancy Szyziel, Matthew M