Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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R, Dorothy A Rabideau, Debra L

Rabideau, Debra L Raccio, Frank

Raccio, Frank E Rackle, Jackie M

Rackle, Jennifer L Rademacher, Jennifer

Rademacher, Mark S. Radomski, Frank Richard

Radomski, Helen Rafaela, Margaret C

Rafaeli, Ana C Raffone, Scott C

Raffone, Scott P Rago, Karen M

Rago, Kathleen Rahman, Mahfuza

Rahman, Mahfuza Raimondi, Stacey Lynn

Raimondi, Stacey S Rainville, Rosemary V

Rainville, Sally A Rak, Trevor Leland

Rak, Zofia Ralston, Sherry L

Ralston, Spencer J Ramendetta, Vince

Rameor, Pauline S Ramirez, Fernando Arturo

Ramirez, Fernando David Ramirez, Pedro J

Ramirez, Penelope Ramos, Alexa Rose

Ramos, Alexia Ramos, Edwin

Ramos, Edwin Ramos, Jose

Ramos, Jose Ramos, Michael S

Ramos, Michael S Ramos, Vidalia

Ramos, Vigdalia Ramsdell, Amanda C

Ramsdell, Amanda Carolyn Rana, Neel

Rana, Neha J Rand, Susan Atzbach

Rand, Susan M Randazzo, Rebecca

Randazzo, Rebecca Lynn Ranganathan, Arun

Ranganathan, Dipthi Rannenberg, Nancy K.

Rannenberg, Steven M Rapanovich, Felix J

Rapant, Ferdinand Charles Rappelt, Alan R

Rappelt, Alan R Rasheed, Jamilah

Rasheed, Keneisha L Rasso, Barbara A

Rasso, Diane L Rathke, Samuel J

Rathke, Sandra J Raucci, Kathleen M

Raucci, Kathleen Regina Raveis, Rebecca L

Raveis, Ryan Rawls, Carol S

Rawls, Carrie L Ray, Virginia A

Ray, Virginia Margue Raymond, Jody L

Raymond, Jody T Raynock, Marie A

Raynock, Mark S Read, Christine C

Read, Christopher A Reale, Kathleen Mary

Reale, Kathleen Mary Rearick, Daniel A

Rearick, Daniel Richard Rebucci, Kimberly A

Rebucci, Michael P Recupido, Mario L

Recupido, Mary Beth Reddy, Michael James

Reddy, Michael P Redman, Robetta Lea

Redman, Robin A Reed, Chanielle Virginia

Reed, Chareeia Reed, Lauren B

Reed, Laurence J Reed-Brown, Cynthia J

Reed-Brown, David A Reese, Timothy Joseph

Reese, Toni R Regan, Brian M

Regan, Brian Michael Regelmann, David J

Regelmann, David Joseph Rehlaender, James E

Rehlaender, James E Reichle, Nathan B

Reichle, Nicole K Reid, Jeffrey D

Reid, Jeffrey G Reid, Siobhan M

Reid, Sofia Reiley, Alice C

Reiley, Brian Reilly, Jessica L

Reilly, Joan A Reilly, Sarah Elizabeth

Reilly, Sarah Hayne Reiners, Anna M

Reiners, Carolyn A Reis, Elizabeth

Reis, Elizabeth A Reistetter, Leonard L

Reistetter, Patricia D Rembiesa, Heather Lynn

Rembiesa, Suzanne Remy, Joan

Remy, Joan M Reneld, Alexandre

Renella, Anthony L Renouf, William N

Renouf-Middleton, Edda S Reopelle, Jeffrey A

Reopelle, Jim A Resler, Arthur

Resler, Brian Resto-Acevedo, Cristino Jr

Resto-Calderon, Johnny Reuter, Marie A

Reuter, Mary F Rey, Yaritza

Rey, Yvelisa M Reyes, Gaspar

Reyes, Gaspar G Reyes, Maria V

Reyes, Maria V Reyes-Gavilan, Jacob

Reyes-Gavilan, Jorge Reynolds, Deborah T

Reynolds, Debra Reynolds, Kennedy Thorwarth

Reynolds, Kenneth D Reynolds, Russell A

Reynolds, Russell J Rha, Lori Y

Rhame, Beth H Rhodes, David W

Rhodes, Dawn M Riaz, Mir K

Riaz, Uzma Ricard, Yvette D

Ricard, Yvon J Ricciardelli, Rose M

Ricciardelli, Rosemary Riccio, Nancy Lou

Riccio, Natalie E Rice, Diana Rose

Rice, Diane L Rice, Roshanda L

Rice, Roshonda L Rich, Kenneth A

Rich, Kenneth A Richard, Jessica Marie

Richard, Jessica Marie Richards, Chantel Ann

Richards, Charles F Richards, Lyra

Richards, Mandy Lyn Richardson, Bruce J

Richardson, Bruce J Richardson, Kenneth O

Richardson, Keoda M Richardson, Tyrell W

Richardson, Tyrese Richmond, Cynthia Zemke

Richmond, Daniel E Rick, Deborah A.

Rick, Donna E Ricks, James E

Ricks, Jarren R Ridenour, William Gehring

Ridente, Debra Rieder, Esther Mary

Rieder, Haindle Ayala Ries, Brian J.

Ries, Carl T Riggles, Sarah E

Riggles, Susan M Riles, Daniel A

Riles, Donald W Riley, John R

Riley, John S Riley, Teyonda Racha

Riley, Thelma E Rinaldi, Frank S

Rinaldi, Frank T Rincon, Elsa

Rincon, Emma L Ringuette, Sarah N

Ringuette, Sherry L Rios, Abel

Rios, Abigail Rios, Maybeliz

Rios, Mayra Ripani, Enrico J

Ripani, Glenda M Risley, Joanna

Risley, John A Ritchie, Dianne F

Ritchie, Donald J Ritter, Natalie

Ritter, Neil P Rivas, Alexander

Rivas, Allan D Rivera, Alexis

Rivera, Alexis Rivera, Arianna Inez

Rivera, Arianna Inez Rivera, Celestino

Rivera, Celestino Rivera, Edward

Rivera, Edward Rivera, Francisco

Rivera, Francisco Rivera, Irma

Rivera, Irma Rivera, Joel

Rivera, Joel Rivera, Juan C

Rivera, Juan C Rivera, Luis

Rivera, Luis Rivera, Maria E.

Rivera, Maria E Rivera, Mindy Lee

Rivera, Minerva Rivera, Priscilla

Rivera, Priscilla A Rivera, Santos

Rivera, Santos Rivera, Wanda I

Rivera, Wanda I Rivera Miranda, Melany

Rivera-Molina, Felix E Rivers, Thomas L

Rivers, Tia J Rizzi, Stephen

Rizzi, Tony J Rizzuto, Rita M

Rizzuto, Rose Ann Robaczynski, Marc A

Robaczynski, Marcel P Robbins, Jamie Lynn

Robbins, Janelle B Roberge, Lorraine M

Roberge, Lucy Ann Roberto, Christopher C

Roberto, Christopher F Roberts, Cullen

Roberts, Cullen Fullerton Roberts, Jason

Roberts, Jason A Roberts, Lynne M

Roberts, Lynne P Roberts, Samantha P

Roberts, Samantha Theresa Marie Robertson, Cathy Lynn

Robertson, Celine James Robertson, Stephanie E

Robertson, Stephen H Robin, Lisa G

Robin, Mandesa Robinson, Chantey M

Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Elizabeth D

Robinson, Elizabeth Deanne Robinson, John

Robinson, John Robinson, Margaret E

Robinson, Margaret E Robinson, Richard A

Robinson, Richard A Robinson, Veronica

Robinson, Veronica Robles, Anthony

Robles, Anthony Robson, Carol A

Robson, Charlotte Amy Rocco, Michael

Rocco, Michael A Roche, Mary

Roche, Mary A Rock, Andrew Patrick

Rock, Andrew R Rockwell, Priscilla H.

Rockwell, Rachel Anne Roderick, John Jason

Roderick, Joni Beth Rodier, Mary C

Rodier, Nicole M Rodrigues, David L

Rodrigues, David P Rodriguez, Aislynn B

Rodriguez, Aixa A Rodriguez, Annette

Rodriguez, Annette Rodriguez, Carmen D

Rodriguez, Carmen D Rodriguez, David M

Rodriguez, David M Rodriguez, Enrique A

Rodriguez, Enrique A Rodriguez, Glorivette

Rodriguez, Glormary Rodriguez, Jasmine I

Rodriguez, Jasmine L Rodriguez, Jose

Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Kanna

Rodriguez, Kara A Rodriguez, Luisa Elena

Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Maribel

Rodriguez, Maribel Rodriguez, Monica M

Rodriguez, Monica Marie Rodriguez, Pulido Catalina

Rodriguez, Quaniesha S Rodriguez, Samary

Rodriguez, Sammarie Rodriguez, Victor F

Rodriguez, Victoria Rodriguez-Demadera, Lidia D

Rodriguez-Demadera, Lidia D Rodriquez, Ricardo

Rodriquez, Riccardo Rakyn Roethel, Cynthia L

Roethel, Darryl J Rogers, Austin T

Rogers, Aya Rogers, Gail K

Rogers, Gail M Rogers, Linda A

Rogers, Linda E Rogers, Scot Paul

Rogers, Scott A Rogol, Joshua M

Rogol, Leona P Rohrberg, Rita A

Rohrberg, Rita A Rojas, Stephanie E

Rojas, Suheei D Rolfe, Breanna M

Rolfe, Brian Donald Rollman, Brian Joseph

Rollman, Jennifer L Roman, Blanca E

Roman, Blanca I Roman, Jose A

Roman, Jose A Roman, Rosa M

Roman, Rosa M Romaniello, Theresa S.

Romaniello, Thomas J Romano, Kimberly Rae

Romano, Kim W Romanowsky, Rachel Ann

Roman-Perez, Carlos J Romero, Angelica Mana

Romero, Angelica N Romitti, Kristin H

Romitti, Nicholas Andrew Rondeau, Patricia J

Rondeau, Paul Roof, Ronald I

Roof, Timothy C Rooney, Tracy F.

Rooney, Tracy S Roper, Linda W

Roper, Lizabeth K Rosa, Deborah

Rosa, Deborah A. Rosa, Marlyn

Rosa, Marques S Rosado, Atalaya A

Rosado, Aurea Rosado, Luz M

Rosado, Luz M Rosales, Rosa H

Rosales, Rosalie Rosario, Haydee

Rosario, Haydee Magalys Rosario, Raquel

Rosario, Raquel Rosato, Tracey

Rosato, Tracey Eileen Rose, Elizabeth A

Rose, Elizabeth A Rose, Patricia P

Rose, Patricia S Roseman, Emily Elizabeth

Roseman, Frank E Rosenbaum, Richard A

Rosenbaum, Rita S Rosenblatt, Donna J

Rosenblatt, Doreen Rosenman, Max Jesse

Rosen-Mayer, Elizabeth Melinda Rosey, Christine A

Rosey, Everett L Ross, Annette Hensley

Ross, Annette Therese Ross, Helen W

Ross, Henrietta Ross, Michael Robert

Ross, Michael Ryan Rossberg, Ryan D

Ross-Burden, Telrina Rossi, Jacqueline M

Rossi, Jacqueline M Rossik, James T

Rossik, John J Rostron, Susan Hannah

Rostum, Rimaz Mugahid Roth, Justin M

Roth, Karen Rothman, Marilyn A

Rothman, Martin Rottner, Andrew Carey

Rottner, Frederick B Rounsaville, Randy W

Rounseville, Anne P Rousseau, Kerry C

Rousseau, Kristine M Rovillo, Jeffrey

Rovillo, Michael Paul Rowe, Lucille R

Rowe, Lydia Rowland, Mildred H

Rowland, Miriam K Roy, Caleb

Roy, Candace L Roy, Jordan A

Roy, Jordan A Roy, Rickie P

Roy, Ricky L Roy-Donnellan, Nancy E

Roye, Billie M Rozina, Sarra

Rozinov, Anna Rubeck, Philip L

Rubeck, Sabina Rubin, Jessica C

Rubin, Jessica C Rubino, Sara R

Rubino, Sebastian N Rucker, James A

Rucker, James N.B. Rudiak, Holly M

Rudiak, John P Rudzinski, Keith N

Rudzinski, Keith N Ruffell, Brandi L

Ruffell, Coralie A Ruggiero, Alyssa C

Ruggiero, Alyssa S. Ruggiers, John Mr Speedo

Ruggiers, Justin M Ruiz, Dario D

Ruiz, David Ruiz, Marilu

Ruiz, Marilyn Ruland, Donald R

Ruland, Jeffrey G Runci, Matthew A

Runcie, Barbara A Rup, Sandra A

Rup, Thomas A Rusconi, Linda M

Rusconi, Lisa G Ruske, Karen I.

Ruske, Matthew C Russell, Chelsea G.

Russell, Chelsea Lynn Russell, John C

Russell, John C Russell, Rachel E

Russell, Rachel J Russman, Brenda L

Russman, Christel C Russo, Frank Marshall

Russo, Frank R Russo, Mario F

Russo, Mario G Russo, Thomas R

Russo, Thomas V Ruth, Andrew C

Ruth, Anne E Rutledge, Monique

Rutledge, Nancy V Ryan, Annmarie T

Ryan, Annmarie T Ryan, George Earl

Ryan, George Hammel Ryan, Kristine Nicole

Ryan, Kristine Renee Ryan, Rachel Lee

Ryan, Randall J Rybacki, Kelsey J

Rybacki, Linda L Rydingsword, Sarah Fay

Rydingsword, Sarah Fay Rys, Julia R

Rys, Katie Lynn Rzymski, Richard