Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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R, Dorothy A Rabatin, Jason M

Rabatin, Joyce Rabtoy, Donna M

Rabtoy, Earl A Racicot, Jeffrey Jon

Racicot, Joan M Radcliff, Richard J

Radcliff, Richard Joseph Radle, Ali H

Radle, Brian L Radziwon, Vincent J

Radziwon, Wieslawa S Rafferty, Shari Noel

Rafferty, Sharon V Raghu, Ravi

Raghu, Ravi Rahamatullah, Zafrallah

Rahandjo, Hari Raichur, Sunil R

Raichura, Deval V Rainieri, Sandra Lynn

Rainieri, Teresa Rajewski, Bruce C

Rajewski, Jacob Nicholas Rallo, Matthew Henry

Rallo, Matthew Henry Ramatowski, John Walter

Ramatowski, Joseph B Ramirez, Carmen S

Ramirez, Carmen S Ramirez, Magaly

Ramirez, Magda Lilian Ramm, Patrice M

Ramm, Stephen Hewes Ramos, Christopher

Ramos, Christopher A Ramos, Jaime E

Ramos, Jaime E Ramos, Marc Anthony

Ramos, Marcelino Ramos, Ryan

Ramos, Ryan Ramponi, Scott P.

Ramponi, Serena I Ramsey, Stephen R

Ramsey, Steven C Rancourt, Stephen James

Rancourt, Steven Randall, Sarah

Randall, Sarah J Randolph, Sharde

Randolph, Sharnelle L Rankin, Phoebe Ruth

Rankin, Raymond R Ranzoni, Robert K

Ranzoni, Robert Kenneth Rapp, Ferdinand Hoyt

Rapp, Frances Raschello, Jessica M.

Raschello, Kristen M Rasmussen, Kathleen Dupont

Rasmussen, Kathleen M Rathbun, Carol Jane

Rathbun, Carol Jane Ratzon, Noah C

Rau, Alide M Rauscher, John P

Rauscher, Joseph Rawicz, Michelle R

Rawinski, Debora Ray, Katarzyka

Ray, Katarzyna Raymond, Dawn Renee

Raymond, Deanne P Raymond, Sheri M

Raymond, Sherry L Rd, Chileon L

Rdzak, Grzegorz M Reagan, Laurel M

Reagan, Leana Reardon, Kayla I

Reardon, Kelli A Reber, Terry N

Reberio, Amara R Recker, Paul A

Recker, Richard H Redding, Larhonda S

Redding, Latisha D Redin, Alison P

Redin, Debra M Reece, Leslie M

Reece, Leslie M Reed, Joanne

Reed, Joanne Reed, Sharon M

Reed, Sharon Marie Reese, Denis Lee

Reese, Devin Reeves, Ronald E

Reeves, Ronald L Regan, Patricia A

Regan, Patricia A Regondola, Jonathan

Regonini, Mary Eileen Reichelt, Laura G

Reichelt, Laura L Reid, Edith L

Reid, Edward Reid, Patricia D

Reid, Patricia E Reifers, Carolyn L

Reifers, Mark Reilly, Emily R

Reilly, Eoin P Reilly, Michael Joseph

Reilly, Michael K Reina, Adela R

Reina, Amy Anne Reinoso, Engracia M

Reinoso, Evangelista Decarmen Reis-Renvyle, Susan L.

Reiss, Aaron M Rell, M Jodi

Rella, Amy M Remmers, Timothy M

Remmers, Timothy Michael Rendell-Baker, Helen

Render, John W Renner, Julie N

Renner, Karen R Renzoni, Jerrick M

Renzoni, Katelyn L Reschny, Nicole A

Rescigna, Rachel A Resto, Angel

Resto, Angela Retzloff, Adeline M

Retzloff, Bradley S Revolorio, Fredy

Revolus, Bernadette Reyes, Dianne A

Reyes, Dianne A Reyes, Lilliam E

Reyes, Lilliam Enit Reyes, Tammy Lynn

Reyes, Tanairi Reynolds, Cathryn A

Reynolds, Cathy A Reynolds, Joellen

Reynolds, Joellen P Reynolds, Pauline Robinson

Reynolds, Paul J Reza, Dayeen

Reza, Giovanna Rhode, Allison M

Rhode, Christine L Rhone, Matthew Donald

Rhone, Melissa A Ribes, Patti

Ribes, Vincent T Ricci, Lisa A

Ricci, Lisa Marie Riccio, Joanne H

Riccio, Jocelyn A Rice, Ashlyn

Rice, Ashlyn K Rice, Meghan L

Rice, Meghann Rich, Ellen K

Rich, Elvia J Richard, Claudia C

Richard, Clay Austin Richards, Aileen L

Richards, Aimee Thibodeau Richards, Joy N

Richards, Judith A Richardsen, Lorenzo

Richards-Garey, Pattye A Richardson, Jayna L

Richardson, Jayna L Richardson, Samar

Richardson, Samuel Richilson, Mary Jane

Richins, Ashton Elizabeth Richter, Meghan A

Richter, Melissa Ricketts, Samantha A

Ricketts, Samuel A Riddle, James W

Riddle, Jason Daniel Ridzon, Daryl J.

Ridzon, Davida Lynn Riendeau, Craig A

Riendeau, Crystal M. Riggans, Ebony E

Rigg-Brandt, Jennifer S Riha, William E

Rihan, Hossam S Riley, George Arthur

Riley, George B Riley, Robert

Riley, Robert Rinaldi, Antonio C

Rinaldi, Ariana R Rinaldi, Susan Jane

Rinaldi, Suzanne M Ringer, Rebecca Allison

Ringer, Rochelle L Riordan, John R

Riordan, Joseph H Rios, Jovani

Rios, Joyce Aneli Rioux, George O

Rioux, Gertrude M Risher, Clayton

Risher, Clayton David Ritch, Carole A

Ritch, Catherine Ritter, Barbara D

Ritter, Barnaby Rivard, Eleanor A

Rivard, Emily A Rivera, Adam Victor

Rivera, Ada R Rivera, Angel N

Rivera, Angel O Rivera, Carmen D

Rivera, Carmen D Rivera, Diamond Jackulin

Rivera, Diamond Justine Rivera, Eva L

Rivera, Eva M Rivera, Henry

Rivera, Henry Rivera, Jesaira L

Rivera, Jeselyn Rivera, Josephine

Rivera, Josephine Rivera, Linda Y

Rivera, Lindsey Rivera, Margarita

Rivera, Margarita Rivera, Michelle L

Rivera, Michelle L Rivera, Orlando

Rivera, Orlando Rivera, Rosemary

Rivera, Rose Mary Rivera, Vera L

Rivera, Vera L Rivera - Diaz, Keiyan Ismael

Rivera Diaz, Laura E Rivers, Jonathan W

Rivers, Jose Luis Rizza, Angelo

Rizza, Angelo J Rizzo, Salvatore L

Rizzo, Salvatore M Roan, Korissa A

Roan, Nancie R Robbins, Cheryl Clark

Robbins, Chris M Robenson, Shamonique

Robenson, Vilme Robert, Matthew Paul

Robert, Matthew Stephen Roberts, Carrie A

Roberts, Carrie A Roberts, Gilbert A

Roberts, Gilles A Roberts, Larry E

Roberts, Larry E Roberts, Raymond E

Roberts, Raymond E Roberts-Gevalt, Anna

Roberts-Gibson, Marleen Y Robertson, Michael L

Robertson, Michael L Robillard, Denise A

Robillard, Denise C Robinson, Breana Nicole

Robinson, Brenda Ann Robinson, Domonique D

Robinson, Donald Robinson, Janice E

Robinson, Janice L Robinson, Lewis G

Robinson, Lewis J Robinson, Patti

Robinson, Patti Robinson, Thella M

Robinson, Thelma Robitaille, Rachel Anne

Robitaille, Raymond A Robles, Victoria M

Robles, Victoria S Rocco, Andrew W

Rocco, Angela M Roche, Jean S

Roche, Jeffrey Joseph Rochette, Isabel C

Rochette, Jefferson M Rockwell, Alton Ernest

Rockwell, Amanda Kay Roden, Nathan S

Roden, Patricia K Rodgers, Willorn T.

Rodgers, Zina F Rodrigues, Alfonso

Rodrigues, Alfredo Rodriguez, Abel Salomon

Rodriguez, Abel Salomon Rodriguez, Angelica

Rodriguez, Angelica Rodriguez, Carlos A

Rodriguez, Carlos Alberto Rodriguez, Daniel

Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez, Elizabeth

Rodriguez, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Gerald

Rodriguez, Geraldo Rodriguez, Jacqueline

Rodriguez, Jacqueline Rodriguez, Jonas

Rodriguez, Jonathael Rodriguez, Juan O

Rodriguez, Juan P Rodriguez, Lourdes Y

Rodriguez, Lovely Rodriguez, Maria De Lourdes

Rodriguez, Maria Dolores Rodriguez, Miguel A

Rodriguez, Miguel A Rodriguez, Parker Francis

Rodriguez, Pascual Rodriguez, Rosa H

Rodriguez, Rosa I Rodriguez, Tomasa

Rodriguez, Tomasa Rodriguez, Zachary Martin

Rodriguez, Zahira Rodriquez, Frank

Rodriquez, Gabrielle Irene Roes, Emily C D

Roes, Marlene A Rogers, Aleta R

Rogers, Alexander R Rogers, Eileen L

Rogers, Eileen V. Rogers, Kenneth J

Rogers, Kenneth J Rogers, Richard T

Rogers, Richard T Roggeri, Iliana L

Roggero, Chad M Rohmer, Brenda P

Rohmer, Kurt Yaroslav Rojas, Luis V

Rojas, Luz M Roldan, Lesley

Roldan, Lily A Rollins, Sandra L

Rollins, Sarah Roman, Agustin

Roman, Aida Roman, Janitza E

Roman, Jannette Roman, Norma F

Roman, Norma Iris Romani, Paul Joseph

Romani, William D Romano, Jennifer L

Romano, Jennifer L Romanos, Billy M

Romanos, Charles Steven Romeo, Robert A

Romeo, Roberta A Romero Da Silva, Carlos A

Romero Da Silva, Carlos Augusto Rondeau, Alfred G

Rondeau, Alice Y Rood, Deborah J

Rood, Dorothy L Rooney, Marian E

Rooney, Mark Edmond Root, Sylvia G

Root, Tamara I Rosa, Bruce J.

Rosa, Bruce J Rosa, Linda Kay

Rosa, Linda M Rosadino, Cheryl A

Rosadino, Eugene F Rosado, Joyce

Rosado, Juan Rosado Ibes, Jennifer

Rosado Ii, Wilson Rosario, Eliezer

Rosario, Elisamuel Rosario, Miguel A

Rosario, Miguel A Rosati, Mildred

Rosati, Pamela B Rose, Daniel L

Rose, Danielle Joyce Rose, Matthew C

Rose, Matthew Christopher Rosegreen, Edward

Rosegreen, Emanuel Rosen, Theodore C

Rosen, Tiffany L Rosenberg, Shira N

Rosenberg, Shirley Rosengarten, Adom J

Rosengarten, Carlin I Rosenzweig, Laurence L

Rosenzweig, Michael H Rosol, Karen F

Rosol, Karen M Ross, Enid M

Ross, Eric J Ross, Maribeth

Ross, Marie J Ross, Tinna L

Ross, Toni A Rossi, Corinne Elizabeth

Rossi, Craig C Rossignol, Alfreda A

Rossignol, Amy M. Rost, Lucy A

Rost, Lucy Ann Roth, Don Robert

Roth, Dorothy C Rothfarb, Neil B

Rothfarb, Peter Rotondo, Ralph Thomas

Rotondo, Randy J Roumer, Mercedes

Roumo, Dante Rousseau, Alexis Dominique

Rousseau, Alfred Rovella, Marc James

Rovella, Marc James Rowe, Jeffrey R

Rowe, Jeffrey S Rowland, Edward J

Rowland, Edward S Roy, Amy P

Roy, Andrea L Roy, Janice E

Roy, Janice E Roy, Patricia Pauline

Roy, Patricia Pauling Royce, Gerald E

Royce, Gerald E Rozela, Mark E

Rozell, Deborah D Rubano, Pasquale V

Rubano, Pauline Rubin, Donna M

Rubin, Donna T Rubino, Lori A

Rubino, Louis Rucho, Deborah G

Ruchti, Blake W Rudenjak, Leejay

Rudenko, Amanda L Rudowsky, Devorah R

Rudowsky, Jonathan Ruff, George M

Ruff, Gregory M. Ruggeri, Paul W

Ruggeri, Peter J Ruggiero, Rayn

Ruggiero, Rayn S Ruiz, Carlos M

Ruiz, Carlos M Ruiz, Lourdes

Ruiz, Lourdes M Ruiz-Martinez, Marie Carmen

Ruiz-Matias, Xavier Antonely Rumovicz, Katherine J

Rumovicz, Kelley Heather Ruotolo, Barbara M

Ruotolo, Bethany M Ruscito, Marianne

Ruscito, Michael Rushworth, Karen J

Rushworth, Leslie Russell, Bernadette P

Russell, Bertha Russell, James Leon

Russell, James Michael Russell, Needasabrina

Russell, Neil E Russello, Laura K

Russello, Linda M Russo, Donna L

Russo, Donna L Russo, Linda S

Russo, Linda Suzanne Russo, Sharon M

Russo, Sharon M Ruta, Aubrey Elizabeth

Ruta, Christine Rutland, Lorry A

Rutland, Nancy Louise Ryalls, Jeffrey W

Ryalls, Kaleigh Anne Ryan, Elaine

Ryan, Elaine L Ryan, Keith A

Ryan, Keith J Ryan, Patricia A

Ryan, Patricia B Ryan-Coty, Melissa

Ryan-Damaro, Theresa E Ryder, Lynn S

Ryder, Madalene D Rynkiewicz, Patrick

Rynkiewicz, Slawomir Rzymski, Richard