Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order
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Qabazard, Redha
 . . . to Quansah, Kingsford J.

Quansah, Koby
 . . . to Quendro, Anatol

Quendro, Fatmire
 . . . to Quigley, George S.

Quigley, Harold E.
 . . . to Quinion, Heather Elizabeth

Quinion, Henrietta M.
 . . . to Quinn, John P.

Quinn, John P.
 . . . to Quinn-Munroe, Onika

Quinn-Munroe, Onika Abiola
 . . . to Quinonez, Fabian

Quinonez, Glendaliz
 . . . to Quirion, Matthew Joseph

Quirion, Nicholas
 . . . to Qzuna, Rose