Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Pa, Jason S Pabon, Myrna

Pabon, Myrtelina Pace, Sadie M

Pace, Sally Ann Pacheco, Lauren Elaina

Pacheco, Laurie Paciotti, Jennifer M

Paciotti, Kelley P Padegimas, David P

Padegimas, Detra Renee Padilla, Omar

Padilla, Oneida Padykula, Eugenia

Padykula, Ewa Pagan, Jose Ramon

Pagan, Jose V Pagano, Barbara

Pagano, Barbara Page, Garret Alexander

Page, Gary A Paggeot, Gerald

Paggioli, Adam John Pahoulis, Janene

Pahoulis, Janene Painter, Robert Warren

Painter, Roxann C Palacios, Betty P

Palacios, Branden D Palazzi, Matthew M

Palazzi, Michael A Palhete, Jessica L

Palhete, Jose R Pallas, Kayla R

Pallas, Kitzie D Palmatier, Ronald E

Palmatier, Ronald E Palmer, Eric W

Palmer, Errol L Palmer, Louise A.

Palmer, Louise Alan Palmer, Susan T

Palmer, Susie Palmieri, Juliana R

Palmieri, Justin L Palomba, Michael S

Palomba, Michele C. Palumbo, Leah Ann

Palumbo, Leigh Lassen Panagoulias, Christopher Angelo

Panagoulias, John Pandit, Vaibhaui N

Pandit, Vidhi Panfili, Alberto

Panfili, Bruno J Pannella, Susan F.

Pannella, Toni Lynn Pantel, John

Panteleakos, Alex Paoletta, Nicholas Reiner

Paoletta, Paul A Papa, Michael Christian

Papa, Michael E Papallo, Eric R

Papallo, George Papermaster, Molly Rose

Papermaster, Molly Rose Pappano, Helen N

Pappano, Helen Nadine Paquet, Tiffany A

Paquete, Rebecca Paradis, Clarence N

Paradis, Clarence N Paradiso, Mary Alice

Paradiso, Michael V Pardo, David B

Pardo, Donna L Parent, David Patrick

Parent, David R Parenteau, Nicholas A

Parenteau, Nicholas R Paris, Anne P

Paris, Anthony Parisi, Michael

Parisi, Michael A Parke, Brian D

Parke, Brian Daniel Parker, Donna M

Parker, Donna Mary Parker, Kim M

Parker, King Parker, Ryan M

Parker, Ryan Michael Parkington, Carmen T

Parkington, Carol M Parks, Nathan J

Parks, Nicholas Bernard Parmelee, Susan S

Parmelee, Sylvia H Parrella, Ellen K

Parrella, Gregory M Parrow, Judith Maye

Parrow, Julie Ann Parsons, Joan L

Parsons, Joanne R Partridge, Sharon L

Partridge, Stephen E Pascale, Lynn C

Pascale, Marco Pascuzzi, Angelo

Pascuzzi, Anthony Paul Pasquale, Robert

Pasquale, Sara M. Passarello, Gail K

Passarello, Guy T Pastir, Steven Andrew

Pastir, Susan A Patafio, Onofrio

Patafio, Sarah Louise Patel, Beena H

Patel, Bela H Patel, Jaydev K

Patel, Jayesh Patel, Nehal

Patel, Nehalben A Patel, Sejalben Muljibhai

Patel, Sejal H Pater, Julie Anne

Pater, Kimberly Ann Patnaude, Emily Grace Russell

Patnaude, Evelyn Patrick, Thomas M.

Patrick, Timothy A Patten, Peter J

Patten, Rachel L Patterson, Linda

Patterson, Linda Pattison, Shayna Rachael

Pattison, Sheila M Paul, Brian D

Paul, Brian F Paul, Stephen

Paul, Stephen Alan Paulman, Ellis D

Paulman, Franceann Pavano, Robin M

Pavano, Ryan Joseph Pavlou, Dimitrios K

Pavlou, Emmanuel K Pawlowicz, Sara S.

Pawlowicz, Stephanie Alexis Payne, George Tatum

Payne, Georgia M Paz, Janice E

Paz, Janine T Peake, Jessica R

Peake, Jonathan C.K. Pearse, Adam M

Pearse, Danielle E Pearson, Paul M

Pearson, Paul Raymond Peavey, Cherish Sabrina

Peavey, Daniel Willis Peck, Frank Allen

Peck, Fred D Peckham, Mark E

Peckham, Matthew Pedersen, Kristine

Pedersen, Kristine A Pedroza, Naomy

Pedroza, Natalia Isabel Pehmoeller, Laurel E

Pehmoeller, Scott T Pelc, Thomas H

Pelc, Timothy Pelle, Jo-Marie

Pelle, Kristina Susan Pellerin, Danielle

Pellerin, Danielle M Pelletier, George Emile

Pelletier, George J Pelletier, Norma

Pelletier, Norma M Pelliccia, Anna I

Pelliccia, Annette M Pelosi, Tracy A

Pelosi, Umberto Pember, Carleton H

Pember, Christopher C Pena-Bell, Santasha M.

Pena-Bonilla, Clara M Pendleton, Timothy W

Pendleton, Ursula S Penna, Thomas A

Penna, Thomas F Penny-Diaz, Nikiesha D

Pennyman, Bridgette Elizabeth Pepe, Catherine C

Pepe, Cathy L Pepin, William N

Pepin, Yvette A Peraza, Kayla

Peraza, Loralynn Peregrin, Linda S

Pereguda, Lindsay M Pereira, Raul Ferreira

Pereira, Rayssa Perez, Angelus A

Perez, Angie V Perez, Diana P

Perez, Diane M Perez, Iris M

Perez, Iris M Perez, Karen E

Perez, Karen E Perez, Mayra Raquel

Perez, Mayra S Perez, Roger

Perez, Roger Perez Brunet, Jose

Perez-Brunet, Jose R Perille, Ronald S

Perilli, Celeste M Perkins, Dawn A

Perkins, Dawn Angela Perkins, Patricia M

Perkins, Patricia S. Perlman, Aaron J

Perlman, Aaron M Pero, Alyssa Joyce

Pero, Amber Rose Perreault, Marc E

Perreault, Marc L Perrica, Xenia A

Perricone, Aileen M. Perrone, Josephine M

Perrone, Joseph R Perruccio, George E

Perruccio, Gregory J Perry, Dennis G

Perry, Dennis S Perry, Kelly Ann

Perry, Kelly E Perry, Richard C

Perry, Richard Curtis Persano, Josephine J

Persano, Kimberly A Persson, Jo-Ann M

Persson, Jody A Perusse, Laura Ann

Perusse, Margaret A Pesce, Thomas A

Pesce, Thomas J Petela, James G

Petela, James G Peters, James E

Peters, James E Peters, Zachary Kernan

Peters, Zachary L Peterson, Anthony James

Peterson, Anthony Jerome Peterson, Eric R

Peterson, Eric R Peterson, Kurt Elliott

Peterson, Kurtis M Peterson, Sara H

Peterson, Sarah A Petithomme, Chardson

Petit-Homme, Elimane Petrashka, Lauren M

Petrashka, Lisa A Petrillo, Erica Starr

Petrillo, Eugene W Petrochko, Dorothy C

Petrochko, Dorothy P Petrov, Stephen G

Petrov, Vassili Basil Petrunti, Catherine E.

Petrunti, Erin E Petteway, Kayla A

Petteway, Kenneth R Pettus, Norman E

Pettus, Patricia M Peyret, Marylou

Peyron, Elizabeth R Pfeifer, Janet Mary

Pfeifer, Jared M Pham, Brian

Pham, Can Q Phaw, Ehkur

Phay, Diana Phelps, Ellen M

Phelps, Elliot Philemon, Christian M

Philemon, Christian M Phillips, Bethany A

Phillips, Bethany Lynne Phillips, Jason S

Phillips, Jay C Phillips, Pepper Anne

Phillips, Perry D Philpot, Tyler

Philpot, William Pia, Dionne G

Pia, Elizabeth A. Piasecki, Raymond D

Piasecki, Robert S Picard, Jean P

Picard, Jean P Piccirillo, Lisa C

Piccirillo, Lisa M Pick, Eva H

Pick, Harry K Picone, Angelo C

Picone, Aniello J Piel, Rebecca Lynn

Piel, Richard C. Pierce, Diane L

Pierce, Diane S Pierce, Robert William

Pierce, Robin F Pierre, Jeff F

Pierre, Jenna R Pierson, Walter G

Pierson, Walter L Pietrycha, John

Pietrycha, Julie E Pike, William D

Pike, William E Pilkerton, Donna P

Pilkerton, Elizabeth A Pimentel, Christian Niro

Pimentel, Christian S Pinciaro, Theresa D.

Pinciaro, Thomas A Pinero, Ivan

Pinero, Jekysha Pinkham, Jacqueline E

Pinkham, Jacqueline P Pintado, Edwin Orlando

Pintado, Elim M Pinto, Nicholas Nicholas

Pinto, Nicholas R Piotrowski, Janina A

Piotrowski, Janis C Pires, Christina M

Pires, Christina M. Pirraglia, Lauri-Ann

Pirraglia, Michael E Pisano, Jean

Pisano, Jeannette L Piscitelli, Susan M

Piscitelli, Tara C Pitcher, Brooke Leigh

Pitcher, Carol A Pitt, Heath L

Pitt, H Kenneth Pitts, Richard Lawrence

Pitts, Robert Pizzanello, Elizabeth J

Pizzanello, Heather Catherine Place, Evelyn B

Place, Frank G Plant, Dana L

Plant, David A Plata, Hugh

Plata, Irene Platz, Charles Edward

Platz, Charles Edward Plenderleith, Linda Dean

Plendl, Nicholas Fredrick Ploof, Debbie N

Ploof, Dianne M Plourde, Kathryn E.

Plourde, Kathyjo Ellen Plumley, Robbi L

Plumley, Rollo A Pocherty, Mary F

Pochesci, Gina Marie Podryski, Deborah R

Podryski, Paul Jeffrey Pohle, Elizabeth Malott

Pohle, Kathryn A Poirier, Richard

Poirier, Richard A Polak, Allan Larry

Polak, Amanda Leah Polcek, Helen M

Polcer, Barbara A Poliquin, McKayla R

Poliquin, Michael R Pollack, James G

Pollack, Jason G Polley, Celeste A

Polley, Craig A Poloski, Kailee M

Poloski, Lynn M Pomerantz, Cella Motague

Pomerantz, Chase Alexander Pomposelli, Paula A

Pomposelli, Paula A Poniatowski, Kathryn Ann

Poniatowski, Kristin E Pool, Carrie

Pool, David Allen Pope, Diane M

Pope, Domenick A Popolizio, Chris Michael

Popolizio, Christina D Porcello, Susan N

Porcello, Suzanne Faure Portalatin, Carmen

Portalatin, Carmen L Porter, Isabelle

Porter, Jack W Porter, Thomas

Porter, Thomas A Ports, Jennifer M

Ports, Judy M Possick, Melissa Ann

Possick, Stanley G Postman, Andrew M

Postman, Andrew W Potrawiak, Stefan H

Potrawiak, Zofia K Potter, Pamela J

Potter, Pamela V Potwin, Arthur C

Potwin, Arthur C Pouliot, Daniel Stephen

Pouliot, David A Powe, Catherine A

Powe, Daniel E Powell, Karl Anthony

Powell, Karlene G Powell-Baldwin, Valerie E

Powell Barrett, Joan Marcia Powers, Karen A

Powers, Karen E Poynton, Robert J

Poynton, Robert J Praino, Ann Marie

Praino, Arthur Prato, Stephanie Corinne

Prato, Toni Marie Pratt, Sharon M

Pratt, Sharon M. Pregler, Kasey Celene

Pregler, Lorri A Prentice, Helen Spring

Prentice, James Press, Stephen W

Press, Stephen W Preston, Jerome S

Preston, Jerrod R Preuss, Dolores Barbara

Preuss, Eleanor H Price, Brett

Price, Brian Price, Richard D

Price, Richard E Prieto, Ivette M

Prieto, Jashira V Prince, K Stephen

Prince, La'kisha Prioleau, Alyssa Kane

Prioleau, Antoinetta M. Pritchard, Robert S

Pritchard, Robert T Procko, Judy L

Procko, Karen A Prokop, Brenda L

Prokop, Cariey Ann Prosser, Jason Michael

Prosser, John M Proulx, Robert G

Proulx, Robert J Provini, Diane M

Provini, Dorothy Prue, Joseph D

Prue, Julia Ann Pryce, Jacinth Angella

Pryce, Jacqueline A Przypek, Anna Marie

Przypek, Brian A Puches, Laura A

Pucheta, Estela G Pugh, Mary C

Pugh, Mary C Puhalla, Sharon

Puhalski, Amanda R Pulito, Gabrielle Rose

Pulito, Grace Francis Punkunus, Rosalie

Punnakunnel, John Purcell, Thomas

Purcell, Thomas E Pursell, Patricia Christine

Pursell, Patricia J Putetti, Rosemary

Putetti, Scott D Puzycki, Heather L

Puzycki, Jacob P Pytlik, Amanda Lynn

Pytlik, Anna Marie Pzynski, Margaret