Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Pa, Jason S Paar, Henry A.

Paar, Randy Pace, Corey L

Pace, Cristina A Pacheco, Adrian

Pacheco, Adrian A Pacholski, Sharon Jones

Pacholski, Sierra L Packnick, Steve

Packnick, Steve M Padilla, Francisco Jose

Padilla, Frank Padro, Jessica

Padro, Joel P Pagan, David

Pagan, David Pagan, Stephanie A

Pagan, Stephanie G Page, Alexandra H

Page, Alexi B Page, Ralph F

Page, Randall Evan Pagliuco, Christopher A

Pagliuco, Erica M Paik, Kyunghi J

Paik, Laura A Pajor, Thaddeus P

Pajor, Vincent M Palange, Kyra Marie

Palange, Lena E Palermino, Debra A

Palermino, Lauren Ashley Pallacovitch, Joseph J

Pallacovitch, Mary Palm, Almariet

Palm, Almariet Palmer, Christine B

Palmer, Christine E Palmer, John H

Palmer, John H Palmer, Relford W

Palmer, Renee Palmgren, Andree Noto

Palmgren, Dale A. Palmisano, Jessica

Palmisano, Jessica K Paluch, Monika J

Paluch, Morika Pambuku, Elea

Pambuku, Elea D Panchura, Joan B

Panchura, Joan B Pane, Michael V

Pane, Nancy C Panico, Joan V

Panico, John D Pantages, Brittany A

Pantages, Bryan Panza, Cynthia

Panza, Danielle Lynn Paolitto, Anthony W.

Paolitto, Anthony W Papadopoulos, Tamara

Papadopoulos, Tara R Papas, William J

Papasavas, Pavlos Papp, Kym M

Papp, Laszlo Pappas, Stephen Peter

Pappas, Steve A Paquette, Tracey M

Paquette, Tyler F Paradis, Rachel V

Paradis, Randy P Parberry, Edward A

Parberry, Janice M Paredes, Dennis

Paredes, Diana I Parent, Steeve J

Parent, Stefanie Marie Paribello, Kimberly A

Parichehr, Raz Pariseault, Annette B

Pariseault, David M Park, Heather Jean

Park, Heath J Parker, Chante

Parker, Charleen Parker, Jared Ian

Parker, Jared M Parker, Millicent

Parker, Miriam E Parker, William

Parker, William Parks, Betty A

Parks, Beverly A Parley, Jesse A

Parley, Jon A Parow, George Albert

Parower, Richard Michael Parris, Wesley A

Parrish, Abraham K Parsons, Abigail Chase

Parsons, Adam Lee Partalas, Miltiathis J

Partan, Keith Brian Parzyck, Ronald A

Parzyck, Shirley Paschke, Kimberly Lynn

Paschke, Maxwell Paskiewicz, Bruce S

Paskiewicz, Carol P Pasquini, Patricia A

Pasquini, Patricia L Passineau, Gary F

Passineau, Janet E Pastore, Rose M.

Pastore, Sally M Pate, James M

Pate, Janet M Patel, Dipali

Patel, Dipali J Patel, Mafatlal

Patel, Magan Patel, Radhika A

Patel, Rafael Eisig Patel, Urmilaben K.

Patel, Urmilaben K Paterson, John E

Paterson, John M Patrick, Cathy

Patrick, Chantal Patruni, Lalita

Patruni, Lalita Patterson, Dorothy

Patterson, Dorothy Patterson, Shanera

Patterson, Shannon Y Patulak, James M

Patulak, James Michael Paul, Justin V

Paul, Kaitlyn Denise Paulick, Eileen L

Paulick, Eileen L Paulson, Patrick E

Paulson, Patrick Shea Pavin, Michael T

Pavino, Guido A Pawlak, David A

Pawlak, David J Payer, Armand

Payer, Armand A Payne, Shelia L.

Payne, Shenell D Peabody, Joseph S

Peabody, Judith Ann Peard, Elizabeth McDonald

Peard, Margaret R Pearson, Iain Alexander

Pearson, Ian Matthew Pease, Charles N

Pease, Charlotte C Pechi-Wilson, Cassandra Y

Pechka, Chandra L Peck, Noah

Peck, Norma L Pecunia, Lisa K

Pecunia, Luis M Pedraza, Brilly L

Pedraza, Candida Peery, Michael J.

Peery, Steven Pekari, Jessemyn E

Pekari, Karen Pelizzon, Vanessa Adriana

Pelk, Raequel Pellegrino, Eleanore M

Pellegrino, Eleanore M Pelletier, Catherine E

Pelletier, Catherine L Pelletier, Kevin W

Pelletier, Kimberlee Pelletier, Steven C

Pelletier, Steven J Pelloni, Thomas A

Pellot, Aaron Jerrell Pelton, Joshua

Pelton, Joshua Michael Pena, Estella M

Pena, Eugene A Pender, Sharese Brandy

Pender, Sheranda Dionne Penketh, David P

Penketh, David P Penney, Jack L

Penney, Jacqueline I Penta, Loretta P

Penta, Lorraine M. Pepice, Janice S

Pepice, Joseph Peracchio, Michael S

Peracchio, Nicholas V Percy, James D

Percy, Jane H Pereira, Helena T

Pereira, Helen K Peretzman, Marc G

Peretzman, Robert Perez, Carmen

Perez, Carmen Perez, Fanny M

Perez, Fatima Perez, Jocelyn E

Perez, Jocelyn M Perez, Luz N

Perez, Luz N Perez, Nilsa M

Perez, Nilvio R Perez, Thomas

Perez, Tifany S Perez-Vega, Jessica

Perez-Vega, Jessica Perito, Carmela S

Perito, Cheryl Perkins, John A R

Perkins, John E Perkins, Zachariah Webster

Perkins, Zachary Perna, Andrew P

Perna, Andrew R Perpignand, Gabriella Marie

Perpignand, Weber Perrelli, Josephine J

Perrelli, Joseph M Perriolat, Michele A

Perriolat, Phillippe J Perrotta, Vincent S

Perrotta, Violet P Perry, Brett A

Perry, Briana Perry, Howard T

Perry, Hugh J Perry, Mary Ann

Perry, Maryann Perry, Susan A

Perry, Susan D Persico, James R

Persico, Janice Marie Perugini, Dina M.

Perugini, Donald N Pesak, Albert J

Pesak, Douglas Jay Pesquera, Connie R

Pesquera, Consuelo Peters, Ashley E

Peters, Ashley Lynn Peters, Mary L

Peters, Mary L Petersen, Laurence G

Petersen, Laurence Gerhard Peterson, Cie

Peterson, Cie Peterson, Jeanne D

Peterson, Jeannette Claire Peterson, Methan A

Peterson, Michael Peterson, William Parker

Peterson, William Q. Petonito, Paul J

Petonito, Roseanna Petreycik, Jane M

Petreycik, Jo-Ann Petrino, James D

Petrino, James D Petrone, Thomas A

Petrone, Thomas A Petrucci, Alan Joseph

Petrucci, Alexa L Petruzzi-Cocozza, Rosemary E

Petruzziello, Anthony Pettingle, Harriet

Pettingle, Stephanie G Pettway, Polly A

Pettway, Pretty Pezzulo, James J

Pezzulo, Joseph R Pfister, Kristi

Pfister, Lauren M Phan, Liem T

Phan, Lillian Mary Phelan, Lawrence T

Phelan, Lawrence Thomas Phelps, Tyesha G

Phelps, Tyler Scott Philippopoulos, Evan J

Philippopoulos, James E Phillips, Denise

Phillips, Denise R Phillips, Krystle M

Phillips, Kyle A Phillips, Susan L

Phillips, Susan M Pho, Tawny Thanh

Pho, Tina K Pianello, Joyce L

Pianello, Kathleen M Piazza, Patsy N

Piazza, Pattiann Gami Picarelli, Thomas Vincent

Picarelli-Khattar, Meridith A Piccolo, Kim M

Piccolo, Kim S Pickering, Stephen B

Pickering, Steven Alan Piechowicz, Brian B

Piechowicz, Caitlin M Piepho, Hayley Nora

Piepho, Hayley Nora Pierce, Katelynne A

Pierce, Katherine Pierfederici, Peter C

Piergallini, Michael Paul Pierro, Alexander

Pierro, Anne Marie K Pietras, Bernice

Pietras, Betty A Pignatelli, Joseph S

Pignatelli, Laura Kathleen Pilato, Isabella

Pilato, Jacqueline R Pillion, Robert Francis

Pillion, Samantha C Pina, Gloria

Pina, Gloria Ventura Pine, Jeffrey M

Pine, Jennifer L Pingol, Karl

Pingol, Maria Teresa O Pinney, Jaclyn Marie

Pinney, James Hughes Pinto, Diane L

Pinto, Divina Gracia A Pioli, John Joseph

Pioli, Karen L Piperidis, Harrison George

Piperidis, Sheree Murphy Pirie, Debra T

Pirie, Debra Tucker Pirulli, Mario

Pirulli, Nico A Piscatello, Frank J

Piscatello, Jennifer Piskorski, Mariola

Piskorski, Mary E Pitkin, John J

Pitkin, John L Pittman, Deshonette S

Pittman, Desmond Piwczynski, Richard R

Piwinski, Christopher M Pizzoferrato, Ann M

Pizzoferrato, Anthony Plaisted, Sara H

Plaisted-St.Pierre, Ashley David Plante, Paula

Plante, Paula J Platt, David W

Platt, David White Plaza, Edwin

Plaza, Edwin Plis, Michael Benjamin

Plis, Michael S Plotzker, Andrew W

Plotzker, Benjamin Plover, Phyllis K

Plover, Rebecca Ashley Plungis, Susan V

Plungis, Susan V Poder, Frances J

Poder, Joseph Poeti, Ryan D

Poeti, Ryan Daniel Pointdujour, Mireille

Point-Dujour, Nancy Poitras, Greg G

Poitras, Gregg Alan Polanco, Odon A

Polanco, Olga Polgroszek, Frank E

Polgun, Andrey V Politowicz, Raymond A

Politowicz, Sheila M Pollard, Carl J

Pollard, Carol A Pollock, Kayleigh

Pollock, Kelli Polvani, Priscilla E

Polvani, Priscilla E Pometti, Andrew Bernardo

Pomfret, Andrew R Ponciano, Adela A

Ponciano, Amanda Elizabeth Ponte, Carlos M

Ponte, Christine R Poole, Nathan David

Poole, Nathaniel B Popeleski, Kenneth B

Popeleski, Laura Popp, Kara M

Popp, Karen A Poriss, Sarah

Poriss, Susan Porter, Andrew D

Porter, Andrew H Porter, Larry

Porter, Larry W Portillo, Leonel

Portillo, Lessly Posadas, James A

Posadas, Kelly Post, Kathleen M

Post, Kathryn Anne Poteat, Racreisha Nicole

Poteat, Robert E Potter, Deanna A

Potter, Deborah Potthoff, Susan N

Potthoff, Thomas F Poulin, Cecile H

Poulin, Chantal Poulter, Renee R

Poulter, Rita V Powell, Clifford A

Powell, Clifford P Powell, Michelle

Powell, Michelle Denise Powers, Ashley F

Powers, Audrey Ann Powers, Michelle D

Powers, Mikayla Shea Pozzi, Robert

Pozzi, Robert J Prancuk, Dawn M

Prancuk, Dawn M Pratt, Edward H

Pratt, Edward H Pravin, Dabre

Pravin, Zinovy M Preli, Joseph Michael

Preli, Karen A Prescott, Bennett C

Prescott, Beverly A Prest, Joseph E

Prest, Karen L Preston, Trina

Preston, Troy D Prevost, Douglas M

Prevost, Elaine B Price, Grace

Price, Gregory L Price-Johnson, Andrea Eileen

Price-Livingston, Ethan Primavera, Karina

Primavera, Kristina M Principe, Katie L

Principe, Leah Grace Prior, Michael D

Prior, Michael D Privott, Damita Jo

Privott, Denise L Proctor, Matthew J

Proctor, Matthew James Pronovost, Brendan H

Pronovost, Bruce A Proto, Gina

Proto, Glenn R Provencal, Edward L

Provencal, Flame A Provost, Leo L

Provost, Lieselotte Prunier, Joseph M

Prunier, Krystyna Pryor, Ruth Ann

Pryor, Sally Reese Psyhojos, George L

Psyhojos, Paige Elizabeth Pudim, Edward

Pudim, Joanne F Pugliese, David J

Pugliese, David S Pulaski, Brian Edward

Pulaski, Brittany A Pullen, Trupti

Pullen, William M Puppo, Frank D.

Puppo, John Purdy, Floyd D

Purdy, Geoffrey H Purvis, Mickella S

Purvis, Milton Ray Putnam, Penny J

Putnam, Philip E Pyka, Mallory A

Pyka, Mallory Anne Pzynski, Margaret