Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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O, Ji He Oakley, Dorita

Oakley, Douglas S Ober, Jennifer G

Ober, Joanna F Obman, Frederick L

Obman, Rose Marie Obrien, Clark E

O'Brien, Claudette O'Brien, James M

Obrien, James M O'Brien, Kurt L

O'Brien, Kyle O'Brien, Richard A

O'Brien, Richard A O'Bright, Carol Adele

Obright, Florence M Ocasio, Francisco

Ocasio, Francisco Ochoa, Juan Guillermo

Ochoa, Juan R O'Connell, James J

O'Connell, James J O'Connell, Suzanne M

O'Connell, Tammy L O'Connor, Donald R

O'Connor, Donald R O'Connor, Kevin M J

O Connor, Kevin M J O'Connor, Ronald W

O'Connor, Rory D Oddie, Barbara

Oddie, Carole C Odgers, Larkin L

Odgers, Lisa B Odonnell, Jessica L

Odonnell, Jill M O'Donnell, William J

O'Donnell, William J O'Farrell, Maureen A

O'Farrell, Melissa Ogden, Marlene R

Ogden, Martin A Ogrean, Erin M

Ogrean, Maureen Wilke O'Hara, Edward J

O'Hara, Edward J Ohlheiser, Patrick Coogan

Ohlheiser, Robert J Okechukwu, Cynthia

Okechukwu, Ikenna Prince Okenka, Garrett Wade

Okenquist, Amanda M Olan, Javier

Olan, Jessica Oldham, Mary B

Oldham, Mary Beth O'Leary, Suzanne

Oleary, Suzanne Oleszewski, Paul F

Oleusy, Calli E Olivares, Antonio S

Olivares, Carmelita G Oliver, Chadwick D

Oliver, Chaka Oliver, Stone M

Oliver, Susan A Olivieri, Emily Elizabeth

Olivieri, Eric Olmstead, Carole E

Olmstead, Cecil J Olsen, Christopher W

Olsen, Cindy J Olson, Abigail Alice

Olson, Adam B Olson, Laura W

Olson, Lauren L Olszewski, Theodore T

Olszewski, Thomas A O'Mara, John G

O'Mara, John J Once Quito, Jose Luis

Oncescu, Cristian A Oneil, Joseph J

Oneil, Joseph M O'Neill, Daniel T

O'Neill, Daniel T O'Neill, Michael G

O'Neill, Michael J Onochie, Stella N

Onodu, Chika B. Onze, Jason M

Onze, Jason Michael Oppenheimer, Susan Buscher

Oppenheimer, Susan Buscher Oravetz, Laurel

Oravetz, Martha J Oregan, Eleanor R

O'Regan, Elizabeth A Orenstein, Michael T

Orenstein, Mildred Orlando, Casey Ann

Orlando, Christan J Ormsby, Christopher G

Ormsby, Coleen B O'Rourke, Randy B

O'Rourke, Randy B Orrick, Stuart S

Orrico, Aldo L Orszulak, Tadeusz

Orszulak, Theresa C Orthwein, Beverly Miller

Orthwein, Jason T Ortiz, Carmen

Ortiz, Carmen Ortiz, Evelyn

Ortiz, Evelyn Ortiz, Jesus

Ortiz, Jesus Ortiz, Luis A

Ortiz, Luis A Ortiz, Natalie Y

Ortiz, Natalya R Ortiz, Sol A

Ortiz, Solanda M Ortiz Sanchez, Hector

Ortiz-Sanchez, Iris M Osak, Theodore W

Osakovicz, Helena Osborne, Michael W

Osborne, Michael W O'Shea, Aidan P

O'Shea, Alexandra Osman, Abdigani Mohamoud

Osman, Abdinur Ossa, Michael William

Ossa, Neriedt Ostling, Kaitlin R

Ostling, Kirsten M O'Such, Bruce

O'Such, Chase Murdoch Otalvaro, Maria Victoria

Otalvaro, Natalia G. Otfinoski, Garett G

Otfinoski, Helen M Ott, Virginia A

Ott, Warren D Ouellet, Jeremiah Robert

Ouellet, Jessica L Ouellette, Joseph J

Ouellette, Joseph L Ouellette, Tracy L

Ouellette, Tracy Lynn Outley, Charles

Outley, Diallo D Oviedo, Franny A

Oviedo, Gloria A Owens, Caroline P

Owens, Carrie Lee Owens, Thomas E.

Owens, Thomas E Ozcakar, Bulent

Ozcan, Canan Ozzone, Samantha Marie