Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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N, Rasheen Nack, Anthony William

Nack, Katherine Alicia Nadeau, Lisa A

Nadeau, Lisa H Nadolny, Ashley A

Nadolny, Ashley Anne Nagle, Joy R

Nagle, Judith A Nahon, George Alexander

Nahon, Michel R Nakhimovsky, Isaac S

Nakhimovsky, Lenina A Nanda, Ravindra

Nanda, Sambit Naples, Joan G

Naples, John F Napomiceno, Mary E

Napomiceno, Michael A Nardella, Amanda S

Nardella, Angela L Nargi, Louis R

Nargi, Martin Nash, Ceceline May

Nash, Charla Nason, Hannah H

Nason, James E Natal, Julia

Natal, Kayla Nathenson, Lynda Kay

Nathenson, Michael B Naushad, Nida

Nausheen, Humera Navarro, Stefany R

Navarro, Stella R Naylor, Leroy

Naylor, Lesly A Nazzaro, Paula A

Nazzaro, Phillip Mark Neal, Stephen P

Neal, Steven D Nechi, Edith Z

Nechiporenko, Olga Neelon, Chelsea

Neelon, Kathleen S Negron, Alida Lynn

Negron, Alma J Negron, Minerva

Negron, Miranda L Neild, Charlotte M

Neild, Charlotte M Nelsen, Holly E

Nelsen, Jane L Nelson, Danette Katherine

Nelson, Daniel A Nelson, Horatio L

Nelson, Howard Nelson, Laura

Nelson, Laura A Nelson, Raphine W

Nelson, Ray A Nelson, Wanda A

Nelson, Wanda D Nemicas, Kathleen M

Nemicas, Mary Neron, John E

Neron, John E Nesteriak, Michael C

Nesteriak, Sandra M Neubauer, George F

Neubauer, George Frank Neumeister, Mary R

Neumeister, Mary R Neville, Jeffrey David

Neville, Jeffrey T Newbury, Jessica M

Newbury, Jessica Michelle Newholm, Cheryl D

Newholm, Cheryl D Newman, Jill M

Newman, Jill M. Newsome, Mollie D

Newsome, Pamela L Newton, Ramona

Newton, Rasheedah W Ngo, Ty

Ngo, Vu Nguyen, Khiem

Nguyen, Khiem Hoanh Nguyen, Tiffany

Nguyen, Tiffany Nicholas, Diana Elizabeth

Nicholas, Donald Allen Nichols, Elizabeth A

Nichols, Elizabeth A Nichols, Sarah E

Nichols, Sarah E Nicholson, Urania

Nicholson, Vanessa A Nicol, Karen Keturah

Nicol, Kevin A Nicolson, Stewart T

Nicolson, Tatiana Itzel Niele, Melanie J

Niele, Ronald S Niemeyer, Alan R

Niemeyer, Conrado Nieves, Catherine

Nieves, Catherine Nieves, Lorraine

Nieves, Louis A Nieves-Romani, Benny A

Nieves-Rondon, Yasmin Nikocevic, Alma

Nikocevic, Almedina Ni Mhideach Didan, Cyndilu Caoilfhionn

Nimiroski, Margaret A Nissen, Carl W

Nissen, Carl W Nixon, Ian

Nixon, Ian Nobile, Ann Marie

Nobile, Brenda J Nocella, Nicholas Mark

Nocella, Nicole G Noel, Mary E

Noel, Maryellen I Nolan, Brenda M

Nolan, Brendan E Nolan, Sally W

Nolan, Samantha C Noltemeyer, Michael A

Nolting, Adrienne L I Noone, Jan R

Noone, John Noreiga, Grace M

Noreiga, Grace Marcelline Norman, Donna C

Norman, Donna G Norrgard, John T

Norrgard, Kellie R North, Helen J

North, Irene J Norton, David J

Norton, David J Norum, Maren T.

Norum, Mary E Nothnagel, Dorrine M

Nothnagle, Sophie Novak, Irene A

Novak, Irma Novick, Marion C

Novick, Mark Nowak, Monica Sandy

Nowak, Nancy L Nowotny, Jacqueline C

Nowotny, James Nuelsen, Peter H

Nuenke, Kimberley Ann Nunes, Phillip J

Nunes, Rachael Ellen Nunez, Olga M

Nunez, Olga M Nusbaum, Howard G

Nusbaum, James H. Nuzzolo, Celia

Nuzzolo, Christine S Nylander, Emily Joanne

Nylander, Louis L Nzioki, Mildred