Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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N, Rasheen Nabozny, Justin Thomas

Nabozny, Lerai S Nadeau, Francesca L

Nadeau, Francine A Nadelmann, Jeremy I

Nadelmann, Nancy Karol Nagel, Daniel S

Nagel, David B Nagy, Peter J

Nagy, Raymond J Najarian, Leanne Erika

Najarian, Lisa A Namiot, Leo J

Namisto, Karin E Napiello, Michael A

Napiello, Michele P Napolitano, Elizabeth Christine

Napolitano, Emelie M Naranjo, Rodrigo

Naranjo, Rodrigo Alberto Nardone, Ilana A

Nardone, Jaclyn A Narwold, William Alexander

Narwold, William H Nash, Winifred M

Nash, Xiomara Nastri, Bridget N.

Nastri, Carl A. Natchiappan, Ramesh

Nate, Melissa Glick Naughton, Stella M

Naughton, Stephen J Navarro, Idalia

Navarro, Iliana Nawazelski, Andrea Harriet

Nawazelski, Andrew J Nazario, Samuel

Nazario, Shannon Yvonne Neal, Jeffrey W

Neal, Jenna Neary, Ruth M

Neary, Ryan C Needham, Genevieve

Needham, Georgia E Negreiro, Jose J P

Negreiro, Tiffany Lee Negron, Jose L

Negron, Jose Luis Neiditz, Leslie

Neiditz, Machelle J Nektalov, Leana

Nel, Adrienne Nelson, Carol

Nelson, Carol A Nelson, Errol M

Nelson, Ervin Randolph Nelson, Justin V

Nelson, Justin V Nelson, Moore G

Nelson, Morgan J Nelson, Susan Michelle

Nelson, Susanne Nemerov, Alexander M

Nemerov, Caroline Neri, Nancy M

Neri, Natalie J Ness, Brad

Ness, Bruce` Jason Nettle, Michael J

Nettle, Paul G Neumann, Christian

Neumann, Christopher J Neves, Diane

Neves, Eileen M New, Kenneth M

New, Lestari P. Newell, Katharine E

Newell, Katherine Newman, Coman R

Newman, Coman T Newman, William J

Newman, William J Newton, Jimmika D

Newton, Joan M Ng, Jessica

Ng, Jinny Nguyen, Hao Phu

Nguyen, Harry N Nguyen, Rick

Nguyen, Robin T Nicastro, Steven J

Nicastro, Wanda Nichols, Autumn R

Nichols, Barbara A Nichols, Mark W

Nichols, Mark W Nicholson, Kate

Nicholson, Katherine A Nickle, James D

Nickle, Jennifer C Nicoletti, Thomas A

Nicoletti, Thomas A Niedzialkoski, Tina L

Niedziejko, E Z Nielson, Jeri A

Nielson, Jesse Lee Nieves, Alejandro

Nieves, Alex Nieves, Jennifer A

Nieves, Jennifer L Nieves, Samuel S

Nieves, Sandalee Nigro, Nicholas A.

Nigro, Nick G Nilsen, Melissa Ann

Nilsen, Mildred S Nisbet, Grace S

Nisbet, Harry Nix, Amy Owen

Nix, Annmarie Nizzardo, Shane M

Nizzardo, Stephen Noble, Robert Wesley

Noble, Robin J Noeding, Suzanne

Noeding, William James Nogueira, Raiderci B

Nogueira, Rogerio Nolan, Lillian Carhart

Nolan, Linda Nolin, Kathleen S

Nolin, Kathryn Bea Noonan, Judith A

Noonan, Judith Mary Nordgren, Frida E

Nordgren, Herbert J Norko, Thomas S.

Norko, Virginia M Normand, Robert G

Normand, Roy S Norris, Richard A

Norris, Richard J Northup, Jeanne M

Northup, John A Norton, Nicole L

Norton, Noelle Nostin, Daniel M

Nostin, Daniel M Novack, Kate Louise

Novack, Kate Louise Novella, Lorraine A

Novella, Lucille A Nowak, Alaina M

Nowak, Alexandra M Nowicki, Thomas J

Nowicki, Thomas M Nta, Godwin A

Ntakari-Mellos, Konstantina Dina Nune, Aurelio

Nunemacher, Joshua T Nunez, John Andrew

Nunez, John C Nunzianto, Joanna C

Nunzianto, Mark L Nuzzi, Marianne G

Nuzzi, Marie Nye, Richard T

Nye, Robert A Nzioki, Mildred