Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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M, Barbara L Macaluso, Alexandra Lee

Macaluso, Alexandra M Macca, Robert J

Macca, Sebastain A Macdonald, Amber Lynn

Mac Donald, Amy Macdonald, Kenneth F

Macdonald, Kenneth J Mac Donough, John E

Mac Donough, John E Macfarlane, Alison Marie

Macfarlane, Andrew Steven Machado, Linda A

Machado, Linda Ann Maciag, Eliza James

Maciag, Erin Ann Mac Iver, Jessica Kate

Mac Iver, Jessica Kate Mack, Tiann N

Mack, Tiesha Mackenzie, Peter M

Mackenzie, R Christopher Mackinney, Thomas J

Mackinnon, Aaron Randall Maclean, Monika J

Mac Lean, Nancy T Macneely, Patrick J

Macneely, Rosemarie Macri, Autumn Cecelia

Macri, Barbara L Madan, Vinay

Madanchick-Palermo, Rene Madden, Winifred A

Madden, Zoe D Madeux, Monila

Madeux, Norma H Madore, Ellen B

Madore, Emily Lynn Madzio, Gregory R

Madzio, Hanna A Magaraci, Delores C

Magaraci, Eva E Maggi, Debbie L

Maggi, Dianne M Maglio, Eric M

Maglio, Frank M Magnoli, Kagan

Magnoli, Kathleen D Magro, Vance Luke

Magro, Vaughn L Mahajan, Ajay

Mahajan, Ambarish A Maher, Jeffrey Eastman

Maher, Jeffrey F Mahieu, Kathleen M

Mahieu, Lauren M Mahoney, Beverly

Mahoney, Blake L Mahoney, Robert P

Mahoney, Robert Q Maier, Jaclyn Marie

Maier, Jacob Thomas Mailly, David John

Mailly, David John Mains, Richard E

Mains, Richard E Maisel, Jonathan

Maisel, Max S Majewski, Gregory J

Majewski, Gregory J Makara, Jamie Lynn

Makara, Jesse Robert Makris, Angelo A

Makris, Anna Malangone, Annamarie

Malangone, Anthony Malavet, Jorge

Malavet, Jorge A Maldonado, Aura E

Maldonado, Aurea Maldonado, Kamille M

Maldonado, Karen Maldonado, Zoraida

Maldonado, Zuhey E Maleyeff, Emily Kenny

Maleyeff, John Malinconico, Jessica L

Malinconico, Jessica Lee Malkin, Rosemary

Malkin, Ruth N Mallon, Rita G

Mallon, Rose Marie Mally, Vilma Iris

Mally, Vilma Iris Malone, Shuan K

Malone, Sofia Maloney, Patricia A

Maloney, Patricia G Maltese, Theresa C

Maltese, Theresa H Manacchio, Michael A

Manacchio, Paula A Mancini, Anthony J

Mancini, Anthony J Mancini, Ralph J

Mancini, Ralph Joseph Mande, Jerold

Mande, Mamisa K Mandozai, Hosai Kamal

Mandozai, Mohammad K Manfredonia, Robert J

Manfredonia, Robert J Mangiafico, Paul R

Mangiafico, Paul S Mangosing, Candida Agcaoili

Mangosing, Joseph Agcaoili Manivannan, Divya

Manivannan, Malini Mann, David Clarence

Mann, David F Mannarino, Tina Joy

Mannarino, Todd F Manning, Kenneth W

Manning, Kent R Mannuzza, Orsola R

Mannuzza, R John Mansfield, Silvia Regina

Mansfield, Stephanie M Mantie, Helena Violet Desiree

Mantie, Jaimie Marie Manwaring, Sara Jane

Manwaring, Thomas E Maple, Judy

Maple, Karen Marano, Pauline A

Marano, Richard M Marcarelli, Jacqueline M

Marcarelli, John A March, Michele Lee

March, Michelle A Marchesseault, Jacqueline E

Marchesseault, Jennifer L Marchitto-Casner, Margaret Angelina

Marchland, Deirdre Marcisin, Catherine

Marcisin, John W Marcuccio, Joseph M

Marcuccio, Joseph M Marder, Cornelia Christiane

Marder, Derek I Marette, Helen I

Marette, Matthew Margouck, Moses

Margoum, Jamal Mariconda, Glenn

Mariconda, Kathleen Marinaro, Nina M

Marinaro, Paula M Marino, Alana N

Marino, Albert Marino, Kees Alexander

Marino, Kees Alexander Marinuzzi, John M

Marinuzzi, Karen-Lynn M Marketos, Jamel D

Marketos, James D Marko, Vangeli D

Marko, Vera S Marks, Johnathan Aaron

Marks, John B Marlow, Tedford G

Marlow, Theresa S Maroney, Rebecca W

Maroney, Robert F Marques, Carla F

Marques, Carlos V Marquez, Tiffanny

Marquez, Tomas Marra, Besse A

Marra, Brendan H Marrero, Juan C

Marrero, Juan E Marron, Sean M

Marron, Shannar T Marseglia, Louis

Marseglia, Louis Marsh, Virginia L

Marsh, Warren C Marshall, Jean C.

Marshall, Jean-Claude A Marshall, Sharon G

Marshall, Sharon M Martas-Mayr, Abigail

Martaus, Arlene V Martello, Dennis Robert

Martello, Dolores Martin, Andrew Jason

Martin, Andrew Joseph Martin, Christopher M

Martin, Christopher M Martin, Elihu D

Martin, Elijah D Martin, Jared Thomas

Martin, Jarod D Martin, Kelly A

Martin, Kelly A Martin, Mary Ann

Martin, Mary Ann Martin, Philip C

Martin, Philip D Martin, Sharon M.

Martin, Sharonne R Martina, Raymond P

Martin-Adam, Shiloh Diana Martinez, Ainet

Martinez, Aira Z Martinez, Christina

Martinez, Christina Martinez, Gabriella R

Martinez, Gabrielle C Martinez, Jose

Martinez, Jose Martinez, Marco Antonio

Martinez, Marco L Martinez, Osvaldo A

Martinez, Oswin J Martinez, Victor M

Martinez, Victor M Martino, Adilia E

Martino, Albert A Martins, Arielle R

Martins, Arlete A Martocchio, Loretta

Martocchio, Loretta Martucci, Sabrina Allace

Martucci, Stephanie A Marvin, Lauren A

Marvin, Lauren Ashley Mas, Lauren Frances

Mas, Leonard L Mascola, Neil D

Mascola, Nicholas George Masi, Christopher Michael

Masi, Connie Mason, Alexander N

Mason, Alexander N Mason, Krystyna

Mason, Kyle Andrew Masood, Mujtaba

Masood, Muniba Massaro, Joseph A

Massaro, Joseph A Massey, Erin M

Massey, Ethel H Massini, Stephanie A

Massini, Stephanie Anne Masterson, Victoria Merideth

Masterson, Washie Mastriano, Vivian M

Mastriano, William J Mastroni, Theresa F

Mastroni, Thomas Matava, Lauren

Matava, Lauren J Matfus, Dennis P.

Matfus, Kristie L Mathews, Drew G

Mathews, Duane A Mathieu, Glenn A

Mathieu, Glen T Matias, James M

Matias, Jason W Matos, Gadiel

Matos, Gayla D Matregrano, Philip R

Matregrano, Richard A Mattei, Mark C.

Mattei, Mark E Matthews, Andrew-Paul

Matthews, Andrew-Paul Matthews, Michelle L

Matthews, Miranda Lynn Mattioli-Cortijiano, Nicole Kristen

Mattiolo, Anthony Matulis, Irene H

Matulis, James J Matyasovzky, Guy

Matychak, Melanie R Maunula, Anja S

Maunula, Ari U. Mauro, Brett A

Mauro, Brian Mawicke, Kathryn R

Mawicke, Samantha F Maxwell, Robert Michael

Maxwell, Robert S May, Peter C

May, Peter C Mayer, John P

Mayer, John Peter Mayhew, Richard H

Mayhew, Richard W. Maynard, Rosemary A

Maynard, Roy W Mayo, Shaun C

Mayo, Shelby L Mazella, Lawrence Michael

Mazella, Matthew Joseph Mazurkivich, Sophie A

Mazurkowitz, Keith Mazzarella, Lexi J

Mazzarella, Lindsay N Mazzola, Guy R

Mazzola, Guy Richard McAdams-Hylan, Daniel P.

McAden, Ralph L McAndrew, Casey Roberts

McAndrew, Charles A McAuliffe, George J

Mc Auliffe, Gerald V McBride, Christine

McBride, Christopher J McCabe, Claire S

McCabe, Clara Ann McCaffrey, Henry James

Mc Caffrey, Howard McCallister, Connor R J

McCallister, Cynthia S McCann, Mel A

Mc Cann, Melanie Ann McCarthy, Barbara J

McCarthy, Barbara J McCarthy, Grace M

McCarthy, Grace Margaret McCarthy, Luke

McCarthy, Luke G McCarthy, Scott R

McCarthy, Scott R McCaskey, Douglas G

McCaskey, Elizabeth A McClain, Freida R

Mc Clain, Gail R McClellan, Reginald

Mc Clellan, Richard A McClune, Wendy L

McCluney, Henry E McCollian, Catherine S

McCollian, Cathleen Isabell McConochie, Rebecca Marmer

McConochie, Rebecca Marmer McCormack, Michael Patrick

McCormack, Michael Patrick McCormick, Sheila H

McCormick, Shelby Mc Coy, Rodney A

McCoy, Ronald McCready, Jason C

McCready, Jessica Ann McCulloch, Edward D

McCulloch, Elizabeth Anne McCurry, Kayla R

McCurry, Kenneth McDermid, Alice C

McDermid, Dylan McDermott, Quentin Alexander

McDermott, Rachel Haley McDonald, Dennis M

McDonald, Dennis M McDonald, Margaret G

McDonald, Margaret L McDonnell, Alexandra Roni

Mc Donnell, Alice C McDonough, Richard H

McDonough, Riley W McDuffie, Daniel J

McDuffie, Daquon J McEnany, Timothy P

Mc Enary, Gregory McFadden, Joann

McFadden, Joan T McFarlane, Sabrina M

McFarlane, Sarah M McGarry, Matt W

McGarry, Megan Anne McGee, Sharon Ahat

McGee, Sharon Andrea McGill, Thomas F

McGill, Thomas P McGlinn, Kathryn Mary

McGlinn, Michael S McGovern, Jarrett F

McGovern, Jayme Lynn McGowan, Timothy L

McGowan, Timothy S McGrath, Kaitlyn Anne

McGrath, Kaitlyn D McGreevy, Francis J

McGreevy, Jessica J McGuinness, Katherine Ann

Mc Guinness, Kathleen McGuire, Mary Ann

McGuire, Maryann McHargh, Everton P

McHargh, Kyla Mc Ilwain, Roger L

McIlwain, Sally Jean McIntosh, Shana D

McIntosh, Shandea T McKane, Thomas J

McKane, Thomas J Mc Kee, Catherine M

McKee, Chamaine McKelvie, Phyllis M

McKelvie, Phyllis M McKenna, Ronald Thomas

Mc Kenna, Rory J McKenzie, Rodney S

McKenzie, Roger V McKernan, Elizabeth H

Mc Kernan, Eric R McKinney, Henry E

McKinney, Henry E McKiver, Robert

McKiver, Robert McLain, Kimberly Ann

McLain, Kristen M McLaughlin, Hope B

Mc Laughlin, Hsin-Lan S. Mc Laughlin, Shaun W

McLaughlin, Shawn D McLean, Natasha

McLean, Natavia D McLeod, Erin Michele

McLeod, Eva J McMahon, David C

McMahon, David C McMahon, Rosemary F

McMahon, Rose N McManus, Robert Vincent

McManus, Robin E McMillian, Novella M

McMillian, Rebecca Ann McNair, John L

Mc Nair, Karen B McNamara, Eugene J

McNamara, Eugene S McNamee, Regina M

McNamee, Robert McNeil, Lakisha N

Mc Neil, Lakisha Nicole McNichol, Terrence

McNichol, Theresa A McPadden, Kelly Ann

McPadden, Kristi L McPhillips, Robin R

Mc Phillips, Shannon Lee McRae, Jeffrey A

McRae, John A McTague, Alyvia

McTague, Alyvia Mc Whorter, Philip J

McWhorter, Philip J Meade, Lataya N

Meade, Laura Meaney, Nicole Anne

Meaney, Patrick Joseph Mecsery, Sean K

Mecsery, Shelia Medina, Anadyn

Medina, Ana H Medina, Jose R

Medina, Jose R Medina, Wanda

Medina, Wanda Mee, Bruce C

Mee, Ellen P Meek, Michele

Meek, Nancy C Megrue, George R

Megrue, John F Mehta, Suhasini I

Mehta, Sujata Jitendra Meisel, Carl R

Meisel, Carl R Mejias, Edwin

Mejias, Edwin Melbourne, Frank D

Melbourne, Hope E Melendez, Chelsea D

Melendez, Chelsea Enissa Melendez, Roberto

Melendez, Roberto Melikian, Garen

Melikian, Gregor Mellady, Dianne M

Mellady, Gina Mellor, Pamela G

Mellor, Roberta Muriel Meloney, Jean B

Meloney, Melanie L Melzmuf, Mallory A

Melzmuf, Roberta C Menard, Tina-Marie

Menard, Todd G Mendes, Manuel M

Mendes, Marc Mendez, Juan A

Mendez, Juana L Mendillo, Maureen

Mendillo, Michael Mendoza, Silvana P

Mendoza, Sonny Apin Menjivar, Ana C

Menjivar, Ana C Menting - Yoell, Michaela Tay

Mentink, Mary S Mercado, Blanca

Mercado, Bobby Mercado, Ramona

Mercado, Ramona Mercer, Marie L

Mercer, Martin Mercorella, Robert M

Mercorella, William Daniel Merino, Suzanne L

Merino, Vincente Merola, Mary J

Merola, Matthew L Merrill, Janice H

Merrill, Janice H Merritt, Melanie D

Merritt, Melanie Rae Merzwa, Matthew G

Merzwa, Matthew G Messelt, Stephen J

Messemer, Brian Messina, Alicia Marie

Messina, Alicia Marie Mester, Maureen Elizabeth

Mester, Newmara Metivier, Lorraine T

Metivier, Marc J Metzner, Patricia C

Metzner, Thomas Meyer, Elizabeth Anne

Meyer, Elizabeth Anne Meyer, Sarah A

Meyer, Sarah K Meyers, Patricia L

Meyers, Patricia Lynn Mezzoni, Cheryl L

Mezzoni, Cheryl Lynn Miceli, Belsita

Miceli, Carl Michaels, Mary Kay

Michaels, Marykay Michalski, Erica J

Michalski, Erin E Michaud, Jean M

Michaud, Jeanne Michaud, Ryan Philip

Michaud, Sabrina Ashley Michelson, Rhoda

Michelson, Rhoda Mickowski, Edmond J

Mickowski, Linda R Middleton, Vivian

Middleton, Waverly Mierez-Baggoo, Felicia L

Mierisch, Eugenia Migliaro, Paul J

Migliaro, Rachel G Mihaly, Bethany B

Mihaly, Cathy A Miklinevich, Heather

Miklinevich, Jaime Rae Mikus, Sarah C

Mikus, Tina A Milardo, Sheryl

Milardo, Shirley M Miles, Mary F

Miles, Mason J Miliano, Benny

Miliano, Diana Millard, Leigh T

Millard, Leroy Miller, Ann M

Miller, Annmarie J Miller, Charles Grippin

Miller, Charles H Miller, Deborah L

Miller, Deborah L Miller, Frank

Miller, Frank A Miller, Janice

Miller, Janice Miller, Joyce

Miller, Joyce A Miller, Lauren Elyse

Miller, Lauren F Miller, Matthew A

Miller, Matthew Aaron Miller, Paul Anthony

Miller, Paula W Miller, Russell I

Miller, Russell I Miller, Suzanne K

Miller, Suzanne K Miller-Baker, Mary Ann

Miller-Bannister, Cheryl Lynn Milligan, Molly M

Milligan, Mykel H Mills, David T

Mills, David W Mills, Robert T.

Mills, Robin H Milo, Frances

Milo, George T Milyo, Raymond L

Milyo, Raymond L Mindell, Barbara Cohn

Mindell, Constance L Miner, Thomas J

Miner, Thomas J Minicucci, Nicholas J

Minicucci, Pamela Jean Minoli, David K

Minoli, Lorenzo Minton, Lance W

Minton, Laura-Jean Mirakian, Michael A.

Mirakian, Peter John Miranda, Pedro

Miranda, Pedro Miro, William C

Miro, William J Misdom, Ann M

Misdom, Elizabeth A Miskowicz, Richard

Miskowicz-Chila, Stephanie Paula Mitchell, Adrian E

Mitchell, Adrian Rhys Mitchell, Denise

Mitchell, Denise A Mitchell, Jeremy Robert

Mitchell, Jermaine R Mitchell, Marshall R

Mitchell, Marsha M Mitchell, Samantha Lorraine

Mitchell, Samantha M Mithaiwala, Zainab F

Mithani, Adnan S Miyan, Mariya T

Miyan, Mubashar A Mobilia, Joseph

Mobilia, Joseph Thomas Moczo, Jasmine Marie

Moczulski, Daniel Moeller, Carol Knott

Moeller, Catherine M Mogck, Derek L

Mogck, Sara H Moher, Susan C

Moher, William J Mojica, Edgardo

Mojica, Edwin Moley, Joanna May

Moley, Kenneth S Molina, Yaris M

Molina, Yecenia Mollica, Gregory Michael

Mollica, Jay S. Molodich, John J

Molodich, Joseph S Monaco, Michelle B

Monaco, Michelle B Monahon, Mary Lorraine

Monahon, Matthew C Mondulick, Mary Kate

Mondy, Andrew J Mongillo, Lisa Ann

Mongillo, Lois Monks, Anne C

Monks, Bridget Magdalen Monroe, Susan L

Monroe, Susan M Montalbano, Amy Elizabeth

Montalbano, Amy Rebecca Montanari, Fulvio

Montanari, Gerald L Montano, Carole L

Montano, Carol G Monteiro, Luis

Monteiro, Mabilda M Monterrosa, Lorie A

Monterrosa, Miguel Angel Montgomery, Gloria Burney

Montgomery, Goshan Montini, Jeffrey C.

Montini, Joseph Monty, Judith L.

Monty, Karen Moomey, Marlene

Moomjian, Elizabeth B Mooney, Robert John

Mooney, Robert P Moore, Bryan Stephen

Moore, Bryant Moore, Dorothy Kaye

Moore, Dorothy L Moore, Jeanne M

Moore, Jeanne Madeline Moore, Linda A

Moore, Linda A Moore, Patricia K

Moore, Patricia Kennedy Moore, Stephen M

Moore, Stephen M Moores, Earl David

Moores, Geoffrey Morace, Thomas O

Morace, Thomas O Morales, Catherine F

Morales, Cecilia Morales, Jaslin A

Morales, Jasmin Morales, Maria

Morales, Maria Morales, Sharlyn

Morales, Sharon A Moran, Claritza A

Moran, Claritza A Moran, Lauren G

Moran, Lauren J Morando, Janice Mary

Morando, Louis E Mordacai, Christopher P

Mordach, Norma D Morehouse, Debra Lynn

Morehouse, Donna L Morelli, Joseph D

Morelli, Joseph F Moreno, Gonzalo A

Moreno, Grace R Morey, Alma D

Morey, Amanda E Morgan, Collin J

Morgan, Collin J Morgan, John T

Morgan, John W. Morgan, Robert H

Morgan, Robert J Morgillo, Antoinette M

Morgillo, Camdyn Hailey Moriarty, Thomas F

Moriarty, Thomas G Morin, Heather Ann

Morin, Heather Diane Morin, Siobhan Ann

Morin, Siobhan Ann Mormile, Brendan W

Mormile, Carol Ann Moroz, Viktoriya

Moroz, Viktoriya Morrill-Richards, David L

Morrin, Alyssa Krystyne Morris, Frances

Morris, Frances E Morris, Mary B

Morris, Mary B Morris, Vivian J

Morris, Vivian J Morrison, John R

Morrison, John R Morrison, William A

Morrison, William C Morrissey, Suzanne E

Morrissey, Suzanne L Morry, Andrew Thomas

Morry, Kala J Morse, Stephen

Morse, Stephen A Morton, Deborah

Morton, Deborah A Mosca, Anthony Michael

Mosca, Bruce J Moser, Chris L

Moser, Christine E Mosher, Stewart M

Mosher, Susan M. Mosley, Timothy B

Mosley, Tobias I Mossien, Bridget Ann

Mossien, Bridget Ann Mott, David W

Mott, Deborah A Mouchette, A Pierre

Mouchette, Tomasa Merced Mountford, Donald M

Mountford, Gregory S Mowatt-Rowe, Paulette V.

Mowbray, Mary E Moyer, Jerrica-Lynn M

Moyer, Jessica D Mozingo, Donna J

Mozingo, Evan M Mrvica, Rose

Mrvica, Rose Muchnick, Barry R

Muchnick, Jason B Mueller, Kurt Charles

Mueller, Lauren P Muhammad, Nazim

Muhammad, Nena Shareefah Mukwaya, Geoffrey Mukasa

Mukwaya, Margaret L Mulford, Marianne Ellen

Mulford, Maxene F. Mullan, Thomas V

Mullan, Thomas V Mullen, Mary E

Mullen, Mary K Mullett, Frank Charles

Mullett, Gerald Mullings, Nicole M

Mullings, Nikitta N Mulry, George C

Mulry, Jennifer Nicole Munck, Karen M

Munck, Karrie Lane Muniz, Hector

Muniz, Hector L Munoz, Dorothy A.

Munoz, Dorothy Louise Munroe, Ryan R.

Munroe, Sally Muppidi, Mohan V

Muppidi, Sirisha Murcia, Diego A.

Murcia, Diego Alfonso Muriel, Carolyn Reyes

Muriel, Charisse Nicole Murphy, Angela Margaret

Murphy, Angela Margaret Murphy, Corey Anthony

Murphy, Corey J Murphy, Esau M

Murphy, Estelle M Murphy, Jillian Gabrielle

Murphy, Jillian M Murphy, Kevin L

Murphy, Kevin L Murphy, Megan M

Murphy, Megan M Murphy, Regina Nicole

Murphy, Renate Murphy, Terrence W

Murphy, Tessa C Murray, Austin John

Murray, Austin Joseph Murray, Ian Reece

Murray, Ingrid Emelia Murray, Mark A

Murray, Mark Anthony Murray, Sylvia G

Murray, Tachica Murtich, Denisa

Murtishi, Adrian Musco, Denise M

Musco, Denise M Muslin, Falon

Muslita, Shemsi Muszynski, Craig Thomas

Muszynski, Daniel E Muzzulin, Samantha A

Muzzulin, Seamus B Myers, Jason Michael

Myers, Jason P Myers, Thomas J

Myers, Thomas J Mysak, Stanley L.

Mysatyukow, John T Mzi, Jessica