Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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M, Barbara L Macaluso, Laura

Macaluso, Laura Maccallum, John D

Mac Callum, Katherine P Mac Donald, Audrey W

Macdonald, Audrey W Mac Donald, Kyle E.

Macdonald, Kyle H Mac Dougall, Ann Marie

Macdougall, Ashley R Mac Farlane, Hartley Russell

Mac Farlane, Heather A. Machado, Marisol

Machado, Martin P Maciani, Juan Fransisco

Maciariello, Mark J Mack, Andrew D

Mack, Andy Mack, Tyler

Mack, Tyler J Mac Kenzie, Sally P

Mackenzie, Sally P Mackinnon, Dylan T

Mackinnon, Elizabeth Maclean, Sara Salisbury

Maclean, Scott Gordon Macneil, Elsie Mae

Macneil, Erica L Macri, Dawn M

Macri, Derek D Madar, Esther

Madar, Frank J Maddern, Lisa

Maddern, Maureen C Madey, William C

Madey, William Carl Madore, Janice A

Madore, Jean A Maebry, Terina

Maebry, Tremaine L Magarian, John C

Magarian, John Charles Maggi, Lawrence Anthony

Maggi, Lawrence J Maglio, Matthew D

Maglio, M D Magnoli, Phyllis

Magnoli, Richard J Magruder, Gerald J

Magruder, Harris C Mahakian, Alison E

Mahakian, Diane K Maher, John C

Maher, John D Mahl, Julie C

Mahl, Marion J Mahoney, Brian William

Mahoney, Bridget E. Mahoney, Sandra V

Mahoney, Sara Elizabeth Maier, Josephine M

Maier, Judith H Mailman, Leanne

Mailman, Leanne F Mainstruck, Marion S

Maintanis, George Maisner, Anna

Maisner, Gerry Majewski, Jo Ann M

Majewski, John A Makara, Kayla Noelle

Makara, Kelli A Makris, John L

Makris, Joyce W Malangone, Gerardo B

Malangone, Giovanna Malavet-King, Griselle

Malavet-King, Jose A Maldonado, Barbara

Maldonado, Barbara A Maldonado, Kathleen Mary

Maldonado, Katiria L Maldonado Cordner, Alma

Maldonado-Cruz, Ana Malfa, Rose A

Malfa-Kowalski, Zachary Malinconico, Michael L.

Malinconico, Nicholas Bartholomew Malkin, Stephanie A

Malkin, Sybil G Mallon, Sharon D

Mallon, Sherry L Mallyns, Valerie

Mallys, George C Malone, Stephanie Lee

Malone, Stephen A Maloney, Patricia M.

Maloney, Patricia M Maltese, Victoria L

Maltese, Vincent A Manacchio, Phyllis J

Manacchio, Ralph S Mancini, Anthony J.

Mancini, Anthony M. Mancini, Ralph Joseph

Mancini, Ralph L Mande, Jerold

Mande, Mamisa K Mandoza, Angela

Mandozai, Hosai Kamal Manfredonia, Nicole

Manfredonia, Rebecca E Mangiafico, Paul M

Mangiafico, Paul P Mangopaul, Francella

Mangos, Jeanne Manivanh, Patricia

Manivanh, Patricia Mann, Daniel P

Mann, Daniel R Mannarino, Julie N

Mannarino, Kimberly Manning, Kelly S

Manning, Kelly S Manns, Sharon Louise

Manns, Tiffany L. Mansfield, Sharon D

Mansfield, Sharonda Jenae Mantia, Melanie A

Mantia, Salvatore J Manwaring, Melville A

Manwaring, Pamela L Mapili, Kristoffer A

Mapili, Kristoffer Carlo A Marano, Leonard M

Marano, Lila Marcarelli, Alicia A

Marcarelli, Alphonse March, Linda J

March, Lisa Marchesseault, Crista M

Marchesseault, Crista M Marchitto, Ruth J

Marchitto, Steven T Marcisak, Pavel

Marcisak, Pavel Marcuccio, Antonio

Marcuccio, Cloetilde L Marden, Victoria

Marden, Victor M Marescot, Michena

Marese-Smith, Rosemarie Margolius, Kevin A

Margolnick, Helen Maricle, Valerie J

Mariconda, Amy L. Marinaro, Karin K

Marinaro, Karin K Marinko, Robert George

Marinko, Robert George Marino, Katherine Ann

Marino, Katherine Elizabeth Marinucci, Danielle M

Marinucci, Valerie Markesich, Gary L

Markesich, Jason A Marko, Kimberly O'Neil

Marko, Mabel Marks, Jennifer N

Marks, Jennifer V Marlow, Kathleen Harriet

Marlow, Kathryn L Maroney, Justin V

Maroney, Karen Marques, Alba Renatte

Marques, Albert J Marquez, Samantha Lynn

Marquez, Samantha M Marr, Sherri N

Marr, Tammie R Marrero, Jose

Marrero, Jose Marron, Kay A

Marron, Keith Benjamin Marsee, Melissa L

Marsee, Melissa Louise Marsh, Terry S

Marsh, Thomas Marshall, Jamie

Marshall, Jamie S Marshall, Sandra J

Marshall, Sara B Marszycki, Kathleen E

Marszycki, Mark Martelli, Aaron D

Martelli, Andrew D Martin, Andrea T

Martin, Andrea T Martin, Christopher

Martin, Christopher Martin, Edward P

Martin, Edward R Martin, Jane E

Martin, Jane E Martin, Kathy A

Martin, Kathy Anne Martin, Marjorie R

Martin, Marjorie S Martin, Paul S

Martin, Paul S Martin, Seth B

Martin, Seth C Martin, Willie Belle

Martin, Willie D Martinez, Adalberto

Martinez, Adalberto Martinez, Cecelia

Martinez, Cecilia Martinez, Francisco

Martinez, Francisco Martinez, Jorge L

Martinez, Jorge L Martinez, Madelyn

Martinez, Madelyn Martinez, Nydia

Martinez, Nydia Martinez, Veronica L

Martinez, Veronica L Martinil, Rousard

Martini-Marquez, Angela C Martins, Albert D

Martins, Albert J Martnick, Jacob B

Martnick, James E Martucci, Joseph A

Martucci, Joseph A Marvin, Debra P

Marvin, Dennis H Marzullo, Scott C.

Marzullo, Sharon L Mascola, Chuck

Mascola, Clement Mashuta, Robert A

Masi, Alberta C Maslowski, Ted

Maslowski, Veronica A Mason, Kathleen Elizabeth

Mason, Kathleen J Masone, Patricia L.

Masone, Peter J Massaro, Elisa M

Massaro, Elizabeth B Massey, Cora E.

Massey, Corey L. Massimo, Keith P

Massimo, Keith P Masterson, Myrna Joy

Masterson, Nancy I Mastriano, Katie Elaine

Mastriano, Katie Elaine Mastroni, Dolores J

Mastroni, Dominic Matascik, George W

Matascik, Gloria B Matey, Edward A

Matey, Elizabeth Mathews, Bridget

Mathews, Caralyn Mathieu, Benjamin David

Mathieu, Bertrand M Matias, Ada M

Matias, Adianis N Matos, Efrain

Matos, Efrain Matozzo, Rosemary M

Matozzo, Sabrina A Mattei, Donna A

Mattei, Edward Matthew, Moore

Matthew, Moss H Matthews, Mary D

Matthews, Mary E Mattini, Sarah M

Mattio, Alejardra Matula, Nancy J

Matula, Paul A Maty, Melissa

Maty, Robert J Maulucci, Marcus Alexander

Maulucci, Marcy E Mauritz, John V

Mauritz, Marie J Maw, Jennifer Dadural

Maw, Joycelyn Maxwell, Megan Elizabeth

Maxwell, Meghan May, Melachrina D

May, Melissa A Mayer, Heidi Elizabeth

Mayer, Helen L Mayhew, Eric D

Mayhew, Frances U Maynard, Petra

Maynard, Phillip Mayo, Reginald R

Mayo, Reginald R Maze, Scott Michael

Maze, Scott Michael Mazurek-Hansen, Margaret Ann

Mazurek-Hindle, Elysia Dee Mazzarella, Gladys H

Mazzarella, Grace Rose Aiguo Mazzoccoli, Rocco

Mazzoccoli, Sue Mc Adams, Charles Thomas

Mc Adams, Charles Thomas McAnallen, Colleen Elizabeth

McAnallen, Rachel McAuliffe, Bryan M

McAuliffe, Caitlin Mc Bride, Ardenus F

McBride, Ardenus F McCabe, Annette M

McCabe, Annmarie McCaffrey, Alison Gail

McCaffrey, Alissa M McCalla, Sidney G

McCalla, Simmona Ashlee McCann, Lindsay M

McCann, Lisa Mc Carthy, Anna Marie

McCarthy, Anna Marie Mc Carthy, Frances

McCarthy, Frances M McCarthy, Liam

McCarthy, Liam John McCarthy, Ryan D

McCarthy, Ryan D McCarty, Steven J

McCarty, Steven T McClain, Belinda D

McClain, Benjamin D McClellan, Evelyn M

McClellan, Gail A Mc Cloud, Leon Eugene

McCloud, Leslie P McColgan, Nancy M

McColgan, Patrick McConnell, Scott Neil

Mc Connell, Scott R McCormack, Lisa A

Mc Cormack, Lisa C McCormick, Paul A

McCormick, Pauline McCoy, Melissa A

McCoy, Melvin J McCrea, Margaret E

McCrea, Margie McCullers, Carson Lee

McCullers, Cheraya Deondra McCurdy, Roberta F

McCurdy, Robert F McDaniel, Steven R

McDaniel, Tammy D McDermott, Michael P

Mc Dermott, Michael P McDonald, Craig W

McDonald, Curlena McDonald, Lauren E

McDonald, Lauren M McDonald, Viola M

Mc Donald, Vivena N McDonough, Margaret A

McDonough, Margaret B McDowell, Teresita Hidalgo

McDowell, Thomas A Mc Elwee, Francis P

McElwee, Gerald McFadden, Charmain A

McFadden, Christa R. McFarlane, Howell W

McFarlane, Howell W McGarry, Elizabeth M

McGarry, Erin L McGee, Neal L

McGee, Nellie McGill, Laura T

McGill, Laurence L McGivney, Michael Stephen

McGivney, Raymond J. McGovern, Candace C

McGovern, Candice McGowan, Patrick J

McGowan, Patrick K McGrath, Jennifer M

McGrath, Jennifer M McGraw, Nancy C

McGraw, Nancy G McGuinness, Brian Joseph

Mc Guinness, Bruce A McGuire, Kevin

McGuire, Kevin J McHale, Lori A

McHale, Lynn M. McIlrath, Brian M

McIlrath, Courtney Lynn McIntosh, Leslie Denise

McIntosh, Linda G McKague, Melinda J

McKague, Michael Wayne McKearney, Kevin Michael

McKearney, Mary L McKelvey, Anna M

Mc Kelvey, Anne C McKenna, Michael

McKenna, Michael Mc Kenzie, Marcia E

McKenzie, Marcia E McKeown, Lauren M

McKeown, Lauren Marie McKinney, Bruce R

McKinney, Calvin Samuel Mc Kissick, Aisha

McKissick, Aisha Estelle McLachlan, Andrew James

McLachlan, Bonnie M McLaughlin, Edward M

McLaughlin, Edward R McLaughlin, Richard P

McLaughlin, Richard Peter McLean, Khadeem R

McLean, Khadeem R-J McLennon-Laurent, Antonella

McLennon-Simpson, Valerie Mc Mahon, Brian Patrick

McMahon, Brian T McMahon, Patricia A

McMahon, Patricia A McManus, Mary Elizabeth

McManus, Mary F McMillen, Lynda D

McMillen, Malcolm E McNabb, Thomas E

McNabb, Thomas Edward McNamara, Corinne M

McNamara, Cornelius McNamara, Thomas M

Mc Namara, Thomas M McNeil, Geoffrey W

McNeil, Geoffrey Wayne McNerney, Kevin J.

McNerney, Kevin O McNutt, Otis H

McNutt, Otis Howard McPherson, Nancy R

McPherson, Nancy R Mc Quillar, Isaac

Mc Quillar, Janit Leigh McSweeney, Deborah

McSweeney, Deborah A Mc Weeney, Irene

McWeeney, James D Meade, Carol Ann

Meade, Caroline B Meakin, Eric S

Meakin, Gail S Mechare, Curt A

Mechare, Eleanor C Medico, Angela E

Medico, Anthony Joseph Medina, Jesus

Medina, Jesus N Medina, Samuel

Medina, Samuel Medvecky, Donna M

Medvecky, Edward Scott Meehan, Virginia L

Meehan, Virginia L Megill, Joseph Francis

Megill, Joseph Francis Mehta, Krutarth T

Mehta, Linda H Meinke, Derek J

Meinke, Donald W Mejia, Rafael A

Mejia, Ramiro A Melanson, Reynold Lynwood

Melanson, Rheal Elmo Melendez, Angel A.

Melendez, Angela Melendez, Miguel A

Melendez, Miguel Angel Meli, Theresa M

Meli, Thomas C Melito, Thomas A

Melito, Tia J Mellody, Ryan J

Mellody, Sarah Ann Melo, Ramses

Melo, Raphael Melvin, Rose

Melvin, Rosemarie Menard, Kimberly Jeanne

Menard, Kristen Holly Mendes, David

Mendes, David Mendez, Jacqueline

Mendez, Jacqueline Mendez-Torres, Lismar N

Mendez-Torres, Maria I. Mendoza, Marilyn

Mendoza, Mario Mengold, Arva J

Mengold, Arva J Menskey, Steven L

Menskey, Teena A Mercaco, Virgen Melagros

Mercadante, Anthony J Mercado, Michael

Mercado, Michael Mercer, Bridget A

Mercer, Carolyn A Mercier, Roger R

Mercier, Ronald J. Mergner, Gina M

Mergner, Paul J Mero, Shirley

Mero, Traci V Merrill, Carla J

Merrill, Carla Skold Merritt, Howard W

Merritt, Hume G Merwin, Jacqueline H

Merwin, James R Meslin, Irwin H

Mesloh, Janice S. Messier, Marc P

Messier, Marguerite C Messner, David R

Messner, Elizabeth B Metevier, Joseph B

Metevier, Lynne M Metzger, Peter M

Metzger, Peter T Meyer, Clarence J

Meyer, Clifford C Meyer, Patricia

Meyer, Patricia A Meyers, June N

Meyers, Justin Mezzanotte, Ross P

Mezzanotte, Sharon A Micari, Michael D

Micari, Michael T Michaels, Christine D

Michaels, Christopher David Michalovsky, Debra L

Michalovsky, Marc H Michaud, Francine C

Michaud, Francine I Michaud, Peter T

Michaud, Philip Michels, John T

Michels, Jonathan T Mickiewicz, Michael A

Mickiewicz, Michael Allen Middleton, Kathryn J

Middleton, Katina S Mieles, Elvia

Mieles, Frank Migliacci, Naomi

Migliaccio, Amanda Paige Mihalek, Sarah E

Mihalek, Stephen Mikita, John W

Mikita, Joseph Mikulec, Zbigniew

Mikulec, Zbigniew Milardo, Frank S

Milardo, Gianna Lee Miles, Gerard F

Miles, Geshila Milfort, Emily M.

Milfort, Fred Millan-Figueroa, Andy G

Millang, Brittanie Mildred Miller, Amy L

Miller, Amy L. Miller, Carol Ann

Miller, Carol Ann Miller, David A

Miller, David A Miller, Emily L

Miller, Emily L Miller, Jada V

Miller, Jahmeca Miller, John R

Miller, John T Miller, Kristen L

Miller, Kristen L Miller, Mark M

Miller, Mark M Miller, Nicole M

Miller, Nicole M Miller, Robert M

Miller, Robert M Miller, Stephen G

Miller, Stephen G Miller, Wesley Scott

Miller, Wes S Millian, Lenore Zelda

Millian, Nancy K Mills, Belinda

Mills, Ben E Mills, Matthew William

Mills, Maura C Milner, Christine E

Milner, C Taylor Milton, Marilyn W

Milton, Marisa I Minaya- Portella, Beatriz

Minaya-Portella, Beatriz Miner, Lillian E

Miner, Linda Miniaci, Jacki Kaye

Miniaci, Jacki Kaye Minnis, John C

Minnis, John W Minteer, Diane N

Minteer, Martha J Mirabelle, Rose B

Mirabelli, Alyssa M. Miranda, Luzcelenia

Miranda, Luz D Mirizio-Nani, Andrea

Mirizzi, Amy O Misbach, Gina Marie

Misbach, James J Misisco, Karen F

Misisco, Leanne F Misuraca, Christine Marie

Misuraca, Christoper J Mitchell, Claudia M

Mitchell, Clayton Touey Mitchell, James Allen

Mitchell, James Anderson Mitchell, Lindsay G

Mitchell, Linwood P Mitchell, Rhonda Germaine

Mitchell, Rhonda L Mitchell, Yolanda M

Mitchell, Yolanda P Mitzel, Thomas M

Mitzel, Wendy P Moales, Kevin

Moales, Kevin Mock, Bethel L.

Mock, Bradley D Modzelewski, Harry J

Modzelewski, Heather Lee Moffitt, Andrea Nicole

Moffitt, Andria Mohammed, Rafi

Mohammed, Rasheed Moise, Jamie L

Moise, Jean Guelor Molden, Erlene V

Molden, Gwendolen Denise Molina, Martha L

Molina, Martha Liliana Mollenthiel, Lauren A

Moller, Adelheide A Molnar, Jeremy D

Molnar, Jerry J Monaco, Cathy M

Monaco, Catia L. Monahan, Lynn F

Monahan, Margaret A Mondello, Donna Marie

Mondello, Elizabeth Leslie Mongillo, Ashley

Mongillo, Ashley S Moniz, Michael

Moniz, Michaela Ashley Monroe, John W

Monroe, John W Montagna, Theodore

Montagna, Theresa A Montalvo, Shirna Janice

Montalvo, Sonia Montanez, Luis R

Montanez, Luz Adriana Montefusco, Candace D

Montefusco, Carl P Montero, Ana

Montero, Ana Montford, Rosetta

Montford, Shanda Monticollo, Victor

Monticollo, Victor Montross, Ronald N

Montross, Taylor Brittany Moody, Mitchell Eric

Moody, Mitchell Eric Mooney, John H

Mooney, John H Moore, Ava Deidre

Moore, Avalon S Moore, Dawn M

Moore, Dawn R Moore, Irene J

Moore, Irene K Moore, Kim A

Moore, Kimberly Moore, Monica T

Moore, Monique A Moore, Sarah Jean

Moore, Sarah K Moore, William W

Moore, Willie Mora, Kylisha

Mora, Kylisha A Morales, Ariel G

Morales, Arlene Morales, Gloria Emeli

Morales, Gloria Esther Morales, Linda M

Morales, Linda Rolon Morales, Ramiro

Morales, Ramon Moran, Andrew M

Moran, Angela T. Moran, John T

Moran, John T Moran, Stephen

Moran, Stephen Bernard Moravsky, Shirley F

Moravsky, Stephanie A Moreau, Paige A

Moreau, Pam Morell, Heriberto

Morell, Ida O Morency, Robert J

Morency, Rochelle C Moreshead, Theresa A

Moreshead, Ursula A Morgan, Brecken Putnam

Morgan, Brenda L Morgan, Jake Edward

Morgan, James Morgan, Nancy D.

Morgan, Nancy Daly Morganthaler, George F

Morganthaler, Victor Moriarty, Lisa M

Moriarty, Lisa Marie Morin, Daniel J

Morin, Danielle C Morin, Paul A

Morin, Paul A Morley, Cynthia

Morley, Daniel D Moros, Kathleen

Moros, Kyle R Morren, Edith E

Morren, Victor Morris, David

Morris, David A. Morris, Kimberly

Morris, Kimberly A Morris, Shantel T

Morris, Sharon Morrison, Frank W

Morrison, Frederick W Morrison, Sandra Kay

Morrison, Sandra M Morrissey, Kayla R

Morrissey, Kellie Morrow, Jeffrey K

Morrow, Jeffrey L. Morse, Lori Ann

Morse, Louann M Mortimer, Elizabeth A

Mortimer, Elizabeth Ann Morus, John A

Morus, John W Moselak, Marisa Lyn

Mosele, John A Mosher, Brian M

Mosher, Brian Michael Moskus, Diana H

Moskus, John T Moss, Rosa M

Moss, Rose L Motley, Lester

Motley, Martha Mottram, Carol M

Mottram, Cathy Jo Mounajed, Joyce H

Mounavar, Christine R Mouta, Jennifer Lynn

Mouta, Maria A Moye, Gregory T

Moye, Helen Moynihan, Sarah E

Moynihan, Scott Sanford Mrowka, Jennifer Ann

Mrowka, Jennifer Ann Mucha, Debra R

Mucha, Diane Mueller, Brigitte

Mueller, Carl F Muggleton, Lisa A

Muggleton, William L Muishine, Melanie Rose

Muizulis, Gay Y Muldoon, Patricia D

Muldoon, Patricia L Mull, Kari Ann

Mull, Kellsey Lynne Mullen, Gary R

Mullen, Gay E. Muller, Kristen F

Muller, Kristen Marie Mullin, Diane A

Mullin, Diane A Mulqueen, Kathleen V

Mulqueen, Katie E Mumich, Amy M

Mumich, Mark Munigle, Ann R

Munigle, Ann Radcliff Munn, Kelly A

Munn, Kevin W Munro, Melissa C

Munro, Mercedes Munt, Sandra L

Muntasir, Mokhles Muravnick, Kathleen

Muravnick, Kathleen Biddle Murdy, Heather L

Murdy, James J Murolo, Margaret Mary

Murolo, Maria Murphy, Charles R

Murphy, Charles T Murphy, Edward

Murphy, Edward Murphy, James W

Murphy, James W Murphy, Kathleen

Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Marlene

Murphy, Marlene Murphy, Patrick J

Murphy, Patrick J Murphy, Shaun E

Murphy, Shaun F Murphy-Jamialkowski, Kristen Elizabeth

Murphy-Jones, Kimberly Murray, Dwayne

Murray, Dwayne A Murray, Kevin J

Murray, Kevin J Murray, Roy L

Murray, Rudolph Murtagh, Jeffery

Murtagh, Jessica A Muscarella, Leslie A

Muscarella, Lisa Anne Musilek, Sarah

Musilek, Sarah E Mustian, Travis Ryan

Mustic, Sladjana Muy-Gomez, Henri P

Muy-Gomez, Jenny C Myers, Devon V B

Myers, Diana L Myers, Ramona

Myers, Randolph P Myles-Thompson, Iris

Mylick, William B Mzi, Jessica