Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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L, Jean Muriel Labas, Charles F.

Labas, Charles F. Labella, Julie Rae

La Bella, June C Labonte, Cynthia

Labonte, Dale M Labozzo, Lisa A

Labozzo, Lisa A Labrosciano, Michael G

Labrosciano, Michael S Lacerenza, Dominick M

Lacerenza, Donald C. Lachance, Vincent

La Chance, Vivien K Lackups, Lynda A

Lackups, Paula Ann Lacroix, Jennifer

Lacroix, Jennifer Lademan, Jean M.

Lademan, William Joseph La Fave, Edwin

Lafave, Edwin Laflamme, Jennifer Lee

La Flamme, Jo Ann La Fond, Raymond R

Lafond, Raymond R Lafrance, Joan G

Lafrance, Joan G Lagarde, Karen M

Lagarde, Konrad C Lagoss, Alfred S

Lagoss, Natalie R Lahouidague, Chafika

Lahouse, Archie E Lajara, Jorge Luis

Lajara, Joseline R Lake, Veronica

Lake, Veronica Lalli, Martin K

Lalli, Mary Ann Lama, Ngawang Paljor

Lama, Nima Lhamu Lamastra, Cynthia R

Lamastra, Gladys D Lambert, Antawn R.

Lambert, Armand J Lambert, Taylor Ann

Lambert, Terrence R Lamihaute, Luc R

Lamihaute, Luc R Lamontagne, John Baptist

La Montagne, John F Lamoureux, Armand M

Lamoureux, Arthur F Lampron, Arthur E

Lampron, Arthur J Lancellotti, Joshua

Lancellotti, Robert T Landers, Danika A

Landers, Dara A Landolfi, Vito

Landolfi, Vito Landry, G Jason

Landry, G Jason Lane, Alan L

Lane, Alexa L Lane, Leonard J

Lane, Leonard Joseph Laney, Kevin R

Laney, Kristin E Lang, Susan Ferrier

Lang, Susan K Langella, Lewis M

Langella, Lewis M Langhorn, Tumika Shonta

Langhorne, Brenda Langlois, Susan M

Langlois, Susan M Lanier, Phillip P

Lanier, Rebecca S Lansing, Natalie N

Lansing, Norman A Lanzendorfer, Daryl E

Lanzendorfer, Dylan Eugene Lapenta, Lillian A

Lapenta, Lucien H Lapinski, Sophie

Lapinski, Sue A Lapointe, Jennifer

Lapointe, Jennifer K Laporte, Kennth

Laporte, Kimberly A La Quesse, Ashley E

Laquesse, Ashley Elizabeth Lareau, Margaret O

Lareau, Mary E Larkin, Erina Marie

Larkin, Erin J Laroche, Cecilia M

Laroche, Charles Edward La Rosa, Maryanne Z

Larosa, Maryan O Larregui, Rosa D

Larreinaga, Blanca D Larson, Bonnie L

Larson, Bonnie L. Larson, Paul D

Larson, Paul G Lasalle, Suzanne E

Lasalle, Tamika P Laske, Judy A

Laske, Kelly Margaret Lasse, Carol

Lasse, Elizabeth T Latella, Frank A

Latella, Frank Anthony Latif, Amanda

Latif, Arzoo Latour, Matthew Forgit

Latour, Patricia A Lau, Ruth M

Lau, Sallie Lauer, Marylu

Lauer, Megan Laurello, David W

Laurello, David W Lauro, Amanda Elizabeth

Lauro, Amy Marie Lavalla, Guy L

La Valla, Gwen A Lavelle, Michael N

Lavelle, Michael T Lavigna, Wendy A

Lavigne, Aaron H Lavoie, Brian J

Lavoie, Brian Joseph Lavore, Landon M

Lavore, Larissa Lawler, Dwayne G

Lawler, Eileen Lawlor, Sandra L

Lawlor, Sarah Elizabeth Lawrence, Heidi Jo

Lawrence, Helen Lawrence, Richard O

Lawrence, Richard O Lawson, Felecia T

Lawson, Francesca Lawton, Natalie G

Lawton, Nathanael James Lazar, Patrick Lawrence

Lazar, Peter Lazowski, Brian J

Lazowski, Catherine Theresa Le, Tuyen T

Le, Tuyet N Leahey, Richard S

Leahey, Ryan Gordon Leaphart, Abbie G

Leaphart, Arie H Leask, Ronald R.

Leask, Walter M Lebedevitch, Danielle Marie

Lebedevitch, Donna Leblanc, Gary A

Leblanc, Gary Dean Leblond, Kim T

Le Blond, Kristen Melissa Lebron-Diaz, Maria L

Lebron-Flores, Kiara S Leclair, Lindsay Good

Leclair, Linnea H.P. Lecuyer, Robert Thomas

Lecuyer, Ronald John Ledoux, John H

Ledoux, John H Lee, Benjamin C

Lee, Benjamin F Lee, Donna

Lee, Donna A Lee, Jeanine P

Lee, Jean M Lee, Lillie A

Lee, Linanne Dorothy Lee, Rachel M

Lee, Rachel M Lee, Tiffany M

Lee, Tiffany Marie Lee-Person, Lakisha L

Lee-Picazio, Linda Lefevre, Gerard

Lefevre, Gerard H Legare, Cheyenne M

Legare, Coryne L Legg, Teresa Lynn

Legg, Timothy D Lehman, Gary Michael

Lehman, Gerald Leroy Leibham, David Michael

Leibham, Janet Lynn Leimgruber, Renee L

Leimgruber, Richard L Leitze, Lucas W

Leitze, Mary H Lemay, Caitlin Marie

Lemay, Carol R Lemieux, Christopher James

Lemieux, Christopher M Lemma, Justin Dominic

Lemma, Kathleen M Lenahan, Peter M

Lenahan, Ruth S Leniart, Deborah A.

Leniart, Denise M Lenoce, Richard

Lenoci, Alfred G Lenzi, David A

Lenzi, Diana P Leon, Rosa M

Leon, Rosa M Leonard, Margaret Paige

Leonard, Margery B Leone, Casey M

Leone, Cassandra Leong, Eva

Leong, Gene Lepetich, Terence J

Lepeturin, Katrine Leri, Marsha

Leri, Yeenee K Lescarbeau, Jeannette B

Lescarbeau, Jeffrey P Leslie, Charlotte I

Leslie, Cheryl-Ann Lessard, Jacques C

Lessard, Jacques Trolin Lester, Ryan

Lester, Ryan B Letourneau, Marjorie L

Letourneau, Mark Levander, Diana L

Levander, Gail L Levene, Jessica M.

Levene, Julie A Levesque, Jeannine A

Levesque, Jeannine A. Levey-Mims, Rodney

Levi, Adi Levine, Christine Marie

Levine, Christine Noelle Levine, Ronald H

Levine, Ronald H Levitz, Heidi S

Levitz, Ilona S Levy, Sierra Marie

Levy, Sloane Lewis, Adam G

Lewis, Adam H Lewis, Ciara J

Lewis, Ciera S Lewis, Garner L

Lewis, Garrett Allan Lewis, Judith A

Lewis, Judith A Lewis, Mary H.

Lewis, Mary Hope Lewis, Robert S

Lewis, Robert V. Lewis, Wanda R

Lewis, Wanda Reni Lezynski, Jessica L

Lgboanugo, Esther Y Li, Yanping

Li, Yan Qiong Liber, Diane K

Liber, Richard L Licari, Robert V

Licari, Ronald J Licursi, Emily Anne

Licursi, Eugene A Liebman, Phyllis

Liebman, Rebecca R Light, Brie Ann

Light, Brie Ann Lijofi, John O

Lijofi, John Olusina Lillo, Joseph E

Lillo, Joseph Ernest Limauro, Michael J

Limauro, Nancy J Linaberry, Colleen Susan

Linaberry, John K Lindahl, Stefanie J

Lindahl, Ulf J Linder, Barbara Tager

Linder, Beverly Lindquist, Clifton R

Lindquist, Danielle Erin Lindsey, Della M

Lindsey, Delois T Liner, Sheldon M

Liner, Tracy L Linley, Ruth K

Linley, Ruth K Linton, Stephan

Linton, Stephanie Louise Lipka, Susan K

Lipka, Susan K Lipsitz, Lee

Lipsitz, Lindsay Lisbon, Sara E

Lisbon, Toya S Liska, Lucy J

Liska, Lynn T Litevich, Judith G

Litevich, Laura D Little, Frances A

Little, Frank Na Little, Yolanda R

Little, Zachary R Liu, Changyue

Liu, Chao Livermore, Ray W

Livermore, Robert Alan Livshits, Nella A

Livshits, Rimma Llazi, Zaide

Lledo-Perez, Alfonso Lloyd, Terri L

Lloyd, Theodore D Lobzuch, Karolina

Loc, Binh G Lockery, Karolyn Joy

Lockery, Kathleen Lockwood, Jodi L

Lockwood, John A Loeb, Roger S

Loeb, Ross E Loftus, Brian P

Loftus, Brita Orwoll Logan, Thelma L

Logan, Thomas Arthur Lohmeyer, Lloyd O

Lohmeyer, Lori J Lollie, Robert L

Lollie, Shirley Lombardi, Diana R

Lombardi, Diane C Lombardo, Amy B

Lombardo, Amy C Lombardo, Theresa M

Lombardo, Theresa S Londono, Blanca M

Londono, Blanca Nelly Long, Henry F

Long, Herbert E Long, Stephanie

Long, Stephanie S Longo, Beverly Jean

Longo, Brandon Paul Longo, Travis M

Longo, Trey Salvatore Loomis, Helen B

Loomis, Helen L Loper, Donald G

Loper, Donise L Lopez, Aida Luz

Lopez, Aida M Lopez, Christia

Lopez, Christian Lopez, Frances M

Lopez, Franchesca Lopez, Jonathan

Lopez, Jonathan Lopez, Luis M

Lopez, Luis Miguel Lopez, Nelsy

Lopez, Nely C Lopez, Teresa

Lopez, Teresa Lopiano, Cynthia M

Lopiano, Cynthia M Lord, Crystal Mary

Lord, Cynthia B Lorenson, Phoebe B

Lorenson, Rachele E Loretto, Annalyce Marie

Loretto, Irene J Loschiavo, Jacob P

Loschiavo, Jaime A Lotstein, Norman M.

Lotstein, Olivia Loughlin, Nancy H

Loughlin, Nancy S Lounsbury, Erin M

Lounsbury, Erin Michelle Love, Earl C

Love, Eddie L Loveless, Jane Anne

Loveless, Jean B Lovley, Eileen D

Lovley, Julie E Lowe, Ryan J

Lowe, Ryan M Lowman, Polly D

Lowman, Rachael L Lozada, Cynthia Lee

Lozada, Daisy Lu, Chao Bo

Lu, Chao Hang Lubman, Theresa V

Lubner, Cathy Anne Lucas, Debra A

Lucas, Debra R Lucas, William J

Lucas, William J Lucey, Mark L

Lucey, Mark R Luciano, Dawn M

Luciano, Delia M Lucke, Matthew Clark

Lucke, Maura Farley Ludington, Louellen

Ludington, Lynn L Luetjen, Michelle A

Luetjen, Patricia Hollay Lugo, Jason

Lugo, Jason Xavier Luise, Christopher J

Luise, Donna M Lukens, Jeffrey B

Lukens, Jeffrey B Lumpkin, Dorothy

Lumpkin, Douglas E Lund, Marcella B

Lund, Marcella B Lundy, Edward G

Lundy, Elizabeth A. Luongo, Jennifer

Luongo, Jessie C Luponio, Michael J

Luponio, Steven P Lussier, Brooke C

Lussier, Brooke L Luther, Mary A

Luther, Maryellen Luvara, Pat

Luvara, Raymond D Lycurgus, Kaiman Lorder

Lyda, Alicia Rayna Lyman, George S

Lyman, Gerald M Lynch, Debra Ann

Lynch, Debra Jean Lynch, Kevin Peter

Lynch, Kevin S Lynch, Ryan C

Lynch, Ryan Charles Lynn, Margaret L

Lynn, Margaret L M Lyons, Amy L

Lyons, Amy L Lyons, Michael E

Lyons, Michael F. Lytton, Heidi K

Lytton, Laura Lyzun, Linda M