Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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L, Jean Muriel Labarbera, Holli A

Labarbera, Holli A Labbe, Steven R

Labbe, Susan M Labion, Reinhard B

Labiosa, Carmen Laboy, Carmen L

Laboy, Carmen S La Bree, Michael Anthony

La Bree, Raymond E Lacava, Dominic A

Lacava, Dominick J La Chance, John E

La Chance, John Edward Lacilla, Kenneth Michael

Lacilla, Kerri E. Lacourse, Claire

Lacourse, Claire J Ladd, Gregory P

Ladd, Hannah C Ladyko, Alice J

Ladyko, Frank S Laffin, Joan M

Laffin, Joseph G Lafleur, Pierre R

La Fleur, Raymond J Lafountain, Linda

Lafountain, Linda A Lagalo, Yvonne M.

Lagamao, Dennis Nanta Laggis, Joseph

Laggis, Joseph A Lahert, Irene

Lahert, Jennifer Laird, James H

Laird, James Steven Lake, Glenn A.

Lake, Glenn A Laliberte, Solange J

Laliberte, Stacy L Lam, David C

Lam, David D Lamar-Hunt, Gay

Lamari, Alessandra Lamb, Stephen

Lamb, Stephen Andrew Lambert, Megan

Lambert, Megan Amy Lamenzo, Angela Theresa

Lamenzo, Christine M Lamont, Daniel S

Lamont, Deborah Mary Lamothe, Robert J

Lamothe, Robert L Lamphere, James D

Lamphere, Jayme D Lancaster, James W

Lancaster, Janet M Landeck, Christopher

Landeck, Daniel J Landis, Cynthia

Landis, Cynthia G Landry, Brenda L

Landry, Brenda L Landry, Valerie

Landry, Valerie A Lane, Jennifer L

Lane, Jennifer L Lane-Davis, Janice

Lanefski, Carin E. Lang, Martin A

Lang, Martin G Lange, Judith E

Lange, Judy R Langevin, Scott M

Langevin, Scott M Langlois, Courtney Marie

Langlois, Dale Langworthy, Alysia R

Langworthy, Beth Lanouette, Gertrude A

Lanouette, Gregg A Lanza, Maureen O.

Lanza, Melissa J La Pane, Suzanne M

Lapane, Tara Denise Lapietra, Katherine Ann

Lapietra, Kathleen F Lapoint, Thomas M

Lapoint, Walter F Laporta, Robert E

Laporta, Robert P Laprise, Jonathan P

Laprise, Joshua A Larche, Jacob Kevin

Larche, Jason M Lark, Dexter

Lark, Harold Laro, Dustin N.

Laro, Dustin Nicholas Larosa, Bonnie A

Larosa, Brianna Larovera, John J

Larovera, Joseph E Larsen, Peter D

Larsen, Peter M Larson, Kristin Ann

Larson, Kristine K Larysco, Louie

Larzelere, Nancy L La Shomb, Dianna L

Lashomb, Jennifer L Laslo, Patricia A

Laslo, Theresa C Lata, Gary Taylor

Lata, Gladys Lathrop, Kevin Blaine

Lathrop, Kevin Jabez Latorre, James J

Latorre, Jan Latulippe, Jessica M

Latulippe, Jhon P Lauderdale, Ronald A

Lauderdale, Tiffani S Laureano, Blanca

Laureano, Carlos Lauridsen, Sandra J

Lauridsen, Sarah Elizabeth Lauzon, Craig C

Lauzon, David A Lavan, Paris Avere

Lavan, Robert P Laviana, Dylan J

Laviana, Eunice E Laviola, Juan C

Laviola, Kara-Marie R Lavoie, Robert James

Lavoie, Robert L Lawerence, Stacyann

Lawerence, Trudy-Ann Nicole Lawlor, Kathleen M

Lawlor, Kathleen M Lawrence, Elaine C

Lawrence, Elaine D Lawrence, Michael A

Lawrence, Michael A. Lawson, April A

Lawson, Ari Lawton, Christina

Lawton, Christine Layton, Judith L

Layton, Judith L Lazlo, Susan J

Lazlo, Thomas M Le, Myhanh T

Le, Mylinh Leach, Wilma E

Leach, Wilson S Leamon, Elizabeth L

Leamon, Eric G Leary, Patrick T

Leary, Paul A Le Beau, Catherine J

Lebeau, Catherine Jane Le Blanc, Colleen

Leblanc, Colleen Leblanc, Ryan Joseph

Leblanc, Ryan Michael Lebron, Luis J

Lebron, Luis Javier Le Clair, Alicia J

Leclair, Amanda Elizabeth Leconey, Michael M

Leconte, Jean Ledger, William A

Ledger, William R Lee, Andrew I

Lee, Andrew J Lee, David R

Lee, David R Lee, Jamella L

Lee, James Lee, Kinmint

Lee, Kit C Lee, Owen Randolph

Lee, Owen Randolph Lee, Susana S

Lee, Susan B Leeman, Jessica J

Leeman, Jessica Jane Lefebvre, Sandra C

Lefebvre, Sara H Lefrancois, Lucas James

Lefrancois, Marie Legeyt, Allyson L

Legeyt, Allyson Louise Lehberger, Sarah Austin

Lehch, Pamela Jean Lehto, Gregory J

Lehto, Jennifer L Leighton, Janet Dorman

Leighton, Janet Dorman Leite, Tyler

Leite De Jesus, Priscila B Lemanski, Heather Lynn

Lemanski, Irene Lemeris, James R

Lemeris, James R. Lemke, James H

Lemke, James R. Lemus, Jennifer L

Lemus, Jorge A Lengyel, Jeanette M

Lengyel, John F Lennon, Stephanie L

Lennon, Stephanie T Lenz, Ann S

Lenz, Ann S Leon, Lois

Leon, Loriann Leonard, Joseph P

Leonard, Joseph T Leonardo, Samuel J

Leonardo, Samuel Jarvis Leone, Thomas L

Leone, Thomas O Lepak, Edward A

Lepak, Edwin P Lequire, Curtis E

Lequire, David W Lerz, Katie A

Lerz, Lisa A. Lesko, Krisztina

Lesko, Kyle M Lessack, Amanda Christine

Lessack, Paul H Lester, Jodi

Lester, John J Leto, Susan M

Leto, Victoria Rose Leuzzi, Bruce J

Leuzzi, Bruce W Leveille, Dennis J

Leveille, Elizabeth Ann Levesque, Ellen L

Levesque, Elmer J Levesque, William J

Levesque, William L Levine, Amy M.

Levine, Anatoli R Levine, Norman

Levine, Norman Levitre, Katrina Ann

Levitskaya, Nina I Levy, Myra L

Levy, Myron Rodwell Lewin, Greg J

Lewin, Gregory James Lewis, Charles

Lewis, Charles Lewis, Emma

Lewis, Emma Kate Lewis, Jodi R

Lewis, Jody Osko Lewis, Margaret K

Lewis, Margaret M Lewis, Richard D

Lewis, Richard E Lewis, Todd Eric

Lewis, Todd V Leyland, Kathleen M

Leyland, Kevin L Li, Ru

Li, Ru Ai Libby, Katherine Elizabeth

Libby, Katherine F Libsch, Helen

Libsch, Perpetua Lickiss, Kimberly K

Licklider, James L Liebla, Amy

Liebla, Christopher S Ligato, Josephine J

Ligato, Saverio Liguori, Lisa M

Liguori, Louis A Lillis, Carol R

Lillis, Carol R Lima, Thiago P

Lima, Tressa Michele Lin, Serophine Ming-Hsueh

Lin, Sharon Lind, Kate

Lind, Kathleen K Linden, Raylette M

Linden, Richard A Lindo, Laverne E

Lindo, Lorie Lindsay, Sophia L

Lindsay, Sophia M Linehan, Elizabeth A.

Linehan, Francis R Linkin, Bryan Scott

Linkin, Corie Kathleen Lintner, Robyn E

Lintner, Roger L Lipinski, Vincent J

Lipinski, Viola M Lipscomb, Cecil

Lipscomb, Chelsea L Lis, Joseph S

Lis, Julia P Lisitano, Elizabeth

Lisitano, Eric F Lita, Maturin

Litaker, Frederick C Little, Dante M

Little, Dante Maurice Little, Tanya C

Little, Tanya J Litwinionek, Luc

Litwinka, Dana Lee Livecchi, Tracy Ann

Lively, Amber Sarah Livingstone, Stacey A

Livingstone, Susan A Llanos, Dennis J

Llanos, Dennis J Lloyd, Michael C

Lloyd, Michael G Lo Bosco, Claudia A

Lobosco, Darrin J Locke, Sharon D

Locke, Sharon Jackson Lockwood, Donna M

Lockwood, Donna M Lodovico, John A

Lodovico, John A Lofthouse, Mark S

Lofthouse, Rebecca M Logan, Randy

Logan, Randy Lohenitz, Mildred

Loheyde, Robert F Lokites, Richard F

Lokitis, Albert A Lombardi, Carmen

Lombardi, Carmina Lombardi, Steven J

Lombardi, Steven P Lombardo, Philip J

Lombardo, Philip K London, Nancy

London, Nancy A Long, Ellen J

Long, Ellen J Long, Rochelle M

Long, Roger D Longmore, Sarah E

Longmore, Scott Longo, Roy J

Longo, Russell T. Loomis, Alice T

Loomis, Amanda-Lynn Lopatchenko, Artem

Lopath, David P Lopes, Vinicius D

Lopes, Vitorino J Lopez, Carmen D

Lopez, Carmen D Lopez, Evelisa Victoria

Lopez, Evellis Y Lopez, Jesus A

Lopez, Jesus E Lopez, Lucy R

Lopez, Luis Lopez, Monica M

Lopez, Monica P Lopez, Stacey Andrea

Lopez, Stacey L Lopez Rodriguez, Edna M

Lopez-Rodriguez, Eliezer Lord, Amanda H

Lord, Amanda M Lorello, Michael Joseph

Lorello, Nicholas G Lorenzo, Yesenia Liz

Lorenzo Custodio, Thomas D Losak, Michael J

Losano, Aida I Loto, Kathi E

Loto, Marianne Loughlin, Catherine A

Loughlin, Catherine W Loulakis-Moore, Stephanie

Loulakis-Moore, Stephanie Vyctoria Love, Barbara

Love, Barbara J Loveland, Karen J

Loveland, Keith Loving, Nancy Elizabeth

Loving, Natasha N Lowe, Oliver C

Lowe, Pamela M Lowin, Jeremiah L

Lowin, Leeam S Loy-Smith, Tammy Sue

Loyzim, Louis J Lozowski, Matthew John

Lozowski, Michael P. Lubinsky, Matthew A.

Lubinsky, Peter A Lucas, Cheryl L

Lucas, Cheryl R Lucas, Susanne

Lucas, Suzanne C Lucey, Angela Beth

Lucey, Anna Lise E Luciano, Alfred J

Luciano, Alfred J Luciuk, Kimberly Ann

Luciuk, Linda Margareta Luders, Carol

Luders, Carol A Lue Lueong, Denise Catherine

Lue-Mcbean, Patricia Lugo, Gilberto S

Lugo, Gina Luis, Jason C

Luis, Jeffrey Luke, Linda Ann

Luke, Luke Lumley, Peter Andrew

Lumley, Raymond E Lund, Frances

Lund, Frances L Lundquist, Wiley C

Lundquist, Yolanda D Luong, Tung T

Luong, Tung T Lupoli, Peter A

Lupoli, Peter Michael Lusman, Joel

Lusman, Sarah Luther, Elizabeth

Luther, Elizabeth A Lutzke, Krista J

Lutzker, Aaron B Lyas, Benjamin E

Lyas, Kenneth A Lyman, Brooke

Lyman, Brooke Azure Lynch, David A

Lynch, David A Lynch, Kellee A.

Lynch, Kellie A Lynch, Robert J

Lynch, Robert J Lynn, Jennifer

Lynn, Jennifer Kathleen Lyon, William C

Lyon, William C Lyons, Mary Brooks

Lyons, Mary Donna Lytle, William C

Lytle, William J Lyzun, Linda M