Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Jaacks, Alan G Jablonski, Helen

Jablonski, Helena Jacklin, Barbara A

Jacklin, Carmella M Jackson, Brittany Nicole

Jackson, Brittney Jackson, Eileen

Jackson, Eileen D Jackson, Jirani James

Jackson, Joan C. Jackson, Marion

Jackson, Marion Jackson, Robert N

Jackson, Robert P Jackson, Vivian S

Jackson, Vonta Jacobs, Adam J

Jacobs, Adam Ryan Jacobs, Linda R

Jacobs, Linda Y Jacobson, Andrea R

Jacobson, Andrew H Jaconski, Catherine J

Jaconski, Catherine J Jacquette, Maureen T

Jacquez, Maria E Jafri, Murtuza A

Jafri, Mustafa Syed Jain, Dhanpat

Jain, Diwakar Jakubowski, John R

Jakubowski, Joshua Robert James, Andre E

James, Andrew James, Jadin L

James, Jaida S James, Prettipaul Chris

James, Prince Jamet, Jenny Waldina

Jamett, Jonathan Daniel Janco, Joseph Anthony

Janco, Joshua L Janiak, Michael Anthony

Janiak, Nicholas M Jankowski, Theresa

Jankowski, Thomas Jansen, Sharon M

Jansen, Shelley A Jaqua, William R

Jaques, Albert W Jarka, Sheila K

Jarka, Thakur Kumar Jarusinsky, Donna M

Jarusinsky, Frank Anthony Jasensky, Jenna E.

Jasensky, Jennifer B Jastermsky, Peter E

Jastermsky, Thomas John Jay, Alfred S

Jay, Alice K Jean, Tiffany A

Jean, Tracy Lynn Jeantilien, Alexander Y

Jeanty, Ange Marie Jefferson, Ralph A

Jefferson, Ramona Jelis, Harley K

Jelito, Andrew E Jenkins, Chaquetta

Jenkins, Chaquetta J Jenkins, Marquetta A

Jenkins, Marshall Jenness, Eric

Jenness, Mark A Jennings, Melinda S

Jennings, Melissa Jensen, Henry A

Jensen, Henry C Jeppsen, Heather Kloepfer

Jeppson, John Jervasi, Paula J

Jervasi, Vincent Jette, Mark John

Jette, Mark Paul Jhaveri, Amish S

Jhaveri, Ankur P Jimenez, Gabriela Sofia

Jimenez, Gabriel J Jimenez, Sasha

Jimenez, Shakire M Joassin, Evelyne A

Joassin, Ricardo Johansen, Carl T

Johansen, Carol A Johns, Gwendolyn W

Johns, Herman M Johnson, Amy Laree

Johnson, Amy Louise Johnson, Beverly

Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Casey Wright

Johnson, Casper D Johnson, Crystal O M

Johnson, Crystal S Johnson, Deidre E

Johnson, Deirdre A Johnson, Elijah M

Johnson, Elijah M Johnson, Gail D

Johnson, Gail E Johnson, Ivan C

Johnson, Ivan D Johnson, Jenny A

Johnson, Jenny S Johnson, Kahisha S

Johnson, Kaiesha K Johnson, Kimberly Marie

Johnson, Kimberly Michelle Johnson, Linda Madolyn

Johnson, Linda Mae Johnson, Marsha Cherie

Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Mildred L C

Johnson, Mildred M Johnson, Pearl E

Johnson, Pearlene L Johnson, Robert G

Johnson, Robert George Johnson, Scott D.

Johnson, Scott D Johnson, Suzanna G

Johnson, Suzanne Johnson, Tyshawn A

Johnson, Tyshawn M Johnson-Parker, Yvette C

Johnson-Pierce, Alveria Johnston, Kiley L

Johnston, Kimberly A Joiner, Judith A

Joiner, Juliet Jones, Abigale L

Jones, Ada C Jones, Beverly A

Jones, Beverly A Jones, Christopher R

Jones, Christopher R Jones, Dionnie S.

Jones, Dixie Jones, Geoffrey P

Jones, George Jones, Jenifer Staci

Jones, Jenisha A Jones, Kelly M

Jones, Kelly M Jones, Luz

Jones, Lydell Jones, Michele A

Jones, Michele B Jones, Regina L

Jones, Regina L Jones, Sharon M

Jones, Sharon M Jones, Todd M

Jones, Todd M Jonson, Randolph S

Jonson, Randolph Stambaugh Jordan, Gary

Jordan, Gary E Jordan, Rachel Lee

Jordan, Rachel Lee Jorge, Wilfredo J

Jorge, Yovanny Mercedes Joseph, Elam H

Joseph, Eleaonor M Joseph, Sophia L

Joseph, Sophia R Josma, Judive

Josma, Judive Joyal, Luke R

Joyal, Lynn F Joyner, Diane

Joyner, Diane L Juber, Gail M

Juber, Glenn E Judkins, Alec

Judkins, Angel M Julian, Laurie Kim

Julian, Leigh Ann Juncadella, Clara B

Juncadella, Clara Belen Jurczyk, Mary Lou

Jurczyk, Matthew F Justice, Connor E

Justice, Dana Jyszkiewicz, Marek