Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Jaacks, Alan G Jachimczyk, Bernadette Mary

Jachimczyk, Carrie Jackson, Alicia L

Jackson, Alicia M Jackson, Cynthia Begnal

Jackson, Cynthia Bess Jackson, Heidi Dawn

Jackson, Heidi L Jackson, Kieanna L

Jackson, Kim Jackson, Nicole M

Jackson, Nicole M Jackson, Stephanie M

Jackson, Stephanie N Jacob, Denise M

Jacob, Diane M Jacobs, Emily Rachel

Jacobs, Emma Kate Jacobs, Shelby L

Jacobs, Shelby Rose Jacobson, Michelle A

Jacobson, Michelle S Jacques, Gayle J

Jacques, George J Jaeggi, Megan

Jaeggi, Megan A Jagsaran, Seema

Jagsaran, Uma Jakiela, Steven E.

Jakiela, Thomas J Jalbert, Wayne L

Jalbert, Zachary R James, Daryl

James, Daryl A James, Levance H

James, Lewis P James, Thomas

James, Thomas Jamison, Sara

Jamison, Sara C Janega, Victoria E

Janega, William Janjua, Muhammad A

Janjua, Shazia E Janofsky, Julie A

Janofsky, Kevin P Janucik, Dawn M

Janucik, John S Jaramillo, John

Jaramillo, Johnann M Jarquin, Alberto

Jarquin, Estefania Jarvis, Marcus Isaiah

Jarvis, Margaret Jaskoviak, Eva Rose

Jaskowska, Boguslawa Javier, Edelmiro

Javier, Elizabeth M Jaynes, Tyler John

Jaynes, Tymarr B Jean-Jacques, Nancy

Jean-Jacques, Pascale S Jeffers, Jason

Jeffers, Jeremy Hugh Jeffrey, Seileck D

Jeffrey, Sharon R Jendrewski, Marsha B

Jendrewski, Mary E Jenkins, Isaiah Alon

Jenkins, Isaiah J Jenkins, Shylia N

Jenkins, Siandre T Jennings, Doreen Catania

Jennings, Doreen Catania Jenq, Grace Y

Jenrette, Kerry Edward Jensen, Paula M

Jensen, Paula M Jernigan, Maurice A

Jernigan, Michele A Jessie, Michael P

Jessiman, Alistair Jewett, Donna C

Jewett, Doris R Jimenez, Amado

Jimenez, Amado Jimenez, Lorenso H.

Jimenez, Lorrane Jin, Shengwei

Jin, Shuhua Jodoin, Michael B.

Jodoin, Michelle John, Douglas Marc

John, Ebby A Johnson, Adrienne Renee

Johnson, Adrienne Y Johnson, Armentha

Johnson, Armond A Johnson, Bruce P

Johnson, Bruce R Johnson, Christine P

Johnson, Christine R Johnson, David A

Johnson, David A Johnson, Donn Michael

Johnson, Donnyesha A Johnson, Erika G

Johnson, Erik A J Johnson, Greta L

Johnson, Greta L Johnson, Jarvis L

Johnson, Jarvis Laban Johnson, Johnney L

Johnson, Johnnie Dean Johnson, Kelli Noel

Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Laura C

Johnson, Laura Catherine Johnson, Mageline W

Johnson, Maggie Jean Johnson, Megan R

Johnson, Megan Sarah Johnson, Nigel A

Johnson, Nigel L Johnson, Rena Antionette

Johnson, Renae T Johnson, Roy L

Johnson, Roy P Johnson, Spencer A

Johnson, Spencer A Johnson, Thomas P

Johnson, Thomas P Johnson, William H

Johnson, William H Johnston, Dianna L

Johnston, Dianne Johnston, Tammy

Johnston, Tammy Jolly, Tiphany A

Jolly, Tonya Jones, Annemarie

Jones, Anne N Jones, Carolyn Mary

Jones, Carolyn P Jones, Darryl Lamont

Jones, Daryl H Jones, Elsbeth S

Jones, Elsie Jones, Jacqueline

Jones, Jacqueline Jones, Joshua N

Jones, Joshua Paul Jones, Lauralee

Jones, Lauraline E Jones, Mary Lynn

Jones, Mary M Jones, Patricia A

Jones, Patricia A Jones, Rosemary B

Jones, Rosemary H Jones, Tamie L

Jones, Tamika Jones, William E

Jones, William E Jordan, Brianna Maureen

Jordan, Brian P Jordan, Lester

Jordan, Levi Jordan, Zachary James

Jordan, Zachary Richard Josefsen-Hirsch, Turi L

Josefsen Hirsch, Turi Lillan Helgren Joseph, Magna

Joseph, Manoucheka J Joshi, Jeannie Sheilia

Joshi, Kavita Jowdy, Joseph E

Jowdy, Joshua James Joyce, Maureen E

Joyce, Maureen P. Jozus, Ivar A

Jozwa, Arthur Judd, Maureen J

Judd, Megan C Juhasz, Stephanie

Juhasz, Stephen G Juliano, Regina

Juliano, Richard J Junno, Phillip

Junno, Samuel Jurs, Joanne

Jurs, Joshua L. Jutton, Joyce M

Jutton, Kristi Lynn Jyszkiewicz, Marek