Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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I, Ai-Mei Iacocca, Vincent J

Iacoi, Frank J Iannaccone, Elizabeth

Iannaccone, Elizabeth P Iannucci, Leonore

Iannucci, Lisa Marie Ibrahim, Elsayed

Ibrahim, Elsayed A Ifert-Miller, Karl J

Ifert-Miller, Karl James Ikeh, Simon C

Ikejimba, Lynda C Imbornoni, Katelyn L

Imbraguglio, Sarah E Inayatullah, Saqib

Inboden, Jennifer Christine Inga, Sandra D

Ingabire, Diane Ingraham, Edward D

Ingraham, Edward D Inkster, Elizabeth M

Inkster, Leigh A Intravia, Melissa

Intravia, Paul J Iovanna, John

Iovanna, John R Ireland, John S

Ireland, John T Irizarry, Jose N.

Irizarry, Joseph Irving, Betty O

Irving, Blake P Isaacson, Arthur H

Isaacson, Barbara A Iskandar, Daniel H

Iskandar, Marian A Issak, Fatumo Kalar

Issak, Hindiyo Kalar Ivany, Richard D

Ivanyi, Andrew J Ivezaj, Vasel

Ivic, Jelena Izzarelli, Samuel F

Izzarelli, Samuel F Izzo-Moore, Angelina Franca