Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Ha, Anh P Haas, Rosalie B

Haas, Rose E Haberski, Brenda

Haberski, Evelyn D Hackett, John H

Hackett, John J Haddad, Michael A

Haddad, Michael Anthony Hadsell, Luther D

Hadsell, Mary Jane Hagan, Brian R

Hagan, Cara M Hager, Louise D

Hager, Marjorie E Hagist, Thomas E.

Hagist, William J Hahnel, William Glen

Hahnel, William Glenn Haines, Joan A

Haines, Joan G Hajjar, Abdol N.

Hajjar, Albert Hale, Erik Kent

Hale, Eva C Haley, Semaj L

Haley, Shafton H Hall, Brian P

Hall, Brian P Hall, Eugene R

Hall, Eulalee F Hall, Karen Lee

Hall, Karen Louise Hall, Nancy J

Hall, Nancy L Hall, Tinesha Patrice

Hall, Todd Hallenbeck, Leandra Knes

Hallenbeck, Lorna J Hallisey, Mary Kate M

Hallisey, Marykate M Halm, Christopher Michael

Halm, John S Halter, Tracy F

Halterman, Kara I Hamel, Benjamin Michael

Hamel, Beth G Hamill, Samantha

Hamill, Sean Hamilton, Julia P

Hamilton, Julia V Hamilton, Wendy Bailey

Hamilton, Wentworth A Hammer, Brian C

Hammer, Carol E Hammond, Kenneth A

Hammond, Kenneth W Hampton, Samson Zarek

Hampton, Samuel Hancock, Dawn M

Hancock, Dean F Handschuh, Katherine M

Handschuh, Kim Hanish, Kayla

Hanish, Kayla Marie Hanley, Martha J

Hanley, Mary Ann O Hanna, Michael Paul

Hanna, Michael S Hanning, David F

Hanning, Harold E Hanrath, David T

Hanrath, Diane C Hansen, Holly A

Hansen, Holly L Hansen, Tasia E

Hansen, Taylor Marie Hanson, Megan V

Hanson, Megan Veronica Haque, Megan

Haque, Megan Jane Hardej, Thomas E

Hardej, Thomas E Harding, Nadia J

Harding, Nancy Hardy, James Edward

Hardy, James Edward Harger, Jean Jones

Harger, Jeffrey E Harkins, Jennifer E

Harkins, Jennifer M Harman-Jones, Heather

Harman Jones, Heather Lynn Harnick, Carmen A

Harnick, Daniel M Harper, Matthew R

Harper, Maureen Florendo Harrigan, Anne M

Harrigan, Anne M Harrington, John

Harrington, John Harris, Alexander

Harris, Alexander Harris, Crystal

Harris, Crystal Harris, Hazel R

Harris, Hazel R Harris, Kevin Jamael

Harris, Kevin Jamel Harris, Nefiteria R

Harris, Neil K Harris, Stacey L

Harris, Stacey Marie Harrison, Barbara M

Harrison, Barbara S Harrison, Kyle M

Harrison, Kyma A Harrison, Yvonne D

Harrison, Yvonne O Hart, David A

Hart, David A Hart, Mary E

Hart, Mary Ellen Hartel, Christopher S

Hartel, Edward O Hartley-Morris, Wendy M.

Hartley-Morris, Wendy M Hartnett, Robin E

Hartnett, Sean P. Harvey, Alphonso D

Harvey, Alvin L Harvey, Regan C

Harvey, Reginald D Hasani, Burim

Hasani, Elmedina Haskins, Kathleen M

Haskins, Kevin Hassett, William E

Hassett, William P Hatch, A Barbara

Hatch, Adam Hatfield, Susan Whitman

Hatfield, Susan Whitman Hatzichristodouloy, Michael

Hatzichristos, William G Haupt, Jason M

Haupt, Jodie D Havel, Linda E

Havel, Lisa Nicole Hawes, Gary William

Hawes, George D Hawkins, Keith A

Hawkins, Keith F Hawley, Robert J.

Hawley, Robert Wayne Hayden, Bernice S

Hayden, Bertha H Hayes, Ali E

Hayes, Aliee L Hayes, Jeremy

Hayes, Jerilynn Hayes, Robin G

Hayes, Robin N Haynes, Courtney C.

Haynes, Courtney Rae Hayter, Henry R

Hayter, James H Hazelton, Emily J

Hazelton, Erik J Heady, Glenn

Heady, James M Healy, Cheryl M

Healy, Christina B. Heanue, Larissa L

Heanue, Martin M Heath, Kenneth

Heath, Kenneth W Hebert, Brooke A

Hebert, Bruce P Hebrail Kidjo, Naima L

Hebra Lench, Renata Hedding, Charles A

Hedding, Crissa Lynn Heermance, Stephen Thomas

Heermann, Emil L Hegenbart, Erik J

Hegenbart, John N Heiler, Wayne S

Heilferty, Annarose Heino, Luz V

Heino, Nancy R Heitor, Diana Amaral

Heitor, Raquel Helland, Martin

Helland, Regina M Hellthaler, Caroline

Hellthaler, Casey E Helwig, Douglas Edward

Helwig, Elizabeth A Hemstock, Amber Lynn

Hemstock, Angela L Henderson, Daniel E

Henderson, Daniel Edward Henderson, Rachel L

Henderson, Rachel M Hendricks, Richard David

Hendricks, Richard Gregory Henion, Jonathan Aaron

Henion, Joyce F Hennessey, Matthew Robert

Hennessey, Maura L Henrick, Anacristina P

Henrick, Irene L Henry, Delores S

Henry, Demi V Henry, Natasha

Henry, Natasha Hensley, Michael Alexander

Hensley, Michael J Herb, Brian P

Herb, Carl J Herdlein, Robert Anthony

Herdlein, Robert W Herman, Acyen I

Herman, Adam P Hermey, Paula S

Hermida, Carlos M Hernandez, Carlos

Hernandez, Carlos Hernandez, Felicia A

Hernandez, Felicita Hernandez, Jose J

Hernandez, Jose Kaleef Hernandez, Maribel

Hernandez, Maribel Hernandez, Rosa I

Hernandez, Rosa J Hernandez-Trujillo, Daniel J

Hernandez-Trujillo, Hillary S Herrera, Ismael M

Herrera, Ismael Marcus Herring, Milton

Herring, Miriam T Hersher, Karen Rose

Hershey, Alan D Herzog, Thomas G

Herzog, Tisha D Hess, Steven W

Hess, Storey Ann Hett, Carolyn R

Hett, Charles J Hewitt, C

Hewitt, Candace D Heyn, Christopher H

Heyn, Christopher Henry Hickey, Bridget

Hickey, Bridget C. Hickman, Amber M

Hickman, Amy E. Hicks, Lenora C

Hicks, Leola L Hierholzer, Walter J

Hierl, Amity Rose Higgins, John W

Higgins, Jon-Ann Higgins-Shabazz, Kristina M.

Higgins-Steenbock, Amy M Hilbert, Matthew C

Hilbert, Michael F Hill, Bernice A

Hill, Bertha Hill, Ethan Meyer

Hill, Eugene Hill, Kirsten Chandler

Hill, Kirstin M Hill, Robert

Hill, Robert A Hiller, Carol F

Hiller, Carolyn B. Hills, David W

Hills, Dawn L. Hilton, Thomas V.

Hilton, Tina A Hinde, Steve A.

Hinde, Thomas S. Hines, David M

Hines, David Michael Hinman, Amy L

Hinman, Amy L Hinz, Peter L

Hinz, Philip Hirschfeld, Theresa S

Hirschfield, Amber L Hitchings, Chelsea Rae

Hitchings, Diane E Hnatiuk, Rebecca Ann

Hnativ, Ihor Bogdanovych Hoang, Van Le

Hoang, Van T Hobson, David M

Hobson, David M Hodder, Rebecca A

Hodder, Richard David Hodges, Dorothy L

Hodges, Dwane A Hodzic, Amira

Hodzic, Asmir Hoff, Donna L

Hoff, Doris C Hoffman, Frances E

Hoffman, Frances T Hoffman, Scott B

Hoffman, Scott F Hogaboom, Katrina M

Hogaboom, Laurie J Hogan, Raymond Patrick

Hogan, Rebecca L Hoilett, Marine A

Hoilett, Nadine M Holcomb, Marion G

Holcomb, Mark K Holder, Natalie V

Holder, Nathaniel B Holland, Chance L

Holland, Charles Holland-Romney, Brenda L

Holland Ruh, Maryanne Holliday, Russell S

Holliday, Sara J Holloman, Christopher J

Holloman, Chrystina J Holm, Noah F

Holm, Paige A Holmes, Gary Antony

Holmes, Gary L Holmes, Sharon

Holmes, Sharon A Holstein, Leah R

Holstein, Leanne Hamilton Holton, Linda M

Holton, Lindsey Blake Homan, Jennifer J

Homan, Jessica L Hong, Carolyn W

Hong, Catriona Blythe Hood, Timothy G

Hood, Timothy M Hoopes, Joan

Hoopes, Jonathan David Hopkins, Dana K

Hopkins, Daniel Hopkins, Timothy B

Hopkins, Timothy C Horan, Jessica Marie

Horan, Jill Ann Horkachuck, Christopher

Horkachuck, Gregory D Horne, Joanne Maurica

Horne, Joan R Horowitz, Frank

Horowitz, Gabriela Louise Horton, Edward

Horton, Edward Horvath, Robert M

Horvath, Robert S Hosp, Kari Ann

Hosp, Kristin Louise Hotkowski, Henry S

Hotkowski, Jill S Hould, Leonard A

Houldcroft, Alisa Hourigan, Elaine R

Hourigan, Elizabeth M Houston, Michael E

Houston, Michele Howard, Charles Gordon

Howard, Charles H Howard, Kelly

Howard, Kelly Howard, Stephen Daniel

Howard, Stephen J Howe, Kevin David

Howe, Kevin Ford Howell, Sallie Wells

Howell, Sally W Howley, Ryan P

Howley, Sally S Hoyt, Dale G

Hoyt, Dale Raymond Hren, Lyndsey J

Hren, Michael T Hsu, Sharon S

Hsu, Shen Ching Hubbard, Alexander M

Hubbard, Alexander M Hubbell, Sara F

Hubbell, Sarah F Hubner, Melissa B

Hubner, Stephen Hudler, Haley J

Hudler, Kim A Hudson, Patricia A

Hudson, Patricia I Huertas, Michael

Huertas, Michael C Hug, Stephanie

Hug, Tanya M Hughes, Edward B

Hughes, Edward C Hughes, Michael A

Hughes, Michael A Huguenin, Marcel J

Huguenin, Marcel J Hull, Haywood

Hull, Heather Kranyik Hulton, Kathleen M

Hulton, Leo J Humphrey, Edgar M

Humphrey, Edward Hungerford, Fern M

Hungerford, Gary Hunt, Frederick S

Hunt, Fred H Hunt, Steven M

Hunt, Steven Mark Hunter, Jeriann D

Hunter, Jeriann D Hunter-Brown, Marcia R

Hunter-Brown, Shirley Hupprich, Jacqueline K

Hupprich, Julia M Hurlburt, Milton A

Hurlburt, Nancy S Hurley, Stefan G

Hurley, Stephanie L Hurvitz, Simon G

Hurvul, Deborah Anne Husser, Jacqueline E

Husser, Thomas Hutchins, Derek

Hutchins, Donald R Hutchinson, Whitney Elizabeth

Hutchinson, William Bennett Huyck, Mary H

Huyck, Norma I Hyatt, Teena M

Hyatt, Theresa A Hylan, Jonathan E P

Hylan, Jonathan J Hyman, Willa

Hyman, Willard D Hyzynski, Theresa M