Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Ha, Anh P Haack, Paul H

Haack, Raymond A Habansky, Emily E

Habansky, Genee L Habza, Denis P

Habza, Denis P Hackett, William Harold

Hackett, William J Hadder, Renee L

Hadder, William J. Haesche, Arthur B

Haesche, Benjamin T Hagarty, Megan Claire

Hagarty, Patricia J Haggarty, Daniel S

Haggarty, Daniel S. Hague, Lauren E

Hague, Lisa Haigh, Randall J

Haigh, Rebecca Lynn Hainsworth, Marie

Hainsworth, Michael Hakmiller, Karl L

Hakmiller, Louise Carol Hale, Robert E

Hale, Robert E Halisey, Robert

Halish, Francis Anthony Hall, Cleta Jean

Hall, Cleveland Hall, Hugh F

Hall, Hughie Hall, Laura Elizabeth

Hall, Laura J. Hall, Richard G

Hall, Richard H Hallabeck, Donald A

Hallabeck, Edward F Hallett, Dylan Ridge

Hallett, Emilia Hallock, Steven Richard

Hallock, Suzanne Halpin, Alyssa

Halpin, Amanda Webster Ham, Laurie A

Ham, Laurie Carol Hamel, Rachel C

Hamel, Rachel P Hamilton, Christopher William

Hamilton, Christy B Hamilton, Mary E

Hamilton, Mary E Hamlin, Giselle M

Hamlin, Haley Hammersley, Dianne S

Hammersley, John W Hammonds, Kenneth W.

Hammonds, Kimberly M Han, David

Han, David Hanczar, Dennis

Hanczar, Gloria W Hanecak, Debra Jean

Hanecak, Debra Jean Hankins, Jay Willie

Hankins, Jeffrey D Hanlon, George A

Hanlon, George F Hannah, Michael

Hannah, Michael J Hannon, Mark Andrew

Hannon, Mark E Hansen, Alicia M

Hansen, Alison Marie Hansen, Kevin C

Hansen, Kevin Christopher Hanson, Barbara Jean

Hanson, Barbara Jean Hanson-Thomas, Ruth M

Hanson-Thylstrup, Kendra E Harari, Josue V

Harari, Nurit Hardesty, Nathaniel

Hardesty, Paulianne A Hardisty, Lisa Ann

Hardisty, Lynnette Sue Hardy, Paula D

Hardy, Paula R Hargrove, Dewaun Lee

Hargrove, Donald V Harl, Teresa P.

Harla, Carrie L Harmon, Jeffrey V

Harmon, Jennifer M Harovas, Nikolai

Harovas, Perry J Harpin, Leanne L

Harpin, Leanne Louise Harriman, Ann E

Harriman, Ann E Harrington, Michael A

Harrington, Michael Colgan Harris, B Adam

Harris, Bailey Maya Harris, Donald

Harris, Donald Harris, Jay M

Harris, Jayne K. Harris, Lora Annette

Harris, Loren Charles Harris, Rashona J.

Harris, Ray Anthony Z G Harris, Timothy Scott

Harris, Timothy W Harrison, Dinnsworth R

Harrison, Dion Harrison, Nadir Hakan

Harrison, Nakea S Harry, Patricia A

Harry, Rachel Leanne Hart, Ivonna R

Hart, Jack Hart, Robert P

Hart, Robert R Hartigan, Brendan Michael

Hartigan, Bridget Marie Hartman, Joseph R

Hartman, Joseph R Hartt, Benton J

Hartt, Bonnie A Harvey, Ellen C

Harvey, Ellen J Harvill, Eledia Soni

Harvill, Erica Beth Hasenauer, Nancy T

Hasenauer, William E Hass, Lynn M

Hass, Marc D Hastillo, Sandra

Hastillo, Stanley Hatch, Rebekah B

Hatch, Reginald J Hathaway, Stephen W.

Hathaway, Susan A Hauck, William F

Hauck, William H Hauser, Judith C

Hauser, Julianne C Haverkampf, Sheila F

Haverkampf, Thomas P Hawke, Judith C

Hawke, Mellicent W Hawkins, Terence S

Hawkins, Terri Lee Hawthorne, Jeff D

Hawthorne, Jeffrey R Hayden, Kristina Dawn

Hayden, Kristina Dawn Hayes, Clarence W

Hayes, Clarice Hayes, Lewis C

Hayes, Lewis C Hayes, Troy Russell

Hayes, Trudie L Haynes, Lourdes O'Neil

Haynes, Louvine Hayward, Robert A

Hayward, Robert Dale Hazlin, James B

Hazlin, John M Healey, Doris H

Healey, Dorothy W Healy, Kenneth J

Healy, Kenneth J Hearn, Gervais B

Hearn, Ginger Heaton, Edward

Heaton, Elisa Rice Hebert, Joanne

Hebert, Joanne M Heck, Jonathan Russell

Heck, Joseph A Hedling, Monica S

Hedling, Monica S Heffernan, John C.

Heffernan, John Dietrick Heide, Melissa A

Heide, Michele Heimlich, John

Heimlich, Marc T Heintz, Sandra L

Heintz, Sarah E Held, Gerald N

Held, Gregory B Heller, Jonathan D

Heller, Joseph A Helmerich, Mary Lee

Helmerich, Michelle A Hemingway, Lorenzo

Hemingway, Lorenzo L Henchcliffe, Nancianne A

Henchcliffe, Robin A Henderson, James G

Henderson, Jamesina E Henderson, Tyra

Henderson, Tyree Hendrickson, Shawn M

Hendrickson, Steven E Henlin, Michelle A

Henlon, Ingrid A Hennessy, Marie E

Hennessy, Marie L Henriquez, Danica K

Henriquez, Domingo Henry, Jatanya S

Henry, Javaughn Malik Henry, Stephanie L

Henry, Stephanie N Hentz, Verna M

Hentzel, Timothy I Herbert, Nancy Anne

Herbert, Nancy E Herens, Michelle Lynn

Herens, Shannon Bridget Herman, Matthew T

Herman, Megan An Hernandez, Alina

Hernandez, Alisandro Hernandez, Damaris

Hernandez, Damaris Hernandez, Ilanys S

Hernandez, Ileana Hernandez, Krimilda

Hernandez, Kristal Lynn Hernandez, Nadice

Hernandez, N Adriel Hernandez, Timothy Michael

Hernandez, Tina Heron, Robert R

Heron, Steven R Herrera-Crilly, Virginia

Herrera-Cruz, Alejandro Herrmann, Elizabeth H

Herrmann, Elizabeth H Hertweck, Kathleen Elizabeth

Hertweck, Kathleen Elizabeth Heslin, Michael Porter

Heslin, Neal S Hession, Cynthia P

Hession, Cynthia P Heumann, Clara Annika

Heumann, Edward N Hewitt, Shedrick J.H.P.

Hewitt, Sherice Amoy Hibbard, Emily G.

Hibbard, F Veronica Hickey, John T

Hickey, Jonathan Joseph Hicks, Barbara M

Hicks, Barry C. Hicks, Thomas Tehron

Hicks, Tiffany M Higgins, Arlene N

Higgins, Arlene R Higgins, Matthew Pierson

Higgins, Matthew T Hightower, Charles Vernon

Hightower, Cheryl D Hildmann, Sigrid E

Hildner, Charles Hill, Christopher Norman

Hill, Christopher Norman Hill, Janet P

Hill, Janet Phyllis Hill, Mary E

Hill, Mary E Hill, Steven P

Hill, Steven T Hilliard, Khalil M

Hilliard, Kristin M Hillyer, Mark E

Hillyer, Mark R Himpel, Katherine E

Himpel, Kathleen M Hinds, Taqiyya Sashea

Hinds, Theresa E Hines, Odell A

Hines, Odell A Hinson, Ella Reese

Hinson, Gary Lane Hirasuna, Ryan M

Hirasuna, Sonja Pahialii Hiam Hirtle, Barbara K

Hirtle, Clifton C Hiza, Elizabeth Jane

Hiza, Francie Emery Hoadley, Alisa

Hoadley, Alisa Howe Hobbs, Ellen M

Hobbs, Ellyn M Hochman-Howard, Lana L

Hochmann-Sohn, Ruth Hodge, Donna S

Hodge, Douglas M Hodgkins, Jennifer

Hodgkins, John E Hoelck, Helen Anne

Hoelck, Jennifer L Hoffler, Travis E

Hoffler, Trevor D Hoffman, Kathryn Lee

Hoffman, Kathy J Hoffmann, Michelle

Hoffmann, Michelle Hogan, Heidi Heather

Hogan, Heidi Heather Hogg, Carol A

Hogg, Carolyn M Holahan, Richard J

Holahan, Robert E. Holden, Cynthia S

Holden, Daniel A Holeva, Jessica Lynn

Holeva, Mary J Holland, Lawrence R

Holland, Leo P Holley, Amanda Helen

Holley, Amanda Renee Hollis, Heather Laurel

Hollis, Ian W. Holloway, Joseph D

Holloway, Joseph L Holmen, Stacy R

Holmer, Laura M Holmes, Lauren E

Holmes, Lauren E Holmquist, Todd E

Holmquist, Tyler Holt, Jeffrey P

Holt, Jenette M Holy, Mireille B

Holy, Shafina Hoque Homiski, Kimberly Klinefelter

Homiski, Kristen D Honohan, Wade

Honor, Barbara Hookie, Chris D

Hook-Ingellis, Sandra L Hopcroft, Dorina L

Hopcroft, James D Hopkins, Joseph M

Hopkins, Joseph P M Hopper, Leigh A

Hopper, Lindsey Diana Horbal, David

Horbal, Denise J Horn, Mariana N

Horn, Marianne I Horner, Valerie J

Horner, Vernessa Horrocks, Dennis W

Horrocks, Edward H Horton, Robert T

Horton, Robin L Hosendove, David J

Hosendove, Ebonie Takisha Hostos, Rafael L

Hostos, Stephanie Marie Houde, Rita E

Houde, Robert J Houle, Maureen E

Houle, Maureen F Housefield, Shawna Lynn

Housefield, Valinda Bernice Hovey, Linda A

Hovey, Loretta M Howard, Felicia M

Howard, Fiona Howard, Mika N

Howard, Mildred E Howarth, Kieran L

Howarth, Kimberly I Howell, Barbara M

Howell, Barbara York Howie, Philip Dennis

Howie, Robert Hoyack, Karen H

Hoyack, Michael Andrew Hoyt, Melissa J

Hoyt, Michael D Hrubiec, Jennifer L

Hrubiec, Jennifer L Huang, Evonne

Huang, Fei Hubbard, Kathleen R

Hubbard, Kathryn E Huber, Kathy Lynn

Huber, Keith R Hudach, John J

Hudach, Joseph J Hudson, Donna L

Hudson, Donna M Huebner, Charles A

Huebner, Charles Augustus Huff, Kyle

Huff, Kyle Hughes, Amanda L

Hughes, Amber Hughes, John H

Hughes, John J Hughes, Shantya B

Hughes, Shari A Hulbert, Evan H

Hulbert, Francine C Hull, Troy John

Hull, Tyler Treat Huminski, Suzanne E

Huminski, Theodore J Humphreys, Dana

Humphreys, Dana T Hunt, Alvin

Hunt, Alvin Hunt, Laura J

Hunt, Laura L Hunter, Charlissa Laquanda

Hunter, Charlotte S Hunter, Minnie L

Hunter, M Kathleen Huntley, Maureen F

Huntley, Maureen G. Hurd, Theresa R

Hurd, Thomas Anthony Hurley, Francis E

Hurley, Francis J. Hurst, Gregory A

Hurst, Hannah Hushak, Sally A

Hushak, Walter Huston, Andre J

Huston, Andre J Hutchinson, Eric C

Hutchinson, Eric J. Huttemann, Robert W

Huttemeier, Peter Hvastovich, Arthur E

Hvatsky, Alexander S Hyde, McKenzie T

Hyde, Meghan Hylton, Cyntreha Danielle

Hylton, Dalhouse Ivy Hysick, Sharon P.

Hyska, Brunilda Hyzynski, Theresa M