Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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G, Paul Gabor, Diane M

Gabor, Erica M Gabriele-Willard, Bernadette A

Gabriel-Hanson, Alicia M Gadlin, Kailani L

Gadlin, Kailani L Gaffey, Marcia P

Gaffey, Margaret Anne Gaghan, William Edward

Gaghan, William John Gagne, Amanda D

Gagne, Amanda Marie Gagner, Joan T

Gagner, John F Gagnon, Joan A

Gagnon, Joanne Gagstetter, Brendan

Gagstetter, Carly Amber Gainey, Emma Marie

Gainey, Florence A Galanos, Eleni C

Galanos, Hillary G Galasso, Lynn S

Galasso, Marc D Gale, Mary E

Gale, Mary Lee Galimi, Carmine

Galimi, Grazia M Gallagher, Brendan T.

Gallagher, Brendon James Gallagher, Linda J

Gallagher, Linda M Gallant, Colin Ryan

Gallant, Cory F Galli, Debrah A

Galli, Debrah G Gallmeyer, Jeannine D

Gallmeyer, Randal D Gallo, Theresa D

Gallo, Theresa M Galluzzo, Michael Robert

Galluzzo, Pietro Galvin, Jennie M

Galvin, Jennifer Gambardella, Evan David

Gambardella, Fannie Gamble, Kiana C

Gamble, Kristina M Gancarz, Linda H

Gancarz, Martha Gangloff, Frank W

Gangloff, Harold L Gannon, Timothy M

Gannon, Tory-Lynn Gao, Austin

Gao, Bin Garbala, Zofia E

Garbalosa, Alejandro M Garcia, Alex

Garcia, Alex Garcia, Clemence C

Garcia, Colleen A Garcia, Gregory J

Garcia, Gregory S Garcia, Julio A

Garcia, Julio A Garcia, Marlene

Garcia, Marlene Garcia, Robin J

Garcia, Robin P Garcia-Inness, Mary A

Garcia Irizarry, Carmen N Gardiner, Rebecca R

Gardiner, Richard C Gardner, Jeffrey James

Gardner, Jeffrey P Gardner, Toni M

Gardner, Tony Gargano, Michael David

Gargano, Michael J Garlick, Claire J

Garlick, Colleen Garnica, Paula S

Garnica, Ruben Garre-Ayars, Kathryn

Garred, James Dallas Garriga, Nora

Garriga, Odalys L Garrity, Loren T

Garrity, Lori E Gartrell, David L

Gartrell, Denice L Garwood, Thomas E

Garwood, Vindelecia Gaskins, Andrea D

Gaskins, Andrea D Gaston, Alyssa Ann

Gaston, Andre Jerome Gates, Roy T

Gates, Rozanne Gatto, Mary Kay

Gatto, Meaghan E Gaudiano, Joseph A

Gaudiano, Joseph A Gaughan, Thomas N

Gaughan, Thomas P Gauthier, Gary R

Gauthier, George J Gavagan, Amanda

Gavagan, Amanda Deidra Gawel, Julia John

Gawel, June F Gayda, Bartlomiey P

Gayda, Bethanne Gayoso, Andrea P

Gayoso, Antonio M Geary, Christopher Edward

Geary, Christopher J Geddes, Marcia Lukas

Geddes, Margaret Elsie Geer, Timothy C

Geer, Todd A Geigle, Francis P

Geigle, Francis W Geletka, R Gregory

Gelev, Yavor Gelormino, Kevin M

Gelormino, Kristen Ann Gencarelli, Nicholas A

Gencarelli, Nicholas A Genest, Erik M

Genest, Gaetan Genovese, Eveline J

Genovese, Evelyn A Gentile, Francis E

Gentile, Frank Gentry, Natalie V

Gentry, Nicole C George, Gary

George, Gary J Georgen, Lawrence R

Georgen, Michael J Geragotelis, Julia

Geragotelis, Justin Gerberich, Lauren E

Gerbers, Cameron Wade Geri, Zoey A

Geriak, Andrew J Germano, George T

Germano, Gerald J Gerrity, Mary E

Gerrity, Matthew P Gerundo, Jessica Ashlea

Gerundo, Louis P Gesler, Marie M

Geslien, Carol Ann Gettinger, Chloe A

Gettinger, Christi Ghate, Ashwini Sameer

Ghate, Sameer Savita Giacchi, Gianni B

Giacchi, Gianni B Giammattei, Ralph M

Giammattei, Raymond A Gianini, Patricia A

Gianini, Paul J Giannino, Joann E

Giannino, Joseph P Giaquinto, Jason Scott

Giaquinto, Jeanie E Gibbons, Ashley S

Gibbons, Barbara Gibbs, Michael J

Gibbs, Michael J Gibson, Cheryl

Gibson, Cheryl A Gibson, Rhonda S

Gibson, Rhonda S Gies, Britany

Gies, Brooke A Giglio, Giuseppa

Giglio, Glenn M Gilbert, Barbara

Gilbert, Barbara Gilbert, Kenneth S

Gilbert, Kenneth W. Gilbert, William L

Gilbert, William L Gil-Dossantos, Christina

Gil-Duran, Catherine A Gill, Carol A

Gill, Carol Ann Gillan, Garrick W

Gillan, Hope L Gillett, Richard N

Gillett, Samuel C Gilligan, Vincent J

Gilligan, William F Gillotti, Loretta D

Gillotti, Louis F Gilmore, Margaret Luella

Gilmore, Margaret O Gimler, David J

Gimler, David J Ginolfi, Carolyn

Ginolfi, Christian P Gioiele, Maura L

Gioiele, Robert A Giordano, Geraldine A.

Giordano, Gerard J Giotis, Sharon D

Giotis, Sharon D Girard, Lishan J.

Girard, Lois K Girona, Samuel

Gironda, Craig C Githens, Joanna Alejandra

Githens, Joseph Giuliano, Marilyn

Giuliano, Marilyn M Givens Hunter, Ta'von M

Givens-Vara, Genavesse L Gladstone, Jean

Gladstone, Johnnie M Glasgow, Cheryl H

Glasgow, Dana M Glassow, Jamal V

Glasspiegel, Dale J Gleason, Joseph

Gleason, Joseph M Glenn, Donald G

Glenn, Donald Greggory Glickstein, Sam Etienne

Glickstein, Sylvie A Glover, Amanda J

Glover, Amanda L Gluck, Vonda

Gluck, William C Gnesda, Susan L

Gness, Bethany Jane Godbout, Katharine A

Godbout, Kathy O Godfrey, Montasie

Godfrey, Nathaniel F Goduto, Paul

Goduto, Raymond A Goetz, Jennifer L

Goetz, Jerry E Gogliettino, Rae M

Gogliettino, Ralph Joseph Gola-Spires, Emma

Golasz, Patricia Louise Goldberg, Deidre L.

Goldberg, Derek Golde, Herbert J

Golde, Kelley A Goldfarb, Jacqueline

Goldfarb, Jamie Elizabeth Goldman, Scott

Goldman, Scott J Goldstein, David W

Goldstein, David Z Golebiewski, Rachel A

Golebiewski, Richard J Golob, Melissa

Golob, Melissa Rae Gomes, Daniel T

Gomes, David Gomez, Brian K

Gomez, Brianna L Gomez, Lindsey M

Gomez, Lisa M Gomez Espinal, Miltres Yokasta

Gomez Espinoza, Carlos Daniel Goncharov, Veronice

Goncharov, Yefem Gonyaw, Gregg T

Gonyaw, Harold C Gonzalez, Alicia A

Gonzalez, Alicia M Gonzalez, Carmen

Gonzalez, Carmen Gonzalez, Elba

Gonzalez, Elba Gonzalez, Hector L

Gonzalez, Hector L C Gonzalez, Jorge Enrique

Gonzalez, Jorge J Gonzalez, Linnette

Gonzalez, Linnette H Gonzalez, Martina

Gonzalez, Martina Gonzalez, Pedro M

Gonzalez, Pedro N Gonzalez, Tanisha L

Gonzalez, Tannia L Gonzalez-Mosquera, Viviana

Gonzalez Munoz, Jannette Goode, Jo Ann

Goode, Joanne F Goodley, Latoya

Goodley, Lenison Goodnite, Marilyn K

Goodnite, Marilyn Kay Goodson, Lona

Goodson, Loretta F Goodwin, Michelle L

Goodwin, Michelle L Gopie, Yolanda Marcia

Gopie-Agoora, Pamela M Gordon, Brian H

Gordon, Brian Hugh Gordon, Joanne T

Gordon, Joan R Gordon, Richard Vm

Gordon, Rita Gore, Tiffany A

Gore, Timothy Gorman, Angela M.

Gorman, Anita L Gormany, Shane M

Gormany, Tamara D Gorski, Margaret E

Gorski, Maria Goss, Devon

Goss, Dirck W Gostin, Judith E

Gostin, Michael J Gottlieb, Angela D

Gottlieb, Angela Dawn Goulart, Megan C.

Goulart, Mike Gould, William H

Gould, William H Goushel, Omeed S

Gousidet-Perez, Antonio Gowel, Jean M

Gowell, Alanj Grabe, William O

Grabeck, Bernard J Grabowski, Ronald R

Grabowski, Ronald T Gracie, Richard A

Gracie, Richard A Grady, Timothy Pope

Grady, Tina Colette Graham, Bruce

Graham, Bruce D Graham, Julina J

Graham, Julina Jacqueline Graham, Sidney C

Graham, Sierra B Gramlich, Ana

Gramlich, Benjamin G Grandchamp, Lynn

Grandchamp, Mary Ann Granger, Colleen A

Granger, Daniel J Grant, Brandon E

Grant, Brandon W Grant, James Gary

Grant, James I Grant, Patricia A

Grant, Patricia Ann Granton, William T

Grant-Paolino, Wanda Grasso, Meaghan L

Grasso, Meaghan L Graveley, Jared

Gravelin, Carol Graves, Steven C.

Graves, Summer D Gray, Elizabeth Agr

Gray, Elizabeth Ann Gray, Mary Catherine

Gray, Maryclaire Graybosch, Veda M

Gray-Brown, Dovante Greaney, Vanessa M

Greaney, Veronica M Greco, Frank R

Greco, Frank S Green, Alwyn

Green, Alwyn D Green, Derrick W

Green, Derrith Ann Green, John Arbine

Green, John Arthur Green, Max

Green, Maxine L Green, Shantay R

Green, Shaquava D Greenberg, Andrew G

Greenberg, Angelique H Greene, Anne

Greene, Anne Greene, John L

Greene, John M. Greene, Sean P

Greene, Sean T Greenidge, Ruqqiya Lydia

Greenidge, Sherrill A Greenwald, Eric C

Greenwald, Eva Mindy Greer, Sean Michael

Greer, Shananaquei S Gregor, Tanya

Gregor, Tarsilla Elizabeth Gregory, Melissa A

Gregory, Meriel M Grella, Albert M

Grella, Alexander L Grenier, Scott

Grenier, Scott K Grey, Jamel

Grey, James D Griem, Rowena

Griemsmann, Judith A Griffin, Daniel J

Griffin, Daniel James Griffin, Keith E

Griffin, Keith M Griffin, Sarah R

Griffin, Sarah S Griffith, Magnora A

Griffith, Malissa Griggs, Glynn J

Griggs, Henry Little Grillo, Shaibel T

Grillo, Shannon M Grimes, Richard A

Grimes, Rita L.W Grinspan, Phyllis M

Grinstead, Jacqueline B Griswold, John E

Griswold, John L Grode, Gabrielle M

Grodecka, Agnieszka M Groman, Kyle J

Groman, Lanna E Groschel, Arthur E

Groschel, Hans Gross, Virginia H

Gross, Walter E Grosso, Karyl Lee

Grosso, Katherine J Grover, Colin C

Grover, Danielle N Gruden, Alfred J

Gruden, Amy D. Grunwald, Karen E

Grunwald, Karen Elizabeth Grzyb, Bethany A

Grzyb, Carol S Guaman, Luis R

Guaman, Manuel Guarnaccia, Giacomo J

Guarnaccia, Helene S Guccione, Georgette

Guccione, Jaime L Guerard, Richard Gene

Guerard, Richard R Guerrera, Carlo

Guerrera, Carlo Guerrero, Melissa A

Guerrero, Melissa M Guest, Clare L

Guest, Clare L Guglielmone, Stephanie I

Guglielmone, Thomas R Guido, John Michael

Guido, Jonathan M Guiliano, Jean F

Guiliano, Jeffrey William Guimaraes, Eunecir

Guimaraes, Fernando B Guite, Renaud C

Guite, Sebastien Eric Gulley, Robert M

Gulley, Rodney Gunas, Mary Elizabeth

Gunas, Peter J. Gunter, Latoya Christine

Gunter, Marcia E Gura, Phyllis J

Gura, Robert J Gurvich, Daniel

Gurvich, Daniel Gustafson, Tara Allyn

Gustafson, Ted Gutierrez, Carlos A.

Gutierrez, Carlos C Gutman, Laura S

Gutman, Laura Schwartz Guzda, Theodore M

Guzda, Theodore M. Guzman, Luz N

Guzman, Luz N Gwiazda, Dylan Thomas

Gwiazda, Elizabeth L Gzyms, Michael A