Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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G, Paul Gable, Ryan J

Gable, Shirley A Gabriele, Linda A

Gabriele, Lindsay Meredith Gade, Kirsten Lyn

Gade, Larissa Mary Gaeth, Karl Heinz

Gaetjen, Carol C Gagel, Jillian Lynne

Gagel, John E Gaglio, John T

Gaglio, Joseph A Gagne, Thomas Robert

Gagne, Tiffany M Gagnon, Janice M

Gagnon, Jason Cameron Gagnon, Trisha

Gagnon, Trisha Jeen Gaines, Regina A

Gaines, Reginald Louis Galan, Marilyn E

Galan, Norberto Galassi, David F

Galassi, Desiree M Gale, Eric E.

Gale, Erma J Galiette, Angelo J

Galiette, Bradford Weston Gallagher, Amanda Helaine

Gallagher, Amanda R Gallagher, Kenneth W

Gallagher, Kerry A Gallaher, Karen Winn

Gallaher, Katherine Galletly, Lynn Teresa

Galletly, Marion E Gallison, Linda M

Gallison, Rachel Gallo, Rita

Gallo, Robert F Gallup, Sean D

Gallup, Shanoah Galvin, Carol S

Galvin, Catherine A Gambardella, Anthony

Gambardella, Anthony Gamble, Gwynetta A

Gamble, Heidi R Gan, Rita A

Gan, Rita A. Gangi, Camille J

Gangi, Carmela Gannon, Patricia M

Gannon, Patricia R. Ganung, Beverly L

Ganung, Catherine D. Garay, Ramona

Garay, Ricardo Garcha, Veenu

Garchitorena, Alexander James Garcia, Charlene C

Garcia, Charlene L Garcia, Gerardo

Garcia, Gerardo Garcia, Josue Guillermo

Garcia, Joxel Garcia, Maria R

Garcia, Maria Ribeiro Garcia, Raymond A

Garcia, Raymond A Garcia-Benejan, Pedro Luis

Garcia-Berdecia, Muriel M Gardiner, Julia G

Gardiner, Kara Melinda Gardner, Holly

Gardner, Holly Diane Gardner, Stanley

Gardner, Stanley Uriah Gargano, Jacqueline Stoyak

Gargano, Jamie A Garland, Patricia A

Garland, Patricia Ann Garnett, Jason Richard

Garnett, Jeffrey R Garrahy, Edward P

Garrahy, Edward P Garrick, Tammy A

Garrick, Thomas J. Garrity, Glen Robert

Garrity, Harold V Gartland, Kathleen M

Gartland, Kathryn B Garvin, Mikayla

Garvin, Mychal Gaski, Jacqueline

Gaski, James Gassman, Garret J

Gassman, Gregory J Gates, Lorrie J

Gates, Louise L Gattinella, Paul

Gattinella, Ronald S Gaudette, Philip R

Gaudette, Philip R Gaugh, Kevin A

Gaugh, Kevin A Gauthier, Cindy Sue

Gauthier, Cliff N Gauvin, Michael F

Gauvin, Michael F Gavrish, Joseph

Gavrish, Joseph W Gay, Robert L

Gay, Robert R Gaynor, Margaret Frances

Gaynor, Mark L Gearin, Mona E

Gearing, Brandon Carson Geckeler, Amy T

Geckeler, Stephen A Geer, Leonard K

Geer, Linda P Geiger, Jimmie Earl

Geiger, Jimmie Earl Gelbin, Laura Sybil

Gelbin, Michael E Gelly, Caren A.

Gelly, Chanon K Genao-Peralta, Fernando Antonio

Genao-Sanchez, Ana Generoso, Laura Ann

Generoso, Luisa I. Genovese, Adrienne

Genovese, Adua Gentile, Christopher J

Gentile, Christopher M Gentles, Egbert

Gentles, Egbert E George, Delores M

George, Delores R George, Tiffany A

George, Tiffany Ann Geraci, Tamara L

Geraci, Thomas Gerber, Kathleen Marie

Gerber, Kenneth R Gerguri Mohammadi, Florije

Gerguson, Colleen Marie German, Michael D

German, Michael J Gerrish, Christine A

Gerrish, Donald R Gertler, Joshua H

Gertmann, Kathy Gerzabek, Frank M.

Gerzabek, Jillian M Getman, Louise N

Getman, Marilyn L. Ghaly, Fayez A

Ghaly, Marian Ghoshal, Anindya

Ghoshal, Saheli Giambruno, Barbara

Giambruno, Jane Giangrande, Sara Catherine

Giangrande, S Claudine Giannini, Henry F

Giannini, Henry L Giantonio, Clara M

Giantonio, Deborah F Gibb, James H

Gibb, James R Gibbs, Jonathan

Gibbs, Jonathan L Gibson, Annie M

Gibson, Annie R Gibson, Michelle

Gibson, Michelle Gieracki, Walter

Gieralt, Anna Marie Gigi, Margalit G

Gigi, Shlomo S Gilbane, Robert Francis

Gilbane, Ruth M Gilbert, John Matthew

Gilbert, John-Michael Peter Gilbert, Susan Elaine

Gilbert, Susan Jean Gildea, Jessica L

Gildea, Jessica L Gilkes, Ann F

Gilkes, Anthony S Gill, Shawn W

Gill, Sherri A Gillespie, Robert G

Gillespie, Robert J Gilligan, Bryan

Gilligan, Caitlin Gilloran, Sharon D

Gilloran, Stephanie Lee Gilmore, Evelyn M

Gilmore, Frances Mary Gilstrap, Graham W

Gilstrap, James A Ginn, Donald Linton

Ginn, Genevieve R Gioffre, Michael A

Gioffre, Modesta G Giordano, Christine S

Giordano, Christin M Giorgio, Eugene C

Giorgio, Greg L Girard, Elizabeth

Girard, Elizabeth Girnius, Maribel T.

Girnius, Richard Gisolfi, R J

Gisolfi, Rudolph J Giuliano, Chelsea Lynn

Giuliano, Cheryl Marie Given, Robert Christian

Given, Robert M Gladitsch, Jane

Gladitsch, Jane Glaser, Douglas J

Glaser, Edward D Glassman, Dana

Glassman, David Gleason, Constance B

Gleason, Courtney Kathryn Glendenning, Ashley Nicole

Glendenning, Charles E Glick, Michael John

Glick, Michael L Gloria, Marguerite A

Gloria, Maria E. Glownia, Robert F

Glownia, Theresa R Gmuer, Corinne Alice

Gmuer, Jeanette Godart, Julie S

Godart, Julie S Godfrey, David Elgene

Godfrey, David J Godoy, Dagoberto A

Godoy, David Goetschius, Jennifer T

Goetschius, Joan G Goggins, Gregory David

Goggins, Jackie M Golan, Glen M

Golan, John W Goldberg, Alexander R

Goldberg, Alex Michael Goldberg-Andrew, Elisabette Vanessa

Goldberg-Avidon, Marlene Goldenberg, Gina

Goldenberg, Gloria Goldman, Judy M

Goldman, Julie Goldstein, Alan J

Goldstein, Alan S Goldstone, Lenrod L

Goldstone, Margaret C Goll, Austin Charles

Goll, Debra M Gomes, Ana P

Gomes, Anderson J Gomez, Altagracia

Gomez, Altlady Gomez, Jose M

Gomez, Jose M Gomez, Teri M

Gomez, Thalia Goncalves, Maria Grace

Goncalves, Maria H Gonska, Kylie D

Gonska, Matthew Gonzalez, Adelfina

Gonzalez, Adelfina Gonzalez, Brenda Lee

Gonzalez, Brendalee Gonzalez, Donald G

Gonzalez, Donald J Gonzalez, Giovanni Domingo

Gonzalez, Giovanni G Gonzalez, Jesus

Gonzalez, Jesus Gonzalez, Kharina I

Gonzalez, Kiana Iselis Gonzalez, Maria T

Gonzalez, Maria T Gonzalez, Norma I

Gonzalez, Norma I Gonzalez, Sheila M

Gonzalez, Shelley L Gonzalez Centena, Charila

Gonzalez-Chaparro, Sandra Enid Goodall, Kylie C.

Goodall, Kylie Christine Goodine, Nicholas R

Goodine, Randy Goodman, Robert W

Goodman, Roger M Goodrow, Laura Ann

Goodrow, Lee P Goodwin, Karen A

Goodwin, Karen F Goosby, Willie L

Goose, Stephen Gordon, Aliza S

Gordon, Allan J Gordon, Israel I

Gordon, Israel M Gordon, Nadine N

Gordon, Nancy Gore, Corey M

Gore, Curtis L Gority, Diane

Gority, Regina Q Gorman, Raymond J

Gorman, Raymond J Gorske, Jessica Lee

Gorske, Lisa M Goslin, Jason David

Goslin, Jean D Gosselin, Richard A

Gosselin, Richard D Gottfried, David M.

Gottfried, Dennis J Gough, Nellie M

Gough, Pamela B Gould, Nancy A

Gould, Nancy Betham Gourdet, Sherlane

Gourdet, Wislene Gow, Diane M

Gow, Dwayne M Grab, Charles Edward

Grab, Courtney I Grabowski, Jennifer Jean

Grabowski, Jeremy W Gracewski, Julia

Gracewski, Mary L Grady, Lorry M

Grady, Lorry M Graham, Alana Elizabeth

Graham, Alan E Graham, Jane A

Graham, Janell Amanda Rose Graham, Richard W

Graham, Richard Wayne Grala, Virginia

Graley, Anthony Granato, Madeline Marie

Granato, Marlene C Granelli, Emily N.

Granelli, Ernest A Grant, Alrick M

Grant, Alsted Grant, Gabriel P

Grant, Gabriel P. Grant, Mecca L.

Grant, Megan Grant, Vanessa Marie

Grant, Vaughn Grasso, Erin Mary

Grasso, Faith Graupner, Peter C

Graupner, Suzanne S Graves, Karen Elizabeth

Graves, Karen M Gray, Crystal D

Gray, Cullen Gray, Kristy Beth

Gray, Krystal A Gray, Tene Siobhan

Gray, Terence Grazier, Jerry R

Grazier, Linden B Greco, Anthony A

Greco, Anthony C. Gredinger, Robin Dee

Gredoni, Catherine L Green, Crystal L

Green, Crystal Lynn Green, James Kenneth

Green, James L Green, Louise

Green, Louise F Green, Robert M

Green, Robert M Greenawalt, Joshua Craig

Greenawalt, Linda L Greenberger, Julius

Greenberger, Kathleen Greene, Gillian E

Greene, Gina Marie Greene, Olive S

Greene, Olivia Isabella Greenfield, Stewart H

Greenfield, Stewart M Greenspan, Luke A

Greenspan, Lynn E Greer, Cameron I

Greer, Candace E Gregoire, Leo Joseph

Gregoire, Lillian C Gregory, Jesse L

Gregory, Jesse L Greineder, William N

Greiner, Allen F Grenier, Kathleen E

Grenier, Kathleen M Grevelding, Peter E.

Greven, David Grieco, Anna Maria

Grieco, Ashley A Griffin, Brendan J

Griffin, Brendan P Griffin, Jennifer Elaine

Griffin, Jennifer K Griffin, Paul J

Griffin, Paul J Griffith, Charles B

Griffith, Charles Bradley Grigely, David John

Grigely, Joan Grillo, Janet L

Grillo, Jared A Grimes, Candice

Grimes, Carl A Grindell, Mark F

Grindell, Shane L Griswold, Amanda Eileen

Griswold, Amara Grobard, Seymour

Grobard, Tracy J Grohocki, Michael James

Grohocki, Nancy Mae Groom, Dashana

Groom, Delida J Gross, Marc Andres

Gross, Marcia R Grossman, Rebecca

Grossman, Rebecca Anna Grout, Deborah M

Grout, Doreen Grube, Mark

Grube, Martin Grundwalski, Julia

Grundwalski, Kevin James Gryskiewicz, Kristen Alta

Gryskiewicz, Linda Marie Guadez, Joseph Christopher Daquipa

Guadez, Junita Iyog Guarino, Joseph Paul

Guarino, Joseph Paul Guay, Roger A

Guay, Ruth I Guedez, Bienvenida O

Guedez, Nestor J Guerra, Mercedes

Guerra, Michael Anthony Guerrera, William J

Guerrera, William N Guertin, Gary G

Guertin, Gary R Guglielmi, Domenico

Guglielmi, Donald A Guida, Josephine P

Guida, Joseph M Guild, Roy S

Guild, Sandy J Guilmart, William J

Guilmart, William J Guiral, Luis O

Guirand, Clothilde B Gulioso, Josina A

Gulioso, Marisa Guminiak, Penny

Guminiak, Penny L Gunn Bromley, Susan

Gunn-Childs, Crystal Gupta, Manish

Gupta, Manisha Gurrieri, Joan

Gurrieri, John Frank Gustafson, Jon Eric

Gustafson, Joseph C Guthrie, David R

Guthrie, Deborah L Gutierrez, Reny Daniel

Gutierrez, Rhea J Guyer, Ervin

Guyer, Gregory M Guzman, Iris A.

Guzman, Iris I Guzzardi, Carol A.

Guzzardi, Catherine A Gyllenhammer, Doris R

Gyllenhammer, Edmund J Gzyms, Michael A