Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Faalafua, Erin Kealoha Fable, George R

Fable, Jacqueline M Fackelmayer, Harrison G

Fackelmayer, Oliver James Fagan, Matthew Mark

Fagan, Mattie R Fahey, Robert D

Fahey, Robert J Fainer, Jennifer A

Fainer, Jerome M Fairhurst, John Christopher

Fairhurst, Joseph David Falce, Karenlee

Falce, Katherine Mary Falcone, Jason Michael

Falcone, Jason R Falkner, Claire K

Falkner, Craig S Falls, Clifford

Falls, Daniel F Famiglietti, Joseph P

Famiglietti, Joyce Faniel, Quintasha N

Faniel, Rhea D Faraci, Edwina M

Faraci, Esther M Fargnoli, Michael A

Fargnoli, Michael R Farisello, Melissa A

Farisello, Vincent M Farmer, Greg

Farmer, Gretchen H Farquhar, Jenna

Farquhar, Joan A Farrell, Christian R

Farrell, Christina B Farrell, Mary Thiele

Farrell, Matthew Farricelli, Rudolph D

Farricelli, Rudolph Michael Fasanella, James

Fasanella, James J Fasulo, Geoffrey M

Fasulo, Gina M Faugno, Lorraine D

Faugno, Louis J Faust, Julia M

Faust, Julia Rose Fawcett, Alma R

Fawcett, Andrew A Fazekas, Brian M

Fazekas, Bruce M Fazzino, Rebecca Ann

Fazzino, Regina A Febo, Frank

Febo, George H Federer, Eric A

Federer, Eric A Fedoruk, Ronald Steven

Fedoruk, Stepan Feery, Michael J

Feery, Reed W Feinberg, Michael A.

Feinberg, Michaela Louise Felder, Robert

Felder, Robert B Felicella, David John

Felicella, Jacqueline D Feliciano, Melissa

Feliciano, Melissa Anne Felix, Robert F

Felix, Roberto B Felt, Dudley Pomeroy

Felt, Gary J Fenn, Heather E

Fenn, Heather Lynn Fenton, Elizabeth J

Fenton, Elizabeth Pennington Fereidooni, Mohammad

Fereira, A Teresa Ferguson, Ida L

Ferguson, Ifeoma E Ferguson, William T

Ferguson, William W. Fernandes, Gale E

Fernandes, Gena M Fernandez, Desireee A

Fernandez, Desmond P Fernandez, Nereida

Fernandez, Nereida Ferragatta, Bruno

Ferragatta, Elena M Ferrara, Cheryl R

Ferrara, Cheryl S Ferrari, Tiffany M.

Ferrari, Tom D Ferrarone, Nancy

Ferrarone, Shirley Ferreira, Mark A

Ferreira, Mark R Ferreras, Apolonia

Ferreras, Aracelis Ferrigno, William A.

Ferrigno, William H Ferro, Mary A

Ferro, Mary A Fertig, Jennifer Shore

Fertig, John W Fette, Richard H

Fette, Sarah Fiasconaro, Gino C

Fiasconaro, Gregory Fiddler, Deborah

Fiddler, Dora L Field, Leroy M

Field, Linda Fields, Peter

Fields, Peter I Figlar, Donna P

Figlar, Frederick Figueroa, Cynthia Marie

Figueroa, Cynthia Y Figueroa, Kayla Lynn

Figueroa, Kelley Lynne Figueroa, Sor M

Figueroa, Stacie A Fildes, Raymond J

Fildes, Sarah I Filler, Michael E

Filler, Michael Y. Finazzo, Lina

Finazzo, Lindsey Fine, William Michael

Fine, Yvonne F Finkel, Deborah S

Finkel, Emily Finman, Amanda

Finman, Celia E Finnegan, Michael J

Finnegan, Michael J Finuoli, Dominic R

Finuoli, Laura C Fiore, Wilma N.

Fiore, Zachary Scott Firestone, Sophia Helen

Firestone, Stephen Fischer, Holly

Fischer, Holly Fish, Barbara J

Fish, Bart Fisher, Christopher A

Fisher, Christopher A Fisher, Laura E

Fisher, Laura Nuzhet Fisherkeller, William Robin

Fisher-Lawrence, Latwana D Fitch, Mark F

Fitch, Mark F Fitzgerald, Daniel Steven

Fitzgerald, Darby T Fitzgerald, Mahley R

Fitzgerald, Mahley Ryan Fitz-Gibbon, Michael A

Fitzgibbon, Nancy K Fitzpatrick, Julie A

Fitzpatrick, Julie C Fitzsimons, Michael K

Fitzsimons, Michael W Flaherty, Janice L

Flaherty, Janice L. Flanagan, Clare

Flanagan, Colette C Flandermeyer, Brian Keith

Flandermeyer, Rebecca L Flatow, Jennifer M

Flatow, Jonathan A Fleischhauer, Gene D.

Fleischli, Edward C Fleming, Luciana M

Fleming, Lucille A Fletcher, Dawn Ann

Fletcher, Deandrea Shamebriel Fleury, Madelyn T

Fleury, Mark A Flockhart, Kalyn M.

Flockhart, Kara-Lynn Florenz, Karen Ann

Florenz, Sean C Flores, Jose

Flores, Jose Flores, William

Flores, William Florio, Victor J.

Florio, Vincent John Floyd, Joann

Floyd, Joanna M Flynn, Cheryle P

Flynn, Chloe E Flynn, Kyle T

Flynn, Laura A Flynn-Maguire, Mary B

Flynn-Martin, Margaret M Fogarty, Sean W.

Fogarty, Shane D Folan, Thomas K

Folan, Tracey Lynn Foley, Kara Ann

Foley, Karen A. Folger, Judith C

Folger, Julianne Spinelli Fondelheit, Katie

Fondelheit, Katie Ann Fontaine, Christina A

Fontaine, Christina Elisabeth Fontana, Paolo

Fontana, Patricia A Foodim-Sloan, Stacey A

Foodman, Amy Mara Forbes, Barbagene D

Forbes, Barbara A Forcier, Matthew Joseph

Forcier, Michael M Ford, Joan E

Ford, Joan G Ford, Tiffany M

Ford, Tim J Forester, Katherine L

Forester, Kristin Sayers Forman, Allison Mae

Forman, Amy L Fornwalt, Kathleen M

Foronda, Anthony Forson, William E

Forson-Dare, Zaneta A Forte, Joseph M

Forte, Joseph P Fortier, Michele S

Fortier, Micheline Fortner, Kara S

Fortner, Kelsea Foshay, Tiffany Ann

Foshay, Todd S Foster, Claudette

Foster, Claudia Foster, Kirklando O

Foster, Kirsten Elizabeth Foster, Vera L.

Foster, Verna M Fountain, Robert B

Fountain, Robert C Fournier, Rachel E

Fournier, Ramon D Fowler, Kathanne W

Fowler, Katharine G Fox, Christopher S

Fox, Christopher William Fox, Linda K

Fox, Linda L Fox-Bolvari, Elisa Lucille

Fox-Braddock, Maryjo Fraenza, Joseph J

Fraenza, Juliana Maria Framularo, Regina A

Framularo, Vincent Lewis Francis, Annie Haynes

Francis, Anthea N Francis, Patricia J

Francis, Patricia L Franco, Christopher

Franco, Christopher L Francoeur, Lisa M

Francoeur, Luisa Frank, Edward J

Frank, Edward S Frankel, Margaux L

Frankel, Maria Franklin, Randi Michelle

Franklin, Randolph A Frantz, Melinda Clerice

Frantz, Nancy E Frasco, Nicholas F

Frasco, Nioma J Fratamico-Reed, Kristen M

Fratangelo, Angela S Fravel, Clare Anne

Fravel, Dennis P Frazier, Malik

Frazier, Malik Fredella, Henry L

Fredella, Michele L Fredette, Cheryl R

Fredette, Christin Freedman, Kathleen M

Freedman, Kathleen S Freeman, James E

Freeman, James F. Freeman, William

Freeman, William B Freitag, Russell

Freitag, Russell French, Keith A

French, Keith W Freschi, Kenneth J

Freschi, Lindsay Marie Frey, Michele M

Frey, Michele M Fried, Emily Monroe

Fried, E S Friedman, John S

Friedman, Jonas Max Friend, Noah W

Friend, Patrick Gillis Frisbie, Helen H

Frisbie, Herbert S Fritz, John R

Fritz, John T Frohock, Belinda F

Frohock, John R. Frost, Kathleen

Frost, Kathleen J Fry, Taylor E

Fry, Telsa Dena Fuchs, Kirsten Joan

Fuchs, Kurt Fuentes, Zoraida

Fuentes-Afflick, Andres Fullana, Richard J

Fullana, Sharon M.T. Fuller, Melissa L

Fuller, Melissa L Fulton, Eric Michael

Fulton, Erika L Funk, Eric

Funk, Frances L Furlo, Christine

Furlo, Christopher Paul Furtado, Eric J

Furtado, Gabriel Ubiraci Fusco, Italo

Fusco, Italo A Futia, Maryann

Futia, Michael A Fynn, Millicent C