Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Faalafua, Erin Kealoha Fabius, Laura

Fabius, Myrtha Facin, Dorothy May

Facin, Jordan Matthew Fagan, Marilyn J

Fagan, Marilyn W Fahey, Patrick

Fahey, Patrick M Fain, Wanda

Fain, William F Fairfield, Parker Abbott

Fairfield, Patrick Falbowski, Theodore M

Falby, Daniel C Falcone, Gary

Falcone, Gary D Falkin, Leslie J

Falkingham, Julianne Fallone, Mark A

Fallon-O'connell, Star S Famiglietti, Jessica Lee

Famiglietti, Joann R Fangon, Marissa Santiago

Fanhani, Wesllen Renato Faraci, Catherine B

Faraci, Catherine M Fargis, Madeleine McKenna

Fargnoli, Ardemis L Faris, James A

Faris, Jeffrey Farmer, Dorothy A

Farmer, Douglas S Farquhar, Doris E

Farquhar, Douglas Farrell, Cathryn Lynn

Farrell, Cathy L Farrell, Mary E.

Farrell, Mary E Farri, Richard M

Farri, Richard M Fasanella, Anne L

Fasanella, Anne Louise Fasulo, Cheryl E

Fasulo, Cynthia A Faugno, Kevin Joseph

Faugno, Kyle C Faust, Joan F

Faust, Joan L Fawber, Lee S

Fawber, Lindsay C Fazekas, Amy L

Fazekas, Andrew J Fazzino, Paul P

Fazzino, Periann Febles-Rodriguez, Elvira A

Febo, Ana Feder-Craney, Carl J

Feder-Craney, Lynda Fedoruk, Kenneth C

Fedoruk, Kristina M Feery, John Henry

Feery, Juliet H Feinberg, Michael

Feinberg, Michael A Felder, Regina H

Felder, Robert Felice, Virginia C

Felice, William L. Feliciano, Mayline

Feliciano, Mayra Felix, Richard D

Felix, Robert F Felt, Carlin

Felt, Charlotte H Fenn, Gary R

Fenn, Gary R Fenton, Edward J

Fenton, Edward J Fereday, Maryjean Carrington

Fereidooni, Mohammad Ferguson, Ian

Ferguson, Ida Ferguson, William T

Ferguson, William T Fernandes, Fred

Fernandes, Gabrielle L Fernandez, Desmond P

Fernandez, Diana Fernandez, Niceta C

Fernandez, Nicholas A Ferragatta, Jennifer J

Ferraguto, Cynthia C Ferrara, Christina

Ferrara, Christine F Ferrari, Toni M

Ferrari, Tyler Charles Ferrarotti, Amy L

Ferrarotti, Barbara A Ferreira, Marlene M

Ferreira, Martha I Ferreras, Deyania

Ferreras, Deyanira Ferrigno, William Roland

Ferrigon, Andrea A Ferro, Michael A

Ferro, Michael F. Fertig, Micah

Fertig, Michael A Fetter, David A

Fetter, Emily A Fiasconaro, James G

Fiasconaro, James Wolfgang Fiddler, Kevin M

Fiddler, Louretto A Field, Loren D

Field, Lori C Fields, Raylena

Fields, Rebecca Figlar, Marc A

Figlar, Mary Ann Figueroa, Damaris

Figueroa, Damiana Figueroa, Kevin

Figueroa, Keyla M Figueroa, Steven

Figueroa, Steven G Fileccia, Myrna P

Fileccia, Sarah M. Filler, Victoria Ann

Filler, Yakov Finberg, Karin Elisabeth

Finberg, Owen J. Finefrock, Kevin Charles

Finegan, Agnes A Finkel, Marlene G

Finkel, Mary Finman, Richard A

Finn, Alan M Finnegan, Patricia A

Finnegan, Patricia F Fiocco, Andrew

Fiocco, Elizabeth A Fiorella, John F

Fiorella, Maureen A Firetto, Nadine M

Firetto, Nadine M Fischer, Jacqueline A

Fischer, James C Fish, Candace Elizabeth

Fish, Candace Elizabeth Fisher, Claire S

Fisher, Clara J Fisher, Lauren Tarczali

Fisher, Laurie Ann Fisher-Taylor, Sheri

Fisher-Taylor, Sheri L Fitch, Michael B

Fitch, Michael P Fitzgerald, David J

Fitzgerald, David J Fitzgerald, Margaret M

Fitzgerald, Margaret M Fitzgibbons, Caitlin L

Fitzgibbons, Carl E Fitzpatrick, Katherine

Fitzpatrick, Katherine Fitzsimons, Scott J

Fitzsimons, Scott J Flaherty, Johnathon Patrick

Flaherty, John C Flanagan, Daniel R

Flanagan, Daniel T Flanders, Edward Anthony

Flanders, Edward Francis Flattery, Candy C

Flattery, Darienne Fleischman, Joan A

Fleischman, Joann Fleming, Marion A

Fleming, Marisa B Fletcher, Donna M

Fletcher, Donna M Fleury, Sandra C

Fleury, Scott C Floegel, Wayne Stephen

Floer, Dan E Florer, Kenneth

Florer, Mitchell T Flores, Jose Antonio

Flores, Jose C Flores, Yovania

Flores, Zaida Florkoski, Beth

Florkoski, Carmen A Floyd, Kirsten N

Floyd, Kris Johnson Flynn, Colleen R

Flynn, Columb Flynn, Lisa M

Flynn, Lisa M Flyte, Amanda Elizabeth

Flyte, Angie M Fogarty, William J

Fogarty, William J. Folchi, Christina L

Folchi, Corazon Foley, Kathleen M

Foley, Kathleen Sullivan Foligno, Elljah J

Foligno, Frank J Fones, Jeanne B

Fones, John Fontaine, Danielle K

Fontaine, Danielle Katherine Fontana, Taylor Nicole

Fontana, Theresa Gabrielle Foor, Tammi L

Foord, Deborah C Forbes, Carrie Ann

Forbes, Carroll T Forcier, Trish Andrea

Forcier, William P Ford, Jonathan M

Ford, Jon Newman Ford, Veronica A.

Ford, Vervatine Foret, Raistlin P

Foret, Sharon Cynthia Forman, Donald Walter

Forman, Donella B Forrest, Allison M

Forrest, Allison Marie Forst, Rachel Ann

Forst, Ralph D Forte, Loretta

Forte, Lori A Fortier, Raymond M

Fortier, Rebecca Lee-Ann Fortson, Genora

Fortson, James M Foskey, Monica L

Foskey, Peggy A. Foster, Dana M

Foster, Danaya Leanna Foster, Laurie Alice

Foster, Laurie S Foster, William E

Foster, William F Fountaine, Adam Christopher

Fountaine, Alyce A Fournier, Ronald L

Fournier, Rosalie C Fowler, Lawrence Joseph

Fowler, Lawrence Joseph Fox, Daniel J

Fox, Daniel J. Fox, Madeline M

Fox, Malcolm A Fox Santora, Kimberly P

Fox-Slusky, Randi Fraga, Michael R

Fraga, Miguel G France, Aarti N

France, Alicia A Francis, Brittany A

Francis, Brittany A Francis, Richard C

Francis, Richard E Franco, Denise L.

Franco, Denis J Franco-Granado, Dawn C

Franco-Grayson, Clare Frank, George T

Frank, Gerald S Franken, Carol M

Franken, Gordon H Franklin, Rufus Grant

Franklin, Russell Franz, Amanda B

Franz, Andrew Fraser, Alden J

Fraser, Alden J Fratarcangeli, Vincent

Fratarcangeli, Wanda Frawley, Jacquelyn D

Frawley, James A Frazier, Patricia A

Frazier, Patricia A Frederick, Brian James

Frederick, Britnei Marie Fredette, Renee

Fredette, Richard F Freedman, Phyllis H

Freedman, Rachel M Tzi Tzura Freeman, Jerry H

Freeman, Jesse Dean Freemantle, Garry V

Freemantle, Leora W Freitas, David Gabriel

Freitas, David L French, Loyola B

French, Lucy A Fresenius, Rose-Anne

Fresh, Donald E Frey, Sebastian

Frey, Shannon Fried, Rita M

Fried, Robert B Friedman, Lacey A

Friedman, Lana Frierson, Margaret Ann

Frierson, Maria G. Frisch, Julie Schramm

Frisch, Katherine B Fritz, Mark W

Fritz, Marnee L Froling, Kevin B

Froling, Kurtis Frost, Marianne

Frost, Marianne G Frydman, Joshua A

Frydman, Marisa E Fuchs, Ruth E

Fuchs, Samantha H Fuess, Billings S

Fuessenich, Claudia Annette Fuller, Angela Christine

Fuller, Anna Fuller, Patricia

Fuller, Patricia B Fulton, Jeffrey J

Fulton, Jeffrey J Funk, Norma A.

Funk, Norman W Furlong, Joan R

Furlong, John D Furtak, Christopher J

Furtak, Christopher J Fusco, Joseph

Fusco, Joseph A Futrell, Tara Laurette

Futrell, William Fynn, Millicent C