Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Da, Cruz Julio Dabek, Christopher Joseph

Dabek, Daniel B Dacosta, Kenneth

Da Costa, Khristy Santos Daddi, Kimberly A.

Daddi, Linda L Dagata, Angelo M

Dagata, Beatrice Dagostino, Joseph

D'agostino, Joseph Dahlberg, Rosemary D

Dahlberg, Ross Bartelmo Daigle, Dorothy B

Daigle, Dorothy C Dailamipour, Sahand

Daileader, Heidi Smith Dakers, Krystal Marshall

Dakers, Leonard B Dalesio, Shannon Rae

Dalesio, Wayne S Daley, John W

Daley, John W. Dalla Corte, Krista A

Dalla Corte, Lisa A Dalton, Andrew Wells

Dalton, Andrew Wells Daly, Emily M

Daly, Emily Madison Dalymane, Montalvo R

Daly-Mercier, Janice D'amato, Marc A

D'amato, Marc Andrew Dame, Mitzi K

Dame, Mun Ok Damico, Jillian

Damico, Joan M Damon, Teresa D

Damon, Tessie A Dance, Michael Alan

Dance, Michelle L Dandria, Jacelyn M

D'andria, Jason J. D'angelo, Jennifer Michelle

Dangelo, Jerry L Daniel, Monica

Daniel, Monique Daniels, Christopher W

Daniels, Ciyavah Lashawn Daniels, Mark E

Daniels, Mark E Danielson, Theresa

Danielson, Thomas Dewayne Dannenberg, Alison J

Dannenberg, Avis Danyluck, Deborah Lynn

Danyluck, Natalie D Darby, Andria E

Darby, Ann M Dargaty, Kathleen C

Dargaty, Zachary Sabo Darlucio, Jasmine Joan M

Darlucio, Jess Rene N Darula, Jan P.

Darula, Jessica L Da Silva, James L

Da Silva, Jamile G Datino, John L

Datino, Sharon L Daunais, Mary B

Daunic, Pat Davanzo, Charles

D'avanzo, Christine M Daves, Frances M

Daves, Gabrielle L Davidian, Claire

Davidian, Jamie Louise Davidson, Michael J

Davidson, Michael P Davies, Robert E

Davies, Robert M Davila, Stacey A

Davila, Stephanie M Davis, Anthony D

Davis, Anthony F Davis, Charles H

Davis, Charles J Davis, Diane I

Davis, Diane L Davis, Georgia Lillian

Davis, Georgia May Davis, Jeffrey L

Davis, Jeffrey L Davis, Ka Yana Denise

Davis, Kay B Davis, Lukas J

Davis, Luke Davis, Monique N.

Davis, Monique R Davis, Robert B

Davis, Robert B Davis, Stacey R

Davis, Stacie Lynn Davis, Whitney

Davis, Whitney A Dawes, Shelley J

Dawes, Stacy Delores Dawson, John B

Dawson, John Bernard Day, Jennifer L

Day, Jennifer L Dayton, Benjamin David

Dayton, Bernadine Dealy, Andrew K

Dealy, Caroline N Dean, Monica A

Dean, Monica E Deangelis, Jacqueline V

Deangelis, Jaelrh L Dearborn, Frederick W

Dearborn, Frederick W Debari, Kelli L

Debari, Kelli Lynne Debiase, Justyna M

Debiase, Karl M Debrady, Denise S

De Brady, Denzel Davis De Carli, Ricardo L

Decarli, Richard J Dececco, Debra

De Cecco, Kipp E Decker, Alyson Lynn

Decker, Alyssa Deconne, Theodore Mark

Deconte, Anthony S Dedaj, Katrina

Dedaj, Kristina Deegan, Martha E

Deegan, Martha Yeagher Defelice, Joseph L

Defelice, Joseph P De Filippo, Kristina A

Defilippo, Lauren D Defrancesco, Frances

De Francesco, Frank De Gaffenreaidt, Javont Thomas

Degala, Candelaria Bucana Degnan, Rebecca Lynn

Degnan, Richard G De Gros, Teena M

Degros, Teena M Deininger, Lee M

Deininger, Patrick J Dejesus, Erika

De Jesus, Erika Varitza De Jesus, Mirta

De Jesus, Modesto Dejulio, Litsa

Dejulio, Litsa Marie Delage, Steven M

Delage, Steven M Delaney, Kevin J

Delaney, Kevin James De La Rosa, Neville

Delarosa, Nicole A Delbuono, Victoria R

Delbuono-Ciccio, Lori Deleo, Tammy

Deleo, Tammy A. Deleone, Louis J

Deleone, Mary A Delgado, Emerald Estelle

Delgado, Emma J Delgado, Sidra E

Delgado, Silvestre Delia, Arthur

D'elia, Arthur Delisle, Christopher K

Delisle, Claire T Dellafera, Sean M

Dellafera, Sean Michael Dellavecchia, Helen I

Dellavecchia, Helen I Delmonaco, Amy T

Delmonaco, Angela Delorenzo, John J

Delorenzo, John J Delpiano, Christine E

Delpiano, Daniel G Deluca, Carolyn M

Deluca, Carrie Delucia, Adrienne

Delucia, Albert De Luma, Regina A

Deluna, Alicia Jean Delvecchio, Joseph A

Delvecchio, Joseph George De Maio, Jessica Leigh

Demaio, Jessica M Demarco, Joseph A

Demarco, Joseph H Demartino, Alan C

Demartino, Alan C Dematteo, Susan J

Dematteo, Susie Frances Demeis, Donna J

Demeis, Entrio M Demers, Theresa A

Demers, Thomas Deming, Melissa J

Deming, Michael H Demore, John L

Demore, Katherine C. Dempsey, Timothy

Dempsey, Timothy Justin Deneen, Andrew D

Deneen, Andrew David Denihan, Heather Marie

Denihan, James M Dennen, Susan A

Dennen, Thomas J Dennis, Robert Patrick

Dennis, Robert S Denoya, Joaquin Alfredo

Denoya, Leticia Melinda Denza, Michael J

Denza, Nicola Alice De Palma, Robert V

Depalma, Robin J De Patie, Christine P

Depatie, Christine P Depino, Frank

Depino, Frank Deptula, Margaret E

Deptula, Margaret L Derewianka, John C

Derewianka, Michael Deromedi, Roger K

Deromedi, Sandra E Derose, Matthew R

Derose, Matthew R Derubis, Laura Ann

Derubis, Lindsay J. De Salvatore, Ernestreet

Desalvatore, Geraldine G Desaulniers, David J

Desaulniers, Deborah A. Descoteaux, Carol A

Descoteaux, Cheryl H Desilva, Brian M

Desilva, Cathy A Desjardins, Justin R

Desjardins, Karen A Desmond, Heather S.

Desmond, Jacquelyn Ann Desouza, Yosef D

Desouza-Chen, Marielou A Desrosiers, David R

Desrosiers, Dawn Destefano, Angela

Destefano, Angela C Dettke-Welke, Gerda

Dettler, Christina J Devanney, Kathleen

Devanney, Kathleen E Devereaux, Wendy Elaine

Devereaux, William George Devine, Sean Michael

Devine, Sean P Devito-Knight, Michael A

De Vito-Nargi, Donna A Devoe, William C

Devoe, Yvette M Dewey, John H

Dewey, John O Dexter, Russell E

Dexter, Russell E D'hondt, Francis K

D'hondt, Linda E Diamond-Greenlee, Julie

Diamondstein, Judith Alperin Diaz, Albanitza

Diaz, Albert Diaz, Deanna Kristine

Diaz, Deanna M Diaz, Jennifer S

Diaz, Jennifer S Diaz, Madeline

Diaz, Madeline Diaz, Roberto

Diaz, Roberto Diaz-Ortega, Fredy Brian

Diaz Ortiz, Jorge Dibella-McCarthy, Holly M

Di Bella-Negron, Denise A Di Bonaventura, Gino George

Di Bonaventura, Jacqueline Michelle Dichillo, Dorothy J

Dichillo, Jeanne Dickerson, David G

Dickerson, David M Dickinson, Marybeth

Dickinson, Marylou North Dicocco, Louise E

Dicocco, Lynn M Didomonic, Ralph P

Di Domzio, Nathaniel Wade Dierkes, Christopher James

Dierkes, Christopher James Difabbio, Jane A

Difabbio, Jane A. Digennaro, Christopher J

Digennaro, Damian Digiovanni, Louise G

Digiovanni, Lucy Dikeman, Thomas J

Dikens, Andrew I Dill, Anna L

Dill, Anna M Dillon, James Paul

Dillon, James R Diloreto, Lauren Ann

Di Loreto, Lisa Lorraine Di Maria, Mark J

Dimaria, Mary J Dimauro, Jennifer A

Dimauro, Jennifer Anne Dimichele, Donna M

Dimichele, Elda Dinallo, Ronald F

Dinallo, Russell Dines, Deborah A

Dines, Howard L Dinitz, Andrew M

Dinitz, Arthur M Dinwiddie, Mary N

Dinwiddie-Cole, Emily Anna Dionne, Edward R

Dionne, Elizabeth Dipalma, Alessandro

Dipalma, Alexandra Dipietro, Meta

Dipietro, Michael Dirgo, Nancy Ann

Dirgo, Rachel Disch, Megan Wintes

Disch, Peter V Di Stasio, Michele A

Distasio, Michele G Ditter, William Brian

Dittes, Frances Divito, James J

Divito, Jason J Dixon, Jermaine R

Dixon, Jermain R Dixson, John J

Dixson, Jordan Isaiah Do, Thi Bich Chau

Do, Thoai D Doblander, Grace K.

Doble, Charlotte B Dobson, Krista J

Dobson, Krista S Dodd, Lawrence Robert

Dodd, Leila G Doehr, Walter C

Doehrer, Ashley E Doherty, Francis Anthony

Doherty, Francis J Dokas, Audrey C

Dokas, Christina J Dolan, Terrance P

Dolan, Theresa Dollard, Thomas A

Dollard, Timothy Dombroski, Josephine D

Dombroski, Joseph J Dominello, David A

Dominello, Elena Dominov, Paul F

Dominov, Regina Marie Donahue, Anne R

Donahue, Annick M Donahue, Robert

Donahue, Robert A Donat, Charles Ian

Donat, Christine Donelan, Joseph P

Donelan, Joseph Patrick Donnarumma, Carole None

Donnarumma, Caroline Lee Donnelly, Paul J

Donnelly, Paul M Donofrio, Nicholas S

Donofrio, Nicholas T Donorfio, Karen M

Donorfio, Kathleen A. Donovan, Leanne Malcame

Donovan, Leo P. Doody, Carolyn M

Doody, Colin P Doolittle, William W

Doolittle, W J D'orazio, Angelina R

Dorazio, Anne M Doris, Monica A

Doris, Myrna R Dorosh, Lawrence S

Dorosh, Leonard C Dorso, David

Dorso, Debi A Dos Santos, Linda L

Dos Santos, Linda Susan Doty, James A

Doty, James A Doudera, Patricia D

Doudera, Teresa M Doughty, Elsie E

Doughty, Erik O Douglas, Ludovica W.

Douglas, Luke Harris Dounouk, Carin Ann

Dounouk, Charlotte A Dow, Timothy Thomas

Dow, Tricia Ann Dowell, Sandy Marie

Dowell, Thomas A Downer, Robert E

Downer, Robert W Downing, Barbara Anne

Downing, Baruch C Doyen, Sally E

Doyen, Serge Doyle, Judith Lee

Doyle, Judson C Doyle, William

Doyle, William Draghi, Sandra

Draghi, Sandra Drake, Kevin B

Drake, Kevin I Draughn, Bernae Anne

Draughn, Bernice Drelichowski, Susan E

Drelichowski, Tracy J Drew, Jennifer Wright

Drew, Jessica Ann Drinkuth, William H

Drinkwalter, Michael P Driscoll, Sandra C

Driscoll, Sandra Donovan Drost, Jake E

Drost, James W Druckman, Robin J.

Druckman, Rosanne Drygren-Cupe, Stacie M

Dryja, Jeanne R Du Back, Mary Jane

Duback, Scot D Dube, Marjorie A

Dube, Marjorie L Dubinsky, David R

Dubinsky, Dawn E Dubois, Victoria

Dubois, Victoria A Dubuque, Kevin S

Dubuque, Lauren E Duchon, Scott M

Duchon, William F Duddie, Barbara

Duddie, Brooke Marie Dudley, Taffie A

Dudley, Tammy M Duff, Kathryn Inez

Duff, Kelly J Duffy, Jean M

Duffy, Jean M Dufour, John Paul

Dufour, John R Dugas, Kimberly

Dugas, Kimberly H Duhaime, Joseph A

Duhaime, Joshua Dulac, Richard E

Dulac, Robert Dumas, Alphonse J

Dumas, Amanda Morgan Dumond, Gilman M

Dumond, Gregory C Dunbar, Kenneth A

Dunbar, Kerry-Ann Patricia Duncan, Matthew Edward

Duncan, Matthew G Dunham, Yarrow C

Dunham, Yuko U Dunn, Alyssa M

Dunn, Alyssa Mari Dunn, John C

Dunn, John E Dunn, Samantha

Dunn, Samantha B Dunning, Mary S

Dunning, Michael Duphilly, Peter H

Duphilly, Peter Henry Dupre, Martha Frances

Dupre, Mary A Duque, Josel Nathan

Duque, Juan Durand, Katie M

Durand, Katrina R Dureiko, Kevin J

Dureiko, Kevin John Durkin, Dorothy Ann

Durkin, Edward J Durrschmidt, Kelly

Durrschmidt, Kelly Ruth Duszak, Barbara

Duszak, Beata Dutton, Nicole N

Dutton, Noel A Dvorak, Charles

Dvorak, Dagmar Dwyer, Donald A

Dwyer, Donald J Dy, Auttdomm J

Dy, Auttdomm J Dyer, Walter K

Dyer, Whitney Lee Dyson, Kristine Schotter

Dyson, Kristy A Dziekan, Cathleen Alea

Dziekan, Craig Dzwonkowski, Henry Joseph

Dzwonkowski, Jennifer Michelle Dzyubova, Tatiana N