Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Da, Cruz Julio Dachenhausen, Joann Mary

Dachenhausen, Richard D'addabbo, Timothy J

D'addabbo, Veronica P Dadley, Sanya

Dadlez, Christopher M D'Agostino, Antonietta

D'agostino, Antonietta C. Dahill, Susan H

Dahill, William B Daifalla, Tamer A

Daifalla, Tamer A Daigle, Valier J

Daigle, Verona M Dainton, Amanda

Dainton, Charles Daleb, Thomas E

Dalecki, Andrew Daley, David J

Daley, David James Dalgic, Orgu

Dalgic, Orgv D'alonges, Angie J

D'alonges, Gertrude L Daly, Brian M

Daly, Brian N Daly, Roberta P

Daly, Roberta S D'amato, Geraldine M

D'amato, Geraldine M Dambrosia, Paul N

Dambrosia, Paul Nicholas D'amico, Chris R

D'amico, Chris T Dammassa, Alana

Dammassa, Alana B Danaher, Seamus John

Danaher, Seamus John D'andrea, Kristi L.

D'andrea, Kristin E Dangelo, Anthony G

D' Angelo, Anthony H Daniel, Deborah A

Daniel, Deborah A Daniels, Anita M

Daniels, Anna Daniels, Kelly C

Daniels, Kelly J Daniels, Virginia

Daniels, Virginia E. Dann, Julian B

Dann, Kathryn L D'antonio, Joseph L

D'antonio, Judith D'aquila, Patrick M

D'aquila, Paula J Darden, Whitney D

Darden, William D Darling, James T

Darling, Jane Darrow, Douglas S

Darrow, Elizabeth B Da Silva, Carlos

Dasilva, Carlos R Daskam, Robert H

Daskam, Roger T Daugherty, Lori A

Daugherty, Lynn A Dauster-Bevacqua, Jennifer L.

Dauswell, Oraine D Davenport, Samantha

Davenport, Samantha Grace David, Margarita Patricia

David, Maria Davidson, Joel D

Davidson, Johnathan Ray Davies, John H

Davies, John H Davila, Luis

Davila, Luis Davis, Amy L

Davis, Amy L Davis, Carol A

Davis, Carol A Davis, Dean A

Davis, Deana B Davis, Floretta

Davis, Floyd M Davis, Jamie

Davis, Jamie Davis, Junene

Davis, June R Davis, Linda J

Davis, Linda J Davis, Michael A

Davis, Michael A. Davis, Raymond E

Davis, Raymond G Davis, Shantell Monique

Davis, Shante T Davis, Troy M

Davis, Troy W Davoren, Tina A

Davoren, William Matthew Dawson, Che

Dawson, Chelsea Jordyn Day, Deana Lynn

Day, Deborah A. Daye, Phillip S

Daye, Raymond A. Deakins, Christopher E

Deakins, Christopher Edward Dean, Kaitlyn M

Dean, Kalen P De Angeli, Yvonne Nadia

Deangelis, Abigail Laudia Deangulo, Jeremy

De Angulo, Jeremy M De Baise, Pasquale J

Debaise, Richard L De-Bernardo, Mabel N

Debernardo, Marie E De Bonee, Amanda Marie

Debonee, Anthony M Decapua, Janet Lynn

Decapua, Janet Lynn Decastro, Edson Amorim

Decastro, Edson Amorim Decicco, Julian M

De Cicco, Karen A Decker-Tanon, Diana D

Deckler, David H De Cristofaro, Anthony M

De Cristofaro, Anthony M Deeb, Loraine M

Deeb, Majda Sammon Defazio, Maureen

Defazio, Meagan M Defilippe, Robert M

Defilippe, Samantha R Defosse, Margaret Mae

De Fosse, Michelle M Defrino, Peter Arthur

Defrino, Robert A Degirolamo, Concetta

Degirolamo, Cynthia L Degregorio, John

Degregorio, Joseph A Deicke, Colin Gabriel

Deicke, Darlene J Dejesus, Daisy

De Jesus, Daisy Dejesus, Maria

Dejesus, Maria Dejohn, Ronald A

Dejohn, Rory C Delacruz, Sonia Barone

Delacruz, Stephanie Delaney, Evelyn M

Delaney, Frances K Delaporta, Theresa Ann

Delaporta-Peck, Mary L Del Biondo, Richard A

Del Biondo, Rosaria Deleo, Eleanne L

Deleo, Eleni Spantidos Deleon, Sarah L

De Leon, Sara I Delgado, Carmen R

Delgado, Carmen Rosa Delgado, Nellybeth

Delgado, Nelly M Delgrego, John Louis

Del Grego, John Michael Delis, Aristidis G

Delis, George Dell'accio, Caitlyn Rose

Dellaccio, Caitlyn Rose Della Sala, Andrea

Dellasala, Anthony Delmastro, Joanne E

Delmastro, John Delong, Peter S

De Long, Pharyn Jade Deloureiro, Manuel C

De Loureiro, Maria E Delton, Joseph D

Delton, Karen A Deluca, Shirley S

Deluca, Shirley S Deluco, Michael A

Deluco, Michael J Delvecchio, Carmen C

Delvecchio, Carmen C Demaio, Carol G

De Maio, Carolyn Demarco, Casey Alan

Demarco, Cassandra Rose Demars, Patti M

Demars, Renee L Dematteo, Diamond A

Dematteo, Diana L Dembowski, Vanessa Julia

Dembowski, Walter M Demers, Linda

Demers, Linda J Demilt, Wendy Susan

Demina, Anna De Monte, Joseph M

Demonte, Joseph P Dempsey, Marilyn A

Dempsey, Marilyn C Denault, Ronald P

Denault, Samantha A Denicola, Vickie Lynne

Denicola, Victoria L Denne, Gerard

Denne, Gerard Ronald Dennis, Marie A

Dennis, Marilyn S Denos, John

Denos, John A Denuzze, Anthony P

Denuzze, Derek Depalma, Jennifer Lynn

Depalma, Jennifer M Depasquale, John A

De Pasquale, John Anthony Depina, Augusto G

Depina, Augusto R Deprima, Bradley R

Deprima, Linda B Deren, Paul S

Deren, Rose Marie Derocher, David R

Derocher, Debra M Derosa, Susan

Derosa, Susan C Derringer, Kathleen B

Derringer, Richard L Desai, Rashesh Y

Desai, Rekha J De Santy, James Eugene

Desanty, Karen R Deschenes, John S

Deschenes, Judy G Desiderio, Robert E

Desiderio, Robert E. Desjardin, Shelly L

Desjardin, Stephanie Lin Desmarais, Pamela L

Desmarais, Patricia Lee Desouza, Brooke-Ann M

De Souza, Caitlin Colleen Desrosier, Jennifer K

Desrosier, Jeremy Scot Dest, Erin P

Dest, Frank A De Toro, Donald Matthew

Detoro, Donald Matthew Devaney, Erin Michelle

Devaney, Eugene M Deveno, Tina L.

Devenow, Holly M Devine, Malcolm E C

Devine, Margaret M Devito, Melanie C

Devito, Melissa Ann Devoe, Gary S

Devoe, Gladys M Dewell, Michael K

Dewell, Philip M Dexter, Heidi J

Dexter, Helen B Dharmadhikari, Aakash M

Dharmadhikari, Amiya M Diamond, Nancy R

Diamond, Natalia Dias, Selma Barbosa

Dias, Shaniel Diaz, Connor M

Diaz, Connor M Diaz, Jacinda Lee

Diaz, Jacinto Diaz, Luis

Diaz, Luis Diaz, Rafael

Diaz, Rafael Diaz Diaz, Estebania

Diaz Diaz, Ildefonsa Dibella, Jennifer L

Di Bella, Jennifer L. Diblasi, Matthew Angelo

Diblasi, Matthew R Dichele, Rose R

Dichello, Alberto Dickenson, Michael R

Dickenson, Natasha Dickinson, Jill Marie

Dickinson, Joan B Dickson, Vance L

Dickson, Venus L Didomenico, Nino

Di Domenico, Norma C Dienst, Jonathan

Dienst, Kathy A Dieudonne, Fritane

Dieudonne, Fritane Digangi, Anthony Edward

Digangi, Anthony Edward Digiovanna, Mary Rose

Digiovanna, Mathew F Di Iulio, Adam John

Di Iulio, Deborah Dilieto, Eleanor O

Dilieto, Frank M Dillon, Desmond G

Dillon, Diane C Dilorenzo, John D

Dilorenzo, John D Di Marco, Russell L

Dimarco, Sarah E Dimauro, Cristina

Dimauro, Curtis M Di Meo, Stephen J

Di Meo, Stephen J Dina, Alexis P

Dina, Allen C Dinello, Joseph M

Dinello, Judith A Dinino, Carmela

Dinino, Catherine G. Dinucci, Veronica A

Di Nuccio, Jacqueline Marisa Dionne, Amy R

Dionne, Amy R Diotalevi, Robert J

Diotalevi, Roddy Di Pietro, Joan

Dipietro, Jo-Ann Direnzo, Robert J

Direnzo, Robin S Discenza, Diane

Discenza, Eleanora Terri Distasio, Angela A

Distasio, Anthony Ditota, Jeffrey A

Di Tota, Jillian Marie Di Virgilio, Michael A

Divirgilio, Natalie M Dixon, Harold

Dixon, Harvey L Dixon, Vincent Rm

Dixon, Vinnett Do, Binh Khac

Do, Cam-Thy Dobin, Stephen A

Dobin, Theodore H Dobson, Charles A

Dobson, Charles A Dodd, Danny Dean

Dodd, Darlene E Dodson, William Ralph

Dodsworth, Dawn Terri Doherty, Corrin

Doherty, Courtney Ann Doiron, Mary T

Doiron, Matthew J Dolan, Robert F

Dolan, Robert J Doll, Kaitlyn Anne

Doll, Kaylee Marie Dombroff, Elaine S

Dombroff, Norma H Domijan, Sally S

Domijan, Sophie Dominique, Ashton C.

Dominique, Bernard F. Donaher, Matthew M

Donaher, Megan B Donahue, Michelle M

Donahue, Mike O Donarum, Benjamin J

Donarum, Brendan J Donegan, Mark C

Donegan, Mary Ellen Donlon, William

Donlon, William E Donnelly, Michael

Donnelly, Michael Donofrio, Marie Frances

Donofrio, Marie Frances Donohue, Thomas C

Donohue, Thomas Carl Donovan, Kelly Marie

Donovan, Kelsey Anderson Donzella, Jennie J

Donzella, John R Doolittle, Michael G

Doolittle, Michael J Doran, William C

Doran, William C Dorio, Lauren Marie

Dorio, Leona M Doromal, Noel Thomas

Doron, Amir Dorsey, Wondreda M

Dorsey, Zacharia John Dossantos, Helder

Dossantos, Herculano J Doty, Amanda J

Doty, Amanda M Douchette, Dana A

Douchette, Jeffery T Doughney, Debra H

Doughney, Elizabeth Douglas, Kent Julien

Douglas, Kerry Jean Doukas, Stacey Marie

Doukas, Stephen Barry Dow, Patricia L

Dow, Patrick Dowe, Andrew G

Dowe, Ansel G Downer, Howard

Downer, Jamie Austin Downie, Deborah Motycka

Downie, Donna L Dowty, Brandon

Dowty, Brett J Doyle, Johnathan M

Doyle, Johnathon Doyle, Thomas W

Doyle, Thomas W Drager, Jennifer Wentworth

Drager, Jessica Robin Drake, Jean E

Drake, Jeanette Christine Drapp, Donald

Drapp, Donald Dreimann, Ingrid A

Dreimiller, Jeffrey Thomas Drew, Demetrius L

Drew, Demetrius L Drimmer, John A

Drimmer, Paul Driscoll, Patricia Lynn

Driscoll, Patrick Dross, Carmen M

Dross, Luis Druckenmiller, Ross Andrew

Drucker, Aline Dryden, John William

Dryden, Judith D Duarte, Tristina Ranese

Duarte, Valdemar B Dube, Kerri L F

Dube, Kerry C Dubin, Laurie J

Dubin, Lawrence A Dubois, Serena D

Dubois, Shantel Dubuc, Jesse James

Dubuc, Jody F Duchesney, Denise Anne

Duchesney, Douglas C Dudas, Paul

Dudas, Paul Adrian Dudley, Ryan N

Dudley, Samantha S Duff, Elizabeth M

Duff, Erica M Duffy, Howard A

Duffy, Hugh F Dufour, Christine M

Dufour, Chrysten A Dugas, Carolyn M

Dugas, Casey Neil Duhaime, Alex A

Duhaime, Andrew D Dul, Alan Paul

Dul, Angela Duman, Jacqueline F

Duman, Joann M Dumond, Andrew Charles

Dumond, Ashlee Nicole Dunbar, Jacob G

Dunbar, Jada Zyaire Duncan, Linda S

Duncan, Lindsay Dunham, Phillip A.

Dunham, Rachel Dunmore, Frances J

Dunmore, Jamal C Dunn, Jeffrey Charles

Dunn, Jeffrey L Dunn, Robert E

Dunn, Robert E Dunnigan, Maryann

Dunnigan, Marylou Duperreault, Kayla

Du Perry, Adam Michael Dupre, Coreen Renee

Dupre, Crystal Marie Dupuy, Yves

Dupzyk, Diane Elizabeth Durand, Donna

Durand, Donna R Durden, Anna

Durden, Brenda Bernice Durkee, Theresa Anne

Durkee, Thomas Durrell, Susan K

Durrell, Trudi Joanne Duston, Erica A

Duston, Michael Scott Dutton, Jeffrey A

Dutton, Jennifer E Duzguner, Remzi

Duzha, Mustafa Dwyer, Daniel P

Dwyer, Daniel Paul Dwyer, Timothy P

Dwyer, Timothy Patrick Dyer, Sean Patrick

Dyer, Sedonia C Dyson, Eileen H

Dyson, Elizabeth A Dziedzic, Susanne

Dziedzic, Susan Price Dzurnak, Philip J

Dzurnak, Rachel A Dzyubova, Tatiana N