Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Caal-Agustin, Oscar Leonel Caballero, Nicholas Dunn

Caballero, Olga N Cable, Miriam M

Cable, Monica Joanne Cabrera, Hugo V

Cabrera, Ingrid Cacciola, Caroline

Cacciola, Caroline Brooks Cadett, Carol J

Cadett, Darrel C Caez, Jose M

Caez, Jose M Cagle, Erin

Cagle, Erin Elizabeth Cahill, Sharon

Cahill, Sharon L Cain, Sarah Katherine

Cain, Scott Emerson Calabrese, Amy R

Calabrese, Andrea Calabro, Lucy N

Calabro, Lynne M Calcagni, Virginia E

Calcagni, William Calderon, Jorge

Calderon, Jorge A Caldwell, Jason A

Caldwell, Jayne Simmons Calhoun, Krista A

Calhoun, Kyle James Calkins, Judson

Calkins, Julie K Callahan, Jacqueline T

Callahan, Jacqueline T Callan, Ann Catherine

Callan, Ariana D Callo, Edward A

Callo, Emily Calver, Terrell

Calver, Thomas Camacho, Genie D

Camacho, George W Camarota, Ilona

Camarota, Jennifer E Cameron, Christopher Allen

Cameron, Christopher D Camilleri, Mary R

Camilleri, Matthew Lee Camp, Charles M

Camp, Christian Robert Campanelli, Kayla

Campanelli, Kayleigh S Campbell, Claude S

Campbell, Claudette P Campbell, Janet P

Campbell, Janette A Campbell, Marlando A

Campbell, Marlene Campbell, Sean Patrick

Campbell, Sean T Campion, Matthew James

Campion, Maureen C. Campos, Rosa Nilda

Campos, Sandra Canapari, Doris E

Canapari, Jennifer L Candela, Rocco A

Candela, Rocco L Canelli, Kyle S

Canelli, Lisa Anne Cann, Caitlin M

Cann, Cathryn L Canning, Mary Lou

Canning, Maureen K Canny, John J

Canny, John T Cantley, Linda Frey

Cantley, Lloyd G Canzio, Gregory James

Canzio, James F Capasso, Marissa Lucille

Capasso, Mark S Capinpin, Federico

Capinpin, Maria Teresita H Capocci, Christopher G

Capocci, Christopher G. Caporiccio, Lelia

Caporiccio, Michael Cappel, Jonathan J

Cappel, Sarah Capponi, Nancy

Capponi, Paul D Caputa, Joseph Lewis

Caputa, Lauren Marie Caraballo, Samuel L

Caraballo, Sandra L Carangelo, Julie

Carangelo, Karen Carbone, Aubrey J.

Carbone, Audra L Carbonetti, Alfred

Carbonetti, Benjamin Charles Card, Virginia E

Card, Wayne E. Cardillo, Gino

Cardillo, Giulia A Cardona, Iraida M

Cardona, Iris D Cardoso, Sheila

Cardoso, Silvio Carey, Anna B.

Carey, Anna E Carey, Nathan Andrew

Carey, Neil H Caridi, Daniel J.

Caridi, Donna S Carlan, Jennifer

Carlan, John F Carlisle, Patricia M

Carlisle, Patricia M Carlson, Alexa Marie

Carlson, Alexander F Carlson, Erick J

Carlson, Eric L Carlson, Marie L

Carlson, Marilyn Carlson, William

Carlson, William A Carmichael, Pearl M

Carmichael, Phoebe Carnegie-Hargreaves, Jerome R

Carneglia, Anthony W Carney, Robert Keith

Carney, Robert M Caron, Andrew R

Caron, Andrew S Caron, Robert L

Caron, Robert M Carpenter, Carol A.

Carpenter, Carol A Carpenter, Peter D

Carpenter, Peter D Carr, April

Carr, April Lynn Carr, Lynn S

Carr, Madeline M Carrano, Angelina None

Carrano, Anita J Carrasquillo, Jesse Israel

Carrasquillo, Jessica Carrero, Benjamin

Carrero, Benjamin Carrieri, Nicholas C

Carrieri, Peter J Carrion, Irma

Carrion, Ismael Carroll, Donald A

Carroll, Donna Carroll, Marjorie Linda

Carroll, Mark Carroll, William P

Carroll, William P Carson, Marie L

Carson, Marilyn M Cartagena, Marisol

Cartagena, Marisol Carter, Donald W

Carter, Donald Wayman Carter, Luke Montgomery

Carter, Luther Carter, William Scott

Carter, Willie Carusello, Paige N

Carusello, Phyllis Caruso, Nicholas Donald

Caruso, Nicholas E Carvalho, Mariah M

Carvalho, Maria Isabel Casal, Alfredo

Casal, Andrew Manuel Casasanta, Joseph M

Casasanta, Kevin Case, Amber Elizabeth

Case, Amber Elizabeth Caseria, Leonard R

Caseria, Linda J Casey, Jo Anne A.

Casey, Joanne C Casey, Wanda J

Casey, William Casiero, Tracy Ann

Casiglio, Charlotte C Casper, Erin Marie

Casper, Gail H Cassell, Danielle S

Cassell, Douglas Cassidy, Elizabeth A

Cassidy, Elizabeth A Casson, Tammy L.

Casson, Terrence L Caste, Margaret Laszlo

Caste, Robert C Castelot, Robert W

Castelot, Sergey Lawrence Castillo, Luis H

Castillo, Luis M Castonguay, Deborah H

Castonguay, Debra A Castro, Jacqueline

Castro, Jacqueline Castro-Mahoney, Roberto-Carlos

Castro-Mahoney, Roberto Carlos Catalano, Tyler Richard

Catalano, Victor G Catchings, Barry G

Catchings, Gloria Catricala Glynn, Rosanna

Catrini, Carol J Caulfield, Nancy A

Caulfield, Nancy E Cavalieri, Tracy A

Cavalieri, Victoria M Cavanaugh, Alicia Catherine

Cavanaugh, Allison C Cavazzi, Danielle

Cavazzi, Glenn L Caye, Julie A

Caye, Julie A Ceccarelli, Joyce Ann

Ceccarelli, Kate Lynn Cederholm, Eric R

Cedero, Justin Alexander Celentano, Kristin Tara

Celentano, Laura L Celotto, Joseph F

Celotto, Joseph F Center-Gray, Sarah

Centero, Elba L Ceravolo, Todd

Ceravolo, Todd M Cerra, Aimee Rodas

Cerra, Anne-Marie Cerulli, Melissa L

Cerulli, Michael P Ceslik, Jamie Lea

Ceslik, Patrick Chabotte, Raymond L

Chabotte, Richard L Chadwick, Patricia K

Chadwick, Patricia K Chakar, Mark James

Chakar, Mary B Chamberlain, Davis S

Chamberlain, Dean A Chamberlin, Victoria B

Chamberlin, Victoria B L Chambers, William E

Chambers, William H Champagne, Michele A

Champagne, Micheline O Chan, Jennifer T

Chan, Jenny W Chandler, Kiyoshi T

Chandler, Krista Chang, Kelly

Chang, Kelly Megan Chaouki, Mohamed

Chaouki, Souhair Chapman, Arthur R

Chapman, Ashley M Chapman, Laura M

Chapman, Lauren Chappell, Alberta M

Chappell, Alex R Charbonneau, Kevin P

Charbonneau, Kimberly Ann Charette, Suzanne Diane

Charette, Sylvia Charles, Michelle K

Charles, Michelle M Charpenter, Michael J

Charpentier, Aaron F Charyk, Stanislawa

Charzewski, Valerie Rose Ann Chase, Paul C

Chase, Paul C Chasse, Shane P.

Chasse, Shannon D Chaude, Mitchell Charles

Chaudhari, Mohammad A Chavez, Anna

Chavez, Annabel Amelia Checknoff, Barbara F

Checko, Andrew P Chen, Alice

Chen, Alice K Chen, Victoria B

Chen, Vincent Cheng, John

Cheng, John Chernik, Rachel

Chernik, Steven William Chery, Kathleen Vetiac

Chery, Katianna Chesters, Dorothy J

Chesters, Gail A Chew, Allison

Chew, Amy M Chiappetta, Rocco J

Chiappetta, Rocco J Chichester, Peter J.

Chichester, Ronald Chikezie, Ikemba

Chikezie, Theresa R Chimera-Sparks, Carley Marie

Chimes, Daniel Chiota, Lynn

Chiota, Meghan Brennan Chism, Jeffery A

Chism, Joshua J Chmielewski, Beth S

Chmielewski, Beverly Choi, Byong-Nim

Choi, Byounghoan Chomack, Emily K

Chomack, John K Choronzy, Brian M

Choronzy, Brian Matthew Chowaniec, Michael E

Chowaniec, Michelle Marie Christensen, Douglas E

Christensen, Douglas M Christian, Krystal C

Christian, Kyle Richard Christie, Dudley R

Christie, Dwight A Christoforo, Daniel J

Christoforo, David A Chrusz, John

Chrusz, John A Chudwick, Walter B

Chudwick, Walter B Chupak, Anna L

Chupak, Anna L Churchill, Rosemary T

Churchill, Sandra E Ciambriello, Augustine William

Ciambriello, Brittany N Cianfaglione, Rosa J

Cianfaglione, Salvatore D Ciarlone, Carissa

Ciarlone, Celina Enid Ciccio, Ciara R

Ciccio, Clara Cidela, Catherine G.

Cidela, Colleen M Cifone, Michael J

Cifone, Michael J Cimino, Kenneth

Cimino, Lauren M Cintron, Carlos A

Cintron, Carlos M Ciola, Dave G

Ciola, Debra Cipriano, Debra E

Cipriano, Debra J Cirillo, Ida

Cirillo, Jacqueline P Cisto, Matthew James

Cisto, Paul W Civitello, Doris

Civitello, Elaine M Clamage, David E

Clamage, David E Clare, Gabrielle Rose

Clare, Garrett Spencer Clark, Cassandra Jean

Clark, Cassandra L Clark, Edward J

Clark, Edward J Clark, Jasen Arthur

Clark, Jason Clark, Kenyon W

Clark, Kenyon W Clark, Melissa Mae

Clark, Melissa Mahealani Clark, Ronda B.

Clark, Ronda M Clark, Walter E

Clark, Walter E Beau Clarke, Geraldine J

Clarke, Geraldine-Waltz Clarke, Rosemarie C

Clarke, Rosemary C Claud, Maggie Williams

Claud, Sharon Clavette, Levite

Clavette, Linda Clayton, Peter L

Clayton, Peter S Cleaver, Mary F

Cleaver, Maureen Anne Clement, Zachary Lee

Clemente, Aishia R Clendennin, Alicia L

Clendennin, Conor L Clifford, James W

Clifford, Jamie M Clinton, Eric T

Clinton, Forest D Cloud, Stacy H

Cloud, Stephen C Cloward, David Rolfson

Cloward, E Marie Coan, Deborah K

Coan, Delores F Cobb, Mary

Cobb, Mary K Coccaro, Robert R

Coccaro, Ronald C Cochrane, Aisha

Cochrane, Alison E Codeghini, Lynda Taylor`

Codeghini, Mariann K Coe, Elizabeth A.

Coe, Elizabeth Malaspina Coffey, Heather Ann

Coffey, Helen M Cofrancesco, Jeffrey A

Cofrancesco, Jennifer R Cohen, Adam E

Cohen, Adam J Cohen, Harold J

Cohen, Harriet P Cohen, Micahla N

Cohen, Micah Levi Cohen-Gatison, Mary Y

Cohen-Gattison, Mary Y Colacicco, Jennifer C

Colacicco, Lorraine Ann Colao, Angela C

Colao, Angela C Colbrook, Jane Katherine

Colburn, Aaron C Cole, Catherine E

Cole, Catherine L Cole, Linda S

Cole, Linda S Coleghini, Mariann K

Colegio, Oscar R Coleman, Diane

Coleman, Diane C Coleman, Matthew J

Coleman, Matthew John Coles, Jill M

Coles, Joanne M Colk, Mark

Colka, Joseph E Collazo, Luz

Collazo, Luz Colletti, Victoria Grace

Colletti, Vincent Collin, Edwin J

Collin, Elise M Collins, Christopher Glenn

Collins, Christopher Glenn Collins, Jeanette A

Collins, Jean F Collins, Marguerite B

Collins, Maria Collins, Sarah A

Collins, Sarah Abbie Collymore, Howard L

Collymore, Joel F Colon, Brenda

Colon, Brenda I Colon, Grace

Colon, Grace M. Colon, Kiana Elizabeth

Colon, Kiara A Colon, Otilio

Colon, Pablo Colonel, Richard J

Colonel, Richard J Colt, Ann E

Colt, Carol A Colwell, Todd M

Colwell, Tyler B Comeau, Rosemarie

Comeau, Roy E Commissariat, Neville V

Commissariat, Persis V Comulada, Jessica M

Comulada, Jessica M Concepcion, Maria D

Concepcion, Maria Dolores Condon, Lynn A

Condon, Lynn J Coneys, Doris C

Coneys, John J Conklin, Cynthia D

Conklin, Cynthia T Conley, Shirley V

Conley, Stephanie Nicole Connell, Cathy Ellen

Connell, Charles A. Connelly, Paydon N

Connelly, Pete Vincent Connole, Mary K.

Connole, Matthew Francis Connolly, Sandra

Connolly, Sandra G Connors, Daniel P

Connors, Daniel Paul Conquest, Camille R

Conquest, Chastity Rueenie Conroy, Kristin A

Conroy, Kristina Consolatore, Maria A

Consolatore, Maria Ann Constanzo Sanchez, Elsa O

Constas, Harry T Conti, Jane S.

Conti, Janine R Contres, Sheila

Contri, Anna-Carolina M Conway, Michael F

Conway, Michael J Cook, Carla D

Cook, Carl J Cook, John W

Cook, John W Cook, Sandra M

Cook, Sandra M Cooke, Randy

Cooke, Randy S Coombe, Patrick E

Coombe, Rosalia Gallo Cooney, Nathaniel J

Cooney, Nathaniel James Cooper, David A

Cooper, David Aldrich Cooper, Lacretia S

Cooper, La Dawn Y Cooper, Suzanne B

Cooper, Suzanne H Copeland, Josephine

Copeland, Joshua K Coppo, Barbara A

Coppo, Joseph Coppola, Ralph A

Coppola, Ralph A Corbett, Daniel J

Corbett, Daniel James Corbo, Theresa M

Corbo, Thomas Richard Corcoran-Goscicki, Cristina E

Corcoran-Goscicki, Cristina Evelyn Cordero, Kaylee L

Cordero, Kiesha S Cordova, Deborah

Cordova, Diana Corey, Mark L

Corey, Marlene E Corliss, Laura P

Corliss, Lindsay Marie Cormier, Vivian B

Cormier, Walter J Cornett, Kimberlee R

Cornett, Kimberly Ann Coronis, Vincent Nathaniel

Coronis-Rizzo, Joan A Correa, Jean E

Correa, Jeannine Correia, Shane

Correia, Shirley A Corriveau, Lisa M

Corriveau, Lisa M Corso, Mark V

Corso, Mary Cortes, Pablo

Cortes, Pablo Hiram Cortorreal, Norma

Cortorreal, Verioska E Cosentino, Mara K

Cosentino, Maria A Cosma, Clelia E

Cosma, Gabriela C Costa, Barbara H

Costa, Barbara Marie Costa, Sergio S

Costa, Shana N Coste, Lourdes Margarita

Coste, Maria Costello, Theresa A

Costello, Theresa A Cote, Daniel Robert

Cote, Daniel S Cote, Matthew L

Cote, Matthew M Cotnoir, Michelle Renee

Cotnoir, Nicole L Cotto, Carmen Noel

Cotto, Carmen Y Cottrell, Joseph L

Cottrell, Katharine N Coughlin, Lori A

Coughlin, Lori M Council, Fitzgerald

Council, Ginger Courtemanche, Constance E

Courtemanche, Danielle J Cousino, William Alan

Cousins, Alita J Couture, Fern A

Couture, Flora Ann Covensky, Tina M

Covensky, Victoria L Cowan, Carol A

Cowan, Carol Faith Cowles, Colette S

Cowles, Connie C Cox, Frederick G

Cox, Fredrick D Cox, Thomas Marty

Cox, Thomas R Coyne, Eileen Patricia

Coyne, Elizabeth Cradle, William P

Craemer, Brent Ernest Craig, Kerie J

Craig, Kerri L. Cramer, Richard S

Cramer, Richard S Crane, Judy A

Crane, Juliana H Craven, Kyle P

Craven, Laura K Crawford, Louise

Crawford, Lucy R Crean, Catherine A

Crean, Catherine Ann Cregeen, Sharon A

Creger Hall, Laura Crespi, Jose R

Crespi, Kenneth E Crespo, William

Crespo, William Cricco, Mary R.

Cricco, Michael William Criscione, Michael Anthony

Criscione, Richard Criss, Mildred

Criss, Mildred Crocco, Joseph

Crocco, Joseph Antonio Crockett, Michelle Leigh

Crockett, Monique C Cromwell, Raymond J

Cromwell, Raymond J Cronin, Thomas M

Cronin, Thomas Robert Crosby, Christine Elizabeth

Crosby, Christopher M Cross, John S

Cross, John S Croswell, Kenny

Croswell, Michael B Croutch, Catherine

Croutch, Renard Crowley, Brian J

Crowley, Brian Jalal Crowley, Virginia J

Crowley, Vivian H Crumley, Christine A

Crumley, Christine Ann Cruz, Anna C

Cruz, Anna L Cruz, Edwin R

Cruz, Edwin Theodore Cruz, Jennifer

Cruz, Jennifer Cruz, Lucymar

Cruz, Ludmilla Silveira Cruz, Nereida

Cruz, Nereida Cruz, Victor

Cruz, Victor Csaka, Ethel Berei

Csakany, Nadeen Cubero, Consuelo

Cubero, Crystal M Cuebas, Krista R

Cuebas, Krista R R Cuglietto, Nicole

Cugno, Alexander Joseph Cullen, Mark R

Cullen, Marleen Cultrera, James J

Cultrera, Jeffrey J Cummings, Denise

Cummings, Denise L Cummings, Veta P

Cummings, Vicki Lea Cunningham, Beverly A

Cunningham, Bonnie Jean Cunningham, Lenore T

Cunningham, Leslie J Cuomo, Deborah A.

Cuomo, Dennis M Curet, Rose Ann

Curet, Shaila M Curran, Edwin Joseph

Curran, Eileen B Currie-Huggard, Ruth

Currie-Leathe, Maryellen M Curry, Louise S

Curry, Lucille E Curtis, Anita Louise

Curtis, Anna F Curtis, Roger A

Curtis, Roger W Cusack, Nancy J

Cusack, Nicolas J Cushman, Johanna S

Cushman, John R Cutillo, Jacqueline

Cutillo, John Cuttler, Bethany M

Cuttler, Courtney R Cypher, Louis F

Cypher, Patricia E Cyr, Jeannine G

Cyr, Jeannine G Cyr, Sajin Marcus

Cyr, Sajin Marcus Czapkowski, Ashley C

Czapkowski, Brooke Leslie Czelny, Remigiusz

Czelusniak, Alison Helene Czverko, Victoria M

Czwakiel, Pawel Czyzycki, Marek