Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Caal-Agustin, Oscar Leonel Cabata, Penny C

Cabata, Rita C Cabral, Matthew M

Cabral, Maureen McCoy Cacace, Anthony J.

Cacace, Anthony J Cacopardo, Abbie C

Cacopardo, Christin M Cadworth, Gail Elizabeth

Cady, Adam Caffrey, Mikel-Ann

Caffrey, Morgan Leigh Cahill, Jason S

Cahill, Jean Caico, Elizabeth

Caico, Elizabeth Caisse, Derrick S

Caisse, Diane V Calabrese, Michael A

Calabrese, Michael A Calandrelli, Gloria M

Calandrelli, Jennifer E Calder, Thomas

Calder, Tim E Calderwood, Brittany

Calderwood, Daniel P Cale, Stacie L

Caleb, Amanda Lynn Caliolo, Thomas W

Caliolo, William J Callahan, Arthur J

Callahan, Arthur J. Callahan, Michael W

Callahan, Michele L Callen, David Robert

Callen, Helen R Calomeni, Pablo Maximiliano

Calomeni, Rachel K Calzarette, Alan J

Calzarette, Catherine B Camacho-Morales, Jorge L.

Camacho Morales, Jorge L Camejo, Camille S

Camejo, Christopher Cameron, Robert G

Cameron, Robert J Cammarata, Dolores A

Cammarata, Donald Patrick Campagna, Matthew M

Campagna, Maureen H Campbell, Ato A

Campbell, Audley J Campbell, Ellen L

Campbell, Elliott D Campbell, Kenrick I

Campbell, Kent W Campbell, Paul Livingston

Campbell, Paul M Campbell, William D

Campbell, William F Camporiale, Cherry E

Camporiale, Michael A Canady, Herbert H

Canady, Herbert H Cancel, Shannon M

Cancel, Sharlene I Canders, Jerry R

Canders, Linda H Canfield, Marilyn K

Canfield, Marion F Cannavale, Angelina C

Cannavaro, Arthur Thomas Cannon, Laurel Elisabeth

Cannon, Lauren E Cantave, Glenn E

Cantave, Jean L Cantu, Cristina Ann

Cantu, Edward Capalbo, Michael Pasqualb

Capalbo, Michael S Capellan-Abreu, Maria Teresa

Capellan-Perez, Christian Caplette, Joseph

Caplette, Julie M Capone, Lindsay M

Capone, Lisa Capozziello, Dennis M

Capozziello, Destiny Marie Cappetta, Daniela

Cappetta, Darleen A Capristo, Eleanor

Capristo, Erica A Caraballo, Arcadio

Caraballo, Arcadio Carafeno, Joseph A

Carafeno, Joseph Edward Carazo, Karen Elizabeth

Carazo, Ramon J. Carbone, Michael R

Carbone, Michael Ronald Carchidi, Gina E

Carchidi, Giochino J Cardenas, Alice Marie

Cardenas, Amelia F Cardini, Diane Claire

Cardini, Donna Goodrich Cardona, Yaritza

Cardona, Yesenia Carella, Anne F

Carella, Anthony Carey, Jay R

Carey, Jayson P Carfiro, Craig Frank

Carfiro, Frank C. Carini, Laura J

Carini, Laura J Carlin, Barbara Marie

Carlin, Barbara U Carloni, Carolyn J

Carloni, Carolyn J Carlson, Christopher C

Carlson, Christopher Eric Carlson, Joseph

Carlson, Joseph Carlson, Robert E

Carlson, Robert E Carlyss, Ann Schein

Carlyss, Earl W Carmona, Angela Maria

Carmona, Ashley A Carney, Brian A

Carney, Brian Michael Caroe, Catherine S

Caroe, Katherine S Caron, Joseph H

Caron, Joseph L Carotenuto, Jane M

Carotenuto, Joseph Carpenter, John T

Carpenter, John T Carpentier, Thomas A

Carpentier, Thomas A Carr, Heather Mary

Carr, Heather Noel Carr, Thomas Lee

Carr, Thomas P Carrara, Jake Victor

Carrara, James D Carregal, Klaire

Carreira, Abbe May Carrier, Daniel David

Carrier, Danielle M Carrillo, Victor M

Carrillo, Wilfredo Carroll, Barbara B

Carroll, Barbara E Carroll, John D

Carroll, John D Carroll, Robert

Carroll, Robert A Carruthers, Mary

Carruthers, Maya A Carta, Julie

Carta, Julie W Carter, Bessie B

Carter, Bethany Lynn-Grabowski Carter, Jermaine D

Carter, Jermaine Howard Carter, Robin

Carter, Robin Cartsounis, Donald H

Cartsounis, Donald Henry Caruso, Jacquelynn E

Caruso, James A Caruthers, J Elaine

Caruthers, Jessie L Carvotta, Christopher John

Carvotta, Eveline Costa Casanova, Jennifer

Casanova, Jennifer Ann Cascella, Patrick J

Cascella, Paul W Case, Mary Frances

Case, Matthias Casey, Catherine M

Casey, Catherine M Casey, Michael Jospeh

Casey, Michael Kevin Cashman, Karen K.

Cashman, Kathleen A Casko, Michael E

Casko, Ramona A Cassaniti, Frank C

Cassaniti, Frank C Cassells, Omar Roberto

Cassells, Patricia Cassidy, Sean Kieran

Cassidy, Sean T. Castagno, William

Castagno-Clark, Annmarie C Castellano, Vivian D

Castellano, William Castillo, Carlos M

Castillo, Carlos R Castinado, Margaret I

Castinblanco-Hernandez, Zoraya Castro, Anna H

Castro, Anne E Castro, Michelle Lynn

Castro, Michelle Marie Caswell, Vanessa Courtney

Caswell, William Catania, Charles F

Catania, Charles R Catillo, Anne C

Catillo, Frank Caturano, Gerald P

Caturano, Giuseppe Cavaleri, Nanette R

Cavaleri, Nathan Cavallaro, Tyler

Cavallaro, Valerie J Cavanaugh, Mary Jane

Cavanaugh, Mary L Caviston, Sean Vincent

Cavitt, Elma G. Cearley, David

Cearley, David Cecil, Matthew S

Cecil, Roberta C Ceil, James A

Ceil, James M Cella, Timothy J

Cella, Tracy L Ceniglio, Thomas

Ceniglio, Timothy S Cepeda, Hector O

Cepeda, Hernand Cerino, Maureen

Cerino, Maureen D Cerritelli, Anthony J

Cerritelli, Anthony J Cervone, Daniel J

Cervone, David J Cha, David Uram

Cha, Erin Chacon, Martha A

Chacon, Martha A Chagnon, James C

Chagnon, James P Chalker, Elizabeth J

Chalker, Elizabeth J Chamberland, Aldene D

Chamberland, Aletta A Chambers, Jose' R

Chambers, Joshua T Champa, John N

Champa, Justin M Champion, Lucille

Champion, Luella Chance, Wayne M

Chance, Wendy A Chanes, Jeannine W

Chanes, Lashanda R Chanko, Sharon Cowing

Chanko, Susan C Chapin, Caitlin P

Chapin, Carol A Chapman, Elana C

Chapman, Elden L Chapman, Roberta L

Chapman, Robert D Chappo, Anne Welt

Chappo, Beth Elaine Charest, Rosalie K

Charest, Rose I Charles, Caitlin

Charles, Caitlin Z Charlot, Rutho

Charlot, Ruvitha Charron, Patricia L

Charron, Pauline R Chase, Garrett

Chase, Garrett C Chassanoff, Judith Ann

Chassanoff, Wendy P. Chatfield, Raymond W

Chatfield, Rebecca S. Chausse, Gail E

Chausse, Gerard E Chavoya, Angelica A

Chavoya, Debra J Cheevers, Owen J

Cheevers, Philip C Chen, Jian Qiang

Chen, Jianqing Chenette, Helen

Chenette, Helen M Chere, Michael Paul

Chere, Mitchel Cherry, Eric M

Cherry, Eric T Chesmer, Robin A

Chesmer, Sage Er Chevalier, Amy N.

Chevalier, Andrew E Chiaia, Nicolette

Chiaia, Pasquale Chiarelli, Elizabeth A

Chiarelli, Emily Chidiadi, Okechukwu C

Chidiadi, Okechukwu Christain Childs, Matt W

Childs, Maureen C Chin, Winnie

Chin, Winston Chirico, Angelo M

Chirico, Annette Chivers, Demieka Y

Chivers, Elizabeth A Cho, Don

Cho, Dong Chojnacki, Walter

Chojnacki, Walter Chop, Valerie J

Chop, Walter C Choudhury, Shirajam Munira

Choudhury, Shonali Mona Chrapek, Zdenka

Chrapowitzky, Arthur Christensen, Nina M

Christensen, Noel E Christiano, John A

Christiano, John J Christina, Lucille P

Christina, Maria F Christopher, Thomas

Christopher, Thomas Chu, Keting

Chu, Kevin Chun, Paul Younghun

Chun, Richard Y Church, Julie Oca

Church, Julie P Chylinski, Jadwiga

Chylinski, Jeffrey George Cianci, Nina A

Cianci, Pamela J Ciardiello, Jerry J

Ciardiello, Kenneth A Cicarelli, Robert P

Cicarelli, Robert P. Cicero, Leroy

Cicero, Linda Marie Ciesielski, Edward A

Ciesielski, Edward Evan Cilinceon, Jaime Lynn

Cilingin, Debra A Cinder, Craig R

Cinder, Craig R Cintron, Tamara L

Cintron, Tamara L Cipolla, Dorothy J

Cipolla, Eileen M Cirba, John J

Cirba, Laura Elizabeth Cirkot, Richard S

Cirkot, Stephen Ciuci, Chris C

Ciuci, Donna Clabby, Sandra A

Clabby, Susan E Clancy, Ruari O

Clancy, Ruth E Clark, Anita

Clark, Anita L Clark, Damon L

Clark, Dana Clark, Geoffrey Norman

Clark, George Clark, Johnny F

Clark, John O Clark, Lisa Ann

Clark, Lisa B Clark, Patrick John

Clark, Patrick M Clark, Steven Alexander

Clark, Steven E Clarke, Blanca M

Clarke, Blanche Clarke, Kimberlie M

Clarke, Kimberly Ann Clarke-Olen, Ruth Elizabeth

Clarke-Patrick, Sandra Claudio, William

Claudio, William Clay, Pamela D

Clay, Pamela D Cleary, James R

Cleary, James Roe Clemens, Laura Isabel

Clemens, Lauren E Clements, Kim

Clements, Kimberly A Cleveland, Karl H

Cleveland, Kathleen A Clift, Justin Wayne

Clift, Kathleen H Cloney, Deanna L

Cloney, Emily A Cloutier, Albert

Cloutier, Alexander M Clymer, Anne E

Clymer, Brian D Coates, Tona M

Coates, Trevor L Cobian, Jazmin

Cobian, Jose Cocco, Jessica

Cocco, Jillian F Cockrell, Gwendolyn D

Cockrell, Johnnie M Cody, Beth T

Cody, Bill Coelho, Joe F

Coelho, Joel G. Coffey-Rose, Kelli Sue

Coffey-Williams, Mary Beth Coggshall, Brandon B

Coggshall, Brandon B Cohen, Carleen B

Cohen, Carl F Cohen, Joshua A.

Cohen, Joshua A Cohen, Robert S.

Cohen, Robin A Coholan, Elizabeth

Cohon, Mark Blair Colandrea, Michael Edward

Colandrea, Michael F Colavecchio, Kathleen

Colavecchio, Kathryn M. Colby, Eleanor R.

Colby, Elizabeth Cole, Florence

Cole, Florence Ehibor Cole, Robert A

Cole, Robert A Colema, Alexander

Coleman, Aaron B Coleman, Jeff

Coleman, Jeffrey A Coleman, Sarah Danielle

Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth Coley, Altieman R

Coley, Andrew F Collar, Juana Luisa

Collar, Judith Renae Collelo, John A

Collelo, Joseph F Collier, Danielle

Collier, Danielle Collins, Amanda

Collins, Amanda Collins, Dora M

Collins, Doreen Collins, Kailee Breanna

Collins, Kaitlin A Collins, Molly E

Collins, Molly M Collins, Timothy J

Collins, Timothy J Colombo, Mary H

Colombo, Melissa Anne Colon, David

Colon, David Colon, Jessica

Colon, Jessica Colon, Maria

Colon, Maria Colon, Sarah

Colon, Sarah J Colon Rivera, Antonio

Colon-Rivera, Biadney Aixa Colucci, Martha

Colucci, Matthew J Combis, Dorothea

Combis, Jason C Comerford, Leslie Louise

Comerford, Lynda M Competello, Jeanne

Competello, Victor T Conaway, Isaiah B

Conaway, Isaiah D Conde, Lisa K

Conde, Liz S Condron, Thomas James

Condron-May, Lesley A Congdon, Jacqueline Lexy

Congdon, James A Conlan, Ashley

Conlan, Barbara C Conlon, James W.

Conlon, Janet M Connellan, Michael

Connellan, Patrick Joseph Conner, John M

Conner, John W Connolly, Irene T

Connolly, Jacolyn A. Connor, Enid D

Connor, Erick Connors, Louise

Connors, Luciel J Conrad, Tanner J

Conrad, Taylor M Consalvo, Elena H

Consalvo, James Constant, Beth E

Constant, Brandon Scott Conte, John

Conte, John Contois, Laura M

Contois, Leo M Conway, Caitlin

Conway, Caitlin Nicole Conyers, Ivy C

Conyers, Ivy C Cook, Dianne C

Cook, Dianne C Cook, Margaret

Cook, Margaret C Cooke, Albert F

Cooke, Alexander Edward Cookson, Rachel Anne

Cookson, Rebekah Elise Coon, Brett Verron

Coon, Brian C Cooper, Adam Scott

Cooper, Adam Scott Cooper, George

Cooper, George Edwin Cooper, Michael Thomas

Cooper, Michael W Coopersmith, Geralyn B

Coopersmith, Joel S Copertino, Anthony P

Copertino, Camille Coppola, Fortunato E.

Coppola, Francesca R Cora, Gregoria N

Cora, Guillermo Corbett, Sean W

Corbett, Shannon Jameson Corcoran, Donald M

Corcoran, Donna L Cordeiro, Louis Resendes

Cordeiro, Luis S Cordes, Diane Marie

Cordes, Ellen Rose Core, Danielle Ashley

Core, Derwin P Coriaty, Sharon Mary

Coriaty, Spencer L Cormier, Eileen Leonard

Cormier, Elizabeth A Cornelio, Nicole E

Cornelio, Nicole Rose Cornish, Marc D

Cornish, Maren E Corrado, Frank P

Corrado, Fred D Correa, Paola M

Correa, Patricia Corridor, Nancy E.

Corrie, Christopher R Corsaro, Dana M

Corsaro, Francis J. Cortavarria, Jessica Marie

Cortavarria, Juan W Cortes Rodriguez, Ramon

Cortes-Roman, Ana Esther Corvo, Robert Daniel

Corvo, Rosa Ramirez Cosgrove, Charles A

Cosgrove, Charles B Cosme, Rafael

Cosme, Rafael A Costa, Hannah Rose

Costa, Heather L Costantini, Karen R

Costantini, Kristen L Costello, Eleanor R

Costello, Elizabeth Costin, Michael K

Costin, Mihaela Cote, Gregory Joseph

Cote, Gregory Joseph Cote, Robert G.

Cote, Robert J Cotter, Ashley A.

Cotter, Barbara B Cotto, Maria C

Cotto, Maria I Couch, Michael Edward

Couch, Molly C Couillard, Chrisopher J

Couillard, Chrisopher J Courant, David A

Courant, Mary A Courtney, Elizabeth Anne

Courtney, Elizabeth Anne Coutinho, Jossenisia C

Coutinho, Julia Maria Couture, Richard E

Couture, Richard E Coviello, Elizabeth A.

Coviello, Elizabeth A Coward, Judith L

Coward, Kathryn Elizabeth Cowley, Robert G

Cowley, Robert Tom Cox, Kathryn M

Cox, Kathryn Marie Coyle, Adrienne M

Coyle, Aidan L Cozza, Melissa J

Cozza, Michael D Crafts, Elizabeth A

Crafts, Elizabeth A Craig, Susan R

Craig, Tametha D Crandall, Faith

Crandall, Fay K Cranfield, Emma L

Cranfield, Jeremy Crawford, Caroline Owens

Crawford, Carol T Crawford, Susan M

Crawford, Susan R Creaturo, Nicole M

Creaturo, Pamela J Cremeans, Traci L

Cremeans, Tyler Jacob Crespo, Ernesto

Crespo, Esmeralda Cretella, Donna J

Cretella, Donna M Crimmins, Andreina L

Crimmins, Ann Criscuolo, Jeanette L

Criscuolo, Jeffrey D Cristino, Antoinette J

Cristino, Ashley Crocetti, Eva A

Crocetto, Catherine Joy Crofts, James B

Crofts, Kevin M Cronin, Brian

Cronin, Brian C Crook, Janet S

Crook, Jason A Crosby, Phyllis R

Crosby, Porsche R Cross, Terence H

Cross, Theresa M Crotta, Christine R

Crotta, Christopher P Crowe, Doreen A

Crowe, Dorothy M Crowley, James F

Crowley, James F Croyle, Nicole

Croyle, Tami F Crupi, Patricia Mary

Crupi, Regina M Cruz, Carlos J

Cruz, Carlos J Cruz, Felicita

Cruz, Felimon Bolanos Cruz, Jose

Cruz, Jose Cruz, Maria

Cruz, Maria Cruz, Rafael M

Cruz, Rafael M Cruzado, Alexandra Ann

Cruzado, Ana C Csizmar, Lisa Ann

Csizmar, Sandra L Cuccaro, Steven J

Cuccaro, Steven L Cuevas, Christina G

Cuevas, Christina R Culbertson, William Leo

Culbreath, Ashanti A Culligan, Dana M

Culligan, Daniel M Culvey, Eileen E

Culvey, Erin M Cummings, John G

Cummings, John J Cumpstone, Scott D

Cumpstone, Tucker John Cunningham, Denis

Cunningham, Denise Cunningham, Nathan Michael

Cunningham, Neal A Cupeles, Glenda Y

Cupeles, Jonathan Curley, Brian C

Curley, Brian J Curran, Marie

Curran, Marie E Currier, Michael L.

Currier, Michelle Curry, Tammie D

Curry, Tanya Monique Curtis, Donna J

Curtis, Donna J Curtiss, Alissa

Curtiss, Allison E Cusano, James F

Cusano, James W Cusimano, Carrie-Ann

Cusimano, Debra Lin Cutler, Jason F

Cutler, Jason L. Cwalina, Halina I.

Cwalina, Izabela Cyr, Brian D

Cyr, Brian E Cyr, Kevin Nicholas

Cyr, Kimberly A Cyr-Bernath, Edith M

Cyr-Bibeau, Linda J Czarkowski, Anthony J

Czarkowski, Debra Ann Czernek, Mary C

Czernel, Stanley J Czyzycki, Marek