Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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B, Lady Babcock, Kim M

Babcock, Kim R Babollah, Hassan

Babollah, Michelle P. Bach, William R

Bacha, Angelique Bacigalupo, Rebecca I

Bacigalupo, Sibbie A Bacon, Eric Steven

Bacon, Eugene A Badenhop, Kevin T

Badenhop, Randal L Badway, Thomas G

Badway-Witczak, Dana Marie Baez, Isabelita

Baez, Isabelita Bagan, Lukasz

Bagan, Marc J. Bagnaschi, Phyllis C

Bagnaschi-Maher, Mary E Baiad, Gloria E

Baiad, Joseph D Bailey, David J

Bailey, David J Bailey, Krystal-Dawn Ericka

Bailey, Kurt J Bailey, Steven Everett

Bailey, Steven L Bain, Samantha

Bain, Sarah E Baisden, Brandon

Baisden, Brett Bakelman, Diane

Bakelman, Matthew Baker, Diana H

Baker, Diana H Baker, Joshua Deshawn

Baker, Joshua L Baker, Nicole A

Baker, Nicole A Baker, William

Baker, William Balaban, Benjamin Robert

Balaban, David P Balcastro, Isadore

Balcastro, Josephine A. Baldino, Justine

Baldino, Kaitlin M Baldwin, Giseldamae

Baldwin, Gordon B Baldyga, Judy Ann

Baldyga, Julia Balisciano, Florence

Balisciano, Florence Ball, Susan Delong

Ball, Susan H Ballay, Romain Christopher

Ballbach, Darlene Balma, Philip Wayne

Balma, Robert J Baltronis, Monica S

Baltronis, Victoria Michelle Banack, Michael J

Banack, Nancy P Bane, Devra L

Bane, Devra L Bankowska-Pennar, Halina

Bankowski, Adam James Banks, Pamela

Banks, Pamela Bannon, Lori J

Bannon, Lucille B. Baptista, Eric Gregory

Baptista, Frances M Baran, Timothy R

Baran, Tricia A Barbar, John L

Barbar, Joseph William Barber, Jane W

Barber, Janice Irene Barber-Mcbride, Azia V

Barber-Merullo, Stephanie M Barbosa, Nelisa

Barbosa, Nelson Barco, Jorge L

Barco, Katherin Yanneth Bardsley, Paige Ann

Bardsley, Patricia C Baribault, Robert J

Baribault, Roger Adelard Barkasy, Ana Gisela

Barkasy, Carol M Barkley, Willie L.

Barkman, Alan T Barlowski, Donald J

Barlowski, James M Barnes, Brandy Y

Barnes, Breanna Janae Barnes, Kenneth A

Barnes, Kenneth B Barnes, Viana I

Barnes, Vicki E Barnett, Shannon E

Barnett, Shannon Elizabeth Barnum, Max

Barnum, Megan E Barone, Diane Frances

Barone, Diane L Barr, Judith

Barr, Judith K Barreira, Lucia M

Barreira, Maria A Barrett, Chris Howard

Barrett, Christian J Barrett, Leslie Howes

Barrett, Leslie Jahn Barretta, Christina L

Barretta, Christina M Barriosnuevo, Manuel Sr

Barriosnuevo, Michael Barrows, Donald

Barrows, Donald F Barry, John F

Barry, John F Barry-Plotkin, Martha C

Barry-Plotkin, Martha C Bartels, D Spencer

Bartels, Eileen D Bartiet, Virginia

Bartiet, William T Bartlett, Pauline E

Bartlett, Paul J Bartolo, Anthony Vincent

Bartolo, Antoinette Barton, Jennifer B

Barton, Jennifer B Bartram, Mary M

Bartram, McCormick Basch, Barbara R

Basch, Clarissa Hunter Basile, Maryann

Basile, Mary Ann E Bass, Anna T

Bass, Anne E Bassett, Lea J

Bassett, Lee S Basti, Thomas C

Basti, Vinay S Batchelor, Rita

Batchelor, Rita P Bates, Latrice H

Bates, Laura C Batista, John

Batista, John Andre Battaglia, Linda L

Battaglia, Maria Battista, Michael G

Battista, Michael Gary Bau, Morgan Heather

Bauabin, Michael Oscar Bauer, Richard Michael

Bauer, Richard N Baumer, Diane M

Baumer, Diane M Bavolack, Patricia

Bavolack, Peter D Bayarinas, Vincent J

Bayarsaihan, Dashzeveg Bayro, Pamela

Bayrom, Hatice Beach, Angela C.

Beach, Anthony D Bealer, James William

Bealer, Katherine Daggett Bear, Jacob

Bear, Jason C Beasley, Joseph Michael

Beasley, Judy L Beaty, Lisa M

Beaty, Lucinda D Beaudoin, Kasey Lyn

Beaudoin, Katherine P Beaulieu, Andrea L

Beaulieu, Andre J Beaumont, Ryan M

Beaumont, Samantha A Beauton, Alisha M

Beauton, Alisha M Becher, Robert D

Becher, Robert D Beck, Robert W

Beck, Robert W Becker, Kurt G

Becker, Kyle Beckford, Jamelia A

Beckford, James Beckwith, Samuel Paul

Beckwith, Sandra L Bedford, Nathaniel C

Bedford, Olivia C Bedoya, Mariela

Bedoya, Martha L Beecher, Carrie L

Beecher, Charles S Beers, Emily M

Beers, Eric Begin, Paul B

Begin, Paul Bradford Behm, Gary M

Behm, Gary Michael Beinstein, Leonard

Beinstein, Michaela G Belange, Gina

Belange, Jean Belardinelli, Patricia L

Belardinelli, Renee Belema, Makonen

Belemlih, Halima Beliveau, Jacob S

Beliveau, Jacqueline Marie Bell, Dennis W

Bell, Dequaya M Bell, Leona J

Bell, Leonard Bell, Thomas

Bell, Thomas Bellavance, Amanda Thersa

Bellavance, Andrew John Belli, Gerald James

Belli, Gina Marie Bellmore, Jack B

Bellmore, James Belluscio, Victoria G

Bellussi, John B Beltis, Jeffrey J

Beltis, J Spencer Belzer, Barbara B

Belzer, Catherine Rogovin Bench, Cynthia D

Bench, Emma Jo Bendik, Lou Ann

Bendik, Matthew D Benedict, Karen A

Benedict, Karen L Bengtson, Joan A

Bengtson, Joan F Benitez, Jose M

Benitez, Joseph Benjamin, Rockwood T

Benjamin, Rohini P Bennett, Arza C

Bennett, Ashleigh E Bennett, Jacob D

Bennett, Jacqueline Bennett, Melissa

Bennett, Melissa Bennett, Walter P

Bennett, Walter Patten Benoit, John A

Benoit, John Dario Benson, Bruce P

Benson, Bryan A Benson, Shelly T

Benson, Sheree R Bentley, Thomas E

Bentley, Thomas Joseph Benway, Tracy C

Benway, Violet M Berardo, Kelly Shrader

Berardo, Marc Douglas Berey, George J.

Berey, Laura M Bergen, Joyce A

Bergen, Julie Ann Berger, William H

Berger, William H. Bergfeld-Mabe, Melissa G.

Berggren, Adam John-Richard Bergougnoux, Jean-Michel G

Bergquist, Alan Joseph Berkley, Jennifer E

Berkley, Joan W. Berlinger, Lisa R.

Berlinger, Liz Bermudez, Adela

Bermudez, Aida E Bernal, Mark Anthony

Bernal, Martha Bernard, Zachary P

Bernard, Zoe P Bernauer, Samuel E

Bernavage, Kathleen T Bernier, Heather Elizabeth

Bernier, Hector Bernstein, Alicia

Bernstein, Alicia N Berrios, Andrew John

Berrios, Angel Berry, Christine Elaine

Berry, Christine J Berry, Thomas Jeffery

Berry, Thomas P Bertier, Williams

Bertig, Mary Ann S Bertrand, Wayne M

Bertrand, William K Bery, Akshay K

Bery, Anjah Jaya Bessette, Joseph R

Bessette, Joshua Adam Bestor, Zachary Richard

Best-Parris, Karen A Betkoski, Diane

Betkoski, Edward Anthony Bettuchi, Kelly Wade

Bettuchi, Michael John Bevins, John J

Bevins, Kaitlin M Bhagwandin, Tessa Lucia

Bhagwani, Divya N Bhura, Salim M

Bhura, Sehjan M Biancarelli, Lynne S

Biancarelli, Michele Bibeau, Christopher J

Bibeau, Correna J Bicknell, Treld Pelkey

Bicknell, Virginia M Biela, Joseph J

Biela, Joseph R Bienkowski, Kathryn J

Bienkowski, Keith C Bigelow, Harry T

Bigelow, Harry T Bigusiak, Susan M.

Bigwarfe, Dean L Bill, Samuel P

Bill, Sandra Billone, Patricia B

Billops, Henrietta Bimonte, Rae

Bimonte, Robert A Binkhorst, Karen E

Binkhorst, Melanie Hope Birch, John

Birch, John Andrew Birge, Robert S

Birge, Ryan J Birriel, Juan

Birriel, Juan Bishon, Maynard

Bishon, Noelle Bishop, Robert K

Bishop, Robert L Bisson, Jon

Bisson, Jonathan Franklin Bittle, Mona L

Bittle, Montrice S Bjorkland, Eric Thomas

Bjorkland, Fred J Black, Kevin Zachary

Black, Keyonna K Blackford, Edwina M

Blackford, Edwina M Blackwell, John Adam

Blackwell, John Louis Blaine, James J

Blaine, James T Blais, Cheryl D

Blais, Cheryl Marie Blake, Emily Ann

Blake, Enid M Blake, Vicki L

Blake, Victoria A Blanchard, Albert V

Blanchard, Alexa T. Blanchette, Christopher Andrew

Blanchette, Christopher G Bland, James N

Bland, James Nathaniel Blankshain, James A

Blanks-Lawson, Carol L. Blaszczynski, Carol J

Blaszczynski, Christine A Bleasdale, Timothy D

Bleasdale, Timothy David Blewett, Lauren Eileen

Blewett, Mary Bliven, Brett

Bliven, Brett E Blodgett, Jay Allen

Blodgett, Jean L Bloom, Brian M

Bloom, Bridget C Blotner, Steven B

Blotney, Beth Ann Bluestine, Meredith

Bluestone, Barbara R Blumm, Jacqueline N

Blumm, Victoria Boateng, Djan O

Boateng, Dora A. Bobowski, Walter J

Bob-Ray, Christaphine J Boccuzzi, Joseph Ab

Boccuzzi, Joseph James Bodak, Robin A

Bodak, Stephen C Bodnar, Sara S

Bodnar, Scott J Boerner-Mercier, Tobias A

Boernsen, Judy V Bogdanska, Kinga

Bogdanska, Wiktoria Bogucki, Joseph

Bogucki, Justin H Bohlin, Reme A

Bohling, Ashlyn Boiselle, Ryan Joseph

Boiselle, Sara Bojka, Violetta

Bojko, Andreas J Bolasevich, Rose H

Bolasevich, Sarah S Boles, Adam L

Boles, Ann Elizabeth Bollinger, Gail R

Bollinger, Gary Gleson Boltz, Juliet L

Boltz, Kenneth E Bonacci, Elizabeth Christine

Bonacci, Ellen C Bonanzio, Gina M

Bonanzio, Laurie J Bond, Karen R

Bond, Kashif Boneski, Melissa L

Boneski, Paige K Bonhorst, Doreen A

Bonhotel, Jason W Bonin, Lawrence P

Bonin, Lawrence Paul Bonner, Elizabeth A

Bonner, Elizabeth White Bonser, Charles A

Bonser, Charles Remy Booker, Myrtle J

Booker, Nakia Booth, Adela Pena

Booth, Adrian Clove Booty, Jeremy David

Booty, Jordan Olin Borden, Judith H

Borden, Julia Borer, Angela M

Borer, Brendan L Boria, Isaac

Boria, Isaac Bornstein, Michael N

Bornstein, Mollie Borrelli, Ronald J

Borrelli, Ronald Joseph Borton, Mark P

Borton, Minerva Bosco, Jennifer Lauren

Bosco, Jennifer M Boss, Linda

Boss, Lola J Bostick, Cory Bernard

Bostick, Craig L Botham, Leon E

Bothamley, Heidi Grube Bottiglieri, Paul

Bottiglieri, Robert J Bouchard, Gertrude B

Bouchard, Gilmay Boucher, Brenda R

Boucher, Brett Alan Boucher, Philip J

Boucher, Philip L Boudreau, Mark S

Boudreau, Mary Boulais, Albert P

Boulais, Anthony J Boulware, Daniqua

Boulware, Daniqua Tishawn Bourgeois, Erma B

Bourgeois, Ernest Bourque, Jaque J

Bourque, Jarrid J Boutaeva, Zinaida

Boutagy, Laurice H Boutot, Zachariah Aaron

Boutote, Albertine M Bovienzo, James

Bovienzo, Robert P Bowen, Jessica A

Bowen, Jessica L Bowers, Christine Janet

Bowers, Christine L Bowles, Dora

Bowles, Dora C Bowman, Vaughn A

Bowman, Vernon Boyce, William M

Boyce-Hillian, Cazania A Boyd, Michael E

Boyd, Michael J Boyhen, Deborah E

Boyhen, Ethel M Boyle, Jerome F

Boyle, Jessica L Boys, Henrietta E

Boys, Henrietta E Bracchitta, Teresa L

Bracci, Agnes M Bracy, Thelbert A

Bracy, Thelbert A Bradley, Anne T

Bradley, Annette L Bradley, Lanny C

Bradley, Lanny C Bradshaw, Jason A

Bradshaw, Jeanne A Brady, John J

Brady, John J Bragdon, Kenneth H

Bragdon, Kenneth H Braine, Daniel H

Braine, Harper Branca, Elaine T

Branca, Emma Brand, Alison T

Brand, Allen J Brandon, Rachel G

Brandon, Rachel R Brannigan, Heidi

Brannigan, Hilda Brashier, Teddy J

Brasil, Maria L Brault, Christina M

Brault, Christine A Braverman, Barbara G

Braverman, Barbara G Bray, William K

Bray, William Kevin Brea, Francisco J.

Brea, Georgia Milagros Bredahl, Elizabeth Reinhardt

Bredahl, Jane Asher Breeney, Nicole J

Breeney, Stephen M Bremer, Brooke H.

Bremer, Connor Miles Brennan, Donald J

Brennan, Donald J Brennan, Michael Patrick

Brennan, Michael R Brenner, Robert L

Brenner, Robert L Bresnick, Martin Ira

Bresnick, Melanie Wendy Breuer, Jake Thomas

Breuer, Jake Thomas Brewer, Skyler Rose

Brewer, Stacy M Brice, Alysha

Brice, Alysha D Bridgers, Cullen C

Bridgers, Cullen C Briere, Yvonne G

Briere, Zachary Briggs, Mary Frances

Briggs, Mary Frances Briglia, Catherine A

Briglia, Cheryl L. Brine, Scott E

Brine, Stephen Briotti, John D

Briotti, Kathleen M Bristol, Sophia T

Bristol, Stacy Ann Britto, Lamont A

Britto, Laura Ann Broadwater, Pierson Robert

Broadway, Beatrice G Brockenberry, Kelly B

Brockenberry, Laura J. Broderick, Francis Patrick

Broderick, Gardner L Brodie, Fantasia N

Brodie, Gertrude D Brogden, Taunya A

Brogden, Timothy Andrew Bronin, Andrew

Bronin, Dorothy Brookman, John F

Brookman, Joyce E Brooks, Harriet W

Brooks, Harrison William Brooks, Payton

Brooks, Pearl M Brophy, Ellie I

Brophy, Emma Kathleen Brough, Robert M

Brough, Sandra J Brovarski, Nicole Margit

Brovender, Laura A Brown, Andrew B

Brown, Andrew B Brown, Brian S

Brown, Brian Scott Brown, Christopher R

Brown, Christopher R Brown, Deanna L

Brown, Deanna S Brown, Elaine T

Brown, Elana Shira Brown, Geraldine E

Brown, Geraldine H Brown, Jamie Leigh

Brown, Jamie M Brown, John J

Brown, John Joseph Brown, Kelsey

Brown, Kelsey D Brown, Lillian G

Brown, Lillian M Brown, Marva A

Brown, Marva V Brown, Nadine A

Brown, Nadine K Brown, Phyllis M

Brown, Phyllis M Brown, Ronda

Brown, Rondell L Brown, Shirley B

Brown, Shirley F Brown, Thomas L

Brown, Thomas Len Brown, William L

Brown, William L Brownell, Patricia J

Brownell, Richard A Brozdowski, Jeffrey Edward

Brozdowski, June Elizabeth Brucker, John M

Brucker, Jordan R Brumfield, Holly

Brumfield, Laurie C Brunet, Jared W

Brunet, Jared W Bruno, Cole Cyrus

Bruno, Colleen Patricia Brunoli, Michael C

Brunoli, Michael Charles Brustolon, Eugene J

Brustolon, Everest Bryant, Alan

Bryant, Alan G Bryant, Natalie

Bryant, Natalie E Bryniczka, Jacob P

Bryniczka, Peter M Bucay, Gabriela

Bucay, Yemile A Buchalski, Barbara E

Buchalski, Beverly Ann Buchino, Laurie L

Buchino, Lawrence Buckheit, Kenneth

Buckheit, Linda M Buckley, Joshua Daniel

Buckley, Joyce H Bucknoff, Christine M

Bucknoff, Olha Buden, Roanne V

Buden, Robert W Buechele, Donald R

Buechele, Donna M Buffkin, Robert W

Buffman, Devynne Ramsee Bui, Hoc Tan

Bui, Hoc Tan Buksa, Janet C

Buksa, Jeannette C Buller, Gregory K

Buller, James J. Bun, Lowell

Bun, Marina K Bunnell, Heather A

Bunnell, Heaven Aleisha Buonincontri, Steve

Buoninfante, Donato Burblis, Janet E

Burblis, Susan M Burdick, Amanda Jean

Burdick, Amelia Burfoot, Gary C

Burfoot, Laura Cooper Burgess, Joan E

Burgess, Joan G. Burgio, Stephen A

Burgio, Steven S Burgos, Roberto

Burgos, Roberto Burke, Brien J

Burke, Brien M Burke, John E

Burke, John E Burke, Patrick J

Burke, Patrick J Burkey, William R

Burkey, William R Burlinson, Amanda M

Burlinson, Ara M Burnette, Lainee

Burnette, Lainee Burns, Barbara M

Burns, Barbara M Burns, Jerome N

Burns, Jesse Burns, Peter D

Burns, Peter E Burr, David E

Burr, David J Burrill, Laura Elizabeth

Burrill, Laurie A Burslem, Rebecca Katharine

Burslem, Richard R Burton, Justin J

Burton, Justin S Busa, Jeremy P

Busa, Jeremy P Bush, Gaytha M

Bush, George R Bushka, Kathleen E

Bushka, Kathryn G Bussiere, Joan M

Bussiere, John Butera, Marguerite S

Butera, Marguerite S Butler, Crystal Lynn

Butler, Crystal R Butler, Kenneth P

Butler, Kenneth R Butler, Ryan

Butler, Ryan Butten, Brannon Joseph

Butten, Clifton H Buturla, Darlene Ann

Buturla, Donna L Buzzeo, Angelo A.

Buzzeo, Anthony F. Bykowski, Mackenzie R

Bykowski, Mackenzie Richard Byrd, Yvette H.

Byrd, Yvonne A Byrne, Timothy Michael

Byrne, Timothy Scott Bystrowski, Andrew

Bystrowski, Henry Bzymek, Zbigniew M