Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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B, Lady Baah, Randall L

Baah, Theresa Babcock, Ryan M

Babcock, Samuel A Babu, Vazhayil

Babu, Vazhayil Bachand, Karen

Bachand, Karen C Backer, Amanda L

Backer, Beth Staci Bacon, Kevin A

Bacon, Kim K Badesco, Peter T

Badescu, Gina C Baehr, Christine P

Baehr, David Joseph Baez, Jose M

Baez, Jose M Bagdon, Wanda B

Bagdonas, A Joseph Bagot, Reynold Leanzo

Bagot, Robert A Baier, Rachel R

Baier, Robert Erva Berry Bailey, Donna M

Bailey, Donna R Bailey, Lloyd G

Bailey, Lloyd Patrick Bailey, Tracey D

Bailey, Tracey Denise Baines, Bruce W

Baines, Bruce W Baiz, Carolina

Baiz, Ella M Baker, Andrew Jeffrey

Baker, Andrew M Baker, Elaine R

Baker, Eleanor F Baker, Kathleen M

Baker, Kathleen M Baker, Priscilla M

Baker, Quenna Marie Bakes, Dean G

Bakes, Debbie Balakrishna, Kanya

Balakrishna, Pushpa Balchius, Michael A

Balchius, Peter J Baldis, Tracy

Baldis, Tracy L Baldwin, John T

Baldwin, John U. Balentine, John K

Balentine, Keith W Balkcom, Viola Evans

Balkcom, William R Ballantine, Joseph T

Ballantine, Katherine A Ballerini, Christopher J

Ballerini, David A Balog, Lorissa A

Balog, Mark F Balula, Katherine Anne

Balula, Maria C Banas, John

Banas, John Banette, Andre Henri

Banette, Janine Yvette Banks, Arlene M

Banks, Arnold S Banks, Sheila Denise

Banks, Sheila M Banoff, Shirley

Banol, Shirley P. Baptiste, Nicola

Baptiste, Nola Baranowitz, Ilene B

Baranowitz, Jill A Barbarito, Steven

Barbaro, Alex I Barber, Kenneth L

Barber, Kenneth L Barbier, Corey D

Barbier, Crystal S Barbour, Joseph

Barbour, Josh Aj Bard, Barbara T

Bard, Bernadine Bareiss, Conrad W

Bareiss, David George Baril, Charles A

Baril, Charles A Barker, Charles A

Barker, Charles T Barksdale, M Brady

Barksdale, Megan Danielle Barna, Lauren Ann

Barna, Lawrence A Barnes, Ciana L

Barnes, Ciera M Barnes, Mabel A

Barnes, Mabel Rose Barnett, Alan D.

Barnett, Alan D Barney, Brianna

Barney, Brianna M Barolli, Daniel D

Barolli, Dawn C Barone, Julie

Barone, Juliette T Barr, Ruth F

Barr, Ruth J Barrera, Marta Felicinda

Barrera, Martha Barrett, Diana J

Barrett, Diane Ashton Barrett, Matilda Brown

Barrett, Matthew C Barrette, William A

Barrette, Zachary Barron, Gerhard A

Barron, Gregory Albert Barrows, Pamela D

Barrows, Patricia Barry, Kileen E

Barry, Kimberly Barselau, Brian H

Barselau, Kim Marie Barth, Candice

Barth, Cathy Lyn Bartkowski, Uta K

Bartkus, Cara A. Bartlette, Spencer B

Bartlette, Tamika A Bartolotta, Alice J

Bartolotta, Alice Jane Barton, Meghan Rutherford

Barton, Melissa Bartus, Garrett A

Bartus, Joseph W Basconi, Brian J

Basconi, Brian Joseph Basilicato, Jody A

Basilicato, Joseph Bass, Kathy M

Bass, Kathy R Bassett, Sylvia A

Bassett, Sylvia Ann Bastien, Jordan David

Bastien, Judith Baten, Anita W

Baten, Cherna Marie Bates, Ralph W

Bates, Randy J Batista, Oscar J

Batista, Patricia H Battalino, Donna L

Battalino, Donna Lee Battiston, Gregory G

Battiston, Helen J Baudilio, Valentin

Baudin, Beverly J Baugh, John R

Baugh, John Raymond Orlando Baumgartner, Leisa H

Baumgartner, Lorenz Martin Baxendale, Melissa F

Baxendale, Stacey J Bayer, Lee E

Bayer, Linda A Bazan, Ziola Maurilia

Bazan-Navarrete, Doris C Beach, Kimberly

Beach, Kimberly Beam, Nancy C

Beam, Nicole Beard, Margaret

Beard, Marianna Beatman, Marilyne S

Beatman, Matthew K Beauchamp, Theresa Marie

Beauchamp, Tiffany R Beaudoin, Russell Edward

Beaudoin, Ryan M Beaulieu, Emily C

Beaulieu, Emma M Beaupre, Pauline D

Beaupre, Paul L Beaver, Heather D

Beaver, Ian Beck, Amy K

Beck, Andrew A Becker, Allyson L

Becker, Alyssa Jayne Becker, Patricia A

Becker, Patricia A Beckius, Sarah E

Beckler, Avis L Bedard, Amanda E

Bedard, Amber L Bednar, Josh A

Bednar, Katelyn Marie Beebe, Allen B

Beebe, Allen Richard Beechwood, Justin E

Beeckman, Barbara Linsley Beerwa, Gail

Beerwa, Krystal L Begley, Michael C

Begley, Michael J Behrend, Suad

Behrend, Veronica E Beit, Richard D

Beit, Roger J Belanger, Emily W

Belanger, Eric Belcher, April L

Belcher, April L Belfiore, Shirley Mae

Belfiore, Stephen J Belko, Deborah

Belko, Elizabeth Blake Bell, Gary

Bell, Gary Bell, Michael T

Bell, Michael T Bellacicco, Gloria J

Bellacicco, Jacqueline Bellefleur, Bianca P

Bellefleur, Brian R Bellingham, Donald L

Bellingham, Frances Ann Bello, Patricia

Bello, Paul E Belmonte, Nicole

Belmonte, Nicole Marie Beltran, Anita

Beltran, Annette Bemis, Frederick W

Bemis, Frederick W Bendas, Marianna Teresa

Bendas, Mark Anthony Bendy, Charles C

Bendyk, Ann G Benefield, Lauren

Benefield, Maude E Benham, Sandra K

Benham, Sarah M Benito, Richard H

Benito, Sara J Benkert, Mallory Katelyn

Benkert, Marc Patrick Bennett, Chrisopher R

Bennett, Christian E Bennett, John

Bennett, John Bennett, Paulette E

Bennett, Pauline Bennica, Katrina A

Bennice, Linda M Benoit, Patricia

Benoit, Patricia A Benson, Gary Owen

Benson, Gary William Bent, Patricia A

Bent, Paulette A Benton, Glenn R

Benton, Gwen R Benzinger, Michael

Benzinger, Nicole M Berchulski, Edward J

Berchulski, Katherine Allison Berg, Holly

Berg, Howard Edwin Berger, Benjamin Andrew

Berger, Benjamin J Bergeron, Gerard A

Bergeron, Gerard W Bergin, Kathleen R

Bergin, Kathy L Bergstrom, Jacquelyn Monique

Bergstrom, James Berkowitz, Fred Joseph

Berkowitz, Gerald A Berman, Candice L

Berman, Carol C Bermudez, Luis A

Bermudez, Luisa K Bernard, Dillon G

Bernard, Dolores A Bernardini, Chris Joseph

Bernardini, Cindy G Bernetsky, Paul Thomas

Bernetsky, Peter James Bernier, Melanie L

Bernier, Melanie S Bernstein, Laurence R

Bernstein, Lauren E Berrios, Juan V

Berrios, Judith Berry, Jason Lang

Berry, Jason Patrick Berstene, Kevin Thomas

Berstene, Kevin Thomas Bertoli, Karen A

Bertoli, Kevin A Berube, Charles R

Berube, Cheryl L Besescheck, Christopher M

Besescheck, Darrin J Besso, Sarah

Besson, Alexandra Betancourt, Jordan

Betancourt, Jordy Bette, William A

Bette, William Alexander Beutel, Michelle R

Beutel, Robert M Beyer, Beatrice A

Beyer, Carolyn Bhasker, S

Bhat, Aaminah Biagioni, Olivia K

Biagioni, Olivia Kathryn Bianchi, Richard R

Bianchi, Richard R Bible, Geoffrey C

Bible, Haejin K Bidorini, Patricia E

Bidou, Ann Elizabeth Bielefield, Daniel R

Bielefield, Deborah M Bieri, Nancy Z

Bieri, Ramon W Biggerstaff, Marguerite C

Biggerstaff, Sarah Bilan, Charles

Bilan, Gheorghe Billiel, Staci L

Billiel, Stephanie Marie Bilodeau, Claire L

Bilodeau, Crystal A Binelli, Margaret

Binelli, Michele J Binns, Schnel M

Binns, Theresa A Bird, David M

Bird, Dawn Birkmaier, Katherine A

Birkmaier, Katherine H Bisaillon, Joseph R

Bisaillon, Joseph William Bishop, Donna Marie

Bishop, Dorinda H Bisi, Tony M

Bisick, Matt Tyler Bissonnette, Elizabeth A

Bissonnette, Elizabeth Caroline Bivans, Leslie A

Bivans, Michael S Black, Allen D

Black, Allen R Black, Rebecca A

Black, Reid B Blackman, Rasheena D

Blackman, Reid Diamond Blackwood, Andrew C

Blackwood, Andrew J Blair, Elizabeth Marie

Blair, Elizabeth Moore Blais, Robert J

Blais, Robert L Blake, Katherine J

Blake, Katherine Lynn Blakeney, Gloria M

Blakeney, Grady W Blanchard, Helen T

Blanchard, Herbert R Blanchette, Miguel P

Blanchette, Mitchell J Blaney, Frances M

Blaney, Gerald Blaschke, Robert E

Blaschke, Robert K Blau, Curtis L

Blau, Daniel D Bleggi, Beatrice

Bleggi, Beatrice Mary Catherine Blighton, Carolyn E

Blighton, Christal Bloch, Laura

Bloch, Laura A Blomberg, James Donald

Blomberg, James Donald Bloom, Michael L

Bloom, Michael S. Blow, Aamie L

Blow, Alyson M Blum, Nadine S

Blum, Nancy L Blydorp, Joan A

Blye, Anissa Bobb, Ian O

Bobb, Joseph J Boccacio, Ronald P

Boccacio, Samantha Trish Bochicchio, Jo-Anne S

Bochicchio, John L Bodenstein, Kristen Louise

Bodenweber, Ernest Bodytko, Kimberly E

Bodzak, Cassandra Bogan, Anders A

Bogan, Angelo Boggess, Brian G

Boggess, Christine A Bogursky, Sondra I

Bogursky, Sondra Iacullo Bohnet, Arielle

Bohnet, Carol Ann Boisvert, Bradford R

Boisvert, Bradley F Bola, Bianca K

Bola, Ray Boldt, Burton W

Boldt, Carol A Boling, Christopher Dee

Boling, Cynthia D Bologna, Susan H

Bologna, Sylvia M. Bombara, David J

Bombara, Dorothy M Bonafide, Donna Maria

Bonafide, Joan R. Bonaventura, Tywonna Lo'quice

Bonaventura-Hemond, Christina F Bonday, Glendon L

Bond-Cavanagh, Jasmine Bonetti, Kevin J

Bonetti, Kristy Marie Bonilla, Giovanny

Bonilla, Giselle Elizabeth Bonito, Anthony M

Bonito, Anthony Michael Bonnette, James Stanley

Bonnette, Jennifer M Bonvini, Robert C

Bonvini, Stacey A Boon, Timothy W

Boone, Abigael A Booth, John S

Booth, John T Borawski, Henry B

Borawski, Henry J Bordoley, Mordechai

Bordon, Gregory A Borges, Danielle

Borges, Danielle M Bork, Kamilla Ferreira

Bork, Kyle S Boroski, Robert A

Boroski, Robert C Borror, Shannon Mackenzie

Borros, Daniel H Borzenski, Francis J

Borzenski, Susan J Bosek, Timothy J

Boselh, Brett M Bosselman, Caitlin A

Bosselman, Christopher Robert Bostwick, Marsha B

Bostwick, Martin M Botta, James H

Botta, Joseph John Bottoni, Joseph

Bottoni, Joseph Bouchard, Marc E

Bouchard, Marcia S Boucher, Gaston F

Boucher, Gavin Bouchey, Robert L.

Bouchey, Robert L Bouffard, Donna Louise

Bouffard, Edward B. Boulay, Eileen S

Boulay, Ellen B Bourassa, Rachel E.M.

Bourassa, Remy R Bouris, Eric P

Bouris, Jason Bourret, Adam Charles

Bourret, Albert J Bouthot, Louis F

Bouthot, Neal A Bouzi, Elie

Bouzi, Elie Bowden, Scott D.

Bowden, Scott W Bowen, Stanton C

Bowen, Stean R Bowers, Yuppadee

Bowers, Yvonne Angella Bowman, Cheryl A

Bowman, Christine M Boxer, Jodi

Boxer, Joshua D. Boyd, Darryle J

Boyd, Daryn Boyd, Tye Fesha N

Boyd, Tyrone Boyko, Mary

Boyko, Mary A Boyle, Robert W

Boyle, Robert Wayne Bozzby, Leann M

Bozzella, John H Bracey, Martha R

Bracey, Nehemias D Bradeen, Jonathan P

Bradeen, Joshua Vincent Bradley, Edward R

Bradley, Edward R Bradley, Robert J

Bradley, Robert J Bradt, Loretta M

Bradt, Lynda K Brady, Michele L

Brady, Michelle Brague, William C

Brague, William C Brakoniecki, Alexa H

Brakoniecki, Alicja G Branch, Hilary Jane

Branch, Howard R Brandenburg, Jennifer Kay

Brandenburg, Kristen G Brandt, Mariel F

Brandt, Mariel Frances Brant, Henry Thomas

Brant, James Braswell, Monaisha Unique

Braswell, Naomi R Braun, James P

Braun, James W Brawley, Erin L

Brawley, Erin O Brayton, Susan E

Brayton, Suzanne A Breault, George O

Breault, Gerard A. Breedlove, Jerome G

Breedlove, Katrice Breier, Maximillian D

Breier, Richard A Brenes-La Roche, Veronica

Brenes-Laroche, Veronica Brennan, Jesse

Brennan, Jesse R Brennan, Shirley B

Brennan, Sr. Joan Breschard, Robert H

Brescia, Alex James Breton, Gloria R

Breton, Gregg H Brewer, April E

Brewer, Arline Brewster, Todd A

Brewster, Tonesha Bricker, Jamin A

Bricker, Janet A Bridgewater, Torey Anthony

Bridgewater, Tyler L Brigantty Martinez, Genaro L

Brigarde-Narcisse, Esther Brigham, Carolyn A

Brigham, Chris K Brill, Patricia B

Brill, Patricia M Brinkley, Deshawn

Brinkley, Deshawn Jermane Brissett, Leopold

Brissett, Louise E Brito, Mallory C

Brito, Marco P Brizan, Audrey C

Brizan, Gashawn A Brochu, Douglas R

Brochu, Elizabeth Angela Brockman, Ellen S

Brockman, Gary G Brodeur, Andrew

Brodeur, Andrew C Brodtman, Andrew S

Brodtman, Andrew Seth Bromage, Samuel H

Bromage, Virginia Lane Bronson, Nichole M

Bronson, Nicole Brooks, Carol A

Brooks, Carol A Brooks, Katherine A

Brooks, Katherine Mooney Brooks, Steven C

Brooks, Steven Charles Brosnan, Jane Susan

Brosnan, Janet M Brouillette, Christine L

Brouillette, Christopher Brown, Adele P

Brown, Adelina C Brown, Arthur T

Brown, Arthur W Brown, Catherine

Brown, Catherine Brown, Cynthia J

Brown, Cynthia Jean Brown, Diann J

Brown, Dickon J Brown, Ernest E

Brown, Ernest Hollywood Brown, Helene Denise

Brown, Helene E Brown, Jeffrey T

Brown, Jeffrey T Brown, Julia

Brown, Julia Brown, Kirk L

Brown, Kirkland M Brown, Lucille M

Brown, Lucille Maude Brown, Melanie Ruth

Brown, Melanie S Brown, Ola P

Brown, Olga D Brown, Richard D

Brown, Richard D Brown, Sara E

Brown, Sarah Brown, Susan E

Brown, Susan Elaine Brown, Troy Dea

Brown, Troy Dean Browne, Christina R

Browne, Christi O Browning, Robert William

Browning, Robin R Bruce, Deborah

Bruce, Deborah A Bruen, Irene L

Bruen, Jesse Michael Bruneau, Elizabeth A

Bruneau, Erica Marie Brunetto, Salvatore J

Brunetto, Saro A Bruno, Kenneth R

Bruno, Kenneth R Brunswick, Lindsayi M

Brunswick, Lindsay M Bruzzi, Alice L

Bruzzi, Andrew P Bryant, Frederick E

Bryant, Frederick Ernest Bryant, Willie G

Bryant, Wong R Brzostek, Anna K

Brzostek, Barbara Bucci, Janet

Bucci, Jay R Buchanan, Maureen E.

Buchanan, Maxine L Buck, Charles A

Buck, Charles A Buckles, Elizabeth Honea

Buckles, Georgia Buckley, Raymond J

Buckley, Rebecca Buda, Allan

Buda, Alyssa Kathryn Budnick, Leo T

Budnick, Lori M Buenger, Robert G

Buenger, Robert G Bugbee, Raymond

Bugbee, Rebecca Lynne Bujak, Joseph

Bujak, Kenneth J Bulin, David A

Bulin, Kimberly J Bullock, Tasha E

Bullock, Teila A Bundy, William

Bundy, William J Bunting, Delroy

Bunting, Diana Patrice Buonocore, Vincent F

Buonocore-Hay, Tamara Lyn Burchard, Marshall

Burchard, Paula M Burdick, Rachel

Burdick, Rachel A Burger, Robert L

Burger, Robert Lawrence Burgess, Rose T

Burgess, R Russell Burgos, Fundador

Burgos, Fundador Burill, Donald Wright

Burill, Ruth Belch Burke, Donna J

Burke, Donna K Burke, Lauren M

Burke, Laurie M Burke, Shawn M

Burke, Shawn P Burkland, Kimberley M

Burkland, Lisa Whitcomb Burnes, Deborah L

Burnes, Deborah L Burnham, Jasmine N

Burnham, Jean M Burns, Debra

Burns, Debra Ann Burns, Lauren Julia

Burns, Lawrence E Burns, Susan

Burns, Susan D Burr, Sean R.

Burr, Shannon E Burrow, Ann R

Burrow, Brenda L Burt, Sarah Emily

Burt, Sharon M Burton, Taylor Marcia**

Burton, Terrance Busch, Margaret E

Busch, Margaret G Bush, Sinclair

Bush, S Lisa Busk, Marie E

Busk, Michael E Bustin, Tami M

Bustinza, Christian Butler, Alana C

Butler, Alana Rachel Butler, Gregory Paul

Butler, Gregory S Butler, Megan E

Butler, Megan E Butler, William

Butler, William Butterworth, Philip W

Butterworth, Richard Paul Buyak, Sandra A

Buyak, Stanley L Bycoski, Jason A

Bycoski, Jennifer Erin Byram, Virginia A

Byrams, Takisha L Byrne, Jasmine D

Byrne, Jasmine Diane Byrnes, Thomas F

Byrnes, Thomas F Bzymek, Zbigniew M