Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Aaberg, Ann M Abate, Kenneth Joseph

Abate, Kimberly A. Abbot, Brian H

Abbot, Caroline Hemeon Abdalla, Fatima

Abdalla, Fatima Abel, George F

Abel, Gladys Abildgaard, Henrik S.

Abildgaard, Jessica O. Abraham, Nicholas B

Abraham, Nicole Ashley Abrams, Ellen J

Abrams, Emily Marie Abreu-Castillo, Christopher

Abreu Cruz, Ananlly F Accardi, Kenneth Ross

Accardi, Lisa A Acevedo, Diana M

Acevedo, Dianne Acevedo-Espinal, Wendy Massiel

Acevedo Garcia, Stephanie Ackerman, Matthew K

Ackerman, Matthew T Acosta, Jacqueline L

Acosta, Jacqueline R Acuna, Mario Alberto

Acuna, Matilde Adametz, Cindy Lou

Adametz, David L Adams, Bryan G

Adams, Bryan R Adams, Frank B

Adams, Frank C Adams, Katherine M

Adams, Katherine M Adams, Pamela A

Adams, Pamela A Adams, Timothy J

Adams, Timothy J Addai-Mireku, Jonathan K

Addai-Wireko, Baffour Adelkopf, Tracy L

Adelkopf, Victoria Lee Adjal, Farah A

Adjal, Mahieddine Adorno, Benjamin

Adorno, Bethzaida Afanasweev, Nikolai N

Afansano, Vicent Agasee, Louise

Agashe, Akshay G Agnew, Kelly Elaine

Agnew, Kevin S Agosto, Ruth

Agosto, Samantha E Aguiar, Monica B

Aguiar, Monica B Agyemang, Joycelyn Emelda

Agyemang, Kofi O Ahl, Richard Evan

Ahl, Sharon E Ahmed, Muhammed R

Ahmed, Mukhtar Aiden, Sary M

Aidibe, Hussein A Ainley, Carolyn L

Ainley, Connor Ajder, Aleksandar Milorad

Ajder, Erik M Aki, Jonathan C

Aki, Sonia Lynn Alaimo, Kathleen

Alaimo, Kellyann J Albala, Jason C

Albala, Lawrence Albee, Margaret A

Albee, Mariel Albert, Jason P

Albert, Jason Thomas Alberto, Michael Rocco

Alberto, Miguel Albrecht, John M

Albrecht, John R Alciati, Michael J

Alciati, Michael J Aldiere, Alexandra

Aldieri, Amanda Sadia Aledort, Audrey A

Aledort, Robert S Alesio, Phyllis E

Alesio, Robert J Alexander, George

Alexander, George A Alexander, Samuel Stewart

Alexander, Sandra Alfano, David J

Alfano, David J Alford, Lovern

Alford, Madeline S Ali, Concetta

Ali, Damiano Antonio Alicea, Ann M.

Alicea, Antonia Alicia, Wendaliz

Aliciene, Janet Allain, Patricia E

Allain, Patricia S Allardice, Elisa M

Allardice, Matthew E Allen, Brenda Blanks

Allen, Brenda C Allen, Elizabeth Chase

Allen, Elizabeth D Allen, John W

Allen, John William Allen, Meagan Selby

Allen, Megan Allen, Scott Michael

Allen, Scott P Allen-Walton, Sasha Alana

Allen-Washington, Priscilla Allison, Eva

Allison, Francis J Almada, Janet Elaine

Almada, Jean A Almestica, Ivonne Y

Almestica, Joaquin Alo, Kimberly E

Alo, Rosalinda Alpert, Scott A

Alpert, Scott H Alston, Yvonne M

Alston-Carr, Pia J Altieri, Elvira A

Altieri, Eric A Altorelli, Priscilla L

Altorelli, Richard K Alvarado, Katemilly

Alvarado, Katemilly Alvarez, Devanie Marie

Alvarez, Devin M Alvarez, Ronald J

Alvarez, Rosa Alves, Maria H

Alves, Maria Helena Amado, Yessika

Amadon, Carolyn L Amarante, Lisa Ann

Amarante, Lynn M. Amato, Rachel T

Amato, Raimondo Michele Ambrose, Brian S

Ambrose, Carol Amellin, Nancy L

Amellin, Nancy L Amerson, Celina G

Amerson, Gloria Amini, Mani

Amini, Mari L Amorando, Anthony Richard

Amorando, Cynthia N Amussen, Kimberly Cutler

Amussen, Robert Henry Anastasio, Sophia Marie

Anastasio, Stacey L Andersen, Christian C

Andersen, Christina L Anderson, April Theresa

Anderson, April Theresa Anderson, Cheryl Y

Anderson, Chester L Anderson, Donna L

Anderson, Donna L Anderson, Glenn P

Anderson, Glenn R Anderson, Joanne P

Anderson, Joanne S Anderson, Kimberley W

Anderson, Kimberly Anderson, Mark

Anderson, Mark Anderson, Pamela S

Anderson, Pamela V Anderson, Sabrina S

Anderson, Sadie D Anderson, Timothy P

Anderson, Timothy R Andino, Vivian W

Andino, William Andre, Sandra J

Andre, Sarah J Andress, Jean L

Andress, Jenny Andrews, Eleanor F

Andrews, Elisabeth D Andrews, Patricia M.

Andrews, Patricia M Andriunas, Rachel M

Andriuolo, Rita Andujar, Omar

Andujar, Orlando Angelillo, Maria I

Angelillo, Marianne Catherine Angelovich, George C

Angelovich, Leon F Angst, Alexander Joseph

Angst, Alexandria Kathleen Annello, Alyssa M

Annello, Alyssa M Anroman, Krista M

Anroop, Sandee S Anthony, Anna-Kay Alicia

Anthony, Annie A Antiuk, Alexander

Antiuk, Alicia Marie Antonellis, Donna M

Antonellis, Evan A Antos, Janina

Antos, Joseph J Anziano, Brenda J

Anziano, Christopher P Apollon Mowatt, Mario

Apolo, Debbie R Aponte-Sierra, Ramonita

Aponte Torres, Francisca Appleman, Irving

Appleman, Kenneth Aquilante, Kathryn

Aquilante, Kathy Allen Aramini, Daniel E

Aramini, Nancy H Arbelo, Peter A

Arbelo, Rafael C Arce, Enis G

Arce, Eric Archer, Elizabeth Ann

Archer, Elizabeth F Arconti, Christopher James

Arconti, Daniel John Arduini, Victor H

Arduini, Victor H. Aresco, Brent A

Aresco, Brenton J Argueta, Bertha Ileana

Argueta, Carol A Ariola, Mary V

Ariola, Michelle L Armbruster, Joan Marie

Armbruster, Joy T Armshaw, Stephanie M

Armshaw, William F Armstrong, Lisa R

Armstrong, Lisa Rene' Arnett, Andrew L

Arnett, Andrian Arnold, Keith R S

Arnold, Keith R.S. Arnott, John M

Arnott, Juanita A Arora, Parteek

Arora, Pooja Arrigoni, Christine M.

Arrigoni, Christopher Michael Arroyo, Jacqueline

Arroyo, Jacqueline Ivette Arruda, Katelyn

Arruda, Katelyn Arstorp, Julia Ferguson

Arsu, Kristen Lee Artley, Arlene F.

Artley, Hollis E Asal, Scott M

Asal, Viriginia E Ash, Glenworth

Ash, Greeory A Ashlaw, Kelly A

Ashlaw, Lurene D Ashworth, Eleanor S

Ashworth, Eric Joseph Aspinall, Pamela Carlene

Aspinall, Russell Astarita, Theodore Edward

Astarita, Theodore Edward Athanasiades, Parthena

Athanasiadis, Elpida Atkins, Tavori A

Atkins, Tavori A Attahiru, Raymond G

Attahiru, Sylvia Atwood, Cynthia Lee

Atwood, Daniel J Aubrey, Marjorie C

Aubrey, Mark J Audibert, Leo P

Audibert, Linda L Augeri, Timothy J

Augeri, Timothy J Augustine, William C

Augustine, William E Aurigemma, Kathleen A

Aurigemma, Kelli L Austin, Jessica A

Austin, Jessica Anne Autorino, Elane

Autorino, Elizabeth P Avendano, Natalia

Avendano, Regina R Avery, Kristen

Avery, Kristi Ann Avila, Vidal

Avila, Walter Richard Avritch, Richard T

Avritch, Steven A Ayala, Christina M Tita

Ayala, Christine M Ayala, Sasha M

Ayala, Sattie Ayles, Linda L

Ayles, Mary C Azana, Eber G

Azana, Jesus J. Azzou, Samira