Registered voters in the
State of Connecticut, U.S.A.
in alphabetical order

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Aaberg, Ann M Abate, Kathleen M

Abate, Kathleen M Abbot, Addison J

Abbot, Barbara A Abdalla, Badria A

Abdalla, David Mark Abel, Eugene A

Abel, Frank B Abi-Karam, Houaida

Abi-Karam, Leslie R Abraham, Miriam

Abraham, Nahida S Abrams, Eleanor

Abrams, Elijah D Abreu, Victor M

Abreu, Virginia V Accardi, Elizabeth

Accardi, Ellen M Acevedo, Delia

Acevedo, Denise Acevedo-Cortez, Sara

Acevedo-Cortez, Sarah Ackerman, Maryann A

Ackerman, Mary K Acosta, Itsaurimar

Acosta, Ivanova Acuna, Marcial L

Acuna, Margarita G Adames-Estevez, Georgina A

Adames-Jimenez, Brian Adams, Bruce L

Adams, Bruce Paul Adams, Francis Gordon

Adams, Frank Adams, Katherine L

Adams, Katherine L Adams, Olivia R

Adams, Owen M Adams, Timothy B

Adams, Timothy G Addae, Eric

Addae, Eric O. Adelglass, Jeffrey P

Adelglass, Rebecca Ann Adis, Abby Carol

Adis, Abby Carol Adorno, Angelica M

Adorno, Angelina Afanador, Meimy S

Afanador, Melissa Agarwal, Ritu

Agarwal, Sanjay K Agnew, Jeffrey T

Agnew, Jelan A Agosto, Rafael

Agosto, Rafael Aguiar, Manuel

Aguiar, Manuela C Agyemang, Attah K

Agyemang, Benjamin Ahl, Carl G

Ahl, Carter R Ahmed, Mohamoud D

Ahmed, Mohamoud D Aichelman, Barbara A

Aichelman, Roy J Ainbinder, Charles L

Ainbinder, Matthew R Ajce, Silvi

Ajce, Urim Akhter, Yasmin

Akhtor, Rana Naeem Alaimo, James V

Alaimo, Jennifer Joy Albair, Laurel P

Albair, Sherianne Albee, Jamie L

Albee, Jason S Albert, Jane C

Albert, Janelle C Alberto, Jonathan Raymond

Alberto, Karina Albrecht, Gail Roberts

Albrecht, Gale I Alchweiki, Aber

Alchweiki, Mohammad Basel Aldi, Pamela J

Aldi, Rebecca A Alechnowicz, Aili C.

Alechnowicz, Caitlin A Alesi, Philip J

Alesi, Philip J Alexander, Ernest Alvin

Alexander, Esther May Alexander, Ross M

Alexander, Roy A Alfano, Christina

Alfano, Christina M Alford, Jean M

Alford, Jennie E Ali, Bashrat

Ali, Basil A Alicea, Ana G

Alicea, Ana Luz Alicea- Ortega, Tanisha

Alicea Ortiz, Julio Allain, Henry M

Allain, Hope Elizabeth Allard, Timothy G

Allard, Timothy J Allen, Betty S

Allen, Betty S Allen, Edward M

Allen, Edward Normand Allen, John L

Allen, John Leonard Allen, Matthew Joseph

Allen, Matthew K Allen, Sarah E

Allen, Sarah Elaine Allen-Mumley, Sandra N

Allen O'donoghue, Barbara J Allison, David C

Allison, David Charles Allyn, Zachary Lawrence

Allyn-Gauthier, Sandra L Almenas, Fernando Luis

Almenas, Iliana Almy, Maura F

Almy, Maura S Alpert, May A

Alpert, Melissa H. Alston, Tamika K

Alston, Tanya Cleveland Altieri, Christina G

Altieri, Christina L Alton, Santi

Alton, Victoria M Alvarado, Jose G

Alvarado, Jose L Alvarez, Cristobal Alfanzo

Alvarez, Cristobal Alfanzo Alvarez, Rafael W

Alvarez, Raimond Alves, Lucy

Alves, Luisa P Amado, Gian Carlo

Amado, Hugo Amarante, Edward C

Amarante, Edward C Amato, Neal A

Amato, Neil E. Ambroise, Samuel

Ambroise, Sean W Amelio, Judith P

Amelio, Lorraine M Amerio, Adrion

Amerling, Esther J Amin, Ruby

Amin, Ruhul Amon, Maegan Denise

Amon, Michael A Amundson, Craig W

Amundson, Heather Marie Anastasio, Nicole M

Anastasio, Olga N Andersen, B Eleanor

Andersen, Beth Anderson, Annika

Anderson, Ann Kirwin Anderson, Charlotte A

Anderson, Charlotte A Anderson, Donald E

Anderson, Donald E Anderson, Gerald

Anderson, Geraldine Anderson, Jim

Anderson, Jim E Anderson, Kerry R

Anderson, Keshia A Anderson, Mariah G

Anderson, Maria L Anderson, Norman K

Anderson, Norman R Anderson, Russell R

Anderson, Russell V Anderson, Thomas J

Anderson, Thomas J Andino, Lorraine I

Andino, Lucy P Andre, Dominick Oliver

Andre, Drew Andresen, Deborah Elaine

Andresen, Dorine L Andrews, Derek D

Andrews, Derek D Andrews, Michael S

Andrews, Michael W Andriote, John Manuel

Andriote, Timothy J Andujar, Emily L

Andujar, Eric P Angelides, Hannah A

Angelides, James J Angelopoulos, Maryann

Angelopoulos, Marzena Angotto, Anthony L

Angotto, Catherine Ann Annecharico, Andrew James

Annecharico, Arielle F Anorlol, Stanley

Anos, Aspasia P Antezana, Martha C

Antezana, Martha C Antinozzi, Joseph D

Antinozzi, Julia Hawke Antonelli, John P

Antonelli, John Paul L Antonucci, Peter A

Antonucci, Peter G Anzalone, Marlene Ann

Anzalone, Matthew J Apicerno, Allison

Apicerno, Allison M Aponte, Victor M

Aponte, Victor M Applegarth, Jody M

Applegarth, Linda D Aquezada, Martha R

Aquiar, Marco R Aragon Gil, Jayson

Araguer, Marcos A Arbelaez, Gloria

Arbelaez, Jeffrey Arce, Aisha D

Arce, Alejandro Archer, Brandon B

Archer, Brandon Barrington Arcisz, Eric

Arcisz, Eric P Ardrey, Wendy R

Ardry, Ashley E Arentz, Michael

Arentzen, Joyce M Argraves, Lawrence N

Argraves, Leonore Ariker, Stephanie F

Ariker, Walter Armatino, Brittany L

Armatino, Christina Marie Armour, Michael

Armour, Monica Armstrong, Kenneth E

Armstrong, Kenneth G Arnell, Susan Barron

Arnentano, Robert J Arnold, Joe

Arnold, Johana Arnone, Samantha Louise

Arnone, Sarah Marie Aronson, Stuart D

Aronson, Susanna M Arrico, Cheryl A.

Arrico, Frank Arroyo, Gilberto

Arroyo, Giovanna M Arroyo-Valencia, Tania K

Arroyo Vega, Carla Arseniadis, Jane A

Arseniadis, Laurence J Artis, Khari J

Artis, Kimberly M Asaad, Samia F

Asaad, Takey M Asfalg, Sharon Reneea

Asfalg, Steven D Ashford, Tyrone Vaughn

Ashford, Zhane D Ashton, Wendy M

Ashton, Weslynne S Asouzu, Prince

Asouzu, Prince U Astacio, Evangelita

Astacio, Evelyn Atchley, Candice

Atchley, Chris M. Atkins, Pamela Rose

Atkins, Passadena Atluru, Ilaa

Atluru, Leela Atwell, William L

Atwerebour, Edith Aubin, Scott J

Aubin, Seth Demers Audette, William James

Audettz, Michael F Augeri, Irene C

Augeri, James J Augustine, Mark W

Augustine, Marlyn G Auretta, Gari William

Auretta, Janice Marie Austin, George E

Austin, George L Autencio, Gregory A

Autencio, Kim C Avellanet, Jose A

Avellanet, Lee A Avery, Jeri L

Avery, Jermaine L Avila, Luz

Avila, Luz A Avnayim, Madeleine

Avner, Eidan Ayala, Ashlei M

Ayala, Ashley Ayala, Olga

Ayala, Olga I Ayers, Raymond E

Ayers, Rene L Ayum, Anthony S

Ayum, Anthony Stephen Azzi, Arianna

Azzi, Elias Azzou, Samira