About this website

     This is a privately owned genealogy website based on a purchased copy of the State-wide voter list.
     The mission of this website is to bring unrestricted, public information to the public, at no charge. The State of Connecticut will supply the State-wide voter file to anybody who orders it. That’s because the integrity of the voter list is critical to fair elections, and public scrutiny is essential to maintaining that integrity. Of course, fair elections aren’t much good if too many people vote wrong, with depraved indifference to the inherent natural rights of their fellow citizens, rights which no government can justly infringe, but that is another matter.
     This information is also on the commercial, fee-based websites beyond our control.
     Perhaps you have become disillusioned, because you had a false sense of privacy.
     Welcome to the twenty-first century and the Information Age.
     We do have a removal policy, but we cannot remove your name from the voter file Hartford sends out, nor can we remove information from the fee-based websites.
     This website is presented by Tom Alciere, PO Box 106, Nashua NH 03061 U.S.A.